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The Jungle Book (NES)

The Jungle Book Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Eurocom Developments Ltd
Released: 1994

According to Disney's cartoon "The Jungle Book", Virgin Entertainment (famous for SEGA "Aladdin" and "King Lion") released several games on different platforms, without bypassing NES. On the 8-bit adventure Mowgli succeeded superbly - Virgin at that time simply did not have bad games. A fun, fun platformer with a decent complexity and interesting gameplay. Is that the number of colors the graphics have been deprived of, but this game does not spoil at all. Mowgli wanders through the jungle for 10 levels, trying to get out to people. At each level, you need to collect a certain number of diamonds in order to go further. Time is limited, so you have to hurry. Enemies Mowgli beats bananas, throwing weapons and own weight. As the bosses there are characters of the cartoon.


  • Kaa (after the second level) will shoot at you with balls from the eyes. Dodge and jump the boa constrictor to the head.
  • Baloo (after the fourth level). With the bear Balu can not be easily mastered if one knows the order of flooding and the ascent of stones. At first, the 3rd stone is sinking (counting from Baloo), then the 2nd one, the 3rd, then the 2nd, drowns the 1st stone, followed by the 3rd. A turtle swims - jump fast on it, as the 2nd stone will soon sink. A second, a third, a 1st pop up, then the cycle repeats.
  • Three banderlogs (after the sixth level). The sequence of killing these monkeys: lower, upper right, left upper.
  • Louis - monkey king (after the eighth level). Avoid getting stones flying in you and throw boomerangs.
  • Sherkhan (after the tenth level). In a duel with an evil tiger, the best weapon is a boomerang. But the main skill you must demonstrate in jumping over collapsing platforms.