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Earthworm Jim (SEGA)

Earthworm Jim, EWJ Sega Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Shiny Entertainment
Released: 1994

How it all began: in the vast cosmic space, there was a battle between Psy Crow and Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. As a result of the fight, the professor lost not only his shuttle, but also his new development - a super-powerful spacesuit that endowed any creature with enormous capabilities. The diving suit was thrown back to a strange planet called "Earth" ...
At the same time, an earth worm named Jim lay on the lawn, warming himself in the rays of the golden sun. Suddenly, a miracle-space suit fell directly from him. He decided to explore this object out of curiosity ... Thus, Jim found useful things in the household, like legs and hands, and yet, though small but powerful blaster.
Rejoicing new opportunities, our newly-baked hero went to destroy the crows he hated. But the fun did not last long, the suit had a master, and he, of course, wished to return such a valuable thing back. And Jim had to wander all over the galaxy, simultaneously fighting with all the "beau monde" of evil, inhabiting the planet. From this moment we enter the game.


In order for the worm Jim to fully recover his health, press the pause and type: A + C + C + A + B + B + A + C + start. As a confirmation of the correctness of the set, a sound signal should sound.
To go to the next stage, put the game on pause and type the code: A + B + B + A + AC + BC + VS + AC.
To receive an additional Continue, enter the code in the pause mode: A + leftB + A + B + A + B + C + A.
Extra life (works once per level). Game on a pause and type: ะ’ + ะ’ + ะก + ะก + ะ + ะ + ะ + ะ.
Additional life. Pause and type: up + B + B + A + C + A + A + A + A.
To get into the debug table, press in the pause mode: left A + B + B + A + right A + B + B + A. After typing this combination, a picture with photos of the creators of the Jim worm will appear.
To obtain nine charges of plasma weapons, press in the pause mode: downC + A + B + C + A + B + A + C.
To fully recover the charge (1000 rounds) of the standard Jim Worm weapon, press the pause and type: A + B + B + B + C + A + C + C.
Go to the "What the Heck" level. Press in the pause mode: left + right + A + B + C + left + right + A + start.
To view the ending of the game Earthworm Jim, type in a pause: AC + AB + C + C + B + B + A + A.


New Junk City

Having got on this planet our hero finds himself among a huge accumulation of garbage.
Probably, it is here that all the impurities of the galaxy are flocking. Among other things, there are quite aggressive crows and hungry dogs, who certainly will not disdain to taste the worm of Jim's taste. Moving deep into the dump, Jim stumbles upon a strange picture: in the middle of the screen there is a cow on a branch, and on top, on the crane hook - a refrigerator. A few strokes with a whip on the rope - and a cow with a loud "Mu-yu!" is sent to near-earth orbit. All the way is free.
Then you can jump on the old car tires, lying here in excess, to reach the rope slider. Using his head as a whip, tenacious hook and propeller, Jimmy can not only deal with enemies, but also overcome various obstacles.
After a short walk through the "hot spots" Chervyak Jim will climb up the garbage conveyor upstairs to meet the first boss of "TireMan", consisting of all the rubbish, which here is dark (table lamp instead of head, trash - instead of trunk and tires - instead of extremities). When this horror turns into a cheeky cart and starts rolling around the screen - hit the lamp and try to avoid direct contact with the adversary. After the crackdown on "Fifi" our hero will already be waiting for the owner of all this ecological cataclysm (Chuck). Beware of falling debris, but if the crate is dropped - send it to the spring, and she, in turn, this box in the "puzana." Try to dodge the fish, which the fat man carefully burps on Jim.
The villain is defeated, and the worm Jim goes to the hot spot - Planet Heck.
Andy Asteroids
But before that it will be possible to play with "Crazed" in the distillation in the asteroid ring. In addition to the asteroids themselves, which are undesirable, there are useful objects in this level: atomic accelerators, power field generators protecting Jim from flying solid rocks, and fuel balls, collecting 50 pieces of which Jim receives as a reward a jar of worms. ). Finish from the ring first, otherwise you will have to "deceive" the Evil Crow!


If Psihovoronu managed to equip Jim in the race, then you have to fight with him on the surface of a distant planet. Raven, in contrast to the worm is able to fly and without additional devices. Without losing hope of assigning a spacesuit, he, armed with a worm crochet, will try to knock Jim out of the suit with this device. A few biting blows with a whip on the corpulent body of a crow, having previously stunned it from the blaster, will quickly dissuade him from continuing the contest.

What The Heck?

