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Rayman (DOS)

Rayman DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Developed by: Ubi Soft Paris Studios
Released: 1995

The game, which we are going to cover in this article, thanks to the exquisite beauty of graphic design and great sound, of course, will take one of the first places in the infinitely long line razvlekalok equally interesting for both children and their loving parents to sit in front of computers. Having conquered the Jaguar console and Sony PlayStation, the game finally reached and the PC, of course, not without the help of artists and programmers of the company «Ubi Soft». A is truly masterly made masterpiece «Rayman».
The story of the adventures of the protagonist started so ...
For one magical land where nature and the living beings have lived in love and harmony, where the great stone Proton maintained harmony reigned and the fairy godmother Betila, disaster struck. Attacked her by the king of darkness, the master of the night Mr. Shadow. This type of creepy, breaking the resistance Betily, Proton and stole his little friends Electrons gravitated around him. The kids were imprisoned in an iron cage and scattered across the land in the rugged and inaccessible areas under the supervision of the evil guards - the servants of the king of darkness. Lived in this magical land, and our main character - Rayman, wonderful magical character, similar to the Moomin troll, brave and a little shy, genial and ruthless enemies. It was he who first had the idea to save his little land that not long ago were flying bird of paradise, grew beautiful flowers, shimmering in the sun magic stones and gurgled cool rivers.
Rayman DOS title
The task is not simple and Reymana is to dispel all the inhabitants of this fabulous country and free the poor things Electron Proton magic stone back in its place. Rayman courageous path is a long, complex, but very interesting. Each of the six worlds of his native land Rayman is fraught with many dangers. All the mountains, valleys and caves orgy of vile creatures - ruthless servants of the king of darkness. On the way, Rayman will meet a lot of friends who have the strength that will help him, and no less silly, sometimes amusing inhabitants of fairyland, enchanted unfriendly Mr. Dark, disturbing and desperate hero to make his wondrous feats.
In the first of the six worlds, the Forest of Dreams, Rayman has to go through the jungle, dense thickets, not falling into the swamp. Here he meets funny hunters and researchers, as well as his first friend Trayzana. Reymanu will help Tri-vanishing dressed, and he, in turn, will give our hero a magic grain, which immediately becomes a plant, if Rayman plant a seed in the ground. You will be able to help him to do so by pressing the use of a variety of acquired skills. A giant mosquito spoil nerves Rayman in the most dense jungle of the magic forest, but the liberator of fairyland with your help, will cope with this task.
In the clouds covered the Land of Music (oh, those slippery musical instruments - drums, maracas, cymbals, and many others!), Rayman, avoiding the wrong notes, must move carefully and do not forget to release a small electronic that will be hard to do, because they are in unseen places and not once have to risk their lives, jump into the abyss to get to them. Mr. Sax will wait Reymana, blocking the way forward and presenting a real threat to our hero.
In the Blue Mountains cautious precisely targeted traffic - that's what you need Reymanu. It will constantly pursue landslides and various dirty tricks stone creatures. In these mountains, Rayman experiences a musician, who will have to help find a lost guitar. And just hunkering Mr. Stone - creation made, as you know, made of stone, too dangerous and tricky to Rayman could not paying attention, pass it by.
City Paintings - a world of images and mirages. Finding himself on the stage of a small theater, Rayman finds himself pulled into a truly fantastic action in the course of which he meets "cosmic" nanny and a sharp chef with a deadly weapon.
To get to the caves of the Scorpion, Rayman will have to go through the store alien, but first we will find the sign shop, while avoiding the nasty spiders. In this troubled world of underground Reymanu to pave the way past stalactites, fighting off pesky Marines master the night and eventually get to the lair of a huge scorpion.
And, finally, to "dessert" in the Castle of Sweets Rayman awaits a battle. The only catch - is that our hero to release all Electrons, without exception, in the five previous worlds, to be able to enter in the sixth. Here Mr. Darkness, guarded by clowns who possess incredible techniques of attack and defense, will come out of his hiding place. We advise to be very careful, because the king of darkness - it's the devil himself ...
So, if very briefly, looks storyline.
At the beginning of his adventures, Rayman can perform normal activities - walk, jump, crawl, climb the vines. However, the course of action he receives from the fairy Betily new powers, such as the ability to run fast, hang on platforms, "beating" and "grabbing" fists, magic prop (like Carlson), and many other equally useful articles and special features. Every time when there is something new Reymana in armed actions or - at the bottom of the screen displays a brief instruction manual of the thing or ability. These new powers or abilities sometimes are so important that without them, go forward and two steps. For example, "clubbing" helps Rayman fist hit enemies from a distance, and the force of the impact will be increased many times over. Thanks to "grab" Rayman fist can hold and swing on the flying rings, as well as to attract some high-priority items. Running not only allows Rayman to move quickly, but also jump further if it is to do, as can be seen speeding. A propeller - sometimes just a necessary thing to help hang in the air and even saw the hated stalactites. After receiving a new SPETSPROM, consider whether to send Rayman study already completed earlier sections and the worlds, because there may be contained something to which he had not physically been able to reach. Believe me, a lot of surprises will wait Reymana where he seemed to have avoided the whole length and breadth.
Another view of the forces received a hero in the game - the ability to pass. They operate at a certain period of time, as long as necessary for the plot. One example we have already quoted above - it is a magical and Trayzane grain turns into a plant, on which you can climb up and sneak on. Another example of such a force - superpropeller. Rayman get this thing when a musician gives him a magic bottle, which activates it. This wonderful prop will allow our hero to fly, while still maintaining complete control over her own body, to rise up and keep strictly selected destinations in the world of the Blue Mountains. A good alien will give Rayman "Flying Light." This temporary power will help illuminate the dark areas of the cave. This light follows a fist, so throw a fist Reymana to illuminate the path ahead lies. Flying Blue Elves - cute little creation - will give the opportunity Reymanu reduced in size for the smooth passage of all kinds of narrow passages. Going to such elf, Rayman will immediately become small, and to once again restore the usual size, he will have more time to come to his new friend, or other such elf. Another important force is the "Golden Fist". It greatly increases the force of the blows Reymana, but he loses the power and speed every time a brave hero hit enemies. Icon improve speed, matched Reymanu will increase, as you know, the speed of flight fist, and there are three different ways, and each of them is valid, of course, temporary.
At the beginning of each game you will be presented Reymana map of the world. Numerous medallions - none other than the sublevels of the game. Each medallion has six empty spaces, they all meet the prison cell in which the electrons are sitting and which Rayman must find. As each cell is released, and one hole is filled in a locket. The task is to open the next path accessible Rayman, and will have a new medallion with regular voids.
Once on any level, Rayman can always leave it, using his same place through which entered. However, if you're frightened, went back to his hero, he loses all things, and special skills acquired in the last unfinished by your will game segment.
Information on the screen helps you to assess the health of Reymana. In the upper left corner shows the number of remaining lives of the hero and an indicator of its forces, and in the top right - the number of magic stones. The indicator represents the forces of energy reserves Reymana. His difficult journey he begins with the three forces, but in the course of it can get and the more or completely lose during battles. Having lost power, Rayman, of course, loses life. However, during the game, and can increase their energy reserves, and if you're lucky, you'll get more than one extra point in the timeline, but two or even a full charge points. Magic stones are also of great importance. When Rayman picks up a hundred, he gets an extra life. In addition, the stones will take you even if Rayman will have to pay a wizard of ten, for the right to go on an additional bonusovom level where using the agility and speed of movement can make a lot of magic stones and an extra life. But be careful: the dying, Rayman loses all of his collected pebbles.
Now, as lives - after the last Rayman loses, the course takes credit for another four lives. If you want to use it without delay to the alarm call by pressing any key on the computer Cycled to revive Reymana before it becomes a corpse.
Finally, regarding this topic - for his valor Rayman can get an extra life, but it is already a difficult task, because it is absolutely necessary to collect all the magical stones at the level within a certain time, which, by the way, neither you nor Rayman not know and the on-screen clock, alas, no.
Here we have almost everything and told, and about where to start - still no word. It's still time-prose, that is, the main menu of the game.

