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Prince of Persia (GBC)

Prince of Persia GBC
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements
Setting: Middle East
Published by: Red Orb Entertainment
Developed by: Ed Magnin and Associates
Released: 1999

The future prince of the Persian people was away and at that time the power in the country was usurped by killing the sultan, the evil supreme vizier Jaffar .. Seeing the returning prince, Jaffar immediately ordered to seize him and throw him into a dungeon with labyrinths, and locked the princess in custody in a distant room and let me think about getting married with him, taking away a little time for reflection, just an hour, during which we need to run through all the labyrinths with many traps and traps in order to save our beloved, and we ourselves do not disappear into the dark basements. Do not forget to go all the way to the left on the first level and take the sword, which you need to fight with the guards. Without a sword, one blow would be fatal for a prince. Be careful, if you are low on health, do not rush to drink the vessel with the elixir, it may contain poison. It is better to try it if you have a lot of health, and remember the location of the poison if it is found on the level. It is better to overcome steel shutters with teeth with a step, after they open, but you can also jump on the run, but you need to calculate everything correctly, otherwise you will be cut in half. To open the door at the end of each level, you need to find a button-platform in the floor or on the ledges-dead ends (usually you can see it right away - there is a ledge, and then a wall).