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Syndicate (DOS)

Syndicate DOS
Genre: Action, Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: Isometric
Pacing: Real-time
Setting: Cyberpunk / dark sci-fi
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Bullfrog Productions
Released: 1994

Start XXI-ro century. Giant industrial corporations are closely entwined with the criminal world and have a much more real power than the government. Murder, sabotage and kidnappings have become part of everyday life.
Initially, syndicates acute shortage perfectly obedient, ruthless performers, but soon the problem was solved. Crimes committed by arms of cyborgs - beens transformed into laboratories syndicates in polurobotov able to execute any order without hesitation. However, with the loss of the ability to think cyborgs became extremely docile, but blunt instruments, and a successful application of cyborgs required skilful management unit.
You are invited to try their hand at the head of the squad of cyborgs. At the beginning of your syndicate has no influence in the world, but successful action cyborgs can make a difference.
Syndicate DOS title
This game is virtually flawless, high-resolution graphics are very impressive and beautiful. The action takes place in the cities, military bases and research complexes ...
The authors were not limited to conventions, and painstakingly created the exact likeness of the real world. On the houses twinkling neon signs, where the images follow each other, go through the streets of cars that, as expected, stop at traffic lights at intersections. From shooting out of the windows fly broken glass, and the trees are lit up and blaze a while, and then on the spot remains a charred trunk of a tree.
The general scheme of the game is not so complicated: you choose a country on the world map (it should fit the areas that you have already captured) and get a job. The successful execution of the job can take over the country and start earning revenue from this, cyborgs retool for more complex tasks. And so on, until the capture of the world.
During the selection of the region's note: the button in the lower left corner of the screen you should see the word "BRIEF". If not - so, in this region operations are not possible, it is too far from your sphere of influence, or, on the contrary, has captured you, and you should look for another region.
When you click the "mouse" on the button "BRIEF", then the screen will display the approximate description of your job. At the top right are two buttons that allow for the amount shown next to the button, to clarify the contents of your job:
INFO - For more information and possibly tactical tips on passing the job
ENHANCE * refinement map of your surgical site. The map can be viewed by moving the "mouse" in the window with her while pressing.
Each subsequent refinement of the previous cost you more.
Once you have reviewed the content of the job, there are three choices:
button "MENU" - to return to the main menu.
button "IDA" - to return to the map and find a different region.
button "ACCEPT" - to take the job.
After taking the job you go to recruit and equip the unit. At the very beginning of the game you have eight cyborgs, then they may be less - operations often end in the death of cyborgs, but until then it is better not to bring. In the unit, however, can not be more than four cyborgs, so that you are working with the four, and the rest are stored in refrigerators.
The display of information about one of the cyborgs, the name and arms. Switch to another, you can click the left mouse "click" on one of the large buttons with the numbers 1,2,3,4. If the button is grayed out - hence, the cyborg is not alive. Clicking the right mouse "click" on the button with the number cyborg leads to the exclusion from the squad for the current job. This makes sense, for a detachment of two people police drew less attention than a detachment of four.
In the right part of the screen is a list of weapons and equipment that you can buy to equip cyborg. Here is a brief overview of his (by the way, at the beginning of the game a lot from this list at your disposal will not):
Persuadertron - the instrument, which subordinates the human will bearer instrument. It is used for kidnapping.
Scanner - will observe the large areas of land in the past to detect the enemy.
Medikit - used in battle for the treatment of injuries of the cyborg.
Pistol - the weakest and most of the available cheap weapons.
Shotgun - has a good fight.
Uzi - rapid-fire submachine gun with little stopping power. Mini-gun - a powerful and rapid-fire machine gun.
Flamer - a great way to combat large detachments of the enemy. Unfortunately, that affects only a short distance.
Long Range - hit farther than any weapon. Against the enemy cyborgs inefficient due to the low lethality.
Laser - an expensive game, but a wounded enemy evaporates and can not return fire.
