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Wolfenstein 3D (DOS)

Wolf 3D DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: World War II
Published by: Apogee Software
Developed by: id Software
Released: 1992
Wolfenstein 3D control keys
This was the first of its kind game that created a "presence effect" playing in a game setting, with the exception of the most ancient of attempts on the subject (they are not even worth mentioning seriously). 3D smooth synthesis of the "look of the eyes", combined with a great sound as if the player moves into the Nazi-infested maze. "Wolfenstein 3D" can be considered the forerunner of games of "virtual reality" on the computers IBM.
Prior to "Wolfenstein 3D" firm "Id Software" is nothing particularly outstanding is not created, and suddenly a few months their product confidently took first place in the computer charts. The result was so convincing that "Id Software" has moved to the production of games exclusively analog "Wolfenstein 3D". Moreover, each distinguished by their new product something original and looked better than the previous! However, the hardware requirements also grow inexorably. Part of the problem may be solved under the program resize the synthesized image frame and the acceleration of output. The same principle was retained by the company "Id Software" and for all of their future games.
Wolfenstein 3D title
The game consists of six different missions, they are all united by one common character - American superspy Willie Blashkovichem. Super Willie escapes from Nazi captivity, prevents the use of chemical weapons by the Nazis, tears plans on putting into action the army of walking dead and gets right up to Hitler himself. All of these superhuman task it implements by hand caught under arms - from of multi-machine gun until the regular knife.
By the way, "Wolfenstein 3D" Adventures of Willy does not end there. On how Willie fought with the Angel of Death, you can learn a great continuation of this game, it is called the "Spear of Destiny".
Manage the adventures of Willy as you can with the keyboard or with the mouse or joystick.Key actions Willie during the game:
fire - undoubtedly the most important and most frequently used actions. Does not require further explanation.
walk - when you stand in one place, do not shoot a lot, right?
open - helps only if the door is not locked. In addition, you can open and secret passages in the walls.
run - suppose you have to cross a room full of enemies. Not to pick up extra bullets, you can increase the speed.
strafe - helps avoid enemy bullets without spending too much time on the turns.
Each mission consists of 9 levels and at each level, except the last one, your task - to find lift to the top. On the way to the exit door you are waiting for the crowds of enemies and you have to keep your guns at the ready. At the beginning of the game you only have a pistol and a knife, but later you will be able to get a decent weapon. Of course, the enemies will shoot at you, and you will have to improve his failing health food and first-aid kits, as well as to replenish their stocks of ammunition. By the way, you'll find the stolen Nazi treasure, it brings you bonus points. However, the scores bringing more moral satisfaction, rather than a real benefit - yes, of course, for 40,000 points you are given a new life and, consequently, the ability to continue the game from the moment of your death, but ... When you lose all deaths accumulated so hard weapon, and everything will be very bad, with a gun is not a lot of navoyuesh. So after death, usually you just have to restore the recorded game.
Some doors will be closed for you. Well, have to find the right key to the door, but please note - you found the key can not open the door, but quite another!
On the top level you have to destroy the main villain, which differs from other high survivability and the ability to take down you almost literally all health with one hit. Dashing cavalry attack is simply useless, we have to run and dodge, choosing the right moment for a counter-attack. The authors of the game took pity on Willie and every last level caches placed with incredible amounts of ammunition and medical kits, it makes sense to look for these caches before you get into a fight.
And again, the tower is full of secret passages, so careful examination of the walls can lead you to an extremely valuable ammunition depots and means the correction of health! For example, if you have some patience on the second level of the first mission will be able to find the gun. However, we admit: look for hidden doors very difficult. A little helped by the fact that the secret doors sometimes (but not often) hidden under the tapestries, coats of arms, portraits, etc. So you have to if you want to look for hidden doors, trying to "open" suspicious wall, all of a sudden you get?
Be careful, recklessness is punished, you can bravely go against a dozen soldiers and start firing, but you just riddled with in a matter of seconds.
Maneuver, use cover, do not forget about the fact that enemies can come back - just do the same as you would do in a situation like this in my life!
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