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Command & Conquer (DOS)

Command and Conquer DOS, C&C
Genre: Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: Free-roaming camera
Pacing: Real-time
Gameplay: Real-time strategy
Interface: Multiple units / characters control, Point and select
Setting: Africa, Europe, Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Westwood Studios
Released: 1995

Appearance of this awesome game looked forward almost the entire year 1995. Since the summer, all PC games magazines, began to publish small introductory materials on the "C & C". There were some de monstrashek that allowed at least half an eye to look, what is this new product from «Westwood Studios». And then, finally, «Virgin Interactive», were implementing the program, has announced that the game is ready. In this description, we will not carry out any parallels and comparisons. Mention only briefly - «Command & Conquer» extremely close in style and spirit of such masterpieces of computer gaming tactics as «Dune-2" (see Encyclopedia of computer games, Vol.1, and «Warcraft», t.Z). However, it is somewhat larger than its predecessors, and the quality of graphics and sound design for the magnificence and the variety of missions, and the degree of realism of the unfolding action, and in the diversity and authenticity of the game used in military equipment.
Without belittling the merits of the above games, we note that the "C & C" - an absolute technological and creative step forward in the genre of tactical games with battles conducted in real time. And when you consider how many people in the recent past, delayed in their "electronic networks» «Dune-2» and «Warcraft», it is not difficult to foresee the boom, which will cause around «Command & Conquer».
The game is very large, difficult to place on the two CDs. To them, other than true game missions, which is already almost forty, is recorded in a huge number of top-notch computer graphics commercials that precede and end each passable plot. Diverse selection of music tracks that accompany the action. And most importantly, provides an option play against each other on two computers with a real partner, which eliminated the main drawback «Dune-2" mode, which simply suggests itself.
So, based on «Command & Conquer» put the conflict between NATIONS GLOBAL DEFENSE INITIATIVE (GDI), the future version of Security Forces of the United Nations, and BROTHERHOOD OF NOD (NOD), a terrorist organization, whose mission - to conquer the world. The action takes place in the near future. Twenty-first century, new technologies and materials, but at the same time, not enough to shift the game exclusively to the area of science fiction. Not at all. All very real, even by today's standards. Barracks, power plants, communications centers, infantry, Hanka, helicopters ... Almost all is available to our imagination.
Command and Conquer DOS title
However, the main background events and the ultimate goal of both parties still beyond the scope of today's reality and is associated with a new mineral, Tiberium, due to which the Earth makes a certain chemical reactions, leading to the surface of precious and semi-precious materials. There, where the Tiberium, people gathered openly lying gold and silver nuggets. Planned production Tiberiu-ma, hopes GDI, enrich the earth economy. As for the Brotherhood, NOD hopes to help get through the processing of the mineral money cranking out their mischief and conquer new continents.
The story itself takes place with your help during the game.
You can control any of the parties. In this case, if you are subject to the UN troops, the action takes place in Eastern Europe. Playing for the NOD, you will have to fight in Africa. Consistently doing missions one by one, you get closer to the ultimate goal - the total liberation of the continent from the enemy.
In the course of the operations themselves your task is not simply to destroy all the commonplace of manpower and equipment the enemy, as well as its buildings. Everything is much more complicated and interesting. You need to take a close look at the content of the combat order. Does not always have to shed rivers of blood. Sometimes to win just enough to eliminate a few of vital enemy. (However, if you destroyed everything, suffer from it will not be. Anyway - this is a must-win.) As enemy structures, will not be much more logical to smash them in the process, and to win, using special units, and further use for their own use or sell.
Command & Conquer DOS NOD gameplay
Almost everything in the «Command & Conquer» done for money. You're most levels a number of credits (money), but for the construction and replacement of troops and equipment of shortages. In order to live happily ever after and fight, you need to collect and process the same Tiberium, because of which, ultimately, war broke out. The diagram is simple - the more Tiberium, the more money in your current account, and therefore the more technical and technological "excesses." You can afford to each regular script (if it is, but it does not always, provides the possibility of your economic and productive activities). Sometimes out of the financial hole you can pull even a treasure of gold nuggets scattered over the surface of the earth ... When operating in some of the responsibility for the situation you may well put the blame on the shoulders of their subordinates, have some of my intellect, which is enough for you to fight for his own life, in response to enemy fire attack. But also get involved in this process is not necessary. As they say, one head is good ...
Mission to «Command & Conquer» complex, but rather fleeting. In any case, they do not drag on for several tedious hours. At the same time, to win some of them, you'll have to replay the mission again so many times.


