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Battletoads (Game Boy)

Battletoads GB
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Arcade, Beat 'em up, Platform
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Tradewest
Developed by: Rare Limited
Released: 1991

The player controls Zitz and this game is for one player only. Zitz is given three lives and three sequels. The gameplay is a mixture of side-scrolling battles and various vehicle races, taking up to eight stages (nine if the final match is also included). As with the original Battletoads, the Game Boy game is notoriously difficult to beat, requiring quick reflexes, memorizing obstacles, and patience. However, there are many differences in the levels, and they vary in difficulty when facing enemies or obstacles.

Almost every stage ends with a boss battle. It is also one of two games in the Battletoads series in which the Toads do not have to confront the Dark Queen herself, although she still taunts the player in the cutscenes before the levels, similar to other games in the series.


After a break from their adventure, the Battletoads Rush, Zitz and Pimple spend some time in the Lost Vega system. The toads find themselves fascinated by the exotic dancer, but are ambushed when the Dark Queen herself is the dancer. During the ensuing battle, Rush and Pimple are captured and sent to the planet Armageddon, while Zitz successfully escapes to Professor Bird's Vulture spaceship. Now Zitz has to go on a combat mission himself and save his comrades.

With the help of brief hints from the professor, as well as taunts from the Dark Queen herself, Zitz wages a solo war against the forces of the Dark Queen on the planet Armageddon, which ultimately ends in a brutal fight with the insane Robo-Manus. After his defeat, Zitz manages to save Rush and Pimple, and the three return to the Vulture spaceship with the professor. Although the Dark Queen did not confront the battle toads, she nevertheless again vows to the heroes that she will return and take revenge.