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Aladdin (SEGA)

Aladdin Final Cut SEGA Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Setting: Fantasy, Middle East
Published by: SEGA of America
Developed by: Virgin Games
Released: 1993

As it is now, before the developers it was profitable to release games on popular films, cartoons, because it was a win move. Copies of such games were dispensed in huge numbers and the developer was always with money, because the Fans would buy such a game, no matter how much it cost. The exception to this rule was not the game Aladdin, which was made for the popular in the 90 years cartoon Aladdin from The Walt Disney Company.
- What ensured this game such popularity?
The answer is simple - it's not a good marketing move, it's gameplay. I want to note that this is one of the few games in which we have to go through everything that the hero of this game in the cartoon has gone through, and not as it happens in most similar games in which the main characters (characters) are taken, but no similarities with the plot of the cartoon is not present.
And now we will plunge into the world of the mysterious east. There is a wonderful city called Agraba. In it, the plot of the game will develop. In this city there lives a tramp named Aladdin. His life consisted of not dying from the hunger or sword of the guard. Everything would be repeated every day, if our hero did not meet a beautiful girl named Jasmine. This meeting changed his life. After getting acquainted with Jasmine, our hero gets into prison, as objectionable to her family, from where he helps to escape a nice old man named Jafar. He promises our hero fabulous wealth, if he will help him. Aladdin agrees. They, without any difficulty, get out of the dungeon and go to a happy fate meeting. The old man gave Aladdin the task of bringing the lamp from the cave. But he should not touch other riches. Aladdin has never seen so many treasures in his life that he struggles to keep away from touching them. But his little friend Abu will not stay. But before that Aladdin found himself another friend - a flying carpet, which helped Aladdin find the lamp. It was then that Abu could not resist, and decided to pocket one of the diamonds. About what then greatly regretted. The whole cave begins to fill with lava. And death can not be avoided, if not a carpet-plane, which helps to find Aladdin and Abu a secluded corner where lava will not reach. After that, Aladdin releases from the Gina lamp, which helps our friends get out of the cave. After that, Aladdin makes his first wish for Jin - Aladdin becomes prince, and Abu turns from a small monkey into a huge elephant. They go to the palace to Aladdin's lover. Then the sultan accepts them cheerfully. But his advisor Jafar Aladdin does not like it much, and he decides to get rid of him by throwing it to the cart. But the evil Jafar did not know that Aladdin was Aladdin, and that he had a magic lamp. And then Aladdin spends his second desire to get out of this alteration. But the evil Jafar somehow manages to guess that Aladdin is the same Aladdin, and that he has a lamp with gin. The lamp falls into the cunning hands of Jafar. This is where the greatest misfortunes of the city of Agrab begin. Jafar becomes an evil powerful magician, and the only one who can stop him is Aladdin. But this is not so easy for him to do, since Jafar throws him to the end of the world. But Aladdin was lucky - he turned out to be a carpet plane. On it, he flies back to Agraba. But here everything is different. The Sultan becomes a puppet in the hands of an evil and treacherous parrot, who avenges him for feeding him crackers, which the parrot can not tolerate. Jean can not help him, because he already has another master. Aladdin flies into the palace, and with the help of his cunning liberates the city from an evil master - Jafar. The result is this: Jafar with his parrots is locked in a lamp, Jin got freedom, and Aladdin became a legitimate prince.
All this is for us to survive in this wonderful game. And now, I'd like to open some truth about Aladdin's game, and compare it with the cartoon.
In the cartoon, we first meet Aladdin on the streets of Agraba. Similarly, in the game, he first appears on the streets of Agraba in a round called "Agrabah market". Well, actually, this is the first round of the game. In it we have to go through all the same things that Aladdin had to go through in the cartoon: he will meet with the palace's guard and with many others who were present in the cartoon. All of them will also be present in the game, only can be, with slightly modified actions to make it more interesting for us to play.
The next round is a round with a desert, apparently, it was invented to make the game more authentic, since there is nothing like this in the cartoon. But here we must find parts of the golden scarab beetle that open the entrance to the cave. Although in the cartoon, these two parts (but in the game there are more than two) finds for Jafar some other tramp.
The next round will be again - Agraba Street. But there is already a resemblance to the cartoon by the fact that at the end, when the guards caught Aladdin, it was already evening and began to get dark. Almost the same thing in the game. We see that the round is no longer as light as the previous round with the streets of Agraba, and it has become more complicated than the previous ones. And although at the end of this round we have to fight with the (bosom) guard, and we will certainly win it, and we will all the same be taken to prison.
But, unfortunately, we will have to leave the prison on our own. We will not help any old man. Of course, in this round the imagination of the creators of the game was apparently not limited by anyone, and they embodied all their "dreams" here. As in many games, for some reason the creators are not indifferent to the skeletons. These skeletons are not ordinary - they explode and their bones scatter many meters, which greatly complicates the passage of the game, of course, if you do not have time to kill it in time. At the end of the round, we are waiting for the door (it's hard to call the door, it's more like a hole or a secret move like in a cartoon) with the inscription "EXIT" above it.