When you start the game for the first time, your attention will present a brilliant movie, a little chaotically introducing you the ropes. Of switching from one to the other TV channels, including scraps of advertising, shows and movies can be bit by bit to collect some information about the main conflict of the present - the confrontation GLOBAL DEFENSE INITIATIVE and BROTHERHOOD OF NOD. On subsequent boots you find yourself directly in the game menu.
START NEW GAME - this option is selected the beginning of a new campaign. The game begins with the selection of the party for whom you are going to fight - Global Safety Initiative of the United Nations or the Brotherhood of Nod. Emblem GDI - green eagle, NOD - scorpion sting. The game can be started from any drive. The first mission for each of the parties is on both CD. However, in order to continue the campaign, you'll need to insert the disk number 2, if you start the game for the first Brotherhood CD, and vice versa - insert disk number 1 when playing as GDI with the second.
Introductory demo When reloading «Command & Conquer» not shown.
LOAD MISSION - run this mode if you want to continue a previously saved game. Then you can just move the cursor to the desired file name and click LOAD. The game continues from where you left earlier place.
MULTIPLAYER GAME - Start the game in multiplayer mode over a network, modem or cable. This exciting opportunity is one of the key technological advantages of the program.
REPLAY INTRODUCTION - to reproduce the initial demo.
EXIT GAME - end game and exit to DOS.


Game Interface «Command & Conquer» surprisingly simple and succinct. It is all in place and there is almost nothing more. Everything is done for maximum user comfort.
In principle, all displayed on the control of the mouse. You can play the game from beginning to end without ever touching the keyboard. It is definitely very convenient. But the game has a lot of support regimes that provide a perfect interaction of your units on the battlefield, and significantly expedites your manipulation and quality complicate the commands you type. These steps are performed using the keyboard, and they will be discussed in a separate chapter.
However, the primary means of entry is a mouse and managed by the cursor.

Order given to your troops

To get your troops to act, select a unit by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Now move the cursor to the desired point on the map. Long as it is over the potential target, the cursor will turn into a crosshair. Click the left button will give the order to attack the marked squad target. Otherwise, just go to the squad before the specified location, except those options, when to do it physically impossible (cliffs, trees and similar obstacles). However, your soldiers are smart enough to independently identify the enemy and attack it without your immediate team. But excessive trust their units is not necessary. Better all the same point them to attack your current target.
To exit the site selection, right-click the mouse, and your team will be removed from the control (in this case it will complete the actions that have previously been shown to him by your order. For example, self-will in the previously specified location).
Cursor giving orders can take three forms:
PULSED WHITE SQUARE. This is the mode of choice - ready to transfer control to this unit. After pressing the left mouse button, the square covers selected unit, and the top bar appears his physical condition (this is equally true of the manpower and materiel, and to all tasks, and in general to all game objects directly). After clicking a mouse button, next to the square of the line appears identification indicating the type of the selected unit (MINIGUNNER etc.). The inscription is green (if you are a GDI). Cursor can mark identification and enemy troops. Thus as a status bar appears vitality and more general information on the type of unit, for example, ENEMY SOLDIER, without further specification, and is red in color (again, with the game for GDI);
White circle with a red throbbing SIGHT Arrow to the center. Index enemy targets. With it, you aim the unit to attack;
Four white triangle in the green square.
Mark on the ground to the point where you must move the selected unit or single unit.
Moving their troops on the surface, you will gradually open the whole perspective area, where the next mission. At the beginning, most of it is "closed" black cover and is not available to your eye. To send troops or equipment to more undiscovered territory, move the cursor to the desired direction. When he reached the edge of the screen it will take the form of a large white arrow pointing, depending on your desires, up, down, sideways or diagonally. This means that in a given direction extends available in the game area.
If the arrow is crossed red circle with diagonal line - all on the way there. Boundaries of the area on this end.
This display is very easy to use and allows you to focus even more on the map is not available, at least in terms of the length of the site.

