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Out Of This World (3DO)

Out Of This World, Another World 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements, Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Interplay Productions
Developed by: Delphine Software International
Released: 1994
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, Super Nintendo (SNES), DOS

It's like in the film "Back to the Future", as to what meteorologists weather can never accurately predict. Here, literally the other day passed, that without rain, and the shower, however, was a success. It was with a shower and the story began in the game Out of This World. Professor Lester Knight Chaykin, in the evening in inclement weather arrives in a secret (and apparently apparently public) laboratory, on his own Ferrari, which kindly confirms the artificial intelligence of the laboratory computer (apparently thinking to knock on the tax inspection). He comes there for a reason, and in order to conduct a seemingly ordinary experiment to accelerate the particles and everything would have passed normally (this is not DOOM), if just during the experiment in the laboratory did not shandaran, quite classical, sometimes stuffed with nausea, lightning . There was an explosion and after that, it all started.
What would immediately confuse no one, do not spin unnecessary intrigues and not bring confusion, I report that Out of This World and Another World - this is the same game that came out under these two names on different platforms and in different countries. We will assume that we have dealt with this. And now back to the plot. Immediately after the explosion, Lester finds himself, at a quite decent depth of the reservoir, clinging to what is left of the computer control panel. And then it is worth recalling that the game has just started and if you do not hurry, then firstly drown, and secondly, even before you kill a giant slug, at the bottom of the reservoir inhabiting. Suppose you got out. As it is easy to guess, the explosion took you to another, very surreal world, or if you want a different dimension. See what beautiful clouds there are, what wonderful wild animals smile to you in the distance, clean air... Well, the slug took you out on the beach.
The French company Delphine Software in the early nineties did wonderful games. It is from under the pen (though rather IDE) of its developers came an excellent Flashback: The Quest for Identity, but only then, and before Flashback, the company just released Out of This World (strange that the game was developed by only one person and called him Eric Chahi). Do I know what I'm getting at? I want to say that this game is also wonderful as Flashback (or it will be more correct to say that Flashback is also wonderful as this game, although it has nothing to do with it) and deserves all sorts of praise. The only thing is that if it was easy to play in Flashback, even at the highest level of complexity, then honestly for the first time to pass Out of This World, you probably will not succeed even with 50 attempts. At least I did not succeed. Already at the very beginning, there is a chance to be trampled by a big and evil creature, to be poisoned by some kind of venomous leech, and you can drown, you can eat jaws, you can break, you can hit the floor with poisonous sewage, and simply you can fry from the blaster to a burnt toast.
Watching all this comes from the side, because, like Flashback, the game is pure 2-D. At least I was hoping for 3D videos earlier, but as it turned out they were just vector (directly Macromedia Flash some kind). But funny. From the thoughtful expression alone of the protagonist's face, you can, if not go to Nirvana, then properly chop, and even cut yourself userpics. The rest of the characters' schedule on the same level as the vector. I did not compare myself, but it seemed to me that the backdrops in the version for 3DO Interactive Multiplayer are much more colorful and better detailed than those that were versions for MS-DOS. However, do not even be here, these backdrops at all, the interest in the game would not be diminished. Such a wonderful thing, can afford to have absolutely any graphics.


Try also the passwords XDDJ, LBKG, TSTT ,. TVNK.
To launch a hidden game, enter the BRGR password, move to the "OK" icon and press A - you will see stalactites. The meaning of this game is to avoid jumping balls and not to let stalactites touch the ground.


Once under the water, immediately rise so that the tentacles do not reach you. On the surface, go to the right, not paying attention to the monster.
The next scene - slugs get off the ceiling and swim, thinking of killing you. Dodge (↓) and kick them. Do not let them approach - their bites are deadly. Make sure that you killed all of them. If this does not work out for you, step back to the left, then come back. Having broken all, go to the right and continue the war with new slugs and again go to the right.
Before you reach the right edge, the monster will grow to your path with a roar. Run, without stopping. The brute will rush for you. When he almost catches up with you, press ← and continue to escape. Once in the water, grab the branch of the vineyard and hold on to it until it crashes. Again, run without stopping - until the place where you first met with the scarecrow and then to the right. When the enemy falls behind, shoot him.
