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Syndicate (3DO)

Syndicate 3DO
Genre: Action, Strategy / Tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: Isometric
Pacing: Real-Time
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Bullfrog Productions
Released: 1995
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Atari Jaguar, Super Nintendo (SNES), SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, DOS

Syndicate is an excellent game for Panasonic 3DO performed in cyberpunk style. The game takes place in 2096, there are already all the criminal syndicates running. And we will lead one of them. What would be to assert their rights in the territory and eventually take over them. But it will not be a bloody war of people against people, or people against cars, it will be the battles of cyborgs. While each of the residents has a special chip in their heads that changes the reality in one direction or another, depending on which group controls the situation. We have to perform a variety of tasks. At first, we will have only one pistol from the weapon, but in time we will increase our arsenal. Interestingly, in the game you can sit down and drive a car, so there is some analogy with the game Grand Theft Auto (GTA). You can also be knocked down by a car or shot by someone. In the game there is both a strategic and tactical part, in addition to constant scuffles and conflicts, we will have to pursue economic policy in our territories in the form of taxes and other means to receive money, just do not overdo it and call your rule a rebellion and insurrection.


The menu at start of game allows:
CONFIGURE COMPANY - configure the campaign,
BEGIN MISSION - start the mission,
LOAD AND SAVE GAME - download or save the game,
RESTART GAME - start the game again.
Starting the mission, you will see a map of the world. Different colors of regions mean the influence of different syndicates. The bottom of the screen, in the middle, indicates the population in the selected territory (POP), the taxation of the region (TAX; "unknown" means "unknown"; if the region switches to you, you will be able to establish a tax to your advantage), the region's ownership (OWN ). If "brief" is written in the lower left corner, then you have established control in the neighboring region and now you can deal with it (or it's the initial mission: you have to destroy a certain object in the territory that is now selected by the cursor).
On the mission description screen, you can buy additional information (INFO) or increase the radius of the radar (ENHANCE).
On the TEAM SELECTING screen, the "research" item is for research purposes. Research is very expensive, do not start with them. Item "team" allows you to select a command, and "mods" - artificial organs. Such cybernetic implants are provided:
chest - chest, increasing vitality; get it first. The first thorax is metallic, the second - plastic, which increases mobility. The third one is composite, all organs are protected by the energy field, self-healing is provided;
legs - the legs that allow you to move faster - in second place in importance. The first number is oriented to fast movement, it is equipped with a hydraulic drive. Legs number two are plastic, improved balancing. In the legs-3 synthetic muscles are used, which provide an increased speed of movement;
heart is the heart that accelerates the reaction. The heart of the second version provides almost twice the pulse, which allows you to quickly consume hormones. The third heart is cybernetic, very economical and powerful;
Arms to carry more weapons. In the second version, the hydraulic system is improved, and in the third version synthetic muscles are used. Such hands allow you to carry heavy weapons, while maintaining the usual speed of movement;
Eyes - eyes that increase accuracy. Eyes-1 can be seen at night, eyes-2 - determine the nature of the target and the exact distance to it. Eyes-3 provide excellent visibility and a built-in sight, are economical;
Brain - brains (you know for what). Second brains are something like a coprocessor, intercepting routine functions. Brain-3 cerebral amplifier allows access to tactical information stored in the satellite information system.
To obtain improved models of organs, it is necessary to finance the corresponding research works.

Now, having completed with the implant organs by pressing B, proceed to "equip" - the weapon.
Reg-suadotron, or pertron (persuader) is designed to capture agents;
Pistol - the weakest weapon, but cheap;
Shotgun (its price, see cost, - 250) - the most powerful weapon available to you at the beginning;
but in general the most powerful weapon is a rocket launcher (gaussgun).
Uzi - compact, useful as long-range weapons in the early stages of the game.
Minigun (machine gun of the Gottling system) is shot.
Laser is indispensable where your main task is destruction.
Chiller - it's something like a flamethrower, but it does not spill fire, but liquid helium.
The rifle Dragunov (long rang) and the time bomb are convenient in terrorist attacks. Medikit (medical package) will restore health, and a personal shield (energy shield) will make you invulnerable to bullets. Of course, advanced weapons are only available to those who conduct scientific research.
"Accept" + A allows you to go on a mission.
There are only four cyborgs, but for the first mission one can confine oneself to using one. The cyborg involved is marked on the right side of the game screen. Below are eight "backpack" cells.
The arrow on the screen allows you to specify where the cyborg should go. To get it, press L + R. You can remove or remove weapons with the help of B. To hit the little man, move him to the arrow (it will turn into a target) and press A (if the object is within reach of the weapon of your cyborg, then the target changes color, becomes red). If the arrow placed on the building turns into a target - it means that there is an object of interest to you. If the arrow pointed to the corpse turns into a fork, then with the help of A a corpse can be taken away weapons.
Watch for the flashing word on the left side of the screen. This is the task for you.
ASSASINATE means to find and destroy.
PERSUADE - Persed with Perseudotron, i.e. convince the convict, (see about weapons).
ELIMINATE - eliminate enemy agents, ministers of law or security guards.
TAKE OBJECT-steal the object.
DESTROY - destroy anything.