Selecting a group of troops

To save time, on the one hand, and, on the other, in order to rapidly build troops to return general order, you can form teams (squads) of several units, regardless of their specialization and weapons. To select multiple combat units, click a corner of an imaginary rectangle that on your plan should cover a specific group. Pressing the left mouse button and holding it down, move the cursor to the diagonally opposite corner, stretching the white square. Capturing the right amount of units, release the button, and the control is passed directly to all units installed inside the markup. Now you can target the entire party or a movement in that direction, or to attack an enemy target. So you can create an unlimited number of units, consistently giving them further orders. After receiving the order, and the output from the control (right mouse button), the whole party you need to continue the action.
The game provides an opportunity numbering units, shortcut them under your control and instant centering of the screen on any group, regardless of its distance on the map (see "Keyboard Help").


From the main game screen SIDEBAR panel can be opened by clicking on the appropriate option in the top right corner of the screen. Close panel - pressing again. If you have already created on the base CONSTRUCTION YARD or have it from the start script, SIDEBAR open automatically.
With this panel made all necessary arrangements for the construction of buildings, structures, equipment, and the creation of new combat units. Technically, this is performed by clicking the left mouse button on the appropriate icon SIDEBAR. At the top of the bar is the emblem of your favorite troops, GDI or NOD. Once you build a radar station (communications center), this image will be replaced by an electronic map is coated with her relief, constructed objects, and your military units. Radar data also timely show which side of the approaching enemy.


Essential to the successful completion of most missions is to build your field base and various repair and protective structures. Base necessary for the concentration of resources by the processing plant REFINERY and harvesters collecting Tiberium, because of which, in fact, the whole conflict flared to accommodate the reinforcement produced during the game and for a host of other, equally useful deeds.
To start building the base, you have to have construction called CONSTRUCTION YARD. (In order to not constantly repeated, all the main explanation for any gaming facility or military unit, including military equipment, are given in the relevant chapters of "Buildings" and "The military.").
In some missions CONSTRUCTION YARD given to you initially. Sometimes the plot is not it at all. In all other cases, you have a special machine MOBILE CONSTRUCTION VECHICLE (MCY) - mobile unit to deploy on the selected area CONSTRUCTION YARD.
Move the MCV where do you plan to place more convenient to its main plant. For this you need a certain amount of free space on the land surface (no mountains, trees, etc.). If the installation of the plant is not enough space, it will not be deployed. Mouse over the MCV, and you will expand indicator (pulsating green square with sides diverging arrows). Click on it with the left mouse button, and CONSTRUCTION YARD will be installed. MCV is carefully protected from the attack of enemy forces. If cars were damaged (its status with identification will be lowered), initially will be damaged and your main plant. Ego leads to the fact that it will take time and money is not a quick repair. In this case, the pace of play and possible initiatives to be lost.
After construction CONSTRUCTION YARD panel appears SIDEBAR.
Under Options REPAIR and SELL are two columns of icons. To the upper options they have no relationship. On the left side there are images of objects that are in the mission at the moment can be built. The right shows the forces that can be created (and manpower, and equipment available to you the through the scenario at the moment).
The down arrow icons can browse through images for possible selection from the complete list (when the number of available facilities or units will be over four).
To build a structure or unit, you need to click the cursor and left-click on the appropriate icon. The process of creation will take some time, which depends on several components. The more you have operated manufacturing facilities - barracks "reproduction" of soldiers, weapons factories for construction equipment and, of course, the power stations that supply all the necessary energy sector, the faster and more fun will build new facilities and released on the battlefield fresh troops . Over the course of the process of creating, you can monitor the deployment of full-color icons on the panel SIDEBAR. When construction ends on the corresponding panel appears: READY. This means that the object is ready for installation (combat troops out in the field next to the building in which they were created). When you hover over the icon appears with the name of the facility or unit, as well as the price for its construction or reconstruction. If you decide to do something, the money will be automatically withdrawn from your checking account (a small panel on the game screen at the top right).
At the same time can be created only one building and one unit. They can be built in parallel to each other, but, for example, two military units at the same time not to do. Exit - to accelerate the establishment by increasing, for example, the number of barracks (BARRACKS).