Welcome to the Planet Heck, where "the ball" is ruled by Cat-Zlovred (his dancing silhouette is visible on the horizon). Jim will be wandering around a rather, intricate labyrinth. On the way of the worm will rise black ghosts of a gloomy appearance and with sharp teeth, so that you need to act with them quickly and rigidly.
Beware of hot flames, because Even in an indestructible suit, Jim can become an excellent bar-be-kyu. The same worm will meet stray "clerks" with cases, which, however, are also thrown by business papers.
To exit the labyrinth Jim will come in handy with rubies (they are of two types: some just float up, and others - spin). Boldly jump on the pebble and run in the opposite direction to its rotation.
Another ruby ​​will lead to a sub-boss - Snowman. "Svidanitsa" with Snowman - this is a vivid example of when you need to keep a distance: near - frostbite, from afar - sprinkles with volcanic bombs. Not allowing this vile accumulation of snow to appear beneath him and rigidly manipulating the whip, Jim quickly turns it into a choked chacha. The evil cat, sniffing about Jim's combat success, had already prepared a surprise - he planted a bomb, after the explosion of which a massive collapse of the so-called stalactites. Jim, as scalded, will have to rush from one end to the other, avoiding encounters with "precipitation."
In the end, with all the truth-crook, Kot managed to remove the suit from Jim, and now the worm will have to evade the flame, which "harmful" generously pours the earth from its gun ... The blast wave from each shot, rolling down, "undermines" on which the Cat-Zlovred is located. Soon there is a collapse, the cat drops the diving suit, thereby returning it to Jim. Now there is only one thing left for the poison cat-to attack in an underhand manner.

Down The Tubes

The level, which is a branched network of glass tunnels, placed under water. A goldfish named Bob knows about a heavy suit and will try to track down Jim anywhere. After letting in the tunnels of Kotov-droydov and small bureaucrats, who will quickly dissuade our hero from his harmlessness. The first is best avoided by hovering over them when they pass by. And to crack down on the "wrestlers" we use a hamster, languishing in a cage and waiting for his time. We sit down on a rodent and skip "a raving on raccoons", not forgetting to bite the hamster with enemies, otherwise they will quickly "kick out" the freshly baked "rider" from the "saddle".
It would seem that everything is over: the droids are plastered, the "small ones" are bitten. And still have to ride an underwater bathyscaphe. In this journey it will be possible to "cross" 2 incompatible concepts: haste and accuracy (the air is constantly decreasing and until the next recharge, the path is distant, and at high speed this glass vessel is weakly controlled and it will not be easy to avoid collisions with underwater reefs). And when you strike against the underwater rocks, the casing is covered with cracks, and the more of them there are, the fewer chances that you will get out of the watery abyss "dry". Finally, in the end, it remains to deal with annoying fishes: just drop the aquarium with Bob and everything!

Snot A Problem

A peculiar level in which the Worm Jim will participate in the competition with Major Mucus for jumping from a height on a rubber rope. Hanging upside down on an elastic band, Jim should push the "snotty" opponent to the rocks, so that he, in turn, "whipped" about them, tore his rope. Naturally, the same Major Nasirk tries to do with the Worm. Whose first breaks the rope - he ... lost.
Among other things, in the bottom of the gorge, where the "struggle" is taking place, a terrible monster (Mucus Phlegm Brain) waits in the green vein of Jim, who will dine with joy (and maybe even have dinner) ... So be on the alert.

Level 5

Professor Monkey for a Head would be glad to see the worm of Jim on the cutting ditch, but the suit makes the worm untouchable. This suit was developed by the professor on behalf of the Queen, but in case of coincidence, Jim became the current owner of the special suit. It seemed, what prevents to create a new spacesuit? But here's the ill luck: the restless second half of the professor is a monkey, "all the drawings and sketches of this project" were "dumped". And in order to get his work back in a single copy back, Professor Monkey For a Head lured Jim into his very rather big laboratory.
The level consists of 3 parts: Professor`s Lab, Nude Worm and Chicken's Fly. The abundance of electronics, mechanics, many running tracks and stairs - these are the main attributes of this level. Jim will have to deal with green lizards who are amusingly floating in the air, jumping brains, and flying eyes.
In addition to the active danger, there is also a passive one. These are black balls depicting the molecular structure of an element under high voltage, therefore, it is not necessary to linger on them for long; these are electrodes exchanging electrical discharge with each other.
Finally, an iron platform cage, which will bring the worm Jim to the point of "cross fire," where he, as a desperate fighter surrounded by, will have to shoot back from the bombs flying to him from all sides.
Also throughout the level, Jim will often meet the professor himself with the monkey instead of the head. This genius mutant constantly builds all sorts of dirty tricks to our hero.
In the second part of the level, Jim again appears in its original form - the professor still thought of a way to pull the suit out of the worm (using a small fan placed on the ceiling of one of the platforms). But not everything is lost: if Jimmy hurries to climb back into his suit before he falls off the assembly line, then the plan "Monkey" can be considered failed. But, like any evil genius, the professor has in reserve the plan "B" - it's a sneaky chicken that controls a chicken-like machine, having in its stock in addition to the "fork-bayonet front" also a launcher for exploding eggs, looks like a rather formidable opponent. In order not to fall into the trash, our hero-worm must lure the unlucky bird with its aggregate to the middle of the platform and hit the target, dropping bombs on the enemy. As soon as the cock feels wrong - the teleport will work, and now you are fighting the male chicken "on the fly" (the third part of the level). It looks pretty impressive, but do not stare around; the cockerel is not at all friendly, constantly ramming Jim's bayonet. Deal with it is simple: Avoid its direct attacks, so that it would crash into spiked walls by inertia, and in passing knock out the bombs on which it itself is undermined.

