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Crusader: No Remorse (DOS)

Crusader: No Remorse DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Gameplay: Shooter
Visual: Isometric
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: ORIGIN Systems
Developed by: ORIGIN Systems
Released: 1995
Crusader: No Remorse DOS control keys
In autumn 1995 , the company «Origin» released the game , a few uncharacteristic main creative conception of the firm as a whole. It is a magnificent 3D , amazingly drawn - adventure thriller «Crusader: No Remorse».
The style of play resembles many programs, but in fact it is not to everyone else's . This mixture of several genres, arcade where the element is closely related to the need for accurate use of certain objects in the only required for this moment where the action genre is inextricably there with a huge variety of tactics , without skillful use of which can not win a single mission , where meticulous search and examination the smallest corners of endless mazes as important as finger dexterity with rapid manipulation of the hero.
What is «Origin» has remained true to itself, so it is in the ability to create your own in the game , absolutely nothing on earth like a world full of diverse characters, active objects , puzzles and traps. All of this in «Crusader» more than enough.
Staying in general within the game - thriller , the authors abandoned the now fashionable kind of " first-person hero " and returned to nezasluzheno forgotten foreshortening "top side ". At the same time they managed to create a magnificent three-dimensional maze in the schedule of high resolution , with a striking abundance of details , both the graphics ( in the sense of drawing objects ) and functional ( for each game screen there are lots of things that can be used either taking with him , either directly in place).
Crusader: No Remorse DOS title screen
Everything is made exclusively stylish, without any flaws were . That you did not work initially wrong with the game , «Crusader» - this is not an arcade " shooter ". Fairly move Bashers you have much more than pull the trigger . In this game, everything is based on finding and using items to a greater extent than the banal shooting. Even the content of most missions do not require total mayhem and destruction of the enemy and all his movable and immovable property , and often the opposite - quiet (if possible) the penetration of the protected area and the seizure of a computer of a file or release the prisoner.
So be sure , «Crusader: No Remorse» - a good long time . In our opinion, this game has all the chances in the near future become a blockbuster .
Very briefly the background to the events and the place that you have to take them in the future.
Home XXIII century. By that time, there have been some serious disasters , resulting in the world began to rule the WORLD ECONOMIC CONSORTIUM.
This ruthless organization operates extremely cruel people , turning work in difficult and hopeless service . The slightest dissent is suppressed , the perpetrators severely punished , etc., etc. In general, this is all you should be familiar .
But is not the point . Some people even like this situation , someone put up , someone held his hatred of the WEC, but found a handful of people who were able to rally the forces of the Resistance. And there was a secretive guerrilla war . The rebels have secret base, an extensive network of agents of support among the civilian population , to help them with food, and connection to the black market , which is purchased various weapons . Another advantage is the ability of agents to infiltrate the network of teleports Zion WEC and penetrate into the most remote corners of the industrial world of the Consortium. The purpose of these attacks is simple - sabotage and other acts of retaliation , but we should start with something . The resistance is becoming a real force , finds true leaders capable to plan operations and be responsible for the lives of their subordinates. Their names are well known , and they long ago declared " all-union " wanted list. WEC is extremely concerned about the presence of resistance in the face of a real threat to their well-being , stability and growth of production ( in particular). Cartel Security Service WEC, responsible for the safety of the property of the state , carefully protected all enterprises and facilities of the Consortium of terrorist attacks . And still it was not so bad - too unequal forces on both sides ...
But the day came when the situation changed. The rebels moved one of the elite fighters WEC, belonging to the strongest category of soldiers - saylsnssram . These soldiers , these killing machines , superbly trained and tenacious are the pride and joy of the armed forces of the Consortium.
Since no one except the " defector ", unable to cope with many of the most dangerous missions, all such missions Stephon Colonel Ely, commander of the Resistance, is now trusts his new and most powerful fighter - Silencer (henceforth we'll keep dignify the main character ) .
And that , in turn , rely on no one , except you, because that's what you'll have to manage it all through this long and difficult game.
Now everything in detail and in order.

