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Prince of Persia (NES)

Prince of Persia, PoP Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements
Setting: Middle East
Published by: Virgin Games
Released: 1992

Unparalleled masterpiece, created in ancient times by Jordan M for PCs, appears in front of you and on the NES. 8-bit port "Prince of Persia" due to the limitations of the console had a little trim. But many managed to move on the console of the grandeur of the legendary game creators. In addition, at all levels set to music. Manage we brave young men, who for 60 minutes has to save the princess from the evil Jaffar tyrant. The hero travels into the underground rooms of the castle, and from time to time fighting with the guards. Animation character is realistic: the future Prince moves like a living person. We need carefully to take steps, particularly close to the precipice; skillfully jump failures; stand on the slab in the floor, their weight and moving it to open the gate; cling to the edge of the floor and pulling, to climb to the top. Against the background of other NES-games these things seem true technological breakthrough. The "Prince" is the password system, so that the level at which you will be cut as a result, it is possible to beat.


↑ - jump, open the door;↓ - sit down, get down, drink a potion;A - a leap forward, a blow with a sword;В - movement by steps, block;↑ + A - long jump;↑ + B - a blow from above;SELECT - watch the time.


73232535 Level 2;
96479232 3;
53049212 4;
51144526 5;
18736748 6;
42085223 7;
98564243 8;
51139315 9;
53246739 10;
32015527 11;
44153123 12;
96635134 13;
75423134 14;
89012414 End.


  • At each stage of the game, you must find a switch that opens the output to the next stage.
  • You need to arm yourself. For this, at the first stage, go left, not right - the sword is waiting for you there.
  • The castle is full of slabs that fall under your feet. Some of them need to be overcome by a jump, others by a quick run, and still others by a small step.
  • You can not cut a skeleton with a sword, it must be pushed into failure.
  • The future prince himself, when jumping to failure, also breaks. But there is a way to go down, saving life. To do this, unfold the hero at the very edge of the dip with his back to him and jump back. And at that moment, press A. The prince grabs the edge of the cliff and smoothly climbs down.
  • The most common obstacle in the game - pit (dips). The pit, one step long, easily jumps over. A pit, a length of two steps, you need to jump more carefully, with a take-off. And when jumping through the pits, a length of three steps, you need to catch your hands on the edge of her other side. Longer pits are irresistible. But remember: not every pit is a pit. It can be downhill. But you can not jump down from a height of more than one floor - at best it will cost you one life.
  • Immediately after you break the plate from the top, press ↓, and then you can lose your life by getting a stove on the head.
  • The mirror you meet does not prevent your progress, but generates a double of the prince - your enemy.
  • In the seventh stage, you can go down only by falling. Therefore, before jumping, find a pitcher of liquid replenishing life. But remember that the pitchers standing right on the road usually do not add, but take away life.
  • There are four kinds of jugs: replenishing all life, replenishing one life, taking away one life, slowing down the jump (falling) from a great height.
  • Fighting with your double, use the fact that he copies your movements.