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Out of This World (DOS)

Out of This World DOS, Another World
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements, Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Published by: Interplay Productions
Developed by: Delphine Software International
Released: 1992

Game sound is disabled.
Originally released on the Amiga computer, it has been transferred to other platforms. In Another World player takes the role of a young scientist, who as a result of a failed experiment, found himself in the alternative, futuristic world.
Out of This World DOS title screen
Although Eric Chahi belonged to the French studio Delphine Software, in fact, alone she worked on the game. The music for Another World created by Jean-Francois Freitas. After the release of the game received consistently positive assessment of critics who praised her for originality gameplay, cinematic storyline and audiovisual setting. Another World set a new canon of creating electronic games in the history of the game, geared to different tasks set for the player and an extensive and adventurous action. In 2006, he released reissue of the game under the name of Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition, with refreshed audiovisual binding, and in 2011 - the anniversary version under the title Another World - 20th Anniversary. Overall, in the 90s of the twentieth century Another World was sold in number about 1 million copies.

Controls and opponents

Control of Another World is fairly simple, but taking into account that, for obvious reasons, the game is not normal training, and the gameplay immediately imposes stringent requirements on the reaction in the first place deal with the keys . Arrows and responsible for the movement of the main character. The - squat, - jump.
The Ctrl key is responsible for the action or kicking. True, have to fight only in the first episode, then you will find a laser pistol with which to be parted again to end the game. One press Ctrl - a simple shot. If you hold Ctrl for a second and then release, the hero will create a force field (a sure sign that you are doing everything right - a small blue ball). If you hold Ctrl for a few seconds, you get a powerful shot (there big blue ball). They can destroy the force field of opponents, locked doors, and especially strong monsters.
If you press the and Ctrl, Leicester kick or shoot from a sitting position - it is easier to destroy enemies.
With the management sorted out, we get down to the opponents. The first monster you meet in the game - a giant octopus in the pool. It is impossible to finish, so you need to quickly rise to the surface. Later you can get acquainted with leeches. They can jump or kick to score. Just be careful: some individuals are crawling on the ceiling, then to parachute on top of Lester. Finally, the black beast with which fate will bring you immediately after contact with leeches and at the end of the game - you can not kill him, too, will have to apply the method .
Many problems will deliver live traps, which are located on the floor freely and strive to bite your legs and other body parts. They can not be destroyed, only to jump. If the number of traps a double - long jump. Next to the live traps tentacles hanging from the ceiling. Past them, you can just run, but it is better to destroy. Simple Shot will force tentacle to hide for a few seconds, and the powerful shot will destroy them forever. However, some tentacles hang too high - they do not get a gun. In this case, will have to run under them as fast as possible.
But the most common enemy - the guards, aliens, armed with laser pistols. Enemies do not lack intelligence, so often put power panels to protect against gunfire. If this happens, immediately put your energy field, then walk forward a bit to because of it sticking out a hand and a powerful shot beat the enemy force shield. Now quickly finish off the usual security guard shot.
If two or more opponents, after a powerful shot and a conventional shot just need to create a second force field. It does not matter, you have time to kill a guard or not, you still need to put the protection, otherwise you precisely sprayed on the atoms (verified by experiment). Sometimes the opponents themselves use a powerful shot, but these things are usually written script, so read more about it in passing. This includes throwing grenades the enemies that pass through the force field.


One dark night a scientist Lester decided to hold a mysterious experiment. To some extent he was successful, but the shot lightning from heaven suffered a scientist, together with part of the laboratory on an unknown planet. Local fauna, how quickly it turned out, does not differ peaceful. Therefore, when the main character will come out from behind the desk, quickly swim to the top, to avoid the embrace of a giant octopus.

Getting out of the pool, consider the strange beasts on the cliff and run to the right. Vile leeches kill with one bite, so a cautious approach and beat them with his foot. And the main thing - look to the leech did not fall on his head. Of course, you can just jump over, but then you will be more difficult in the next scene.

Having two screens to the right, you will find terrible black beast. As soon as it appears on the screen, then back to the pool, where got out, bouncing on the track for acceleration. Run past the pool, turn left, jump on the vine and press the . When the hero lands, immediately run to the right beast will not stop and will haunt you. When he reached the area where the attacked monster, go and look over the edge of a small roller.