Main menu

After watching the intro class , you get access to the main menu .
NEW GAME - new game from the first mission. In this case, you start from the beginning and before we proceed directly to the plot , choose the level of difficulty, which are going to play :
The more complex level , the lower its place in the list provided . At high levels of enemies become much steeper and shoot as well, and generally respond to your actions , much faster ... This significantly increases the number of different traps and puzzles that you have to deal with in various missions. The first two levels of ammunition for the gun BA -40 ( your main primary weapon) nsogranicheny , and the weakest level MAMA'S BOY is a weapon, in addition , it is impossible to lose.
During the game you can always call up the help by pressing the ? or F1. To get out of the game ( except for the main menu) - the combination of ALT + X.
The main menu appears on the screen each time you start the game . To work with the options use the mouse or the cursor keys .
LOAD GAME - takes you to display a previously saved game.
- F8 boot menu is recorded fragments directly from the game.
SAVE GAME - to record the current position of the disk . You can make up to 11 different entries. In this new file, you must assign a name to further navigate among the stored options .
- F9 - exit the menu entries directly from the game.
- F5 - QUICK SAVE challenge mode in action. You can save your current game without going into the recording menu. There is only one slot for the QUICK SAVE, so when the next record in this mode, the previous state of the postponed game is lost.
- F4 - exit mode QUICK LOAD on the course of the story directly from the game screen. In this case, you download using F5 - QUICK SAVE.
OPTIONS - will take you to different screen settings and parameters of the program.
- F2 - access to this mode as the game progresses .
- ANIMATIONS ON / OFF - on / off animation of various gaming sites. When enabled , for example , the lights do not flicker , the fans do not rotate , etc.
This is done in order to speed up the program for not super- computers by reducing the visual realism . In this case, the effect of the actions of the object remains the same regardless of whether on or off the animation . Thus , the fans push silencers , even if the screen and animated ( not rotating ) .
- FRAME SKIP ON / OFF - change the update rate of the screen. If this mode is enabled by the movement of heroes in the game space will be more realistic.
- VIDEO LARGE / SMALL - you can choose either the full version of the video with a slow speed of the " tape ", or reduced video mode at a higher rate .
- LIMIT BLASTS ON / OFF - limiting the power of explosions and the size of the animation . This can significantly speed up the program , again due to the decrease of realism. However, in any case, regardless of the settings made , the explosions will cause the same damage to the silencers , if it is in range of their actions.
- DIGITAL FILTERING ON / OFF - To speed up the program by a deterioration in the quality of sound. If you set ON, the game is a bit slower , but the sound will be much better.
- SOUND VOLUME - Control the volume of sound effects and speech.
- VUSIC VOLUME - Control the volume of background music. In addition to the adjustments using the mouse or cursor LEFT / RIGHT ( as well as in the SOUND VOLUME), the volume of the music can be changed during the game + and - keys ( on the main keyboard ) .
- MOUSE RESPONSE - change the mouse sensitivity when it is used as a device to control the movement of the character.
The high sensitivity allows silencers quickly unfold. However, the slower the device , the more precise turns of walking and , most importantly, better aim when shooting. Optimally choose something in between.
- QUIT - return to the main menu.
CREDITS - Information about the creative team that created the «Crusader».
QUIT - exit to DOS.
Exit from the main menu and return to the game it is possible, using the ESC.

Inventory and status information

At the bottom of the screen in the game appear from left to right 5 indicators that provide instant information on the status of your character .
DISPLAY OF THIS WEAPON - shows which of the existing weapons currently selected and ready for battle.
Keys or W * Keypad switched on all the weapons systems that Silencer brings ; Q « Leafs ' arms in the opposite direction.
At the same time your character can not carry more than 5 different stems ( the lowest level of complexity is always present among other VA -40) .
In order to throw the weapon became unnecessary , use CTRL + D. In this case, it will remain in the place where you get rid of it . If the weapon is thrown on the rebel base , then you will find it in your container with the equipment before you go to the next task .
VA -40 pistol at the first two levels of difficulty is always in INVENTORY.
Munitions - this scale shows the amount of ammo you have to the weapon that is currently selected ( close range ) and is ready for use. The number on the left - the number of cartridges in the store , right - how many stores you rassovano pockets. When Silencer uses energy weapons , this scale there is no screen . Also it is not, the character applies when your VA -40 of the two lower levels , as in this case is not particularly limited ammunition , and hence needs no additional control . When the cartridges run out in the current store , your weapon automatically reloads the new shop of INVENTORY.
Used items - display, showing the presence in your INVENTORY different items. In this case, the one that appears on the scale is ready to use . The figure next to the image - the number of objects of this type in your vaults .
To sort things can using the 0 key or Keypad. Key I - « flipping » items in reverse order.
U or DEL keys on the Keypad - the use of the selected object or equipment (more on this below ) .
SCALE OF HEALTH (blue bar with the picture next to the heart ) - This display shows how serious the injuries to the silencers , and how close he was to death. Regardless of the size and degree of damage your character will function effectively until his death. The longer the blue bar, the healthier you driven character .
SCALE OF HEALTH ( red bars on the right) - shows the number of remaining available silencers energy. When it reaches zero , shields and all types of energy weapons are no longer functional . When the level drops significantly , it is necessary to find new energy battery or charging energy points . The longer the red bar , the more power stock silencers.