In the Urals, your detachment should conduct an intelligence raid and destroy the enemy's unarmed agents. There are enough two cyborgs with light automatic weapons.
In Arabia, two agents are also enough. Carry out the abduction of two journalists. You may meet a detachment of hostile syndicate. However, open fire only if you are forced to do so.
In Scandinavia, you have to "convince" two scientists to join your syndicate. You can enter the city through the sewers. Guard carefully, carefully, with pistols, do not use shotguns (not to get into the scientists themselves).
In Kamchatka, you need to approach the distance of the shot to the house where the spouse of your political opponent is, wait until she comes out and use a sniper rifle.
In Mongolia, the research complex can only penetrate from the top level. You do not need to shoot on the territory of the complex. "Convince" the professor to join you.
In Central Europe, it is necessary to comb the unreliable city. You can get into the city only by car. Keep a compact group and take with you some first aid kits.
In China, in order not to miss a single enemy, you need a systematic combing of the city. Raid in a small town of the Pacific region, hold, holding a dense group.
In Eastern Europe, it is necessary to eliminate the enemy explorer, heavy weapons are not useful. Try to be a group. The main thing in this mission is the speed of its fulfillment.
In the Far East, conduct reconnaissance raids. Expect strong resistance: the perfect radar system will detect your ship still on the approach. You will need uzi, sniper rifles, first-aid kits.
The gang formation in India is armed with lightweight automatic weapons and machine guns. The protection of the leader, who must be destroyed, is numerous and well-trained. Guard around the perimeter of the object can be removed with the help of sniper rifles.
In Iran, first secure a place that allows you to go through a channel that divides the city into two halves (set up security). Then move to the north shore.
One of the underground tunnels in Iraq leads to a complex in the south-western sector of the city, next to the railway. In this complex is the person who needs to be eliminated.
In Indonesia, a raid and release of the informant from prison will be required. In the yard of the prison you can get through a large gate, the guards are well armed.
In the northern territories, two rioters of riots must be destroyed. To move from one part of the city to another, you need a car. Access to bridges is limited. Use sniper rifles and machine guns.
Algeria and Siberia need combat combing. An automobile bridge across the canal is the only way to cross from one part of the Algerian city to another. Take with you machine guns, heavy weapons, first-aid kits. Act in a compact group of four cyborgs. In Siberia, when you clear one half of the city, a train will be needed for the crossing. The rebuff from the three defensive detachments will be well organized.
In Libya, you need to destroy the mayor sitting in the city administration. At least three enemy units will try to give you resistance - deal with them first. Remove the guard from the office building and enter from both sides.
In Mauritania, you need to steal a researcher who works in a secret institution, which is well guarded. But (this is a hint!) Sometimes she goes for a walk. You will also need a sniper to remove the guard.
You'll find every location on the map, along with a ton of money.
In California you need a full-fledged squad. Carefully choose the goals, so as not to destroy the very doctor you are to steal.
In Alaska, storm the fortress, trying to destroy more defenders. Two entrances lead to the fortress. The main gate can be crossed only by car, and the side door allows you to get to the roof of the building. However, the roof is well protected. Do not allow the base officer to hide. From the ambulance you need to remove the equipment, and two other machines to destroy (take with them explosive devices).
Abduction in Nigeria is best done by one agent. Another one or two agents will provide cover. In Sudan, expect strong resistance. Those who need to be destroyed are hiding separately: in buildings on the yut and in the east. But first deal with the detachments of opponents.
The scientific base in Mozambique is a long alley with the main building at the end. The guards are equipped with heavy weapons. You need to grab the equipment stored in the room on the roof of the building. Your squad must be very strong, because the resistance will be serious. It is useful to direct one agent by a roundabout route. The complex in Western Australia is protected by several detachments equipped with heavy weapons. Hold tight, while approaching the building, but lead the attack from two sides. This will force the defense to divide its forces. Use sniper rifles.
In South Africa, liquidate the official inspecting the barracks. He will arrive by car to the transport deck on the north side. First you need to enter the complex: you need vehicles. Concentrate fire on the enemy with heavy weapons.