Gauss Gun - designed to destroy large areas. Remarkable weapon against large clusters of enemies, but the incredible cost of one shot reduces the frequency of use of these weapons.
Time Bomb - will come in handy when dealing with armored personnel carriers. Against enemy agents use unreasonable, too expensive and unreliable.
Energy Shield - partially protects cyborgs.
Access Card - magnetic card, allows you to ride in the truck, "tuned" to the owner. If you forget to apply a magnetic card, the machine will just explode ...
When you click the left mouse "click" on any of the items on the list, or the symbol of the equipment available at the cyborg image appears equipment and a short menu:
SELL - (this is only for the equipment, which is at the cyborg.) RELOAD - (this is only for the equipment, which is at the cyborg.) PURCHASE - buy your current equipment cyborg.
CANCEL - exit the equipment.
When you buy equipment, its symbol appears in the box next to the image of the cyborg. Each cyborg can carry up to 8 items. Transferring items from one to another is a cyborg right-clicking the "mouse" on the character of equipment and "drag" it (without releasing the "mouse"!) On the numeric button of another cyborg.
In addition to the weapons you can equip cyborg substitutes steel legs, chest, and a synthetic brain, eyes, etc. To do this, click the "mouse" on the button "MODS", instead of a list of equipment and a list of modifications. The procedure of purchasing the same as for the equipment.
Of course, you will want to have more powerful equipment and artificial organs than those that are given to you at the beginning. To do this, click the "RESEARCH" on the left side of the screen. You get into your research and development department.
In the upper left hand corner are the four categories of equipment, in the area which can make your efforts of scientists * This automatic weapons (automatic), high power weapons (heavy), assault weapons (assault) and miscellaneous equipment (miscellaneous). If during the game some of the categories will disappear from this list, it means that all of the inventions have been made in it. You click to select the categories and displays the information about the minimum and maximum costs for the invention. The greater the amount you select, the more likely the invention will be made and the sooner you will be able to use it. By clicking on the button "RESEARCH" you acknowledge decision to fund development, and the button "CANCEL" cancels it. After approval you can press "RESEARCH +" and "RESEARCH-" adjust the allocated amount, and the graphic in the center of the screen shows how long (in days), the result will be achieved. Do not try to necessarily allocate the maximum amount, the gain in time can be very small and the costs are rising rapidly. Finally, when you reach your desired ratio of cost and time, click the "ACCEPT" m back to the set command.
To take invention scientists artificial organs, laboratory press "MODS", and then all the same as with the equipment.
In addition, the recruitment unit, you can replace the part and replace those killed by the cyborgs that are stored in refrigerators. To do this, click on the "mouse" on the button "TEAM" and then clicks the "mouse" from the displayed list on the right the desired command.
All this time, you can now go back to the main menu by clicking on the button "MENU" - for example, to record your game before starting the job.
All of your efforts on equipment and a set of commands are terminated by clicking on the button "ACCEPT". This means that your team is sent to the job.


Manage the squad is not too difficult, but requires some skill. Everything is done by the "mouse" (except the P key - Pause the game and press Esc - exit from the urgent task).
First of all, what you see on the screen. Information displayed on the left of your party. Small pictures depict each of the members of the squad cyborgs and show what he's doing at the moment - is going to stand still, if he had a weapon at the ready, or maybe he was already dead. Vertical bar on the right of the picture is the health of the cyborg, when the health reaches zero - cyborg dies, so the victims should be treated first-aid kits or kept away from dangerous places. One of the pictures is highlighted in yellow, it means that the order that you give will be treated to this cyborg. Sort out the squad members for their leave-taking of orders can click "mouse" in the picture cyborg or on its icon on the home screen (note that each of cyborg head over there is a digit - this is his number).
A little icon with four humans is a symbol of the "group", and use it you have to often. If you click the "mouse" on the icon, it will be highlighted in yellow * All four cyborg and all orders will be treated to the order as a whole. For example, if you select a group, then the order "to prepare weapons" will lead to the preparation of all the weapons squad. Another click on the icon removes a star to a group of companies, and returns to the leave-taking of orders one cyborg.