Targeting the opponent - if the weapon is ready for battle (selected from the INVENTORY and charged ) , near the sight of a red , which helps to target exactly the desired object .
When within a direct shot appears enemy or object that can be destroyed by a potential victim appears orange circle and a large crosshairs . This means that the aim is available for hitting and you will not miss by opening fire .
SHOOTING - a shot of weapons ready to fight or reload by pressing SPACE or O (INS) on the Keypad. The same applies to the preparation for the shooting is not yet the finished barrel. When the current clip ends , but there are additional , SPACE or 0 to automatically reload your weapon.
Alignment screen silencers - Z.

Basic movements

All directions are relative to the silencers .
UP - go ahead .
DOWN - retreat, prepare to fire a weapon.
LEFT - turn to the left .
RIGHT - turn to the right .
CTRL + UP - jump forward.
CTRL + LEFT - fall down and roll over to the left , ready to fire.
CTRL + RIGHT - the same thing, but fall down and roll over to the right.
CTRL + DOWN - to step back and get ready for battle , leaning on one knee.
ALT + UP - move forward cautiously , one step , and dress the weapon to fire.
ALT + DOWN - the same, but to go back .
ALT + LEFT - move attachable step to the left, carefully taking aim at the enemy.
ALT + RIGHT - the same, but shifted to the right .
The speed of movement is controlled by mouse silencers CAPS LOCK. When it is not enabled, your character is moving at a normal pace and before the shot pulls gun on your team. If CAPS LOCK works, all traffic silencers twice as fast , it does not go ahead and run, and then pulls out a gun on their own, ie automatically, without any order was on your side . Particularly it should be noted that in this mode, turns also run twice as fast .
Pressing SHIFT with the corresponding buttons movement, you switch ( temporarily) the speed of the silencers to the opposite . If CAPS LOCK is turned off , SHIFT accelerates the action hero , if included - slow down as long as holding down SHIFT.

Superior movement mode

The game contains a lot of options of the different movements and different tools to successfully maneuver.
Those manipulations , which we have already told you , you will be required and sufficient in the beginning of the game. However, there are other modes , more comfortable , especially in an environment where you studied area is packed full of enemies attacking you from all sides.
HOME - a short step forward with arms ready for battle .
PAGE UP - roll over your right shoulder , and prepare for battle , standing on one knee .
INSERT - the same, but the left.
PAGE DOWN - ladders, steps to the right , ready to fire.
DELETE - the same, but the left.
END - to step back , ready to open fire.
5 on the Keypad - always translate silencers from a standing position into a squat , and vice versa (regardless of whether the NUM LOCK key or not).
From there, the keyboard Keypad. If the NUM LOCK is turned off, the keys on the Keypad move the hero in the true direction , in accordance with their numbers :
7 - in the upper left corner of the screen ;
8 - straight up ;
9 - in the upper right corner of the screen ;
4 - strictly left;
5 - to sit down on one knee , having prepared the weapon to battle;
6 - strictly to the right;
1 - in the lower left corner of the screen;
2 - straight down ;
3 - in the lower right corner of the screen;
/ - To go to the previously selected direction is not ready for combat arms ;
* - To switch between weapons of INVENTORY;
----- switching between objects of INVENTORY;
0 (INS) - shot ;
DEL - use the selected weapon ;
+ - Search for items that can be pick up with each other;
ENTER - the manipulation of found objects .
If the NUM LOCK is on , the keypad Keypad remain unchanged commands that are not responsible for the character's movement .
Digital same button causes the following:
7 - addl step to the left with guns at the ready ;
8 - to go forward in a given direction ;
9 - addl step to the right with a weapon at the ready ;
4 - turn counter-clockwise ;
6 - turn clockwise ;
1 - roll over to the left and get on the knee with weapons ready to fire.
TAB or CTRL + 8 (c included NUM LOCK) - silencers jump in a direction in which it is in reality .
Other keys Keypad for both modes NUM LOCK work the same way.

Mouse control

You can move and shoot , and controlling the mouse. Pressing the right keys you move in the direction of the hero .
Move the mouse to the left silencers deploys anti-clockwise to the right - clockwise . If the holding down CTRL, fighter will be rolled to the specified direction. If you press ALT, - Silencer will attachable step , moving to wherever you send it. The left mouse button - remove weapons ( standing still ) and fire pre- aim.
If you find any useful item using the S key and move the mouse cursor under it, the left button , you can manipulate the object as well as pressing
ENTER on the keyboard.


