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Earthworm Jim 2 (DOS)

Earthworm Jim 2 DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform
Visual: 2D scrolling
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Playmates Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Shiny Entertainment
Released: 1995
Earthworm Jim 2 DOS keys


Suit power - Each one of these gives Jim's suit and extra 4% on the old life meter. Grab 'em up whenever you can.
Super Suit Power - These bad boys will boost your suit power up to a cool 100%. Groovy to say the least. A better pick-me up than a kick in the head, and far less painful....
  • Chip Butty - A tasty lo-cal snack that actually boosts Jim's suit power up to a whopping - yes, whopping - 200%! No weird side effects, no heart palpitations, a perfect way to start your day, just like the queen mum!
  • Meal worms - They're not just for breakfast any more. Grab these and earn chances to earn extra bonuses later in the game.
  • Extra life - Lets you go on longer than Lucy in syndication....
  • Stopwatch - Buy yourself some time in Lorenzo's Soil with each one of these. They'll postpone the sky from falling.
  • Standard Machine Gun Plasma Power - Gives Jim 250 rounds of ammo. As Jim's granny used to say, "Sonny, you can never have too much ammunition to shoot, or too much grease for the pig." (Never could quite figure out that second part....)


  • Mega Plasma - Even Acme doesn't make anything that's this powerful! Good for two rounds of plasma energy.
  • 3 Finger gun - Lets Jim hit the broad side of a barn without even looking. If you can't hit anything with this, only one other gun may be able to help you....
  • Barn Blaster - This one-shot-wonder will clear just about everything off the screen, but watch out, it packs a pretty mean recoil! It's like a Mega Plasma on steroids as seen through a magnifying glass reflected off a carnival mirror.
  • Homing Missile - Don't worry, it doesn't go to your home and destroy it, but rather, it finds the closest enemy and then says "Hello!" in its own special way.
  • Bubble gun - Confuse your enemies and delight the kids with the amazing bubble gun. Not very effective in most situations, but a pretty sight nonetheless.
  • Ammo booster - Grab these shells to increase the power of whatever weapon Jim is holding.
  • Earth Flag - One of the three (that's I of III - for our Roman friends) items Jim needs to find on each level. Find all three icons and receive the level password. Of course, you're such a fine player that you probably won't need that, but just in case...
  • Worm Flag - Icon dos for the password. (For our Spanish friends.)
  • Jim Flag - Icon san banme for the password. (For our Japanese pals.)
  • Continue Icon - Tag these to activate the continue point should something unfortunate happen to Jim.
  • Turbo - Gives Jim extra turbo power. Makes him go faster than a squirrel on asphalt in July.
  • Television - Revisit the glory days of video games. Black and white!! The two shades that started it all!!
  • Can o' Worms - We fooled you in the first one - there was no hidden can of worms. Well, we thought it was funny. Anyway, now these things are hidden throughout the game!!! Find 'em for an extra continue (good for three lives at participating locations. See store for details).


Once upon o time, there was a worm who was victorious in defeating the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt. Her lovely twin sister, Princess What's-Her-Name (our heroine) was crushed by an errant flying cow (launched by the unknowing Jim) and fell into a slime pool below where she was innocently standing. After removing said cow from atop said princess, Jim quickly re-inflated the squashed lady. Jim bared his enamored worm-hearts to the princess.
Earthworm Jim 2 DOS title
The Texan worm did not resemble the prince her mother had told her stories about in any way, shape, or form. Therefore, she refused his love. After all, who ever heard of a princess falling in love with a worm? Frog, maybe...but not a worm.
Jim quickly composed love songs, showed off his physical prowess by lifting stuff that was so heavy he had to grunt, and drove his pocket rocket as fast as he could with the stereo turned way up. Jim did everything he could to woo her. Thoroughly impressed by his really way cool Annelid w/Attitude' bumper sticker, personal grooming habits, and Tiny Elvis collection (not to mention his hefty bank account), she decided that she should be in love with him after all.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere (actually, from just behind a big rock really, really close to them),
Psy-Crow swooped down with his jet pack and kidnapped the lovely aristocrat. As the only heir to the throne, her husband would become Monarch of the Galaxy! Ruler of the Universe! Master of All! Kina of Burgers!
Eligible for deep discounts at "Czarware - Clothing for Monarchs" fashion emporiums! And Psy-Crow wants that crown for his own diminutive head.
Jim has to stop them before they reach the Lost Vegas system where they can get a quick, non-consenting wedding 24 hours a day. Jim blasts off on their trail, following them from planet to planet. Many of these worlds are the summer homes of
his worst enemies like Evil the Cat (let's face it, Heck gets just too darn hot in August, even for Evil). Jim's not going alone this time. He's enlisted his pal Snott to help him chase down Psy-Crow and nab the woman of his dreams.