As we have already noted, the game interface «Command & Conquer» based on a mouse. But do not neglect the keyboard. With it, you can fill up the arsenal commander orders and significantly increase the effectiveness of their troops.
G - mode of prosecution. Your team captures the enemy's goal and pursue it until it is destroyed, constantly attacking.
X - to divide a large group of your choice units at some commands smaller size. After that, they disperse in size and are less vulnerable to a powerful enemy weapons. This is especially true in the later levels of the game, when the troops of GDI uses weapons of mass destruction, destroying everything and everyone in the vast territory.
S - stop the beginning of the movement to a specified point unit.
F7 ... F10 - «Bookmarks" on the map, the place in which you can instantly restore the image by a simple key combination. To set a bookmark, press CTRL + F7 ... F10. The point in the center of the screen is your "control" label. In order to get back to it in a moment, are used F7 ... F10.
CTRL + 0 ... 9 - combination is used to enumerate under your control at the moment the unit or units to further orders of instant gratification without quite some find this a unit on the map with the cursor. Combination CTRL + numbers you point units (any quantity and composition). Later, press 0 ... 9, these groups immediately transferred control (the screen is not centered on a selectable unit or detachment). In addition to the significant practical importance, this mode has no small importance, and application-specific functions - having in his possession, for example, STEALTH TANK, it's easy to lose sight of in some parts of the area. That would not happen, simply number the this unit, and it will always be available to you, regardless of their location.
0 ... 9 - choice, ordering troops numbered group or one department (see above).
TAB - open / close the panel SIDEBAR.
H - automatically selects your CONSTRUCTION YARD and centers the map on it.
N - serial transfer control from one unit to another (regardless of whether they were numbered or not). The screen is not centered on the chosen combat unit, but on the screen it gets necessary, at least from the edge of the map.
R - allows you to destroy all of its own units and buildings. In this case, you will naturally lose the right mission. But depriving the enemy of joy complete victory.
HOME - instant game screen centering on the force, to which you have transferred control, regardless of its distance from the main body or base.
ALT + 0 ... 9 - the same function as the command sequence 0 ... 9 (previously numbered squad selection) and HOME (centering the screen on it).


And - to put the cursor on the enemy and press the key. Now your troops will assume all units and structures chosen by "friendly" and will not aim for them. A pressing again - again to "declare war" to this partner. It should be stressed that this action - bilateral, that is your future partner should also be used to establish a union with you.

Modification of the cursor

CTRL - press this button turns the mouse cursor movement in sight. This way you can quickly redirect your troops and even attack their own objects.
ALT - make Otrada move when, at first, he has to stand and fire. (For example, in a battle with enemy tanks, infantry, when a much more appropriate to quickly crush the enemy caterpillars than long and boring to fire him.)
CTRL + ALT - select a department or unit, and click while holding klavshi combination, to a building or another group of troops. The selected team will guard or patrol the specified object, attacking the enemy when it is ready.


Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 30.
Purpose: Building structures.
CONSTRUCTION YARD is a fundamental principle of any database. Only after it is installed you will be able to build other buildings and structures, and therefore have access to the reproduction of manpower and new hardware.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: None.
Purpose: to provide energy to all structures and processes taking place in your base.
This facility produces and supplies energy to its other buildings and other "operating real estate." The more you build a variety of structures, the more energy they need, and, consequently, POWER PLANT. Protect these objects as carefully as possible, as the number of energy produced depends on their physical condition.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: None.
Function: the energy of other structures.
This is a more high-power station produces much more energy to serve other database objects.
- BARRACKS (only GDI).
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 10.
Purpose: creating infantry squads.
This structure is a kind of training center, from which you get a reinforcement in the form of manpower - infantry units for various purposes - thrower, engineers, etc.
- HAND OF NOD (only NOD).
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 10.
Purpose: creating infantry squads.
This structure plays an elite infantry units for the Brotherhood NOD. However, if you manage to grab an object, it will create similar infantry units already for GDI.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: None.
Purpose: defense.
This watch towers are installed vysokoskorostrelnye guns, effectively defend against ground attack NOD.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 20.
Function: protection of its own positions rocket fire.
This is a very strong appreciation against ground and air units NOD. Its main strength - reactive rocket launcher.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 40.
Purpose: The transformation of Tiberium into money (loans).
This object allows Tiberium decompose into its component elements, turning eventually precious plant in gold and silver bullion (credits). Immediately after the construction of the factory leaves harvester - the car, collecting Tiberium.
For one load REFINERY processes Tiberium to 700 credits.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: 120.
Purpose: storage of refined Tiberium.
This structure is a repository of processed Tiberium and contains a time of precious material for 1000 credits. Protect this property as thoroughly as possible. If you destroy it, it is saved in the Tiberium will die, and the money will automatically be removed from your checking account.
- TURRET (only NOD).
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 20.
Function: protection framework.
This revolving gun tower serves as a reliable means of defense your critical facilities from heavy armored enemy. It is not as effective against infantry units. Radius of shooting these guns is very limited.
- SAM SITE (only NOD).
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: 20.
Purpose: The defense.
Rocket launcher, shoot enemy planes and helicopters missiles "ground-to-air."
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 40.
Purpose: The communications and radar.
Makes good use of the radar, showing the panel SIDEBAR electronic map of the battle area. This is the most important means notice of the approach of enemy troops. Lasts as long as it allows the energy generated by power stations.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: 200.
Purpose: In addition manages ray gun, shooting directed stream of particles.
An enhanced version of the communication center, the main feature of which is a direct link and guidance ion cannon in orbit. This weapon is extremely powerful and effective, but it is very energy-intensive.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 30.
Purpose: production of armored ground and aerial means of combat.
Armaments factory creates all equipment GDI, both light and heavy, which is able to tip the scales in your favor in any mission. Captured by the enemy, the factory will operate at the enemy, for it is already producing weapons, hitherto belonging to you.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 10.
Destination: a helicopter landing site.
The construction of this facility allows the attacking aircraft. (Looks like a circle with a cross in the middle of a multi-colored.)
- AIRSTRIP (only NOD).
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: 30.
Purpose: to acquire weapons zone.
It is here that the Brotherhood receives all its combat assets. The runway allows cargo aircraft to land and unload the delivered equipment and weapons. According to the purpose AIRSTRIP equivalent armaments factory WEAPONS FACTORY GDI forces and captured, can also be used in other people's interests.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: 30.
Purpose: The repair technique.
This area, fenced-colored ribbon, back to life and normal functioning of the damaged equipment. The money for the repairs are automatically removed from your account. If she was subjected to a hostile attack site and has been damaged, the repair process is delayed in direct proportion to the size of the damage.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: 150.
Purpose: protective device with a laser.
High-energy laser is very effective in destroying troops and weapons from a distance. To install (having the form of the broken arrows obelisk) to succeed, you have to take care of an additional energy source.
The level of protection is heavy.
Power Consumption: 150.
Purpose: nuclear missiles.
Inside this building is a central computer, the heart of all communications NOD, his command. It is heavily armored. In addition, this construction allows NOD launch a nuclear-tipped missiles capable of a mighty blow to wipe out or significantly damage the main buildings of your field base, no matter how cumbersome and secure it is. In this case, a nuclear attack in the first place are the most valuable and important buildings - self CONSTRUCTION YARD, WEAPONS FACTORY and so on. Of course, you can spend a raid deep behind the enemy and try to destroy the Nuclear Missile Center (by the way, for this purpose can be used and ion cannon managed to ADVANCED COMMUNICATION CENTER), but the desired effect it will bring - even paralyzed TEMPLE OF NOD has time, usually retaliatory nuclear strike. Output - in this mission to disperse the main buildings at the base of the maximum distance from each other, save money, and after a nuclear attack, to build an object is destroyed again.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: None.
Function: protection framework.
This by building of stacked sandbags, do not allow the troops to move freely. They create a small shelter and can slow down the enemy.
Security Level: easy.
Power Consumption: None.
Purpose: protective barrier.
Fence - a grid of steel wire can stop light equipment of the enemy.
Protection level: Medium.
Power Consumption: None.
Function: protection framework.
Solid walls - the most reliable protection, including the heavy armored enemy.