When a particular item is selected , the display INVENTORY to use, remember that the power it can press U , or DEL ( on the Keypad).
On weapons in «Crusader» and personal equipment of the protagonist we describe in detail below, and now focus only on the three most important ones.
DATA-LINK - This device consists of a handheld television which is programmed all the data on your current mission and the EU basic purposes. When this item is used , the screen displays detailed information about what you have to do in this job.
MEDIKIT - first aid kit, one of the most essential items that must be used often quick to catch restore vitality and silencers . You can do this at any time , even in the midst of battle , by pressing M, regardless of what the subject at this point is selected INVENTORY.
BOMBS - bombs will also be your faithful helpers in the game, as something which, as explosions have to arrange in «Crusader» lot. In order to get it right , you will need to first install the charge , using U or DEL where necessary. And only after that, relegating soldier to a safe distance , to undermine the explosives by pressing B.

Find, use and selection of subjects

Detect objects in your current location , you can use the keys + or S ( for Keypad).
To find or use an item , Silencer has to stand in front of him . Pressing S, you will receive on screen a subject you need a special cursor search. Subsequent presses will show other items that can be viewed on this segment of the game . Often, S to use on the same site several times to make sure you are not missing anything . If no nearby objects that could be used , you will hear a beep.
ENTER - manipulation of the object of the search . When the cursor is on a search facility , with ENTER you can use it - to switch the circuit breakers, open locks , push buttons and perform a host of other manipulation of objects. If the object can not be used immediately , ENTER moves things found in INVENTORY. E - ENERGY CUBE immediate use to recharge your energy system ( regardless of whether it is selected from the INVENTORY or not).

Selection of subjects

If you open the box, safe or searched the corpse of an enemy you killed, the list of items that you can take with them, appears in the upper left corner of the screen. All that is on this list will automatically be added to your INVENTORY.
By pressing G can collect items scattered slightly off from each other (for example, a few first aid kits on the table). With this command, you will automatically pick up all the things that are located within a radius of collection, and carry them in your INVENTORY.


This is not about your computer keyboard . In this case - it is desired to play , which is to be found , to enter a secret code . When you find it , you will see an image KEYPAD'a. Enter the code by pressing the number buttons desired keyboard or clicking the mouse over the keys of the device. And they themselves access codes can be obtained , for example, terminals, including the screen when viewing and reading the information .
The button on the KEYPAD'e, to the left of zero , deletes the last digit you entered . Button to the right enters the code into the device, bringing it into effect (if chosen the right combination , of course) . When you type data from the keyboard , use , respectively , BACKSPACE and ENTER.
If you want to exit dialing without entering it, press ESC. With KEYPAD'aMH beware - the introduction of an incorrect code the enemy can attack you immediately .
In some cases , when you inspect the terminals and tracking stations will show the picture monitors. This may be some text message , for example, access code into a closed area or video data . To leave such a screen , press ENTER.
Sometimes , pressing S, and ENTER on the data terminal or a monitoring station , you will be able to take control of servomehov - special combat robot guards, guns or other items that , either way, you can move in space.
In this case, you will see a screen object activation ( servomeha , guns , etc.) , and then be able to control this machine . They are all controlled and maneuvered in the same way as the Silencer (but opportunities to move them smaller ) . Your character is left standing at the terminal , and the whole motion control passes to the new managed object. However, inspect hazardous areas and pick up objects servomehi can not . But they are able to effectively destroy many enemies. Control of the car is stopped and you continue to manage the re- Sai- Lenser after pressing ESC.
If during your manipulations servomehom destroy his opponent , the control does not automatically move to the silencers . You still have to press ESC.
In those cases where you want to popolzovatsya servomehom again ( if it was not before it destroyed the enemy ) , again go to the appropriate terminal and connect to the car again. So whenever these actions are needed.

Other characters

Most of the other playable characters are your immediate enemies, trying by all means at their arsenal of ways to destroy silencers before he will do it with them. However, sometimes there are people with whom should first talk a little bit , and then opened fire. In some cases , performing a combat mission , and silencers will be required to contact the agent or the Resistance to liberate the prisoner. There are other options needed to communicate with the people on whom the plot of the game should not attack . Usually, when such contact happens ( if it found the Silencer or he has been found for this associates ), the object sends a message to your hero in the form of a special clip. This video is automatically played back in the center of the screen. S and , then , ENTER used to talk with other characters in the rebel base . By the way , most of the dialogue between the characters is precisely there - either in a management office , or at the bar. To speak with someone from the rebels , move the silencers to it, and press S , then , ENTER, when the cursor appears on a character search. The hero of the video clip will give you a message that is currently necessary to the plot . With your leadership ( in the appropriate office ) need to communicate after the completion of each mission.
We note in particular : on the rebel base , you can not use a weapon and temporarily lose all of their fighting skills.

