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Batman Returns (SNES)

Batman Returns Super Nintendo
Genre: Action, Racing / Driving
Perspective: Behind view, Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Beat 'em up / Brawler
Published by: Konami (America)
Developed by: Konami Co.
Released: 1993

What to expect from Konami, except the high quality of its games. Here, and here all at the highest level. Batman imbues enemies in the asphalt, hurls into the walls, shop windows and other objects that can provide a variety of backgrounds and locations, completely repeating the contents of the eponymous film by Tim Burton. The musical accompaniment is also realized above all praise, deeply immersing in the atmosphere of the criminal city of Gottem. Enemies - a variety of evil clowns and buffoons, and run into the cuffs of a popular hero. In addition to melee techniques, Batman uses his boomerangs and harpoons, which are especially relevant when levels are changed to a simple action. Will give a ride on the Batmobile. But the main interest, of course, is caused by levels of melee content, where Batman each time checks, whose head is stronger. To see the complete ending of the game, you still have to go through it at the highest difficulty. This is not particularly difficult, since here the whole combat system is thoroughly studied, and the behavior of all enemies and see the episode with a female cat oh how nice. So experiment with the difficulties, the game is worth it, maybe the easiest to see something new for yourself.


Adjust Lives: In options, use controller 2 and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Use controller 1 to adjust.
Extra Continues: Go to the options screen and highlight ''Rest'', then on Controller 2, press Up, X, Left, Y, Down, B, Right, A, Up, X.