Defense: easy.
Range: Small.
Weapon: 5.56 mm machine gun.
Armed with machine guns, GA-3 «ELIMINATOR» and protected light armor, these units are the key units of the machine gunners in the army both warring sides. However century gunners very short, and they are killed separately and groups with a persistence worthy of a better cause.
Defense: easy.
Range: Small.
Weapon: grenades.
Grenade thrower use as a primary means of defeating the enemy. This may attack the enemy even through barriers. Groups Grenadiers are an extremely effective means of fighting against all ground vehicles, including even heavy tanks. Able in a short time and destroy the most powerful armor-protected buildings.
Defense: easy.
Range: Medium.
Weapon: Hand rocket launchers.
Portable rocket launcher these units do more damage to any targets, no matter where they are - on land, water or air. At the same time - a decent range. These units can attack the enemy from different angles, including shooting and up the planes and helicopters.
Large groups are a serious threat.
Defense: easy.
Range: Small.
Weapon: flamethrowers.
Group flamethrower. Particularly effective at close range. Attack the enemy with powerful jets of fire that burns though slower than normal, but it makes more efficient destruction of manpower and equipment of the enemy.
Defense: easy.
Range: big.
Weapon: Silenced.
COMMANDO - one of the most elite units of the army GDI. They perform only special mission. These units use high-power assault rifle RAPTOR 50-caliber with an infrared sight, a silencer and a very large range. The main specialization of these units - the destruction and invisibility. The game even has a mission, which is under your command of a detachment of commandos ...
Defense: easy.
Range: big.
Weapons: None.
Engineering Corps units are used to capture enemy buildings. They do not have weapons, and they are highly vulnerable on the battlefield, so you have to keep them hidden for so long. However, after the area with enemy structures will be cleared of the enemy, you need to send engineers inside the buildings (one in each, although this amount and may not always be sufficient.) After a time, so the captured objects come under your control with the ability to actively use all of their functionality. In this building are painted in "your" colors. In order to capture the processing plant with Tiberium harvester, wait until he gets up at discharge, and only after that start inside the building engineer. This trick will make her both the plant and "combine harvester". (Technics engineers entering into enemy buildings has been described above.)
Protection: very easy.
Range: Medium.
Weapons: missiles.
Light armored riders use to attack fast, short-range rocket fire. The use of powerful missiles and incredible speed and maneuverability makes this a great value orders in combat. However, do not expose them under enemy fire and after volley, using high-speed capabilities, it is better to divert riders under fire.
- NOD BUGGY (only NOD).
Defense: easy.
Range: Small.
Weapons: machine gun.
These fast ATVs armed assault guns mounted on top of towers in the open.
- HUMM-VEE (only GDI).
Defense: easy.
Range: Small.
Weapon: 7.62 mm.
These ATVs vseprohodimye attackers armed with a good gun. But the main advantage is the highest speed. According to this index HUMM-VEE outperform the rest of ground armor GDI. Lack - weak armor thickness and, consequently, low resistance enemy weapons.
- ARS (only GDI).
Protection: Medium.
Range: Small.
Weapon: 50 mm caliber machine gun.
APC ARMORED PERSONAL CARRIER (APC) transports and protects up to five marines. This is ideal transfer of manpower to the area of ​​the upcoming battle. Has good speed and is well protected heavy armor. Loading mechanism soldiers and landing them on the ground is this - you set the control to only one unit and, after this, you roll over APC. The respective symbol loading. Then click the mouse, and the division goes into the machine, and in the meantime you are ready to download the following. Same thing with the landing of infantry landing in the desired location. Only men go all at once.
- LIGHT TANK (only NOD).
Protection: Medium.
Range: Medium.
Weapons: 70-mm gun.
This highly mobile fast light tank. Equipped with a powerful tool, and strong armor, protection of the crew. In this case weighs relatively little. Tanks of this type - a great tool for both attack enemy targets and to defend their own positions and protect harvesters.