Trade with Wiesel

One of the special characters on the rebel base - someone by the name of Wiesel . It's your pal and " Moonlighting" - an arms dealer on the black market . When you approach it , he briefly greeted you, usually immediately goes to work . The screen , which allows using the mouse to switch between the various proposals Wiesel and buy what you want ( unless, of course , for this you have the money - loans that have been found during the execution of the previous missions ) .
To edit the list you'll need a mouse and a keyboard key , where:
LEFT / RIGHT - « flipping » list of weapons and items back and forth ;
SPACE (ENTER) - purchase of selected items , carry it in your INVENTORY and withdrawal of a certain number of credits from your wallet. You can buy only what you have enough money. Otherwise, the transaction did not take place ;
TAB - switch between lists Wiesel weapon with ammunition and items ;
ESC - return to the conversation. If you choose a subject that you want to buy, Wiesel asks , is it really that's what you want. You have to answer "Yes " or "No" , one way or another to decide his choice:
- Y - purchase of the subject ;
- N - end of conversation.
If you bought something , Wiesel offer see - that - be no more . You will then need to answer YES or N0.
Depending on your selection , you will either return to the screen of weapons or finish at last call.
Keep in mind , the game can carry a number of different subjects. For example, different types of weapons - not more than 5 (recall again since it is very important). If you want to buy more powerful weapons , have to throw anything out of already available in your arsenal. ( That happens to them , if this is done on the base, we have already spoken).


