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Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Horror
Published by: id Software
Developed by: id Software
Released: 1993

You - Marine paratrooper, strengthened in the battle and trained for action. Three years ago, you are attacked by an officer of higher rank for the fact that he had ordered his troops to fire on unarmed people. He and the remains of his body were brought to Pearl Harbor, and you were transferred to Mars - the headquarters of the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC).
UAC - this interplanetary conglomerate with radioactive waste storage facility on Mars and its moons Phobos and Deimos. No action in the next fifty million miles your day consisted of dust absorption and view banned films in the lounge.
Over the past four years, the military, the largest provider of waste for UAC, used a remote building on Phobos and Deimos to develop various secret projects, including studies of inter-dimensional space travel. They were able to open the gate between the Phobos and Deimos, running tests on the one hand and watching as they come out with another. Recently, however, gates have become dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entered in them, or disappeared, or were strange form of madness, becoming aggressive, attacking everything that moves, and eventually died in agony, exploding inside. Collecting severed body parts for future reference home has a regular job. Recent reports of military stated that studies are a bit off the plan, but everything is under control.
A few hours ago, Mars received a message from Phobos. "We need immediate military support. Something hostile appears out of the gate! Computer systems denied "was followed by a rambling collection of words. Soon after, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, all attempts to contact the two satellites were unsuccessful.
You and your friends, the only military unit in the next fifty million miles were sent on reconnaissance to Phobos. You were ordered to guard the perimeter of the base, while the rest of the team went inside. For an hour on the radio you hear the sounds of battle: the firing of a machine, the voices of people shouting orders, screams, the crunch of broken bones, and at the end - silence. Seems your buddies are dead.
As for you, the situation is grim. You will never get off the planet by themselves. Besides, all the heavy weapons have been taken the offensive team, and you are left only with a pistol. If you're holding a plasma rifle or even a spare, you placed a couple on the way out. What killed your friends, deserved a little hole in his forehead. Wearing a helmet, you get out of the landing area. Might be able to find a more powerful weapon inside the base. At the time, as you enter the building, a sound like a growl of wild beasts heard in a long corridor. They know that you are here. Now no going back.
DOOM - this is an active adventure in the fast virtual reality in which you - the best Space Marine has ever breathed vacuum. The game's plot is simple - shoot all the monsters on his way out. This bloody-oriented proactive massacre. You do not need a hyperactive response of eight children, but instead often include logical thinking. To escape from the Rock, you'll need a fast response, and brain.
In order to fight with many monsters, you will need more fire power, the following are all the weapons available in the game.
Knuckles - whack unlikely to replace all of the machine.
Chainsaw - replace knuckles once you find it.
Gun - the weakest gun, try to find a replacement quickly.
Bleed - very convenient and effective weapon. The only drawback - the lowest rate.
Tape machine - the perfect weapon, do not have time to notice how running out of ammo.
Launcher - lethal weapons, monsters to pieces. Be careful not to shoot at targets near the explosion and will not spare you.
Plasma Rifle - shoots energy charge, roasting enemies.
BFG-9000 - a super-weapon, kill all the monsters in a small room, though, spending 60 charges.
Energy weapons appear from the second episode.
The following are a variety of monsters, which you have to fight.
Former soldiers - people in uniform with a pale complexion and stained in blood and mucus, poorly armed and easily killed the victim.
Former sergeant - armed with gun and quite dangerous at close range.
Possessed - brown monkey with spikes, shoot fireballs, and hard to kill.
Devils - horrible pink monster on two legs. If you do not have time to shoot the devil from a distance, you will feel the power of his fangs.
Spectra - the same devils, but blurry, translucent. Very dangerous in the dark.
Lost souls - flying, burning skull. Relatively harmless, if the time to notice.
Kakodemony - big red balls, with a huge toothy mouth. You'll spend a lot of bullets to kill such, he also will lay you more energy balls.
Barons of Hell - you know them when you see. Get ready for a fierce battle.
Once you find out what and who e you have to fight, read the general information that is useful in the game;
In order to get to the next level, you need to find a way out. Output is a golden door and usually a sign marked EXIT.
Barrels, standing at the levels can become destructive weapons if they shoot. Lure the monster to the barrel and blow it up, while they themselves stand as far away from her.
Treat with caution to all that seems thin. River of toxic waste and molten magma when walking on them take away health.
The buildings often secret doors and elevators. Inspect the walls and listen to the sounds, maybe it will help you.
In the heat of battle were different surprises. If one of the monsters in their carelessness (or perhaps because of your deft maneuvers) shot at another, he just turned his anger on him.
All that is required of you - do not interfere with the fight started.

Control keys
Space - an action (open doors, switch buttons, etc.).
Ctrl - shot.
Arrows - direction.
Alt - evasion (with the left or right arrow).
- Dodge right.
Shift - accelerated motion, running (with the arrow).
Keys indicated above may be re-assigned in the program Setup. Additional keys:
Tab - on / off cards
F (when the map) - enable / disable the motion together with a map
+ / - (If the map) - change the map scale
1, 2 ... 7 - switching between different types of weapons.
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