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Earthworm Jim (DOS)

Earthworm Jim, EWJ DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Visual: 2D scrolling
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Shiny Entertainment
Released: 1995
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The main hero of the game is the earthworm named Jim, dressed in a robotic super-suit and fighting evil. The game was released for the platform Sega Mega Drive / Genesis in 1994, and was later ported to the SNES, Game Gear, Game Boy, PC. After the release has been well characterized criticism for detailed animation, thoughtful gameplay and eccentric absurd humor.
The special edition of Earthworm Jim: Special Edition was released in 1995 for the platform Sega Mega-CD, and later appeared on the Microsoft Windows 95. This version of the game was different level addition Big Bruty, improved graphics, Superior audio material and ammunition protagonist. Also been expanded levels «New Junk City» («More Junk») and «What the Heck?».
In 1996, both games have been ported to a personal computer for MS-DOS in the anthology Whole Can O'Worms. Transfer involved a Scandinavian company Rainbow Arts. In the anthology did not have several levels: in the first game cut levels «Intestinal Distress», «Who Turned Out the Light?» And flight tehnokuroy from «Level 5" in the second portirovschiki removed «Lorenzen's soil» (though, in the European cover anthology presents of course).
Earthworm Jim DOS title
In 2009, Gameloft has ported the game on Java and iPhone, and in 2010 at the Bada. In June 2010, she released a port of the Xbox 360 console, and in July - on PlayStation 3.


The game has a lot of colorful characters. Jim himself was originally an ordinary earthworm, were engaged in that usually do earthworms: eating humus and fleeing from crows. Once, in the space above the Earth Psy-Crow caught a spaceship piloted by a rebel who stole "Ultra tech indestructible super-space-cyber-suit", designed by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. Spacesuit intended for evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Stinky, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt, who want to continue the conquest of the galaxy. In a cosmic battle armor fell to the ground, and, by accident, Jim was inside his collar. As a result, it has mutated into a large and intelligent (for earthworm) superhero.
Jim overhears Psihovorona talks with Queen Ulitra-sound about her plans for her sister - Princess What's-Her-Name. As a result, Jim went to rescue the princess, winning on the way a lot of enemies.

Video game development

His appearance in the game in the first place, is obliged Douglas TenNapel - California comic book artist and animator, also known by the computer game «The Neverhood». His authorship owned all of the key characters in the game, including most of Jim. The main programmer made David Perry - head of Shiny Entertainment. Soundtrack wrote Tommy Tallarico. In the credits of the first game instead inscribed Mark Miller - fellow composer and great friend Tallarico. This was done intentionally, because at the time Tommy was still a member of Virgin and worked on the game without the knowledge of the employer.
Development of the game began in late 1993, after the foundation in October of the same year the company Shiny Entertainment. Several animators worked on highly-developed visual component of the game. The graphics engine was borrowed from the game «Aladdin» to the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, David Perry created earlier as part of Virgin. In addition, the level of graphics brought to a high level, making the game one of the most beautiful on the gaming platform Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.


New Junk City

Jim Crow and demonic attack dog named Fifi. Interim boss at playing the trash. The final boss - Chuck - owner of the landfill.
In version Special Edition (Sega-CD and Windows' 95) and HD-version for Xbox 360 and PS3 before the fight with Chuck added sublevel «More Junk», the beginning of which Jim is without a suit.

Andy Asteroids

Bonus level after each main level (Special Edition version is missing between the «Big Bruty» and «Down The Tubes»). Jim on his rocket trying to overtake Psihovorona, dodging asteroids. If Raven comes to the finish line first, will have to fight with him in the open field.

What the Heck?

which commands the cat malware. Level in the style of hell, where the background is dancing master himself. Enemies are flying demons and lawyers with cases. There are also two boss. The first would be a fire-breathing snowman, and in the finals will meet with the very real threat. In version Specal Edition and HD-version for Xbox 360 and PS3 with a snowman location thoroughly expanded. In the version of SNES, GBA and anthologies Whole Can O'Worms (MS-DOS) in the finals with a cat malware added background.

Big Bruty

in appearance resembling a shipwreck. Only available for Specal Edition. Of the enemy - a huge bee and a blind dinosaur named Big Bruty (named art director Nick Shiny Bruti). Hungry Lizard all forces will try to eat Jim, and that will evade attacks. Dinosaur itself can not be defeated (except when he breaks the barrier to the player and is divided into several tiny copies of itself).

Down the Tubes

Jim will make its way to the narrow tubes full of bully-cats, and cats flying udder-Mites. In both sub-levels have to ride a huge hamster and swim in a bathyscaphe for a limited period of time. At the end of the second sub-level of the hero will be waiting goldfish Bob - the ruler of the planet.

Snot a Problem!

Jim will fly on the bungee in conjunction with Major Mucus. Purpose level - Major cable break and fall himself. Downstairs, in the pond snot beware mouth monster capable Jim snack half.

Level 5

Laboratory of Professor Obezyanogolova. The level is divided into several locations infested experimental results professors flying eyes, stomachs with worms and jumping brains. Obezyanogolov itself several times over the level of trying to annoy Jim hurling flasks with reagents or letting the will of a swarm of flying eyes. When Jim whipping red gate of a semblance of a steam boiler after a number of utilities are already familiar demons emerge from the second level (only in the original version of Sega and Special Edition). In the SNES version there will be all the same flying stomachs. Around the middle of the level of the ceiling is teleport (black square box with a red light), and jump to that Jim will be transferred to the secret level «Who turned out the light?» At the end of the laboratory of Jim awaits next creation Professor - Mechanical Chicken with which to fight in the fall.

Who Turned Out the Light?

Happens only occasionally illuminating light flashes. Only landmark - the eyes of the enemies' Jim and red eyes. At the end of the fifth sublevel Jim will meet with huge eyes. Unknown enemy blocks the way to teleport back to the lab. Can not kill the beast - can only jump from the top.

For Pete's Sake!

to accompany to the house unharmed. Easy to view all sorts of missions will hinder the abyss, flying saucers, monstrous tentacles and meteor showers. And if Peter would suffer the slightest harm (to the plate aliens and meteorites puppy insensitive), it will turn it into a monster and throw Jim back, taking away some health. At the level of present also advanced to the second way house (castle in version SNES).

Intestinal Distress!

Of the enemies here - fish with propellers and flying vymena level of «Down the Tubes». Boss is Doc Duodenum - duodenum, spew bile. In the version of SNES, GBA, and in the anthology Whole Can O'Worms (MS-DOS) this level is missing.


The first Jim will be planned with the help of a head-spinner in the narrow aisles of thorns. The second character will be in the Queen's lair Ulitkozadoy. Enemies will be swarms of bees, toads with long tongues and Scolopendra in tails, a meeting which takes a lifetime. The body of the Queen caterpillar takes a third of the level. First to fight with its sting, and then - with the Queen, turning the nozzle (Snott) in the form of the.


  • Blaster - Standard weapon rate.
  • Plasma-Blaster - a powerful weapon that kills with one shot any enemy (except bosses and some frogs in the level of «Buttville»).
  • Homing missiles - are only available in Special Edition (Sega-CD and Windows' 95).
  • Whip - Jim uses himself as a whip. With it, he can also cling to the hooks, moose antlers and operated levers. In addition, it replaces the propeller head when you need to slow or plan to extend the length of the jump.
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