Anything but Tangerines

Bob's summer home, A.B.T. is also the home to blunderbuss wielding octopi, #4's bowling alley, and umbrella-wielding geriatrics (who get a great senior citizen vacation discount). Even though the happy pigs aren't as good looking as Wilbur, as smart as Arnold Z., or as militant as Napoleon, you can still heft one up and use it to your advantage (as long as you don't mind getting a little dirty). Use the E-Z stair climber to get to the real action, but watch out for the jealous grannies who want their turn on the lift. Hmm, haven't I seen those grannies on TV somewhere....
Tip: Certain areas look totally out of reach. Look around for possible pathways to the power-ups. There is a way to reach everything on the level.

Lorenzo's Soil

Within the earthy soil of planet Burbank, Lorenzo larvae and twin evil ruler Pedro pupa have staked an archeological claim to what they think to be the lost temple of The Psy-Crow. Jim has followed Psy-Crow here and has been buried alive in the depths of the excavation site. Now the maggots of the underworld are throwing everything they can at him: babies, chairs, cups of really hot coffee, you name it. Jim must dig, dodge, and drill his way past these malevolent maggots to reach the surface soil...or eat dirt forever. You'd better hurry though, another earthquake is due to strike the planet at any time!
Tip: Always keep an eye on the timer in the corner. To keep the pesky ants from bothering you, it's best to keep them from even letting them out of their holes.

Puppy Love (with music by Peter's Pound and Mary)

Psy-Crow has taken the Princess to Peter Puppy's world and now is holding Peter's puppies hostage, all 600 of them! Cornering Psy-Crow in an abandoned spaceport control tower on the edge of Nowhere City, Jim has to stop Psy-Crow from throwing the helpless puppies out the window and thus getting rid of any evidence! Use the giant marshmallow o' love to get the puppies back to Peter. Drop a few and Peter might get angry. And you know that getting Peter angry is like having a 900 pound weasel stuffed down your shorts! Yikes!
Tip: Always go for the first puppy thrown. Follow the sequonco and you'll get them there safely. Watch carefully where the puppies land, knowing where to position yourself is half the battle.

The Villi People a/k/a Blind Sally

In order to pursue Psy-Crow and the princess through the living intestinal planet Doc D's old summer home - Jim will have to don one of his numerous disguises...Sally, the blind cave salamander. Still holding on to his plasma blaster, Jim must pass the pinball bumpers, collect power-ups in a quick memory game, and then compete in an impromptu game show! Watch out for the villi that are always on the lookout for a snack! (Don't know what a villi is? I told you to stay awake in Biology class last time didn't I? And did you? I didn't think so.) Tender morsels can be found throughout the cavern to win extra chances for bonuses. Earthworm Jim...come on down, you're the next contestant!!!!
Tip: The more mealworms that you colled, the more bonus power-ups you'll have the chance to win in tho gameshow round. Always choose the most correct answer, except in situations where all the answers arc wrong, in which case choose the least likely answer, but not ruling out answers that are just plain funny that we really liked....

Circus of the Scars

Managing Heck can be a pretty tiring job, even for Evil the Cat. That's why, in the off-season, he changes jobs with his cousin Flagitious and runs the traveling “Circus of the Scars". Wait in the turnstile line of despair, evade the pea-shooting cat carnies, eat way too much fried food before going on the Tilt-a-Whirl, and hopefully catch Psy-Crow before he gets away again! Show off your strength at the hammer and bell competition. Laugh at the horribly deformed Elephant man....wait a second! Don't do that! Recognize him as a man, and not an animal! See his inner beauty...hey! Hurry up! Psy-Crow's getting away!
Tip: Evil the Cat doesn't have his pilot's license yet and isn't too maneuverable in the air, so try avoiding whatev er spot he goes off the screen, cause that's where he comes back down.

The Flyin' King & Peter Poin

Jim, on his trusty pocket rocket, flies over the lochs and castles in search of his Princess. Psy-Crow has warned the mayor, Major Mucus, of Jim's arrival. Jim has to get through the planet's defenses and dethrone the Major so that he can continue after his beloved princess. From homing missiles, cannon balls, and flying sumo/Roman centurions, Jim has to evade them or shoot them out of the sky in order to stay alive. Guide the blimp to its destination and drop the bomb. It ain't easy bein' in love....
Tip: Use the Express Lane on the bottom of the screen to get additional bombs from the level starting area to destroy Major Mucus.

Cow Abduction

For centuries, aliens have visited planets in search of intelligent life. For years, Jinn's had an unbridled passion for cows. Now those two ideologies will meet in an epic clash. Jim, known to cows as the Brahman Brahma, can never say no to a bovine in need. Help him save cows from alien abduction. Round them up and get 'em back to the barn before the aliens steal them for their nefarious schemes. Mutant superpowered Penguins and transforming udder ships challenge Jim at every step of the way. Hurry, the longer it takes, the farther Psy-Crow and the Princess get away! If Jim fails, the cows will be used for inhumane scientific experiments like: Where exactly on a cow is the 'tenderloin'? And, "A statistical analysis of funny looking clothes that Herefords hate to wear, in order of increasing irritation" - type research papers.
Tip: Like in ABT, you can jump while holding a farm animal. But, since some of the platforms aren't stable, you'll need to hurry when standing on one.

