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Command & Conquer (PS1)

Command and Conquer, C&C PSX
Genre: Strategy / Tactics
Perspective: Top-down
Pacing: Real-Time
Interface: Multiple Units / Characters Control, Point and Select
Setting: Africa, Europe, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: War
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Westwood Studios
Released: 1997
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), SEGA Saturn, DOS, Nintendo 64 (N64)

After the huge success of the PC version, this great military strategy came on the PlayStation. You can choose one of the two armies to be commanded, and this choice leads in fact to two different games (the game is located on two CDs). Playing for the Global Defense Initiative (GDI), you will face violent battles in Northern Europe, where the main strategic goal is to protect civilians. At the head of another army - Brotherhood of NOD - you will have to lead a protracted military action in the far east, and so here your dashing guys will have the opportunity, how to turn around. But to achieve success in the game, the ability to simply conduct military operations is not enough.

First, we need to conduct military construction. You must rebuild and equip your base and headquarters with everything you need. We should start with a mobile construction base; then it is necessary to build an energy installation that provides electricity. Next you will need barracks. Then, when you already have the necessary means to attack the enemies and defend yourself, you will be able to establish a choice of weapons and military equipment, as well as establish subsidiary industries in order to have a permanent income.

Secondly, to complete all tasks, you will not only have to work with your fingers on the controller, but also carefully plan the plan for each battle. It is necessary to outwit the enemy and prevent the supply of arms and military equipment from being disrupted for your armies.

Some time you will have mastered the management system. Perhaps, at first it will seem to you that the controller executes commands more slowly than the mouse (on which the control was concentrated in the PC version), but very soon you will remember the abbreviated manipulations of the basic operations, and, in addition, if desired, you can change the configuration conveniently you way.


  • The working title of the game was Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn.
  • In the version of the game for PC Command & Conquer there was an advertisement with the screen "Previous High Scores" with portraits of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, etc. Advertising was comic and implied the best results of politicians (in the understanding of the dictator) of the past as players in C & C. Everything would be fine, but the then-French President Jacques Chirac also got into the portrait gallery. The reaction of Chirac is unknown.
  • Not only Russian pirates added screenshots from versions of games for more advanced platforms (for example, for PCs) on the covers of their editions. The cover of the official edition of Command & Conquer for PlayStation also contains screenshots from the PC game version or beta version of the game, which had better graphics than the final release.


  • Minigun Infantry - These are peculiar pawns in your game, if you compare it with chess.
  • Grenade Infantry - If we compare the game with the checkers, then it's "ladies".
  • Rocket Infantry - A very formidable unit, whose fighters are armed with rocket launchers.
  • Flamethrower Infantry - Desperate guys, withering all in their path.
  • Commandos - Their name speaks for itself.
  • Engineer - Can set up an excellent shelter in a matter of minutes.

Military equipment

  • Humm - Vee - A small fast jeep, an ideal vehicle for reconnaissance in enemy territory.
  • Dune Buggy - Irreplaceable mobile means when you have to operate on a rough and dirty terrain; can also be used for hidden attacks to the enemy base area.
  • Assault Cycle - It's, oddly enough, a bicycle equipped with a rocket launcher.
  • Stealth Tank - A fighting machine that can move stealthily; Shoots shells.
  • Construction Vehicle - This is a mobile construction base, the center of any military base; with its help you can conduct additional construction.
  • MIAI Abrams - The armored vehicle most widely used in the army; a successful combination of high speed and impressive firepower.
  • APC - A mobile means for delivering fighters to the battlefield.
  • Mobile Artillery - A ranged weapon that also affects enemy tanks.
  • Piradon Flame Tank - Flamethrower, an effective weapon against enemy infantry; works though slowly, but it is true.
  • MLRS - Looks pretty flaccid in appearance, however, it inflicts the strongest fire blows and is indispensable in many situations.
  • X66 Mammoth Tank - Monster tank, super-heavy and powerful technique; armed with missiles and cannons of dual-use, so that jokes with him are bad.
  • M2 - F Bradley - Light tank from the army NOD, armed with only a small machine gun.


