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Desert Strike (DOS)

Desert Strike DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: Isometric
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Helicopter
Setting: Contemporary, Middle East
Narrative: War
Published by: Gremlin Interactive Limited
Developed by: Electronic Arts
Released: 1994
In 1994 the company «Gremlin Interactive» released to the IBM version of famous «Desert Strike». Gorgeous arcade game that existed in the format «Amiga», «Sega» and others, the camp is finally available for owners of PC.
This program recreates the fighting helicopter AH-64A Apache in three-dimensional mode with a view from the top side. However, simulating the flight, the game in any case is not a simulator. It completely eliminates all need for the genre characteristics such as - the view from the cockpit, heaped management and so on. «Desert Strike» - pure arcade action, passing successively one mission after another, you are assigned combat missions.
The action takes place in the desert in the Middle East. And you say that the East - a delicate matter. You have to see this a dozen times, burning in his helicopter in front of the triumphant terrorists. Therefore, please be patient and carefully read this manual.
Rod story is this: The leader of the terrorists (oh, those Arab terrorists, as they all fed) general Kyl woman shocked the civilized world, capturing a small, but very rich Arab emirate. Madman does not care about their reputation, it is cruel and merciless to all who stand in his way. We have the pleasure to witness the madman in his inner sanctum - a personal secret bunker.
Kilbaba extremely concerned, if not more, the fact that not all the nuclear missile launchers at its disposal, be prepared for an immediate attack.
Desert Strike DOS title
Apparently he has managed very cool with his former deputy, for the present, though, and thinks sensibly (nuclear missile strike could lead to the death of the world), however, under pressure from the boss is forced to retreat quickly, agreeing to immediately bring all the missiles in a state of complete alert. Internally, it is true, does not cease to doubt (and what would happen to his own children?). However, what is he doing? What children? So in fact you can and stay without a head. Moreover, that my dear general already hinted - will feed, they say, the rats ...
Thus, the order given and accepted for execution. And the general has no doubt that the time will soon come his triumph.
However, is it too soon? And will there be any? That's the question we have to answer and just can not. You must do it.
Meanwhile, from a TV report, we learn that the American president is seriously concerned about what is happening and is not going to indulge Mr. Kilbabe, though he thrice general. Moreover, that very much he looks like in appearance to a notorious Fidel Castro (a bearded and angry). So it takes a fundamental turn. Fearing a large-scale conflict, and not wanting to motivate their actions in Congress, and especially the United Nations, he decides to send for demolition with the rebel general best squad of Special Forces. Since the terrorist attack position only from the air, and global bombardment for the reasons mentioned above, it is impossible to carry out this mission entrusted to only one pilot, whose name for all remains a mystery. Of course, you can tell everyone who will fly, but the President, in turn, can be very offended. And what you are unsure about it? You and your soon to be more than enough ...
In this brief excursion into the history of the game we will finish and seamlessly transferred to your present and near future.
After numerous pre-game prompts, you finally get to the main menu of the game. If you want to admire the operation of this air aces, do not touch the keyboard. In the demonstration helicopter, as long as it prospers slash apart pretty much presumptuous terrorists and their upscale and expensive equipment. (By the way, look carefully and soak. Prompt you a lot of useful tricks that will be useful in the future.) When you get tired of this occupation, then something (on the keyboard, of course) and go back to the menu.

START CAMPAIGN - the beginning of the game.
The first mission that you have to do is called the «Air Superiority» (air superiority).
Starting the game, you and your partner get to the briefing. Plump senior officer leads pointer along the sandy coast on the map and explains to you the task. In addition to appealing to prevent World War III, it is, strangely enough, says and useful things. Namely, - somewhere in the sands of our lost scout. Well, you say, who does not happen? An - no, not true. Along with him were lost and brazenly stolen Kilbaba nuclear plans. And so, believe me, is not the case with everyone. Find plans, and with them, and Scout - your main ultimate goal. But first of all you have to do the ordinary routine of the helicopter assault, destroying:
1 - radar stations - 2 pc.
2 - Power Station - 1 piece.
3 - Airports - 2 pc.
4 - The command center - also somehow 2 pcs.

