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Battletoads / Double Dragon (NES)

Battletoads Double Dragon Nintendo
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Beat 'em up, Martial Arts, Platform
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Tradewest
Developed by: Rare
Released: 1993

This project is a fusion of two great games (respectively Battletoads and Double Dragon). The result is an explosive cocktail, which has absorbed the best and worst rule. Here you can select one of five players familiar. Excellent gameplay blows his head. The game is not so nice, how much fun to play. It keeps for a long time beside him any gamer. What did not know how to do the main characters (climb ladders, climb along the cliffs, climb a lattice performances in the walls). During battles, you can use a variety of weapons, which are sufficient. Game speed is a middle ground and gets a gamer like a toy car. The game world is very nicely made, showing the strengths of the NES. Levels are striking in their originality. Player models are made very high quality. In addition to familiar characters, as you can see no less known enemies, who met in the games Battletoads and Double Dragon. In general, the game is bright and exciting. She obviously left a fat trail among the best games for the NES.


  1. At this level, certain difficulties will arise in the struggle with the mechanical arms and thug. To the latter, kick your feet with a running start. Use a super blow when mechanical hands stick to the deck.
  2. Especial danger is represented by the guards of the elevators, throwing charges of dynamite. Intercept the charge and throw it into the open door of the guards' room (three to five times).
  3. Obstacles to this stage are hydraulic presses. They can be outwitted: go ahead and immediately bounce back. Going down the lasso and pressing against the wall, you can turn into "turntables": clicking the joystick in the direction of the wall and immediately pushing away from the wall (B). "Turntables" starts spinning, destroying enemies around them. Disk saws appear only from one edge of the abyss, so get down from the opposite edge of the abyss.
  4. In order to destroy the space ship, it is necessary to shoot at its guns, consisting of several parts.
  5. Ninja jumps out from behind the ledges as soon as you approach. Try to go on top to avoid holes in the bottom of the ship. The laser beams produced by the dragon fly in a certain order.
  6. When you reach the lid on the floor, accept the battle with the iron knight. When overcoming electrical charges, do not touch them. In the final you will face a decisive battle with the Black Queen.