When Lester wake up, you will see that our protagonist sits in a cage with a stranger, who, apparently, something wronged relatives. In the background work the prisoners, under guard walks. The future fate, in general, is quite clear and sad, so you need to get out quickly. Begin to rock the cell keys and , and soon it will fall on the head of the guard. After a short and incomprehensible conversation with a new friend pick up the gun (key ) and go right. Through a single screen would stand guard - quickly shoot a gun, until the enemy had time to react.
In the next area of ​​your new friend will begin to break the lock, and your task - to cover him and themselves from gunfire. In order not to get involved in senseless gunfire with guards at all times place the shields. Soon, the door will open, and you can pass on.

Well at least will not pursue the enemy, the doors are locked. Rest a little bit and go to the right. Go to the elevator and wait for another climb to the top floor. Come to the window to look at the alien city. Yes, fifteen years ago, it looked delicious, but now is impressive. Go down to the ground floor, go left and quickly shoot the guard. Then a shot disconnect the power cable (just fire a shot into the wall) and rise to a higher level.

A powerful shot beat the door, stand in the portal and go down to the ground floor. Then go up on another teleporter. This must be done quickly, because the bottom of the guard found the door closed (and this was due to damage to the power cable), and begin to beat them. In the next area to fit the door guard, and as luck would have resulted in charges in the gun. You will gain an alien one. He will open the hatch - quickly jump into the mine and roll to the right.

Caught in the ventilation system, roll to the left, wait no longer to beat par, and falls into the tube. Then roll to the right again and go wait out steam in the pipe. Wait another pause in the eruption of steam and roll to the right and back to the pipe. Then - to the left to get out of the damn maze.

Recharge weapon in a room and beat out three doors on the right. Recharge the gun again, and run to the right. Kill the guard - oh, it seems our friend ran - and go right. The gap is not even a running jump, so stand on the edge and jump down. No, you will not be broken - you will find yourself on the lower lip. A powerful shot beat out a wall and enter the cave.

Just jump into the hole and then get down to the level below. You will find yourself on a ledge with a narrow base. Go to the right and a running jump stalagmites. In the next area on top of the stones fall down, so you need to plan the movement. The correct answer you will find after the third or fourth rubble that fell on his head. On the next screen you will again fall under the rockfall, it will also have to run. Pay attention to the tentacles of the output. Past them you need to quickly destroy them, or run a powerful shot.

On the next screen - two tentacles and three ground traps (a kind of live traps). First you need to make a sharp jerk with a jump, then jump safely trap the remaining two. In the next field for three tentacles and three traps, and they are located close to each other. First destroy the tentacles powerful shot, then jump over traps. Latest need to overcome a long jump.

In the next area you need to jump over the precipice, and a trap, and then a long run to right. When he reached the wall, break it a powerful shot and comes back. When he reached the area with rockfall, look closely at the red bird. It is clearly not just flew here, the developer hints: Feathered useful to get out of here. Go up to the second floor, fire a shot at the bird and go left. When the bird'll eat tentacles jump to the stalactites and it gets to the cliff with a narrow base.

Jump from the left side and destroy the foundation of a powerful shot. Rock tilt so that you can go upstairs (but have to jump from a running start). Go to the right, jumping holes and carefully remembering the way back. I warn that soon will have to quickly run back. After reaching the flooded cave, make a powerful shot into the base to release the water and immediately run back.

Having reached the last screen - this is where you get out of the lower caves - stand on the stone tiles on the right, and wait until the water does not rise to a higher level. Now go right all the time and break the wall of a powerful shot. Climb the stairs to the upper tier. Soon you will reach an area where once falling waterfall. But we made a hole, all the water is gone, and now we can go further.

Once inside the building, look at the other, which creeps along the pipe. True, he will not be able to crawl away, prevents some ring. We must remember: this is clearly a hint that he needed help. Go right, wait for the guard to come and finish off his well-aimed shot from a pistol. Again, go to the right to get to the guard and three doors. Place the front of the door panel. Then go closer and when the doors opened, once run for a board. The guard throws a grenade, she jumped from the door and kill would-be thrower.

A powerful shot smash the door and run two screens to the right. Sit down and carefully look at the reflection of the guard hanging out in a green bowl. When he gets up right in the middle, shoot and listen to the cry of the wild - it shows that your cunning plan failed. Return the screen to the left, go up to the teleport and reload. Then return to the lower level and go left. Take a room with three doors, which previously was a guard with grenades, and go down the stairs to the lower level (you already ran past her, so is unlikely to go wrong).

