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Drug Wars (DOS)

Drug Wars DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Arcade, Shooter
Art: Full Motion Video (FMV), Video backdrop
Published by: American Laser Games
Developed by: American Laser Games
Released: 1994

As expected, the company «American Laser Games, Inc.» A lot to the fans of his sensational game «Crime Patrol» and released its sequel, entitled «Drug Wars». We must, as expected, the company «American Laser Games, Inc.» A lot to the fans of his sensational game «Crime Patrol» and released its sequel, entitled «Drug Wars». It must be said, the expectations of fans online videotira realized with a vengeance.
American Laser Games has managed to pull off such a cool action movie, it is beyond the power of even many strong Hollywood film companies. The mere fact that in the filming footage for the game «Drug Wars» attended by about one hundred and fifty actors, extras and stunt men, says a lot. And so what are insane stunt scenes with lots of pyrotechnics and dozens Ditching a variety of vehicles. Yes and go in search of a nature film group for the shootings is not enough - almost the entire American continent.
All this suggests that the guys from American Laser Games money to burn. " Then the programmers of the company have worked nicely on the realization of all this ugliness in the game program for the IBM PC. They did this, as always, with their proper shine. And when the world saw a great game in every way, it became clear that large cash investment in the project, and a titanic work was not in vain. In Drug Wars wonderful almost everything: great video picture and digital sound, and of course the exciting plot.
Crime Patrol 2 title
It's worth mentioning separately.
As you know, drugs are ruining millions of souls annually, mostly young. But if drugs are one of suffering and death, then the other - fabulous profits. Billions of dollars earning traffickers. In all corners of the earth shamelessly let down her tentacles drug mafia. Particularly strong influence and power it has in Central and South America, where they were based, and countless cartels are operating, supplying its terrible potion in the United States. We are constantly uncompromising struggle on all fronts against this evil, sowing death around the world. But this war has dragged on for years. And perhaps you could only save humanity from the white plague. «Drug Wars» you through this nightmare. You have to take a clear go through four stages of a long and arduous journey in the fight against drug trafficking bosses.
In the beginning you happen to work together with the local sheriff to drive dealers who distribute drugs in a small town in southern States.
Then fate will throw you into a huge metropolis - Chicago, where he will neutralize a large underground network that trades in cocaine.
The next step will be to participate in the Border Patrol on the Mexican border, tracking down couriers mafia. Finally, after going through all these ordeals, you will be sent to the most important task in South America. Here and is hiding in a luxurious villa head cocaine cartel. And if your hand does not tremble at this crucial moment, you can make come true justice to the biggest drug lord in Latin America. We believe that you will be able to successfully cope with all challenges, despite the fact that the enemy is very cunning and ruthless. Hope its true hand-eye precision and excellent response.
Rules, interface, management «Drug Wars» and «Crime Patrol» absolutely identical. But, it will not be superfluous to reiterate the main points of the game menu.

Game options

NEW - start a new game;
LOAD - continuation previously recorded;
SAVE - the ability to save the current state (you can subscribe at any time by going into the menu. But there is only one current signature);
CONTINUE - exit the game from the menu;
DIFFICULTY LEVELS - choose the level of difficulty. There are three options:
- WIMP - easy;
- ROUGH - average;
- TOUGH - heavy;