Another officer said that if you want to survive, perform missions strictly in order. Well, if I have to ... So really it is necessary, and we will explain - why.
RADAR SITES - RS052A, the first target in battle - two radar stations further notice. When radars operate weapons terrorists acts much more effectively. Station armored. The degree of protection - 100.
POWER STATION, the second goal - power station with a capacity of 100 megawatts. Armored. The degree of protection - 400. Destroy the power station needed to strip power command centers and airports. Enemy anti-aircraft guns will be induced by terrorists manually.
AIR FIELDS, a third objective - airfields. The task - to destroy all the aircraft standing on the runways of both airports and all airfield construction to ensure air superiority in the following missions.
COMMAND CENTRE, fourth goal - command centers, all of which is coordination of fire and command and control. Their destruction is necessary in order to capture one of the two officers and find out where your secret agent with stolen nuclear plans general.
SECRET INTELLIGENCE AGENT - secret agent with secret maps and plans of the mad woman Kil. It must not only find, but also to save.
In addition to the terrorists single, scattered here and there in the desert and water your helicopter gunfire and volleys of missiles, you will have much more worthy opponents:
- M3VDA - high-speed armored, armed with huge quick-firing gun. Caliber - 20 mm. Armor
- 100. Strength - 25.
- RAPIER SAN - missiles "ground-to-air." Pointing accuracy is very high, but the skillful maneuvering to deal with them can be. Still, beware - the weapon of unusual destructive force. Armor - 75. Strength - 100.
- AAA - AA gun. Weak capacity and lack of guidance accuracy is easily offset by the high rate of fire. Armor - 50. Strength - 20.
A few words about some of the points that have to be addressed the most attention.
MIA'S - U.S. soldiers missing in the area. Their salvation is not a major problem, but to help them be at least out of a sense of solidarity, a soldier. Planted matched fighters need in the landing zone (white cross). On board you can take at one time no more than six people. A pleasant surprise - the level of protection the helicopter rises in direct proportion to the number of saved you a soldier.
FUELS DRUMS - fuel tanks. Winch lift them when you have little fuel. Supply of fuel on board not to take. The maximum possible amount - 100 gallons.
AMMO CRATES - boxes of ammunition for all weapons. The most valuable is a large container, which contains:
- 1178 rounds for the machine gun;
- 38 missiles Hydra;
- 8 missiles Hellfire.
Your helicopter can carry more complete set.
LANDING ZONE - a landing zone in the form of a white cross. Ego is designed to place the landing rescued soldiers and others.
Getting to the job, try to contact more often with the latest achievements of science and technology. For you, they are:
- E-card - F1;
- Electronic notepad - F2;
- Electronic display job - F3.
All three devices have a common basis - they show the current status of all systems in your helicopter.
Left - pointer mode - card / notebook / scoreboard.
Right - the state of your protection ARMOR - as in the beginning - 600;
- The amount of fuel in the tank - the maximum - 100;
- The number of remaining lives LIVES;
- The number of soldiers on board raised LOAD.
Below - your current personal account - number of points scored for the destroyed military equipment and manpower of the enemy.
Above - the three types of munitions.
E-map and notebook operate in parallel.
Include F1 you will find a three-dimensional image of a silhouette of your helicopter in relation to other objects. By controlling the cursor keys Left / right in a row over the map, place the name of your first goal - RADAR SITES. On the screen the two stations will alarm blink. Choose one of them, turn around and fly to the target.
Try not to get distracted by all sorts of stuff, like a moving vehicle on the highway, standing alone guns and so on. Though shells and rockets at sufficient excess hunting for excitement can lead to the fact that you completely lose the ammunition or be left with some ammunition. In this case, your mission will be doomed to failure.
Imagine a situation where your machine guns and rocket launchers are empty at full ammo, but they are not available, as they are still undefeated in the hangars, homes and even tents. Task in this case is impossible to perform, even if there is just nothing to find an agent. So, do not get carried away and frolic (with fuel, incidentally, also cuts), heading straight to the blinking target.
Destroying radar guns guarding two hits Hydra, calmly shoot radar (4 shots). Press F1 in the map mode and you will see that RADAR SITES disappeared from the screen. (This will take place, however, after the hook will be destroyed both the radar.) At this point, the cheerful voice will notify you that the first mission of the job you have done. Then turn on the map mode POWER STATION and do the same. The station can be destroyed, approaching from the north, even without coming into contact with protivovertoletnoy defense. (And she is very strong.) At aerodromes that the mission was carried out, you need to mix with the ground everything - planes and command post, and hangars, and office buildings. Only in this case the controller will announce the task, and on the map screen that purpose will disappear (after the destruction of the two airports, not before).
The fun starts with the attack command posts. Here the problem is more fun - bombing the building, you should not miss the fleeing man in red (at least one of the two). The ego is the very leader who volunteers will give out a terrible secret - where is the missing secret agent. A commander should catch this way: you catch up to the helicopter, and a partner, going down the ladder, (and he finally found a job of work) is enough hapless commander terrorists scruff. Or not the collar. But that's not important. The main thing that caught tight.
After the recognition of the enemy commander, there is a mark on the map where the hidden agent. It is one of three houses facing the group. If frolicking and playing, you're up to this house has been smashed to pieces, your eyes gaze open rectangular hatch. If not yet, - break the house now. After that, destroying the gun and the enemy soldiers, fly up to the hatch. Your partner go down in search of the agent, but you still have to compete with several armored car. At this point, die, especially in the third time, very disappointing.
When you defeat an enemy armored podtyanuvshy, partner will bring to light the long-awaited and agent with maps, diagrams and other stolen property General Keele women.
Now your goal - cruiser standing in coastal waters. On board you will be welcomed with open arms and the first task will be completed successfully.
Do not forget to write down the password is displayed - a pass to the next level. Your next task will be called «Scud Buster».
Code level - SMMTRMMMS.
However, this level and all the rest will be available to you only if you buy the full version of Desert Strike. That's when the evil plans erratic Kilbaby be finally destroyed. And while you are on the most distant approaches to this.