ISO 9000

Psy-Crow has tricked Jim onto the planet of paperwork! Now, he's got to run over piles of paperwork, past sneaky file cabinets, and evade the masked lawyers and accountants who will stop at nothing to get him to properly fill out his ISO 9000 forms (to renew his class 'C' pocket-rocket pilot's license). Deeper and deeper into the archives, to where the mighty blast furnaces and printing presses await. Will the nightmare never end? Will he ever find the right form? Where can he find the exit door? Will he become permanently filed? Is he in the right office? Which one was the dumb one, Lenny or George? I can never remember....
Tip: Grab the mice to start the machinery. Then, watch out for the sneaky file cabinets. How can you get past them? The answer can be found in drawer number two.

Level Ate

What the heck is goin' on here? A planet of meat? Where days are measured by when the burger patty sets and rises? The burger flips at noon, the bacon is hot and sizzling, the steaks are rare and juicy, and the eggs (for the steak, of course) are slightly runny. Keep away from the salt shaker or Jim will end up like a piece of those deep fried onion things your parents serve at parties! Dodge the sandwich toothpicks, destroy the bendy straws, and above all, don't get Flamin' Yawn mad or you're totally forked! Remember, to make an omelet, you've got to break a few eggs. (Warning: Drooling on the control pad may result in poor game performance and possible electrocution. Like the pros, please wear a bib while playing to avoid possible injury.)
Tip: Although you can't destroy the salt shaker Ithe bone of worms, we all know), shooting at it will stop it for a second ond even make it back off a bit. This will give you the extra time that you'll need to get through the tricky ports.

Cupid's Cathedral

The largest quickie 24-hour church and deli in the Lost Vegas system, it is known by many names; Mystical shrine of Mu, The House of Holstein, the Steerstein Chapel. This Cathedral holds all the answers to Jim's questions. Can Jim finally defeat Psy-Crow once and for all? What the heck is the princess' real name? (It really is What's-Her-Name, just so ya know.) Will he be too late to stop the princess from living a life of misery and pain as Mrs. What's-Her-Name Crow?
If you've read this far in the manual, quit it, and go play the game. I mean c'mon, you didn't pay all that just to sit around and read this did you? Should you fail here, udder chaos will rule the universe. (Like you weren't expecting at least one udder joke.) Get real!
Tip: Like we're really gonna give you a tip for the final level. Yeah, right. And as long as we're wishing. I'd like a pony.


  • The longer you hold the jump button down, the higher Jim jumps. Pretty nifty, eh? What will those wacky programmers at Shiny think of next?
  • Jim's been working out recently, and can now lift just about - or 'aboot' for our Canadian friends - anything that isn't nailed down. He'll pick up things such as farm animals, furniture, even the check at the end of dinner!
  • If you grab a gun you don't want, look around for the one you do and then grab it. It'll help you out in the long run if you avoid guns you don't want.
  • Snott can stick to a number of different areas. Just keep your eyes open and look for slime covered pipes and rocks.
  • The Snott parachute works the same way as the Helicopter head used to. You can glide for hours doing this. No helicopter head this time, as that move really left Jim quite dizzy and with some severe lower back pain.
  • If you see something that you can't get to, try and remember its relative position in the level. You may pass back by it at a later point in the level when you can reach the item or access a secret passageway.
  • Although Jim has no teeth, he believes strongly in proper oral hygiene. As he always says, "If you got good gums, ain't nothin' gonna get you down." Always floss between meals.
  • Just simply hold the button down to rapidly fire a weapon. No more annoy ing "Press the Q button ridiculously fast to fire the gun", - thumb crippling actions needed.
  • Go buy the action figures in your local store to study more about Earthworm Jim and what other super-secret weapons and defenses he has.
  • Read at least one piece of classic literature a year. I personally recommend reading one a month in addition to your normal reading list. For example, Jim is a sucker for E.E. Cummings' early works and any Hemmingway he can get his hands on....
  • Loosen the lug nuts just a little on the tire you want to change before you elevate the car with the jack.
  • Humor in monual is measured by weight, not by volume. Some settling of humor may occur in shipping. For more humor, hints and tips, call: (714) 562-1720. No purchase required. And no, we're not telling you the super deluxe cheat code that is hidden in the gome, so don't even THINK of colling for it!


To fully activate the passcode for any level, you need to collect all three pass-code flags and complete the level. Then, until you turn the power machine off, the passcode will be operational. Once your in the Options menu, under the passcode heading, each level that you have collected.
If you have collected all the flags for a particular level and   soccessfully completed the level, you can resume the game from the very next level. If you miss any flags for a level, you'll have to replay the level, but this fine you'll only need to collect the items that you missed the first time. You dont even need to complete the level fo get to the skip code - the next time you get to the option screen, it'll be there waiting for you.
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