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Quake II (DOS)

Quake II DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Activision
Developed by: id Software
Released: 1997

Quake 2 DOS control keys
The game is divided into 36 levels, required for the passing game, and 3 secret. At each level scattered different bonuses - weapons, health packs and ammo. As you move the main character gets more and more powerful weapons and armor; in turn, the Strogg are getting stronger and more numerous, there are new kinds of enemies with special abilities - such as doctors, to resurrect the dead. Almost at all levels have secret places where useful items hidden. In addition to regular bonuses, the game has a limited number of items that give the player an advantage, for example transferred from the first part of «Quad Damage», half a minute increases the damage done by 4 times.


The game is sustained in the sci-fi style. Player - soldier Bitterman surname, involved in Operation "Overlord". In a desperate attempt to protect Earth from alien invasion, humans begin a counterattack on the enemy's home planet of the cybernetic Strogg civilization - Stroggos. The main goal of surgery is to close the portal, on which the Strogg trafficked their troops on the ground. During an unsuccessful landing most of the soldiers had been captured or killed. The landing capsule of the main character from the start of flight goes off course due to a collision with another capsule - as a result he is away from the intended landing area, a small marginal Strogg base. Left alone, the paratrooper makes its way to the nearest communication node. Having established contact with the staff, he began to perform their orders: destroy the air defense system, destroys the plant to produce new soldiers Strogg of prisoners earthlings power reactor and other important objects for the Strogg. At the end of the game the player is ordered to disable the communication system of their leader - Makron, and then kills it on the orbital platform above the planet. In the final video shows how a rescue capsule with paratroopers on board leaves the exploding platform and "rigidly" sits on the planet. Marine survives at landing and is selected from the boat. The further fate of the main character in the game is not illuminated. Most likely, the Strogg found Bitterman and stroggifitsirovav it, they replaced the departed leader. In the introductory video Quake 4 Lieutenant instructing soldiers before landing on Stroggos, he mentions the main character of the game, saying that he had disabled the orbital defense system and gave earthlings opportunity to spend a second landing on the planet.
Quake 2 DOS title screen

October 18, 2005 published the fourth part of the game. It was she, not Quake III: Arena is a continuation of Quake II.

Oddly enough, but the Quake II is a sequel to Quake games in name only. Despite the similarities in weapons and items, enemies and story line has nothing to do. Initially, id did not plan to give the name of the game, connecting it with Quake, but due to the fact that many of the names that they had in mind was somewhere were used, they had to stay on the old name. In addition, there was also a moment of self-serving, since Quake has turned into untwisted, well-sold brand.


  • Blaster - plasma gun is the first weapon that gets their hands on a player. Shoots small plasma clots that cause damage in 10 health units (15 in a multiplayer game). Rate - 2 shots per second. It has unlimited ammo.
  • Shotgun - second weapon after blaster. Submunitions - canister, 12 on the cartridge. Inflicts 48 points of damage. Rate - 1 shot per second. It has a fairly high accuracy, with the result that it can be effectively used at distances above the average. Ammunition - packaging with buckshot, 10 rounds each.
  • Super Shotgun - the third weapon in the game. Unlike shotgun, it has a high capacity to inflict 120 points of damage per shot, but due to the large spread of buckshot double-barreled shotgun is advisable to apply only in close combat. Rate - 1 shot per second. For one-shot uses 2 cartridges. Ammunition common with a shotgun.
  • Machine Gun - the fourth weapon. Landing submachine gun. The damage from a bullet - 8 Health. Rate - 10 shots per second. Full magazine holds 200 bullets. When fired, it gives tangible benefits, in bringing sight greatly astray. In multiplayer mode, the game is no return. Ammunition - the packaging of ammunition, 50 pieces each.
  • Chain Gun - the fifth weapon. Manual six-barreled gun. The damage from a bullet - 8 health units (6 in a multiplayer game). Rate at the start of the promotion barrels - 20 bullets per second at full acceleration - 40. Full ammunition - 200 bullets. Ideal for cleaning the premises of the weak, but numerous monsters. Ammunition common with a gun.
  • Pomegranate - the sixth in a row weapons. Manual fragmentation grenade offensive timer detonation for 3 seconds. The fuse is activated by turning the two hemispheres of the shell toward each other. Rate - 1 pomegranate 2 seconds. It takes 125 health units with a direct hit. It has the ability to rebound from obstacles, causing risk of inexperienced players injured by his own grenade.
  • Grenade - shoot grenades to undermining the timer to 2 seconds. Shells fly a parabola, so you can use a grenade launcher to get the enemy behind cover or during the retreat. One grenade takes 120 health units with a direct hit. Rate - 1 grenade per second. Ammunition - grenades.
  • Rocket launcher - Seventh weapon in the game. Shoots fragmentation - high explosive missiles with a large radius of the explosion. Allows you to rocket jump, in which a player throws up high. Is subtracted from 100 to 120 health units with a direct hit. Rate - 5 rockets for 4 seconds. Ammunition - pack with rocket warheads, 5 pieces each.
  • Hyperblaster - the eighth weapons. It shoots plasma jet. A plasmoid takes 20 health units (15 in a multiplayer game). Rate - 10 charges in the second, but we must remember that giperblasteru need time to unwind and stop trunks (like machine gun). Ammunition - Power Cell.
  • Railgun - ninth weapons analogue of a sniper rifle. Submunitions - superheavy shells of depleted uranium, accelerate to exorbitant rates of a constant magnetic field. Released projectile pierces any armor of any thickness, stuck only in the rock. It takes 150 health units (100 in a multiplayer game). Rate - 1 shot in 1.5 seconds. Able to instantly get the enemy at any distance and sew one shell several targets.
  • BFG10000 - tenth and the most powerful weapon in the game, improved version BFG9000 of Doom. Shoot green energy balls, consuming 400 health units with a direct hit. In flight, the balloons emit rays striking each apparent purpose. For one shot consumes 50 energy-cells ammunition. It uses common with giperblasterom ammunition.