Next, we find ourselves in the same cave as in the cartoon. Of course, if the cave was full of treasures in the cartoon, then it is not so rich, but more dangerous. Here and there we have small piles of gold coins. And those things that held diamonds - Shiva - they are our enemies and we must destroy them. And if it's thick things that look like a Buddha holding a big red gem, then we have to break them in order to either open a secret door or something. Even in this cave there are a couple of enemies: bats and something like ghosts. I'm very curious as to where the bats might have come from if they could have flown into this cave only when it is opened. Or if they fly in some other way, then there's still some entrance to the cave. Even in this round, we first meet with a carpet plane, in principle, as in the cartoon.
And at the end of the round, we finally find a lamp with gin. In the next round, we have to run all that little way along the cartoon to the carpet of the airplane. As it is not strange, this way will be much longer than in the cartoon. Having reached the carpet of the plane, the next round begins. It will be a flight on a carpet plane, in which we have to rush at a frenzied pace, dodging the boulders that hang in the air. Fortunately, we will be helped by the hand of the genie, which will show us the way. But, unfortunately, the genie is also not an all-seeing eye, and sometimes it can not know where the stone will be. But, when we finally break away from the lava, we will find ourselves in very, very good fantasy developers.
Where they took it in the cartoon can not be explained. One can only assume that this is the moment when the genie told Aladdin about his capabilities. Another option is we are inside the gin lamp. I wonder how it turned out to be Aladdin? After all, this was not in the cartoon.
But when we pass this round, then at last all the suffering of Aladdin will be paid off, and he will fulfill his dream - will be in the palace. The difference between this round and the cartoon is not significant, except that in the cartoon we came to the palace as a prince, and not a tramp like in the game. In the cartoon we were greeted, and then they drive. But after we pass through this wonderful and beautiful palace, we will get into a terrible room - the next round to another boss.
Bos is Iago - the parrot of Jafar. He runs on the wheel, which in the cartoon produced lightning. Here it also produces lightning and ghosts. Iago can be killed throwing apples at him. After falling into it several times, it breaks and scrolls under the wheel, and then again becomes in place. Such a battle was not in the cartoon, but the room there was so present.
The next round is also a palace, but the palace is no longer under the sultan's rule, but under the reign of the most powerful magician on earth, Jafar. The palace looks exactly the same as in the cartoon at this stage. Only here in the cartoon in the palace did not have these Shiv from the round with the cave. At the end of the round, we are waiting for (boss) Jafar, who later turns into a snake - just like in a cartoon. But if in the cartoon Aladdin defeated Jafar by cunning, then we will have to sweat a bit to kill him.
At this game will end. Aladdin with Princess Jasmine will go on a flight on the carpet of an airplane. And they will live happily ever after ...
Graphics in the game is very similar to the cartoon - by itself, that it is cartoonish. In the sense that all the characters and the environment around them are completely copied from the cartoon. It is very pleasing that we have not only a chance to watch a cartoon, but also to play in it.
The music is taken from the cartoon. Agree with me that it would not be like if some unknown music sounded in the game. Sounds are also taken from the cartoon. Pay attention to the sound pronounced to Aladdinam, when you hit it. He looks like a voice from a cartoon.
Aladdin at the beginning of the game owns a sword - where does he have a sword? He is also a tramp. With the sword Aladdin will kill his enemies. They can also be killed by throwing an apple in them. What kind of a tramp will throw an apple? And who can even die from an apple blow? What kind of force should be thrown for this? But all these shortcomings do not make the game worse, but rather only improve the gameplay. We would not be interested in jumping on their heads! The game also has a lot of enemies that can interfere with Aladdin in many ways. But if the enemy kills us unexpectedly, then we will not have to start all over again. We'll start with the last checkpoint (a blue vase with a gin face), well, if you, of course, before it took it. Notice how ridiculous Aladdin comes from this vase. Do not forget to take them. Also do not forget to collect apples, with which you can kill the enemy. Diamonds for which you can then buy life or continuity from one seller who at the beginning of the cartoon and told the story of Aladdin. Gin's faces, which give a chance after the round of something to win from the listed early. And just do not spare the effort to get to the face of Abu, which will give us a bonus at the end of the round, in which it will also be possible to earn some money.

Game Genie cheats

  1. Infinite lives  RGJB-Y6Z8
  2. Invincible  ATCB-0A24
  3. Infinite continues  ATFB-0A26
  4. Infinite apples  ATBV-0A5L

Level Skip

Pause the game and enter A + B + B + A + A + B + B + A.


  • The Chamber of Secrets. At the stage of "The Cave of Wonders" at the bottom of the cliff on which the lamp is a secret passage.
  • You will find life, energy and other bonuses, if you pass to the right.
  • Additional life. In the second stage («The Desert») walk to the rope on which hangs the laundry and stand at the top of the bikini so that the head of Aladdin was right under it, and pull and a few times a hero. You will hear a beep and appears in the form of an additional bonus life.
  • General life. Start by The Desert, go to the right and stop in front of the second palm tree. Now, go back until you are rested into the left side of the screen - there you'll see the bonus.