Game comtrol

START - start the game.
OPTIONS - the basic settings, where:
- MUSIC ON / OFF - turn on / off background music;
- SOUND - adjust the volume of sound effects;
- SETUP KEYS - redistribution of keys;
- SETUP PAD - joystick calibration and redistribution of the control buttons on it;
- GRAPHICS DETAILS - setting graphics options for the game;
-EXIT - exit to the main menu.
CREDITS - Information about the authors.
EXIT - exit from the game.

Selecting START, you will be taken to the screen CHOOSE A GAME, which will see three lines to identify a player and three options at the bottom of the screen:
COPY - to change the name of the player;
ERASE - to destroy;
START - start the game.
By entering into the program memory your name, then you are using the signature, hit the map with Reymana traversed by earlier levels. On the very same card, there are places to save the current state of the game - it's medallions with large cylinders middle. For each level there is a medallion entry. And if, say, you were playing at the Blue Mountains, back to the Forest of Dreams, and it released another single cell of Electrons - do not forget, coming on a map, go to the medallion with the cylinder to the level of the Forest of Dreams and sign it by pressing ENTER.
Now, as regards the control.
Function keys keyboard distributed as follows:
LEFT - move left;
RIGHT - move right;
UP - look up;
DOWN - to sit down;
ALT - jump up;
ALT LEFT - jump to the left;
ALT RIGHT - jump to the right;
ALT DOWN - crawl;
SPACE - fire;
CTRL - the use of various acquired skills. Joystick:
A - shooting;
B - jump;
On - the use of various acquired skills.
The demon of doubt, you will not regret the fact that many evenings, and maybe spend the nights at the computer. Delightful «Rayman» enchant you great graphics, decent violent and prolonged applause, and indescribably fabulous music, at the same time filled with magic, joy and anxiety ...