Your success in the game is highly dependent on the ability to recognize the various game objects ( not available for transfer ) and their proper use. This aspect of the «Crusader: No Remorse» no less important than accurate shooting , or work with objects of INVENTORY. The game objects in question (and there are very, very much) , always doing something . Manipulation with the majority of them are fundamentally necessary for the successful completion of a mission .
In «Crusader» krayng rare situation where there is only one way to do anything. Suppose if you can not find the code card to get into the inaccessible part of the premises of the next maze , you can ( in some cases) this boring just to knock the door .
However, if the Silencer will break or shoot all the doors in a row, very soon found out that he had run out of bullets and energy. Control over their resources and their interaction with the environment - these are the two most important keys to success in the «Crusader».
Now let's look at the most important and frequent game objects , the impact of which will bring definite results, and significantly affect the success of the passing game .
REBEL BASE V-MAIL STATION - all members of the Resistance can use this facility during the combat mission to get the desired message. Silencer is no exception and should periodically refer to this means of communication.
ALARM BOX - an alarm device .
If the display flashes red, the area located around the device is in a state of combat alert , and soon there will be an enemy .
You have to cut off the signal as soon as possible to influence the ALARM BOX.
BOX SWITCH - These circuit breakers are always placed on the walls, designed to open doors, control platform lifts , as well as to work with other devices , such as turning off various security fields, etc.
CARDREADER - card reader .
If such an object is mounted on the door, you open it to require the appropriate color card , which is inserted in CARDREADER, you will be able to pass on.
If INVENTORY silencers such a map is, the reading is done automatically.
CONTROL BOX - big red switch with the identification mark on the body. Performs the same operations as the BOX SWITCH, t is, opens doors, etc. objects .
DATA TERMINAL - data terminals or , more simply, computers located on special tables in many areas of the examined buildings.
When you get to the terminal, be sure to read the information that is offered to you on his screen. You can never know in advance what kind of information will get from the monitor. The ego can be and passwords , and a variety of access codes. You can then use the information to cancel or general anxiety , which is very important to take control of one of the closest ssrvomehov .
FOOTLOCKER - green containers in large numbers placed on the floors of the buildings.
Generally in the game a lot of different special receptacles for something and standing completely useless without being destroyed. However FOOTLOCKER - special containers . They contain items without which your existence in the maze «Crusader» is simply impossible. Bullets, bombs , medical bags and much more (practically almost everything that makes up your INVENTORY) can be extracted from these chests after opening them . Do not miss a single FOOTLOCKER, as each may be something very important ( and usually is - the same) . In this case, try not to damage the box , accidentally shooting him , because in this case the contents immediately die , and you will lose because of this, some of the potential opportunities.
HEALTH STATION - miniature automated hospital for a few seconds, restoring your health. All you need to do is log in as his " arch ". Then Silencer automatically turn around and get such a charge recuperation, which is enough to set the scale of health to the highest possible level . ( The energy security is not increased . Therefore , to improve health , you need to seriously attend to the restoration of energy shield , without which even the maximum vitality is not a reliable escape from enemy fire . )
HOVER PAD - these red platforms are used for the movement of workers WEC for Toxic rooms and other hazardous surface. Sometimes they are the only possible means of moving from one point to another.
KEYCARD - a radical way to sneak in some closed areas - use the correct key-card . Each has a certain color , which is its source , readable CARDREADER. However, not all the cards of a certain color offer similar CARDREADER'bi. Some of them require not just the same color , say red , and it was a special red . In short , collect all the cards to guarantee its access through any CARDREADER.
KEYPAD - located on a wall or door number pad to open the locks with combinations . About the features of the functioning of these devices mentioned above. We add that without the code, you will not pass , and you can find it , for example, in one of the terminals.
LASER EYE - a special protective device located in the wall blocking your path and a steady stream of laser beams .
Some lasers are in contact with you just sound the alarm , while others cause you significant damage. Some lasers represent a bright beams of light , others are almost invisible to the naked eye.
Lasers can disable the ordinary breaker switch , located nearby.
But things are not always so simple. In severe cases, with such protection must thoroughly tricky.
LIFT - special transport platforms that are used to move from one level to another card .
POST PAD - special tables, which are mounted to the buttons and switches . Installed where the configuration does not allow the walls to hang breakers.
RECHARGE STATITION - energy recharge station . Stay for a few seconds in such a device restores energy level silencers to maximum regardless of the initial state . Acts much the same as the HEALTH STATION, ie automatically. Even looks like her and looks like a small canopy under which to stand for recharging.
SAFE - these powerful steel safe door (the middle of the circle) to store them particularly important equipment, for example, KEYCARD. Normally open knife switches or using a computer interface.
TELEPORTER - this is your lucky ticket needed to enter most of the missions. At the moment resistance has only two forces that can seriously help him in the fight - and silencers can not enter the teleportation network WEC. Use teleporters can get to the most remote parts of the map and come back. However, these devices are operating only when the signal lamps are flashing on the edges teleporter. Only in this way can be used Silencer is a wonderful means of transportation. As for his opponents, they have a significant advantage - for them teleporters are active in any condition. (Externally teleportation devices represent a low platform located on the blue circle.)
VALVE - if you need to stop the flow of toxic liquids, gas or fire (and maybe bgg and vice versa if you want to let out all of the tanks), - use valves. Affect some will free element, capable of equally and help you, and stop it.
WALL CAMERA - cameras mounted in the wall. These small compact devices from the start will blight your life. If anyone sees silencers, the camera will trigger the alarm and activate traps and ambushes, until the fire control of the wall guns on your hero.
Fortunately, the camera takes a while to notice the potential danger, and to you it should be enough to address this very treacherous enemy.
WATCH STATION - items tracking. Large terminals located in abundance in various rooms of buildings. Inspect all such devices, as their screens will give you useful information - the image of the other sections of the maze, where are placed the camcorder. Sometimes it can be very important, as you will see in advance the dangers that are waiting for you in other areas.
This list of objects that can be manipulated in the game, is not limited to the above items. However, they are the most important and absolutely necessary for the passage of the plot of the game.
Going into the next room and destroying all the obvious enemies, carefully look around (in different places repeatedly pressing S), and finding useful objects, begin to manipulating them....

Weapons systems

On game sites, which anyway can be affected in the course of the game, we're told.
Now we will focus on carrying in the INVENTORY property, weapons and useful items to help you in your arduous adventures.
Weapons systems in «Crusader» There are three types - firing, energy and explosive.