Protection: Medium.
Range: Medium.
Weapons: 120-mm gun.
With a totally killer weapon, medium tank (two hatches on the turret) firing armor-piercing projectiles. He is also very quick and razvorotliv as light tank NOD, but more sturdy and strong in destructive actions.
Detachments of medium tanks - perfect of land combat.
Protection: Medium.
Range: very large.
Weapons: ballistic missiles.
These self-propelled guns are the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of land NOD. Caliber gun is huge range of extremely high. Besides the shells are sent to target a parabola, and therefore can overcome on the way numerous obstacles.
Lack of self-propelled guns - their extreme slowness and clumsiness. Consequently, they need to be protected.
Defense: easy.
Range: big.
Weapons: 227 mm caliber rocket.
Are mobile enough mobile rocket launchers GDI. The radius of the missile firing is big enough to hit the very distant goal. Drawback - the inability to fire on nearby enemy positions. As a result - the need for good external protection.
- FLAME TANK (only NOD).
Defense: easy.
Range: Small.
Weapon: Dual flamethrower cannon.
When the battle tactics requires a complete and final destruction of the enemies, a short distance away, and with minimal to expensive, technical and human resources to the aid of flamethrower tank. Especially its effectiveness against infantry. Minus - too light armor, making this machine very vulnerable.
Defense: easy.
Range: Medium.
Weapons: missiles.
It's light armor, fast and maneuverable tank equipped with a shield LAZARUS, which makes it invisible (hence the name - the "invisible tank"). However, during the shooting board is neutralized, and the car becomes visible to the enemy. In the small tower are two launchers for firing high-power rockets. The main difficulty in the management units invisible tanks - not to lose their own field of view on the map.
Defence: heavy.
Range: Medium - large.
Weapons: two 120mm gun (APR) and two rocket launchers.
This heavily armored giant, hulking and malomanevrenny, armed with dangerous weapon, and is the source of deadly barrage of artillery and rocket fire. In combat, very resistant to any enemy weapons.
The only negative - low speed, as a consequence of the huge military weight.
Protection: Medium.
Range: not available.
Weapons: None.
This mobile construction setting allows you to choose a suitable place to build a base. When it is found, MCV becomes (after your respective teams) in CONSTRUCTION YARD, which in turn is used in the future to build on the base and outside the various buildings, structures, and so on.
Defence: heavy.
Range: not available.
Weapons: None.
This armored vehicle and collects raw Tiberium, which is then automatically (when fully loaded) ferry to the refinery REFINERY for further processing. Drawback - slowness, sluggishness and lack of any kind of weapons. However, in extreme cases, can crush enemy infantry with its huge wheels.
One of the main demands of the game - Harvester vigilantly guard from enemy attacks.
Defence: heavy.
Range: not available.
Weapons: None.
This is a heavily armored transport platforms, driven by four powerful propellers. Serve to deliver troops and equipment by sea to the place of departure.
Protection: Medium.
Range: not available.
Weapons: None.
Transport helicopter (twin-rotor) allows any airborne infantry units. This allows you to quickly deliver troops to the battlefield and remove from fire worn parts.
Defence: heavy.
Range: not available.
Weapons: None.
This four-engine heavy transport aircraft, armored vehicles Brotherhood NOD brings to the battle.
Defense: easy.
Range: big.
Weapons: rockets caliber 70 mm.
These fighters vertical takeoff and landing are four missiles in the arsenal of FANG. When you use ORCA, it flies to the target, shoot missiles, and then returns to its landing site.
Defence: heavy.
Range: big.
Weapon: napalm bombs.
These groups of jet fighter-bombers high komanevrenny and cover large areas of fire napalm bombs, destroying everything in its path
- GUNBOAT (only GDI).
Defence: heavy.
Range: big.
Weapons: missiles.
Gunboats protected heavy armor and armed with missiles "ground-to-ground." Is a powerful means of fire support of ground forces from the sea and are used to suppress well-fortified enemy positions, as well as its technical equipment and manpower (at last).