  • To find out the location of enemy positions in an unknown territory, send the infantry for reconnaissance to the farthest corners.
  • In order not to be a victim of deadly laser towers, listen to the noise of the charging lasers (it's just them that gives out!), And as soon as you hear these sounds, pull it off all the way. Otherwise, you will lose soldiers and cars. "The enemy infantry is very dangerous, and it's hard to get over it." So, if you are led by sniper fire, it's best just to crush it with a transporter.
  • At the start of each mission, you need to do two important things, depending on the type of mission. First of all, it is necessary to use the most high-speed machines in military operations to quickly reconnoiter the area near the start. At the same time, choose an excellent position for your MCV, which will allow you to learn about possible enemy attacks in a timely manner. The fastest cars, of course, have the thinnest armor, so if you stumble upon the enemy, immediately drape from all legs, otherwise the pipe.
  • When you carry out a reconnaissance and reconnoitre the territory, it's time to consider placing your MCV. It is best to place them (like the base) somewhere in the corner of the map, since in this case the enemy can attack only from two sides. If there is no suitable "corner", place the base closer to any border of the map or on the edge of the slope to protect at least the rear.
  • The most important task (after choosing a place for MCV) is to build a power station, barracks and a Tiberium factory. It is imperative to build infantry units and machines. All production is best placed around the base, so it will be easier to protect them from the enemy. And do not forget that in the game a good defense is as important as a successful attack.
  • If there is no MCV on the next mission, it is necessary to immediately place the buildings and combat units in a safe place. In caves, under the cover of mountains, cliffs, slopes, as well as in the corners and on the borders of the map. Then use your "free" warheads to discover the enemy base or the main mission objective (well, like "cannon fodder"). they will gradually flood their enemies with their blood and "open" the map.
  • In most missions, you have to attack an enemy base with limited military resources, so you will figure out how to hack the enemy's defense only after several unsuccessful attempts. Do not worry, this is normal. Nevertheless, we will offer at your discretion several tactical schemes that will work effectively. "First, do not send forward the infantry, because the enemy has well-targeted artillery and sweeps entire battalions with one volley. Send forward tanks and other assault vehicles, punch holes in the defense, and only then you can send the infantry. Always keep a small reserve, because the attack can be drowned in a separate area, and timely reinforcement can decide the outcome of the battle.
  • You can send half of your army to attack one flank of the base, and let them storm his moment. Then send the second part to attack the base from the rear or from the other flank. The enemy may not notice this or not have time to rebuild their ranks, and you will break into the base.
  • When they attack your base, it is necessary to decide on which combat units to build. You can build a lot of tanks, but they alone are not enough either for defense or for attack. Orea helicopters are great when attacking trains with ore from Tiberium, but missile-bearing enemy combat weapons will destroy them easily. Infantry, although it is quite easy to destroy, is very useful in various combat situations, and especially in defense. To build a lot of grenadiers and miniguners is very useful, but they are good when attacked under the cover of tanks. You can send a "sea" of infantry to master the base at any cost. But this tactic did not justify itself in the war with Germany. In general, it is necessary to think.
  • Tanks are good not only to break through enemy defenses, destroy fortifications and combat equipment, but also to destroy infantry. We need to send the tank to the infantry of the enemy and press it with caterpillars, like worms, without a single shot. Moreover, tank guns are very slowly recharged and are safe for infantry.
  • In the later missions you will have the opportunity to build a number of expensive and powerful structures, but they are worth it, so take this opportunity. So, SAM is very good against any attacks from the air, no one will break through. And when you fight for NOD, you can build a laser tower - and this is the most powerful and effective weapon against ground equipment and structures.
  • Do not underestimate the role of engineers, they penetrate into enemy buildings and seize them. So one should not destroy everything thoughtlessly (like peasants during a riot). It is better to send to all buildings and structures of their engineers (as soon as the defenses of the enemy appear gaps), and these structures will be yours. Agree, it is more profitable and more reasonable. Once buildings are captured, they will change color (to your), and you can use them for their intended purpose. You can build on them what you need, expand your base, or you can just sell.
  • Build a Repair Shop first and place the machine there to sell it.
  • To steal enemy vehicles or helicopters, send your engineers to take enemy transport vehicles or a helicopter, while they are still unoccupied. If the engineers enter an already occupied helicopter or transport, they will inevitably be killed.
  • To capture enemy buildings, you must send an engineer to the building that you intend to capture. At the same time, your units should be nearby to repel enemy attacks, as the enemy will certainly try to repel or destroy captured buildings.
  • To build twice as fast your vehicles and combat units, first of all, you need to build barracks (Barracks) or Hand of NOD. It's quite expensive, so you need to have a certain amount of money. To build machines faster, build another plant (Manufacturing Plant). It is also quite expensive, but it does not work cheap, so this truth will have to be learned. Perhaps, it will be a little cheaper if you capture an enemy plant Manufacturing Plant / Barracks / Hand of NOD.
  • Minigunners are available already in the very first missions for the armies GDI and Nod. But, for example, the option Temple of Nod is only available when playing for the army Nod and only in the last mission.
  • Infantry, when lying on the ground, receive half the damage. They immediately fall on the belly, when they are opened fire, and further advance crawling. At the same time, the speed of movement decreases twofold.
  • Try to move as much as possible, maneuver, the enemy is much harder to get into the mobile target.