BA-40 «PATRIOT» - semi-automatic pistol. Your basic weapon with which the game begins. Weight - 0.95 lbs. Range - 30 m
This is the standard weapon of all military structures WEC.
Constructed from plastic or other nonmagnetic material, it fires bullets caseless 40 gauge and comprises typically 20 tizaryadny store (CLIP).
BA-41 «PEACEMAKER» - semi-automatic pistol. Weight - 1.2 kg (with standard shop). Range - 30 m for single shots and 15 - for a time.
It is a variant of BA-40, which has the ability to shoot bursts - twice as fast as usual, which naturally increases the stopping power, inflicting much more damage than just shooting from the VA-40.
As the ammunition using the same ammunition. And stores can be normal, 20 rounds, and BANANA CLIP - on 30 shots.
Typically used for the protection of the enemy, in missions to rid of something, and for perimeter protection. However, you have other problems, and you yourself will understand where and how the available weapons should be used. (This is equally true for all other systems of combat, which will be discussed below.)
RP-22 «CONCILATOR» - rifle, .30-caliber. Weight - 2.4 kg. Range - 75 m.
This is a semi-automatic rifle used by the police SECURITY CARTEL and, sometimes, citizens groups. Often intended for defensive action and is quite popular among athletes citizens. It can be equipped with electronic or optical sights that increase the effective range of up to 200 meters! Made entirely of various plastics and shoots bullets 30 caliber. Has a 60-round magazine and fires at the same time for 2 rounds (one barrel each other).
RP-32 «PACIFIST» - a semi-automatic assault rifle, 30-gauge. Weight - 2.4 kg. Ratsius action - 75 m for single shots and 25 - Queues.
This is the standard infantry weapon for all units WEC. It looks like RP-22, but shoots one after another 3 rounds. Store the same, but because of the greater density of fire significantly increases the ability of the owner and destructive RP-32.
SG-A1 «CONFORMER» - machine gun. Weight - 3.1 kg. Range - 20 m.
Extremely dangerous and very lethal weapon designed to kill people. Typically used by security forces to quell the unrest. Shoots 13-tigrammovymi explosive bullets and uses a 12-tizaryadny store.
AS-88 «REAPER» - a special gun to quell the unrest. Weight - 3.25 lbs. Range - 20 m.
One of the most powerful among other things, fire-arms, the gun is a modification of SG-1 with an improved semi-automatic action, which allows you to shoot twice as fast.
SW-404 «SPITFIRE» AP-MRL. Weight - 3.25 lbs. Range - 1200 meters!
Every shot of the SW-404 - multiply-rocket launcher - throws one container, which immediately breaks down, releasing three small rockets, flying at an angle of about 45 degrees.
Container, which is fired in the beginning, a length 9 cm, and 6.3 cm in diameter. The missiles - 5 cm long and 3 cm in diameter.
Standard shop contains up to 8 similar charges. This is an experimental weapon still not widely used, but is designed to deal with snipers against the massed defense and in general as a means of good fire support.
GL-303 - launcher. Weight - 4 kg. Range - 50 m.
In each combat troop WEC has similar things. GL-303 is often used by the police and units to fight terrorists.
The usual charge for these weapons - grenades combined effect of (a shock, combined with the limited opportunities incendiary).
Standard garnet has a streamlined shape, made of plastic, has a size of 9.2 cm and weighing 102 to 144 g
Store GL-303 (in the form of a rectangular container) contains 10 such garnet.


All IPhones arms ammunition is not charged, and is used to fire the internal battery that is included in the basic equipment of any fighter, or other similar sources of energy.
RA-21 «'ARBITRATOR» - a laser gun. Weight - 1.2 kg. Range - 50 m.
This energy weapon is used mainly by officers of special commands for special missions, as well as for the protection of fortified sites. It shoots laser pulses of high power.

RA-31 «'ADJUDICATOR» - a laser gun. Weight - 2.22 lbs. Range - 50 m.
At least one of the soldiers of each unit WEC has such weapons. In addition, WEC has special forces "team of lightning", where each soldier is equipped with a standard RA-31. These units are used to attack enemy fortifications, armored vehicles and special missions. Weapons partially effective against robots and stationary gun platforms. Its beam is identical to the PA-31, but enhanced mode lets you shoot 5 times for every 3 shots PA-21.
PL-1 «UNIFIER» - plasma gun. Weight - 3.7 kg. Range - 40 m.
This is the only Plasma weapons WEC. Fires plasma flows, the focused magnetic field. As a result, plasma is compressed and heated to the highest temperature. Directed shot of PL-1 immediately destroy unprotected person instead of leaving him only a pile of ashes.
Incendiary ability PL-1 make it as effective against vehicles and servomehov. It is a fully automatic weapon fires six charges in 1 sec.
Often used commando forces and police units for special applications.
EM-4 «VORTEX» - pulsed electromagnetic gun. Weight - 4.4 kg. Range - 50 m.
Established as a means of struggle, first of all, with servomehami, EM-4 is less effective when firing at enemy troops. Shot is a directed electromagnetic pulse of high amplitude, which affect different mechanisms of standard servomehov, destroying their ability to attack.
Using the EM-4 against the people, we can achieve limited success, causing potential targets low-temperature burns.
This gun is not in active use, and is typically stored in warehouses waiting in the wings (when the need to deal with servomehami, where the rebels are still there).
UV-9 «PULSAR» - ultrasonic gun. Weight - 5.7 kg. Range - 50 m.
UV-9, located still in development, is the most powerful of weapons available to man has ever created. If it hits an enemy firing pulses of high-energy ultrasound.
Shot has extreme incendiary effect on any object that faces and instantly burns unprotected person.
Currently, UV-9 is not yet a standard weapon for the forces of WEC, although some teams already have these devices in their gear.