Not paying attention to the shooting jailers, swing the cage until it falls directly to the guard. Step back a little to the right and pick up the weapon the jailer dropped. Then run right across the entire site. At the next, your friend will see the guards and run back, to the left. Immediately shoot, then wait for a few seconds and run to the right. At the next stage, stay close to each other. He will open the doors, and you will kill several guards. In the future, sometimes for a while separating. You have to act together. You can not finish the game alone.
Your weapon is capable of three things.
1) If you shoot abruptly, it releases red rays that hit the enemy.
2) If you hold the button for longer, a blue-white droplet appears on the trunk and when you release the button, you will face a shield that will not let out the deadly red rays, but will be permeable for you.
3) If you hold the button even longer until you hear a loud beep, a powerful explosion will occur that will destroy the shield. door, wall or other similar obstacle. The explosion, however, is an energy shot - do not use it in combat with the guards. You will need energy later. In this case, the optimal creation of a shield.
When your friend opens the door, go after him. You will find yourself in a mine on a platform that should lift you up. Two floors below the top, heading to the left. You can not open the door. Below you, a few doors - guards, and even lower - a small blue line. Concentrate on the platform to the bottom of the shaft, run left into the next room and immediately begin to fire. After destroying the guard, shoot at the left wall to destroy the power line.
Then climb to the floor above, wait for your friend and blast the door. Run to the left. The gap in the floor is a teleportation unit. Teleport down and run left. Hurry: security, when you find you, will start blowing up the doors. Your friend, knocking off the slab from the floor, will prepare a passage for you, but he will not be able to go into it himself. You have yet to continue the path to one. Get down the pipe.
In the pipes move to the left until the flow with poisonous fumes. Wait for the evaporation to stop, cross the stream, follow left, down, then right. Similarly, cross the new stream and go down the next pipe. Cross through the stream on the right, then move to the right, down, left, down again.
You will find yourself in a large room. Enter the door on the left and recharge your weapon at the left wall. Blow up the non-opening doors on the right and run to the right through the tunnel. Quickly kill the guard that you meet, again run to the right to the half-destroyed bridge, which you need to jump over with the take-off. On the cliff on the right, blast a hole and enter it.
In the caves go to the right and get down into the first hole (you will find yourself on a colored stone). Again go to the right and get down into the nearest hole. Continue down through the next hole. Now you will land on a T-stone. Get down down from the right side of the letter "T" and run to the right to the reef on which the stalagmites grow. Run, jumping over them, then go to the right.
In a room with falling rocks, the tentacles will not have time to reach you if you run. Jump over jaw-jaws on the floor. In a room with a lot of jaws and tentacles, blow them up. Blast yourself from the red ray. Then, when you return to the previous room to walk between closely located tentacles and jaws, take a run jump. Then go to the right. Jump from place to hole in the floor and then through the jaws on the floor. Then go to the right. When you meet the well, use an explosion in the passage - it will be necessary for you in the future.
Go back until you reach the first area of ​​the falling rocks. Now you are on a higher path, and the stones can not hurt you. Red dragon under the ceiling, fire with a red beam, he will fly to the left. Pursue it until it is eaten by tentacles. While the tentacles are busy, move from the reef to the stalactite, climb on it as high as possible, jump to the next left, etc., until you reach the left edge of the screen. You will find yourself on a T-shaped stone. Blast it to the left - a convenient passage will open.
Gently move to the right until you get under the tank. From the left edge of the screen, blow up the tank and run to the left, jumping over all the holes or through one if you have gained enough speed. When you get to the colored wedge, the flow of water will destroy it. Go to the right, blow up the wall, go up the steps and again go to the right to the algal patch. Move further to the right.
When you get to the top floor. Your friend will shoot a pipe below the floor. Wait until he swims, then go back to the steps and get down. Go right to the room with chandeliers. Here, passing the room by three quarters. You will hear the steps of the guard. Kill him before he sees you, and go to the right. Do not use while the teleporter is in the next room, continue to go to the right. In the next room, the guard will knock you off your feet and knock out your arms. When you come to, hit the guard and run to the gun. Having killed the guard, again go to the right.
The next room is difficult. You need to repel attacks from both sides. This can be done as follows. Walk about a third of the way between the pillars, place the shield on the right, turn around, duck and place the shield on the left. Now go to the right to the place where you are still guarded by the right shield. and create a new shield on the right. Destroy the shield to the left and shoot the pursuers. Then destroy the shield on the right and destroy the guards from this side.