For Pete's Sake

Jim has a friend - a puppy Pete, who likes to walk on the surface of the planet. Jim will have to accompany the doggie, protecting him from various dangers. "Poke" Pete with a whip, so that he jumps pits and collapses, and shoot him over his head so that he falls to the ground, hiding from bullets, waiting for you. If there is any trouble with the puppy, then, thoroughly annoyed, turn into a huge pink fury, then attack Jim and "thank" him for showing care with his teeth!
Knock down flying saucers that will excite Jim with their electromagnetic waves, peel the tentacles growing from the earth, reminiscent of peaceful leaves (the latter may well "squeeze" Pete), protect yourself and the dog from the rockfalls.

Intestinal Distress

Uh, a rather strange level, reminiscent of the interior of the body. With a depressive and gloomy atmosphere where even the walls and the floor breathe, this place will lead many to a state of alertness ... Jim, making his way through the cellular labyrinths, can stumble upon mechanical fish with propellers and spherical substances with pores on the sides. Do not allow balls and balls rolling downwards to jump on platforms and jump balls, jump into the jars that catapult Jim into the air, rise to the top bar, overcoming it, Worm, wandering in the cellular jungle, will encounter the boss of Doc Duodenum - it's a foreign organ in the body, who does not mind eating a worm filling. In appearance, resembling a kolobok with legs and sprinkling with some kind of muck, this adversary deftly jumps on the screen, trying to jump on Jim. We act quickly, avoiding spitting and jumping, and using a whip, you will destroy this fetid organod.


All around Darkness, only lightning strikes somewhere in the distance illuminate this gloomy place. Welcome to the eve of the lair of the queen. First, the worm Jim will have to descend into a deep tunnel, dotted with sharp spikes. We use the head as a propeller to slow the fall, fly with the utmost care, otherwise any error may be the last. Overcoming these "back streets", Jim gets into the lair itself. The Queen is aware of the arrival of Jim and ordered her entire suite to stop him at any cost. Shoot down the hives, from which fly the furious insects. The sooner you do this, the more Jim will be. Clinging to the hooks with a whip, Jim must climb the intricate structure to the top platform. Seeing in the dark a pair of sinister eyes, do not rush to approach them, it is better to wait while this biting-cutting creature will stick out its body. With one blow of the whip Jim will neutralize him ... forever.
You will also meet Insects with long tongues, which do not cause direct harm to the worm to Jim, but they can easily be pushed from the platform onto the spikes. To compete with them is useless, so you need to provoke them for error by jumping to the other end of the platform.
Before the final battle, stock up as much ammunition as possible. the basic stock for victory may not be enough. Before colliding with the queen, our hero will have to deal with her back, which carefully throws it with acid, and the earth literally leaves from under her feet.
And, finally, the final battle. Jim will have to climb a slippery platform that will take him to the queen. Jim, like a hungry fly over a chopper, will whirl around the queen, shooting back from annoying insects and hitting the very ruler of evil.

Who Turned Out The Light ?

There is one more interesting level where Jim will have to wander in complete darkness in search of an exit, however he is not alone: ​​burning eyes, flashing in the darkness, give out their owners about their presence. It is desirable to shoot them to the fact of "dating". However, in this darkness there lives another Big Bruty. He is blind, like a mole, and huge - like a rock ... There are rumors that he is always hungry and before chewing his victim, she chews on her long ...
After such adventures, Jim waits a worthy reward: the queen has a genetic sister, which is the complete opposite of the latter. Jim burned with passion for her, and at the most romantic moment, everything was spoiled ... cow (!), Which I met on some levels.
So, considering all of the above, you can say that we have a platformer saturated with humor, puzzles and a dynamic gameplay.