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Crime Patrol (DOS)

Crime Patrol DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Arcade, Rail shooter
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV), Live action
Published by: American Laser Games
Developed by: American Laser Games
Released: 1994

The well-known American company "American Laser Games" has enjoyed enormous popularity among fans of multimedia cop. It's thanks to her in 1993, there was a game called «Mad Dog McCree». It was a bolt from the blue. Despite the fact that the concept of the game (shooting game) more than primitive crowd "of users' clock stood, mouth agape, at the monitors at various exhibitions and presentations, where the computer is demonstrated miracle.
What, «Mad Dog McCree» surprising?
Crime Patrol DOS title
And that's what. On the screen is a real movie. And I must say, quite high quality, both technical and creative. Creators could pay for expensive sets, pyrotechnics and stunts. Are you in this movie just taking an active part, actively intervening in all the events happening on the screen (the direction of which was later called "interactive video"). But doing this is quite intrusive, holding a heavy-caliber Colt forty-fifth. Your task is simple to the ridiculous - to punish "disgusting, dirty, evil," and to protect the good and the good ones. But to do so it is sometimes difficult to hell. Besides the fact that you need to have accurate and true hand-eye, you should occasionally and stir convolutions. Take care of this "crew", making for multiple takes of the same scene with different extensions.
Here's a custom game presented «American Laser Games» to the audience. And as we have said, was a stunning success, to make it super popular overnight.
And as you know, all the good in our world has continued. However, usually, equal in quality to the original. But not in this case.
Following «Mad Dog McCree» comes second series «Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold». And then did they'd go ... Here we have - and the gangster thriller «Who Shot Johnny Rock?», Where the event takes place in Chicago 30's, and the sci-fi thriller «Space Pirates», which is set in the distant future, and finally, one of the latest hits U.S. firm - the game «Crime Patrol».
This program, introduced in the second half of 1994, has absorbed all the best of use, proven in previous works of «American Laser Games». The game has a long and fancy multi-level plot. Filming for its creation were performed on different kind, using a large number of actors and the latest developments in the field of stage tricks filming and special effects. Game but also has a high-quality digitized sound and decent resolution images on the screen.
The action of "Crime Patrol" is set in modern times in the United States, where, as well as in Russia, there is a relentless struggle against organized crime and other criminal elements. You are prepared for the role of young, inexperienced police in one of the divisions of the American police. And then - all at your fingertips. With skillful actions, good reactions and percentage of luck, you have a chance to quickly move up the career ladder.
During the game, you have to go through the following milestones in the career of a police officer U.S.
ROOKIE COP - Your first assignment is none other than the "basic training *. You, as a rookie, it is proposed to begin, to training at a shooting range. And then, in turn participate in the neutralization of the three gangs, committing illegal acts a consumer electronics store, in the parking lot and warehouse. Succeeded in this mission and proving his aptitude, you will be the first increase in the service;
UNDERCOVER COP - next career step will be to work as a secret agent in the department to dangerous criminals. Here, your opponents will not stoned teen gangs, robbing stores, and uncle in serious and expensive cars with guns in their hands. To begin, you'll need to stop the sale of large quantities of heroin, passing on the airfield with a small private airfield, and successfully complete the operation after a brief car chase. Then you have to rescue his partner, to infiltrate the ranks of traders in stolen cars and expose them, simultaneously destroying all of the bad guys. Finally, you have to make a cultural campaign to night dance club, which hangout hardened criminals. And if you're lucky to deal with them and disperse the stash, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the art of charming dancers;
SWAT TEAM - you have a long track record and the right to hold position in the special police detachment. Easy task here can not be expected, because the SWAT out for the most complex and important case. You will take part in several large-scale operations. The purpose of the first of them - to capture and neutralize the underground storage of explosives. In the second task to clear the room of a major bank, captured well-armed raiders, and release its employees and customers. The third operation - the destruction of a large laboratory for the production of synthetic drugs - crack;
DELTA TEAM - that's the top of your police career. You - soldier special forces to fight terrorism. It gathers the coolest guys, because they are responsible for the national security of the U.S., and you have a very hard time not to hit in front of them to lose face. A mission to be done serious. Although there are only three, the volume and range is very large. Here involved, and Arab terrorists, nuclear warhead, and crowned heads of one of the African countries, and the plane with the hostages, and God knows what ... But this is about all you know yourself. Unless, of course, play the game until the end.
And we do understand with the game menu and the main mode of the program.
Control of the game is just a manipulator "mouse." On the screen you can see the cursor, which is a conventional representation of a hand holding a gun. This is your target. Moving the "mouse", you move the cursor to the target and clicking the right "mouse" are making a shot. Tracks the number of rounds in the cage of your gun (as there may be ten.) If necessary, reload the gun, move the cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen and press the left "mouse."
On the game screen there is a frame with four windows that contain information. Right in the vertical view shows the number of lives available to you in stock. Every life is marked as a police badge. Remember that the game is not enough to avoid falling under the bullets of criminals. Need more and not to harm yourself and your partners, and respectable citizens who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Any your mistake will lead to loss of life, and in the game of all three.
In the bottom right of the frame keeps track of cartridges available. In the middle - the number of points (SCORE), and the left - exit the menu (MENU).
The main choices are very simple, convenient and without any frills:
NEW - start a new game;
LOAD - continuation previously recorded;
SAVE - the ability to save the current state (you can subscribe at any time by going into the menu. But there is only one current signature);
CONTINUE - continuation of the interrupted game;
DIFFICULTY LEVELS - choose the level of difficulty. There are three options:
- WIMPY - easy;
- ROUGH - average;
- TOUGH - heavy;
QUIT - exit to DOS.