  • Light Guard - the weakest of the Strogg, armed with a blaster, which is considerably inferior to the standard blaster paratrooper. Died can make two chaotic shot. Threat Level - very low.
  • Shotgun Guard - armed with a simple gun, which is significantly weaker than in the same paratroopers. However, the damage done by weak gun compensated accurately. Health slightly larger than that of the soldiers with blasters, but slightly less than the gunmen. After the death of the two can make shot chaotic. Threat Level - Low.
  • Machinegun Guard - Strogg ordinary soldier, armed with a weak but high-precision machine. Submachine - one of the most well-aimed Strogg are able to get even in the target moving at high speed. The machine does little damage, but in groups of two or three of these soldiers may have seriously hurt paratrooper. submachine Death can result in chaotic shooting. Threat Level - Low.
  • Enforcer - athlete-Strogg with six-barreled machine gun, which is in close combat used as cudgels. Before his death, lead chaotic shooting. Health in his two and a half times greater than that of a soldier with a shotgun. Threat Level - below average.
  • Parasite - chetverolapy cyborg with a human head, like a dog. The attacking player by firing in his organic tube, sucking up health as long as not to be killed, or until the player is hidden from view. Parasites often hide in dark places and hidden, waiting for the commando attack and immediately when it finds. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Barracuda Shark - small waterfowl like creature shark, one of the few representatives of fauna Stroggosa. Weapons do not have attack the teeth. Threat Level - Low.
  • Gunner - a fighter-Strogg with a grenade in his left hand and a machine gun on the right. Grenade has a very small radius of destruction, grenades and about two times weaker than those that use the paratroopers. However, this grenade Stroggos has a high rate of fire, and it becomes very dangerous in the narrow corridors and small rooms, where the use of his primary weapon is most effective. Direct hit the entire queue of four grenades takes about 200 health units. It should also be noted that if the thrower saw the goal, opened fire with a grenade launcher and the target after the first fired grenades withdrew from sight, then granatomёtchik not stop shooting, than, of course, often causes damage and yourself, and everyone around us. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Flyer - levitating cyborg small size with pointed wings and two weak giperblasterami, incorporated in the legs. Often used as a means of distraction to allow other Strogg launch an attack first. Near the point of attack wings. Usually numerous. Threat Level - below average.
  • Berserker - Strogg with a hammer and a cutter for shredding flesh. Runs fast. His attack can drop paratroopers far back, which is not desirable when the fight takes place on a narrow bridge without railings, and the bottom is lava or acid. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Technician - flying in the brain, "aquarium" with a strange red liquid. Operates a variety of equipment, repairs and eliminates breakage, flies territory of factories, laboratories and computer centers in search of malfunctions. Armed rapid-fire blaster to protect near uses hook and clamp with electric fires a cable that allows you to hit the shock at a distance, if the target time to move away from engineering. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Medic - Medic, resurrects killed Strogg, under one condition: Stroggos corpse must be intact. To attack from a distance using a rather weak giperblaster. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Icarus - equipped with a jetpack and two giperblasterami shoulders to attack at any distance. Sturdy armor and high accuracy of hits from guns make flyers and the main shock the largest air force Strogg army. Threat Level - above average.
  • Mutant - powerful and strong mutated animals have natural camouflage, allowing them to blend in with the rocks and muddy dirty water. Weapons are not. Attack, making the jump to the victim. Can jump far and quickly moved. Threat Level - above average.
  • Iron Maiden - one of the few representatives of the female sex; Strogg guard with built-in left hand rocket launcher. For melee using claws of his right hand. At the Iron Lady is rarely turns to get into something moving fast, especially if the object is at a great distance. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Brains - it's slow Strogg cyborg, protected in front by a force field, absorbing part of the damage done by his paratrooper weapons (except BFG10K). As a weapon uses its long tentacles, hidden away in his chest when a Marine came too close. Threat Level - Intermediate.
  • Gladiator - high and powerful Strogg with a rail gun as the right hand and left hook in to apply strong blows in close combat. It has high accuracy, and the shot of the main gun is capable of instantly overcome considerable distances, which makes of gladiators ideal sniper killer. Hit of the railgun takes only 50 health units, but the range and accuracy of fire compensate for the relatively weak power of weapons. Threat level - high.
  • Tank - a powerful Strogg with good armor and a versatile weapon. Used to protect the most important sites, for their guns have a high casualty radius. Mounted on the shoulder rocket launcher launches triple at a time from one to a dozen missiles with high rate, sometimes even ahead of the curve moving target. The most powerful assault gun tanks used to attack the territory in front of him, while the amplified blaster is used to more accurately hit the target. Threat level - high.
  • Tank Commander - Tanks improved model with increased health and with the same weapons. Threat level - high.


