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The Daedalus Encounter (3DO)

The Daedalus Encounter 3DO
Before swap CD, save state to file, next CD, upload save state file, restart emulator.
Genre: Adventure
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Puzzle-solving
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Developed by: Mechadeus
Released: 1995
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Windows 3.1

The Daedalus Encounter for 3DO belongs to the genre of interactive video. The plot of the game begins in 2135 just in the last days of the First Interstellar War. We have to play for the first class Cassie O'Bannon, who is on board the spacecraft TAS Interceptor Talon with two partners. You serve with two fellow pilots, Lieutenant Eriel Mathewson and a co-pilot and a board engineer - Authorized Officer Zach Smith. You are carrying out patrols around the star Phalanx Prime, the planet Beta Trianguli VI. Suddenly Vakar spacecraft jump out of hyperspace. After the bailout and the encounter with the wreck of the spacecraft, it was the last thing you remembered. You were badly hit and saved only by Casey's brain, which was placed in a special device capable of controlling the ship and performing other tasks. A great game, filled with humor and a good game of actors. In the game you have to make the right decisions to solve various puzzles. The game features a full FMV video on the whole screen

Menu Screen Codes

Enter these codes at the menu screen:
Hold LS + RS + X and press A All But One Orb
Hold LS + RS + X and press B All Patterns Available (under Data function)
Hold LS + RS + X and press C All scenes (use Jump To option from menu screen)


After answering "Yes", you start the game.
On the training mission you can get acquainted with the management system. After starting the "test", proceed in the following order: Startup, Diagnostics, Deploy. To explore something, choose Analysis.
Find yourself in front of the door, shoot at the blue sensor at the top. Turn on the light ("Floodlight").
When your ship sinks into darkness during the expedition, select "Diagnostics" and start solving the Artemis puzzle - you need to restore the broken chains.
Having found out a hole in the ship of aliens (red door A), get inside, turn on the searchlight, use "Analysis" and "Multilight control". In a room with cocoons, use the green arrows to conduct a study.
First Casey flies to the far half of the room. Fly back to the front half, turn to the right and point the laser at the bottom right of the three cocoons. The enemy's most vulnerable place is a luminous spot on the head, aim at it with a laser. To take the ball, use "Graple - arm". If you did not find the ball, do not lie and honestly answer "No".
The yellow door B, as Analysis shows, reacts to light. Select the yellow color with "Multilight". In the proposed puzzle, you need to expand the shapes so that closed lines form in the center.
Observe the dome with any color. To solve a solar puzzle, make all six circles yellow.
Shooting in the Krin (you need to beat a dozen), do not get into your friends.
To close the dome, any color is suitable. Then use the diagnostics - "Diagnostics".
In the next puzzle you need to close all the contacts. Time is limited.
In the puzzle on the blue door C, it is necessary that there are no gray triangles in the central hexagon that are obtained when the figures intersect.
For the failed Zak, follow the bottom, apply "Thrust control", keeping the indicator pointer in the center position, closer to overheating.
The statue reacts to the color. In a puzzle, only one of the five planets is not subject to control - it affects the position of other planets. It is necessary to cause a solar eclipse.
To get the ball that the statue holds, use the blue door color sequence.
Behind the orange door, D is a ball and a claw. In a puzzle with rotating figures, freezing 3D shapes, find flat projections for them.
To the holder in the form of a flower, pass the sequence of colors of the door D, take the ball ("Grapple - arm").
In the puzzle on the green door E, you need to connect points of the same color. Before entering the dark tunnel, turn around and collect the ball. In the tunnel, turn on the searchlight and fly forward, forward, left, forward. Go forward to the mountain, left, forward, left, forward, left, forward, right, forward.
Purple door F offers you a game in which, putting the wand, you need to close the opponent's ring of four or more strokes.
On each of the seven pillars - two murals. For frescoes of the 1st pillar, use green and blue, for 2 - orange and red, for 3 - purple and blue, for 3 - purple and blue, for 4 - red and yellow, for 5 - red and blue, for 6 - orange and yellow, for 7 - red and yellow. You can only exit from the first fresco.
To save the assistant, enter the door code F. within ten seconds.
Behind the door A, rotating groups of triangles of three colors, you need to achieve the same location as on the sample.
Behind door B, entering her code, you need to get the missing ball. There is only a three-fingered hand (behind door D).
Red color will lower the lasers below. The blue color will prepare them for work. Now make three cuts using orange, yellow and purple colors. Do not use a green color.
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