The captain, who must be kidnapped in Zaire, is in a building in the north-west of the city. He is armed. Hold a compact group and cover each other: your squad is aware of your plans. Try to lure the enemies into an ambush. Do not shoot at the enemy near the target. The Greenland camp can only be penetrated by car. To remove sentries on the towers, use sniper rifles. Here you need to kidnap Carson - the owner of valuable military information.
In Kenya, it will be necessary to escort the secret agent to the place of appearance. You will be disturbed by the twelve cyborgs of the enemy. Do not let them approach.
On the island of Newfoundland are agents of four hostile syndicates. It is necessary to comb the terrain. Enemies are equipped with flamethrowers: keep them close.
In the Midwest, you need to finish off the mafia bosses. Quickly attack the building with one or two agents, kill the mafiosi and quickly take off your legs.
In the city of New England, you need to send a full detachment with Persudotron. Avoid contact with hostile units, do not fall under the crossfire. Your task is to kidnap political figures.
Wanted equipment in Mexico is visible on your scanners, it is located in the south-western part of the city. If possible, do not get involved in a fight with rivals, get the equipment as soon as possible.
Your task in the South States is to quickly destroy the rich widow of the boss of one of the enemy syndicates. It will take a sniper shot from the roof of the nearby house. Please note that you can get to the island only by car.
In the mountains, where the military seized our friend's farm, we need to save the poor fellow with his wife. Resistance will be well organized. The detachment is better divided into two parts. First let them destroy the parked car in the courtyard (in it - means of communication). The second part of the detachment must make its way to the house in the south, where the prisoners are. They are frightened, they will have to use Persian douches. When retreating to the evacuation point, use the machine.
In Colorado, you should intercept and destroy the policy before it gets to the helioport. His convoy consists of two cars with security. The police controlling the road are well armed. We recommend using a heavy weapon to destroy a police car.
In Argentina, you need to cover the spy, wading to the point of evacuation. A reliable cover will be provided only by the detachment in full force.
In Peru, in the bunker, an enemy hides, which must be removed before he escapes. To prevent flight, place one of the cyborgs at the emergency exit. The bunker can be accessed by car or by a special tunnel (the entrance is in the south, near the docks).
In Brazil, infiltrate the base in the western part of the city (use a car) and destroy all cars (heavy weapons). On the last car, the detachment must get out of the base, and only after that it can be destroyed.
In Paraguay it is convenient to act by one cyborg. Light, with a persatuadron he can easily get through the city and "convince" the goal.
In Uruguay, your unit will have to break through to the cars and destroy the truck with enemy agents (use flamethrowers). Then steal the intelligence from another machine.
In Colombia, you need to steal medicines (for example, grab one of the ambulances) and provide protection to the doctor. The doctor can drive the car himself to the patient.
In the center of the Venezuelan city, your former employee is questioned, which must be destroyed. But both sides of the house are two large buildings. The only way to the courtyard along the roofs and overpasses. Approaches to the roof can be blocked by one or two agents.
On the Yukon, Miss Westwood, who lives in a small house in the southeast of the city, must be kidnapped. To resist the enemy units you need all four cyborgs, first-aid kits and, of course, persatadron.
In the north-eastern territories, it will be necessary to capture the laser, for this it is necessary to penetrate the enemy base. Your squad must be ready for strong resistance. If the car closes the exit from the base, walk around the nearest building and shoot the car on the side.
In the northwest territories, you must capture your broken cyborgs. Your agents you distinguish from the enemy in the absence of hostility to you. Use a high-precision weapon so as not to hurt your own.
The Atlantic accelerator is a huge, beautifully protected research station that you need to comb. It will take all your squad. At least two cyborgs must be equipped with heavy weapons. Immediately turn on the protective generators. Continuously move, keep to the group. Persecutors watered the fire from the gun Gauss (to run closer to the group, choose the moment when they stop shooting). Having beaten the first assault, carefully make your way into the complex, selecting the captured weapons.


Choose Configure Company, and enter the name as is: NGOR MAT.
You'll find every location on the map, along with a ton of money.