Some general advice

  • Use electronic map F1 not only to navigate to the next attack. Card, you can find a more peaceful use. It noted and fuel tanks (sometimes hide and away from prying eyes in the basement and not only ..) and containers of ammunition, and lost a brother in arms, and much, much more.
  • Helicopter moves surprisingly quickly and smoothly. So smoothly that it is even difficult to aim. If you are experiencing similar difficulties, press F4, helicopter, and your friend will be developed more discrete.
  • Refer to the electronic display of the mission. Completed tasks are marked green inscription DESTROYED. The fact that you have yet to do - red ACTIVE or LOST.
  • If you feel that in the current game situation ruin your helicopter is inevitable, do it for the benefit of the motherland. Taking with him a couple of soldiers or tehsredstv opponent. All you have to do for it - just beautiful crumble down, burying the enemy pile of flaming wreckage. (This only makes sense if you do not die for the third time.
  • Collect all in the maze, you see. Shells, energy charges, protective screens - it's all there in the mines and will greatly help you to survive;
  • Pick up hostages;
  • Do not miss out on any door. Many of these "open" a good rocket salvo. Usually for these doors are very useful things;
  • After the loss of one life, you continue to play with the full protection of the maximum possible at the moment with all the weapons and found the keys. So, dying once - take heart. Still to come;
  • Carefully study the map of the dungeon. Despite its seeming uncomfortable, it is indispensable for the successful solution the problem;
  • Remember your first goal - the keys, then - the emergency exit, and then - the reactor. Moreover, in order to get to it, do not necessarily have all the keys. The path to victory is much shorter than it seems;
  • After the explosion of the reactor (the best - missiles) you will have a few seconds, then, to be saved. Proceed quietly, ignoring the roaring sirens and rushing around the enemy robots. Do not be distracted by them - after the explosion, and they will die without your help.
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