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Crusader: No Remorse (PS1)

Crusader: No Remorse PSX
Genre: Action
Visual: Isometric
Gameplay: Shooter
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: ORIGIN Systems
Developed by: ORIGIN Systems
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), SEGA Saturn, DOS

A successful port of the game is very popular on PC. It can make a successful competition to such recognized militants as Projecl Overkill. But it's not just an action movie: the game is full of puzzles, traps, searches for secret territories and other strategic components. All control buttons are used in the control system. Your hero Silencer has a variety of abilities and techniques for running, jumping, shooting from various weapons. You only need to concentrate and master some of the most important functions. With the transfer of the game, publishers almost did not make any improvements, but it is not necessary, the most important thing in this game is an exciting, exciting scenario.
Not too distant future. The world is ruled by the World Economic Consortium, or otherwise WEC. All those who oppose his regime are mercilessly exterminated by detachments of elite fighters. The hero of the game, known only as Silencer, never asked unnecessary questions, and always clearly followed orders. But when two of his best friends were killed by order of the WEC, he decided to join the Resistance movement. A pretty good tie for an action with an isometric perspective. During sixteen levels Silencer'u will have to deal not only with murder, but also with the search for keys, and sometimes even with the solution of slightly more complicated tasks.
You play as a soldier - a defector (Silencer) and join the rebel army to prevent the devilish machinations of the "world" government. In the course of the game, you are involved in the theft of classified materials, various explosions, etc. Silencer is perfectly armed, instantly attacks, performs "dives", "coups", etc. Management (at first difficult) is simply excellent - you just need to fill your hand. The graphics are excellent, especially the stunning explosions! And the sound is not bad at all.
Crusader: No Remorse, like Project Overkill, requires sharpness to achieve a high level of performing combat techniques and detecting various items.


  • If you can get control of the android, use it to sweep the territory. Then Silencer'y way will be opened.
  • In cases where you can not find the "key" or "password" to open the door, you can use a grenade - it solves all problems.
  • Look for hidden switches and pay attention even to seemingly useless switches - they often open the entrance to secret areas at this level
  • Note: with a weapon such as the Silencer grenade launcher, you can not stand on ceremony with enemies. Ba-bah - and let someone else wash them off the walls!


Integrated trick: From the main menu, select "Load Game". Then enter the "Teleport Of Mission" option. On the password screen, enter LOSR (ignore the error message).
Now you can choose the secrets:
  • Small tweaks (full health and energy) - Press Square + R1 as the game progresses.
  • Great tricks (all weapons and items) - Press Circle + R1 during the game. Note: In another version, pressing Circle + R1 gives you everything you need, because of health, energy, a full ammunition and all items.
  • Hidden Gallery: From the main menu, select "Load Game". Then enter the "Teleport Of Mission" option. On the password screen, enter PPPP (ignore the error message).

Levels passwords

Level of play / Difficulty level / Code
Level 02 (easy) FWQP
Level 02 (hard) JWQP
Level 02 (normal) GWQP
Level 03 (easy) PLRQ
Level 03 (hard) SLRQ
Level 03 (normal) QLRQ
Level 04 (easy) SZNF
Level 04 (hard) WZNF
Level 04 (normal) TZNF
Level 05 (easy) TD55
Level 05 (hard) XD5S
Level 05 (normal) VD55
Level 06 (easy) J1BT
Level 06 (hard) M1B1
Level 06 (normal) K1BT
Level 07 (easy) K2CV
Level 07 (hard) N2CV
Level 07 (normal) L2CV
Level 08 (easy) N3DW
Level 08 (hard) R3DW
Level 08 (normal) P3DW
Level 09 (easy) M4FX
Level 09 (hard) Q4FX
Level 09 (normal) N4FX
Level 10 (easy) X5GZ
Level 10 (hard) 15GZ
Level 10 (normal) Z5GZ
Level 11 (easy) C6HO
Level 11 (hard) G6HO
Level 11 (normal) D6HO
Level 12 (easy) D7J1
Level 12 (hard) H7J1
Level 12 (normal) F7J1
Level 13 (easy) F8K2
Level 13 (hard) J8K2
Level 13 (normal) G8K2
Level 14 (easy) FGL3
Level 14 (hard) JGL3
Level 14 (normal) GGL3
Level 15 (easy) JFM4
Level 15 (hard) MFM4
Level 15 (normal) KFM4
Level 16 (easy) LRTN
Level 16 (hard) PRTN
Level 16 (normal) MRTN

Additional passwords

Mission 02 - HWQP
Mission 03 - RLRQ
Mission 04 - SZNF
Mission 05 - WD5S
Mission 06 - L1BT
Mission 07 - M2CV
Mission 08 - Q3DW
Mission 09 - M4FX
Mission 10 - 05GZ
Mission 11 - F6H0
Mission 12 - G7J1
Mission 13 - H8K2
Mission 14 - HGL3
Mission 15 - LFM4
Mission 16 - NRTN