  • Supertank - heavy tracked vehicles used as heavy artillery. It moves at an average speed and has good maneuverability for its impressive size. It has a good margin of safety, and powerful weapons: almost the same triple-rocket launcher that and Tankov and precision assault gun. Threat level - high.
  • Hornet - a large flying Strogg with two powerful anti-armor assault machine guns. As another weapon Hornet uses chetyrёhstvolny rocket launcher, releasing just four missiles, often ahead of the curve objective or area. Threat Level - very high.
  • Jorg - motorized exoskeleton Makron with two powerful machine guns instead of hands. As an added weapon Macron can lift the left arm of Jörg and release charge from the BFG10K. With the destruction of the exoskeleton Macron gets out completely unscathed and has personally participated in the battle. Threat Level - very high.
  • Makron - one of the leaders of the Strogg with a rail gun instead of a head. It does not subordinated Nexus, but uses it to control your army. Free to dispose of his army on the planet Stroggos where the first and the main landing force was sent to the army people. In addition to the railgun, armed with a powerful and weak giperblasterom BFG10K, which, however, gives a standard, which is used by paratroopers. It was reported that Macron died at the hands of Bittermana in the first campaign against the Strogg beyond Earth, but then somehow was found on Stroggose and then resurrected on another planet. Threat Level - extreme.


  • All found items during the game are added to the player's backpack, where already then you can use them by enabling with a special key. This rule does not apply to power armor, first aid kits, and ammunition for the weapon the player.
  • The Silencer - The silencer allows you to produce 60 silent shots from a machine gun, 15 - from BFG10K, from the rest - at 30. Not in multiplayer.
  • Backpack - amphibious backpack with ammunition, can increase the maximum number of cartridges for weapons, which at the time of his capture was in the hands of the player, and adds a little bit of each type of ammunition. Not shown in the inventory, the second and should be taken only adds ammunition.
  • Enviromental Suit - protective clothing, to protect the player from the effects of aggressive environment for 30 seconds, such as acids and nuclear waste, allowing impunity is in them, without prejudice to his health. This palette of the game is painted in shades of green. It does not protect from the lava.
  • Rebreather - vodoplavatelnaya mask, allows no harm to the health of 30 seconds under water.
  • Quad Damage - an artifact in the form of game characters, allowing 30 seconds to fire with any weapon except BFG10K, with quadruple capacity. The player who takes the Quad Damage, surrounded by a thin glowing bluish field, which, unlike the first Quake, not in multiplayer shines through the thin walls. Also, unlike the first Quake, was added in the second reverse counting of time, that is always possible to see how much time is left before the end of the artifact, which makes its use more convenient. It should also be noted that the damage inflicted by the player himself from his same weapons, like rocket launcher or grenade launcher, also quadrupled, making them even more dangerous in confined spaces or when fighting at close range, forcing the player to be more careful in dealing with them.
  • Invulnerability - invulnerability artefact in the form of a floating skull with wings, an analogue of the pentagram from the first Quake, makes the player completely invulnerable to all types of damage for 30 seconds. Just as the Quad Damage, equipped with a countdown timer. This artifact is very valuable, for the reason that it can dramatically change the course of the battle in favor of the player, use it, so it is recommended not to use Invulnerability waste and stored for skirmishes with dangerous enemies.
  • Power Armor Shield - force shield, further reinforcing armor similar Brains have a monster. It is automatically activated as soon as it podberёsh. Included, it is two-thirds of frontal attacks and weakens a third - blows from behind. To work it needs the energy of the cell, which he uses in quantities proportional to the power of the attack. Taken once, it will be with the player until his death. If you run out of energy - it is switched off, but will not disappear. To use it again, you need to enable it through the inventory.
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