Three horizontal bars below the image of each of the cyborgs indicate the level of stimulation:
- The upper band - * adrenaline injection of adrenaline speeds up the movement of cyborgs.
- Mean streak - the concentration. Shooting after entering the stimulator is a heap and label.
- Lower band - intelligence. Cyborgs after stimulation intelligence start something to think independently, and even fire back from approaching enemies.
Clicking the mouse button on the right edge of each strip, you can enter the appropriate stimulant. The action of the stimulator passes with time. If you want to maximally stimulate all their cyborgs you can simultaneously press both mouse buttons, it will give the desired result.
Small map by cyborgs - a plan for the area where you are. The yellow dots - your squad, red - the enemy cyborgs, blue - the police, the white - the general population, pale pink - items you can pick up, bright white - means of transport, etc., the notation is quite simple.
Under the picture of each cyborg characters are available in his equipment. Clicking the left mouse on the symbol equipment leads to the release of his color, and the subject is prepared for use. If it is, say, a first aid kit, then click again on that symbol will lead to treatment of the cyborg. If it is a weapon, it is preparing for a fight, repeated the same click will lead to the fact that the weapons will be hidden. Clicking the right mouse "click" on the icon, the only solution to what is a cyborg puts the subject on the ground.
Major orders are given to the key click the "mouse" on the big picture to the right. Pressing the left button of the "mouse" has the following action:
from scratch - a cyborg goes to this place, and if it is in transport * is going. Of course, this does not apply to the monorail trains, which run only on rails and destinations they can not be changed.
transport (car, train, fire truck, armored vehicle, etc.) * Cyborg gets into trucks to drive on it. lying on the subject (in this case the mouse cursor takes the shape of claws) - Cyborg picks up the object.
on the man - cyborg pursuing the man, but did not shoot.
Clicking the right mouse button when cooked Weapons (cursor changes to a crosshair) - firing the weapon. Please note: The sight can be both red and white, red sight - aimed shot, white - or target shooting blindly is beyond destruction weapons. Once again: to shoot, you need to take up arms at the ready!
In the right-hand mouse button has another use. If for any reason the group disappeared from your field of view, and it should get back to the screen, this problem is solved by right-clicking on the small map in the lower left of the screen.
After completing the left of the picture appears cyborgs "MISSION COMPLETED", in this case, press the Space key and check the results of your job, you can then follow on. By the way, after the execution of the next task, you will learn about the latest inventions of your research department.
Let us say a few words about the world in which your are cyborgs. Here, everything is the same as in reality, so you should not, for example, walking around in broad daylight with weapons at the ready - the police may not like it. If you encounter problems, use common sense - for example, car rides, and you want to stop it. Shot in the windshield very easily convinces owner of the car that he had better stop, get out and run fast in the opposite direction. But it is important not to overdo it, and that bullet-riddled car just explode. Or another example: you asked to "convince" someone from the right syndicate of people, but there is an unexpected problem - what if it is not clear why you are informed that the job has failed for you, and throw. The fact that a valuable frame for you in a hurry sent rival syndicate killer, so I have to send someone from your cyborgs to intercept.
After you achieve some success in capturing the world's enemy cyborgs begin to carry bombs. After the destruction of the cyborg mine remains on the same site, it produces a characteristic squeak. To the explosion did not hurt your team, from such places should stay away. There is another option: to blow up the mine shot, and if you're lucky - and even touch with a couple of enemy cyborgs.
Inspired by the success of the game creators have released a set of additional tasks, united community name - "North-American Revolt", ie "The North American rebellion." These jobs are very difficult and are intended for genuine connoisseurs of the original game, as in the very first mission of enemies appearing from everywhere, exceeds any reasonable limits. At your disposal, however, is a series of new tools - calling on the radio bombers "Stealth" or dressing cyborg law-abiding citizens, in which enemies can not pay attention.
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