Why is this part of the article we named it that way? The fact that the mission «Command & Conquer» so different in content, that there is virtually no any global recipes, blind following that is sure to bring you good luck. Besides a computer opponent, not to mention the game against each other, there is a fairly clever and inventive, often puts you in a dead end some of his, seemingly illogical actions. Therefore, to say that such and such should be done exactly the way it is, is simply impossible.
Judge for yourself. Some missions are based primarily on the production of Tiberium, the receipt of money, the construction of new facilities, the creation of powerful technology and fresh orders for the numerical superiority over the enemy. Other jobs you control a small party, joining the course of action with a few units, and it does not have any CONSTRUCTION YARD, nor the money to build such a familiar and pleasing to the eye barracks and factories for the production of weapons. Sometimes you have to create objects, but the lack of any significant funding for this, and the key to salvation can be found in remote parts of the map in the form of gold bars ... And there is an episode where your submission is only one commando unit. And the soldier, armed with a rifle with a silencer and an infrared sight, should be moved by helicopter, unbeknownst to the enemy to land on the surface from a distance to attack the enemy at a time and go away quietly, gradually approaching the ultimate purpose of the trip - the enemy base, exploding with enemy objects and avoiding contact with the tanks ...
New paint game takes when both parties appear more powerful (compared to the first mission), and, consequently, more effective weapons, which covers large areas of the fire. This immediately makes a change in the tactics of warfare. If in the beginning of the game you can make some crowd grenade and send them to two or three large detachments throwing grenades at enemy targets, later on this wonderful way to have to give up, as the shock and fire can cover your entire squad. At a certain skill and dexterity can lure the enemy into an ambush and shoot concentrated in a particular place detachments of troops and equipment. And so on and so forth.
However, in missions where possible construction sites, there are some patterns and approximate sequence to be followed. First expand CONSTRUCTION YARD, then build a power station POWER PLANT. Then make a few barracks for reproduction infantry squads. Determine which of them will be the main PRIMARY (it will come out of the newly created division).
Then it is desirable to place units on the perimeter of the base of the imaginary, so that they were not allowed to objects enemy patrols. (A case in point is primarily about the missions, where the enemy are passive, giving you enough time on the full deployment of the base.) Then build a processing plant Tiberium, REFINERY, harvester, and appeared to know where to go for the Chiba-riumom. Therefore, you must explore the next parts of the map to locate the field with that mineral. During the harvest itself sweeper and fertile field to be careful under your protection, and on the basis you need to build a warehouse for the storage of refined Tiberium, SILO.
For better control of their surroundings, expand communication and surveillance center COMMUNICATION CENTER. In addition to the functions of radar, which we have already discussed, COMMUNICATION CENTER allows you to quickly be transported to any point on the map, if before that mark it on the radar screen. In this case, additional power required, lift station, as radar requires a lot of extra energy. At later levels, you definitely need to repair playground equipment, REPAIR FACILITY and a plant for the production of weapons, WEAPONS FACTORY (for GDI). While playing for the Fellowship must be AIRSTRIP airport to receive cargo planes.
In battle, led first by elementary laws of logic. Heavies advisable not to leave under the tanks, using them to fight even more powerful grenade, and even better, armored vehicles and missiles. Learn how to build a fence. This greatly simplifies the game. Use the gorge to set there artillery and rocket launchers. Against the enemy, passing through the canyons, it works perfectly. Marines try to deliver to the battlefield by helicopters or armored vehicles. This way you will save time and poberezhete soldiers for battle. Engineers if you have them, keep away from enemy fire, preferably at its base, it's only when there is the opportunity to capture enemy targets. Then you should start from the barracks, as they are deep in enemy territory in the vicinity of the battle. PRIMARY making captured barracks and running reproduction infantry, you'll get ready units near the site of the battle. Thus do not need to waste time on the transfer of power. To effectively combat operations increasingly use air assets - helicopters and planes. Part of the captured buildings, if they will not fundamentally need to sell to get extra money. If the funds are sorely lacking, as a last resort look at the map gold bars, which are (very rare) you can add the missing loans for the construction or improvement of the troops.
Beware of civilians of all kinds. They can, often sympathizing you build various intrigues and significantly impede your progress to victory.
Do not neglect the input commands from the keyboard. They are very distinctive and will help you to complicate the life of the enemy.
And often keep successfully evolving game. This will prevent you from repeated replays.
As for the difficulty of passing the mission, perhaps in playing for the Brotherhood to win less likely, since the balance of power "by default" still on the side of the GDI. But, again, only in our opinion ...
Game «Command & Conquer» can talk indefinitely. We advise you to get this program to yourself personally evaluate all its undeniable merits.