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The Jungle Book (SNES)

The Jungle Book SNES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Released: 1994

An interesting fact is that the game, going to all the prefixes of that time (nes, genesis, snes, gameboy, etc.), everywhere had small technological differences, that is, in fact, on each console had something of its own. I do not want to say that the version for SNES is better / worse or very different from the others. Just emphasize that on each prefix of the "book of the jungle" was something unique. Nevertheless, the plot remained the same everywhere and it everywhere had little to do with Kipling's book, just like the cartoon. Mowgli - a human cub that grew up in the jungle, goes back to the people. On his heels there is a tiger Sherhan - the main opponent of the boy and part-time the final boss of the game. Also during the whole passage we meet many of the cartoon characters we know: Kaa, Bagheera, Balu. These characters are not clear for whatever reason are the bosses of some stages. Even Balu was the boss in the NES-version, but for SNES he was still made a friend and assistant to Mowgli.

The first 15 minutes after the launch in my head, a lot of questions and a lot of indignation - this is the same "Pitfall" only with other locations and heroes. As for Jungle Book - the game is a genre of 2d-platformer. At levels that represent a gradual upward movement, we can fall to the very bottom with an unsuccessful jump, especially if the player has set a goal to find secret locations and collect more crystals. Sometimes it's very annoying, but if you do not rush, the game goes quietly. Opponents, as soon as they appear on the screen, strive to throw something or just burst open. Life in the game, we can say, is melting in front of the eyes, but then Mowgli, under the control of the player, clears up, remembers the whereabouts of the enemies and does not hurry to kill them. In general, the hurry in this game is only necessary when finding invulnerability, the rest of the locations are passed slowly and accurately, as on one monster you can lose the entire life reserve in 1-2 seconds.

As I already wrote, there are a lot of secrets in the game, and this: and additional crystals, necessary for the passage of the stage; and various "pumping" of weapons with cartridges in the form of coconuts; this is a very necessary "continuation", which, by the way, is not present by default. Collecting in the Jungle Book is not the main and not even a minor task, but when the level is passed without problems, why not try to get there.

The difficulty level of the game I would put as average. At the beginning of the way Mowgli we have many deaths, because it's just hard to get used to the fact that on one enemy you can immediately lose all lives. A certain time of "immortality" (a couple of seconds), which occurs in some games immediately after receiving damage, is not here. When you get used to the gameplay, the next test is bosses. Bosses here are complicated, and if you believe the magazines, on SNES they are harder than NES at times. The tactics of fighting the boss are not so simple and it will take a long time to find the key to victory. Then, however, the boss no longer looks so complicated, and passes without much effort the first time.

In conclusion, I can say that the "jungle book" is an excellent game and if it were not for the constant feeling that I had already seen it in pitfall, I would have appreciated it very highly. Nevertheless, this beautiful and at times amusing story about Mowgli is recommended for familiarization and walkthrough.

Level Select / Cheat Mode: At the Virgin logo, press Up, Up, Up, B, B, Y, Y, Select, Up, Down, Left, Right, B, Up, Y.