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Batman: Return of the Joker (Game Boy)

Batman: Return of the Joker GB
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Sun Corporation of America
Developed by: Sun Electronics Corp.
Released: 1992

Batman will have to go through several large levels, divided into several parts, and fight with the Joker's henchmen, and in the end defeat the returning main villain. The levels in the game are presented in the form of closed locations with many enemies and traps. Each level and sublevel, as well as enemies and obstacles, is different from the previous ones. Most enemies are weak but numerous. Sometimes there are quite strong opponents. The levels contain a large number of traps that are deadly for the character: abysses, thorns, reservoirs with a poisonous liquid. These obstacles can be useful if you manage to lure the enemy into them. There are few useful items in the game. The boxes contain plasma weapons, the appearance of which can be changed by shooting at the boxes. There are several types of weapons: for example, homing charges, charges spreading like a fan, a huge single clot of plasma, etc. A beetle-like health icon usually remains in the place of a destroyed enemy. The Batmobile and Batwing are not represented in the game, but sometimes it becomes possible to fly on a jetpack. The graphics have also undergone changes, but generally retained the style of the series. Boss battles are also presented in a new way. The life scales of Batman and the enemy are replaced here with counters with certain values ​​of numbers.


The protagonist of a superhero game named Bruce Wayne, who fights crime in the city of Gotham. He is better known as Batman.

A few years before the events of the game, Batman fought a villain named Jack Napier (known as the Joker) and threw him from the bell tower of Gotham Cathedral. Batman thought he was done with his enemy, but he was wrong. The Joker, having fallen from a great height, still managed to survive. And now he has returned to take revenge on Batman and regain power over the city.

Batman, following his hometown, faced the new Joker bandits and learns that the Joker is alive. Batman goes to the Himalayas, where, having defeated the Joker's henchmen, he learns that the clown has already developed an insidious plan.

Batman, pursuing the villain, gets on a train arrives at the garage, where he learns of the Joker's plans and sends him through the sewers to Batwing to go to a desert island, where the Joker has established his military base. Arriving there, Batman meets the clown bandits who are trying to crush him with a tank, but our Batman copes with them and meets the Joker. Batman destroyed the villain's car, but the Joker escaped and flew to another part of the island. However, our hero does not give up and continues in pursuit, finds the Joker again, defeats him and, having blown up the island, flies home.

The question remained, whether the Joker died having exploded on the island, or he survived again and is again preparing to take revenge on Batman. Players can only guess.