Going down the stairs, use the teleport to get down and run to the left. Kill the guard and move on. In the hall go up the stairs to the left and shoot at the chandelier to make another. Then head back and try to pass on ... little did not happen. Lester grabbed a security guard, and while he mutters something to gibberish, press Ctrl, to give him a kick in the groin. Grab a gun and fired quickly. Time is very small, do not yawn.

In the next room to be probably the most difficult fight in the game. When you pass the first arch, the two sides will come running the guards, put shields and open fire. That you are not caught off guard, just coming for the first arch, put a shield on the left. Then install the shield to the right and take a couple of steps to the right. When the guards seem, at first fly blue balls - it will be a signal - Turn left a powerful shot beat the shield and finish off the enemy. Turn right, you put a new shield and a powerful shot beat the guard shield. Kill him from the laser gun and go to the right.

On the next screen, jump into the pool and swim down. Then into the breach left, you have to learn it - because once you have done it yourself. Now go up the second tunnel to replenish air. Then go down and swim to the right. Get out of the water, jump two trap and go right. Shoot the power cord and return the old way (do not forget to replenish oxygen). Get out of the pool and go to the right.

Jump into the hole, run to the door on the right and beat out a powerful shot it (we must act quickly, or finish off). Run to the right, ignoring the shots. Having reached the impasse, stand under the ventilation opening and continuously create power panels. Soon one will knock the door and you will carry off the top.

Just run to the left and then to the right (it is necessary to go up). You will see how the other prisoners guards. Going round the building, go to a room with a back door, put a shield and a powerful shot beat the enemy forcefield. Kill the guards and run to the right. When he reached the precipice, stand on the edge and wait until you are thrown to the other side. Right Turn left and jump down.

Once at the bottom, put a force field, and finish off the two guards (old scheme: a powerful shot to destroy the field, and the usual shots of opponents). Then run to the left, ignoring the staircase leading upstairs. Seeing three guards threw Comrade, come up to him and fired one shot. He lifts up his hands: give up, they say. Get away from it - and the guard clicks. This will lock the door to him, but to open the door at the top.

Go back to the previous screen and climb the stairs. Stand to the right of the stairs, and create a force field. A powerful shot smash the door and wait until the guard did not throw 3-4 grenades, which safely slide down. Then shoot him. Go down the stairs and make sure that a hole in the floor.
Return to the top, go left and use the portal to go down. Immediately begin to create a powerful shot, and when the guard door strikes, fire a shot to destroy the shield, and the second ordinary shot finish off the enemy. Go down to the teleport, blow up the power cable and the old road back to the hole, done on the first floor.

Jump down and head left. In the next area put a force field to light up the room, and run without stopping. Having lasers reduce your step so as not to fall into the pit in the next room. Jump break, pull the lever and whitefish in the pit. Immediately run to the right, just do not try to stop - even if you do not confuse the guards and monsters. After reaching the teleport quickly climb to the second tier until the shot.

Then go left and jump off when the top one, go for it. Press to climb to the second floor. Finally, go to the right and go into a spaceship. However, far from leaving us not give. As long as the ship is not incinerated, should be out of it. To do this, press the right combination of buttons (key controls movement). First, press two buttons available. Then - the bottom left button. There is a new panel on which you want to use the top four buttons. Finally, push the big button to eject. In general, it can be much easier to pass - randomly and quickly click on all the buttons in a row.

After landing, run to the right and finish the four guards. This is done quite simply, the scheme is the same - the force field, a powerful shot, a simple shot and again the force field - just need to strictly follow the sequence of actions. In the next area you will encounter each other again, however, you are going to stay with him for long. In the next area will fall into the abyss of Leicester.

Fall down you do not give the security guard, who, however, immediately becomes a hero to beat. At the sound of beating each come running, and start a fight. As long as you do not pay attention, crawl to the levers in the far corner of the room. Soon, the guard will win over the other up and go to you. When it will pass above the circle of the room, pull the lever to incinerate it with a laser. Then, pull the lever a second time to open the hatch. Crawl back - do not loiter, or finish off. Caught in the circle of light, press the .Out of This World DOS passwordsOut of This World DOS passwords