DETPAC - Standard mine used WEC. It consists of two parts - first capacitance with explosives and second radio controlled detonator. Range of explosion packets is limited - in the open no more than 50 m Various doors and partitions at all reduce the effectiveness of destruction to a minimum. Such an apparatus weighs less than 1 kg.
LIMPET MINE - this round mine installed on any hard surface. Activated, it explodes when an object approaches her at a distance of 0.5 m There is three-second delay, so that after the activation person who installed mine could bounce out of range of its validity. These devices are used where there is no possibility to install large mines or when time constraints do not allow the use of an explosive device longer duration of action. Very small and lightweight (less than 0.3 kg), these mines are several pieces at once can carry with it any soldier.
SPIDER BOMB - Bomb in the form of a spider. This product can be produced by any soldier from the shelter or ambush. Bomb quickly moved on long spidery metal "feet" in the direction specified by manual joystick....


Shields and other means of energy security as well as energy weapons, may cease to function if the internal batteries are run down the basic set of every soldier.
This is equally true of you managed silencers.
IONIC SHIELD - ion shield.
This shield (in the form of rings with a crosshair) creates a safe environment carrying it to the soldier in the form of a protective sphere of high energy ins, absorbing the kinetic energy of ballistic shots and greatly reduces the effect of hitting an enemy weapon.
Ionic panels are often used by police and troops to suppress the riots.
Such protection weighs only 1.2 kg and can be worn on a belt or shoulder fighter.
PLASMA SHIELD - a plasma shield.
This shield (in the form of cut radiator) surrounded by the plasma sphere which absorbs energy ballistic shot and thus more efficient than the ion shield. Also, the plasma shield is a good means to counter any energy weapons inaccessible for ion shield. It weighs 3.3 kg and specially built into a protective suit soldier.
GRAVITON SHIELD - Gravity Shield.
This, being the last stage of the development of gravitational shield (shown on the screen in the form of buildings, covered with a transparent dome), localized shield surrounds the carrier, which is a distortion of the space-time continuum. None of the known kinetic or electromagnetic forces that are equivalent in power less than a megaton, unable to break this protection. Unfortunately, GRAVITON SHIELD uses a lot of energy and, therefore, not practical for regular use. However, applied for Protection of important personalities and special missions. Weighs 5 pounds and fits into a special dress.
EMP INHIBITOR - electromagnetic pulse inhibitor.
This defensive weapon (looks remotely like an ordinary calculator) creates a highly intense magnetic field, which temporarily stops the operation of all standard servomehov. It takes the user a lot of energy, and therefore its use should be strictly limited to military necessity. Typically used for cleaning areas, sabotage, and other operations in the style of Commando. Weighs 0.7 lbs.
MEDIKIT - the unit of care.
This means speed up recovery. One-off. Fully automatic, something like a field of automated doctor. Heals wounds, inject various drugs, painkillers, stimulants, antibiotics and antisho-kovye drugs. It is very effective as well as the withdrawal effects from exposure to poisons, acids, and other spheres of poisoned.
It is not that MEDIKIT - the best means of restoring health (or at least with a fixed HEALTH STATION it certainly does not compare), but in the field it is still decently helps. Since MEDIKIT is still in the development stage, there may be some adverse reactions after its use, as well as some confusion reaction (time). Anyway, the use of these kits is recommended only in situations of particular risk to life when there is an imminent threat of death or serious poisoning.
Weighs MEDIKIT 0,4 kg. Each set has its own battery, and the primary energy source device is connected.
BATTEREIS AND POWER CELLS - batteries and other power sources.
These devices play a critical role in the normal functioning of all the characters, and your including, at a time when recharging station because of the territorial remoteness available.
Batteries and other energy capacity in the game are of three types - chemical, thermonuclear and acting through the nuclear reaction. They are required to run the boards and the use of energy weapons.
All - portable and rechargeable (battery).
- CHEMICAL - conventional chemical.
- FISSION - nuclear, two times more powerful than the simple chemical battery.
- FUSION - fusion, twice as powerful FISSION and, respectively, in the four - CHEMICAL.
Several different devices, for example, shield, energy weapon inhibitor can be powered from the same battery. Typically, each battery weighs approximately 1 kg.
Power supply (POWER CELLS) in small containers with red containers - neperezaryazhaemy. Directly from them you can not power the equipment, but they can recharge their batteries at a critical time. POWER CELLS cause a catalytic reaction in the batteries, which the BoE and the VAST standard AVL their capacity by about 30%.
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