Now go back to the left in the room with chandeliers. Stand on the top step and shoot at the middle chandelier. This will ease the lock of the tunnel with your friend. Now, bypassing the water flow, follow the left and go up the stairs. Expose the shield and enter the room on the right, there you will see your friend and guards. Guardians shoot them when they are in the reach zone of your weapon. Then go right to the next room. It makes no sense to shoot at the escaping guard, follow him to the right. When he disappears behind the door, do not enter - you will be fired. The shield also does not help: it does not protect against grenades. The trick is to make a shield, open the door and close it in front of a grenade. The blast wave will kill the guard. Then go through the door and destroy it with an explosion. Now go to the right. In the green spheres under the ceiling you can see the reflection of the guards - the brownish points. Wait for the guard to appear under the sphere, shoot - the sphere will fall on him. Now go down the steps to the left. Using the teleportation unit, move to the floor and go right to the water. Jump in the sail and swim down.
Swim into the tunnel on the left and, without stopping (you may not have enough air), swim through the next room. Further there will be a mine leading downwards, and two mines upward. Swim through the mine on the left (up). Upstairs, in an air pocket. You will be able to take a breath. Then go back and select the shaft leading down. At the bottom, swim to the reef and get out of the underground grotto.
Make a jump from place to the right, go to the right and shoot the power line in the wall. Then return and again swim in the air pocket. Having gained air, swim to the right to get out through the well and go to the right past the guard, killed by the fallen green sphere. The floor of the next room has a shaft down.
Get down through the hole in the floor. If you destroyed the power line in the grotto, there will be no problems with the door on the left. Immediately make an explosion on the right and run to the right, the doors will open without difficulty. Do not stop, do not respond to the fire of pursuers. In the fight, enter only by reaching the end of the tunnel and standing under the panel in the ceiling. Soon it will be opened by your friend. Make sure there is a safety shield and climb up.
The guards at the bottom shoot at the stones, so that you fall into the holes that are formed. Run to the left edge of the screen, and then - to the right to run behind the building, which can be seen from the window. In the building, run to the left and kill the guard on the right. This attack, distracting attention, will give your friend the opportunity to attack the guard on the left. When all the enemies are killed, run together to the right to the reef, approach the edge. Your friend will transfer you to a nearby reef. You yourself are not able to jump this gap. The comrade, too, will not be able to jump over and risk hanging on the edge.
In the next crossing (left), two guards will follow you. Fight them, first stepping back a few steps to the right and using shields.
Run to the left, ignoring the guards. Pay attention to the fact that one guard waits for you outside the door. Go to the door and aim through it. Then go back to the steps and go up. Jump to the right, turn around, create a shield and blow up the door. After you hear the sounds of breaking four bombs, shoot. Now past the skeleton run to the teleportation unit, turn right and teleport down.
Immediately make two shields on the right and destroy the guard. Then go down by teleportation to a small room with the power line on the right. Shoot the power line and teleport back. Use another teleporter and run down the steps to slip through the hole in the floor, made by bombs.
In the underground corridor, run to the right. The next room, if you managed to blow up the power line, is plunged into darkness. Without stopping, run to the right. The guards are not afraid in the dark, as they do not see you. As soon as you enter the next room, stop immediately. You will see a hole in the floor resembling a teleporter. Jump through this hole to the right and move the lever on the left wall to the lower position. The cells below will open, and huge creatures will rush to the guards. Now go down through the hole. In the confusion the guard will not stop you. Run to the right and you will soon get to the teleport installation at the end of the hall.
Leave under the awning, on which your friend is still hanging. Now you can put forward a bridge along which it will descend. After that, go right together and on another teleporter, follow the juggernaut.
On the panel that appears in the upper left corner of the screen, click the two buttons that turn green and the two buttons that turn red. A long white button appears. Click and her - you are already close to salvation.
Run out and run to the right. When you approach the bridge, the guards appear to the right. To kill them, use the technique of putting up shields, blowing them up and conducting fire. Advance to the right.
When the red-eyed foe attacks you, escape from it, swim to the right. Your comrade, having imperceptibly approached a foe, begins to struggle with him, but will be dropped. By this time you need to get close to the set of levers. When the foe overcomes half of the distance separating you, pull the lever using the "fire" button - and a huge fire charge will destroy the enemy.
Now pull on the other lever - a super teleporter will appear. Swim to it without stopping. The guards will start shooting. The first two shots will be misses, but if you stay, the third volley will kill you. Swim under the teleporter, cross to the roof and ... accept congratulations. You won.