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Alien 3 (SEGA)

Alien 3 SEGA Genesis
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Narrative: Horror
Published by: Arena Entertainment
Developed by: Probe Software Ltd.
Released: 1992

Another series of militant confrontation Ripley of the Alien. On the SNES game it looks better and somehow meaningful. Here, everything is easier - saving people from nasty aliens for a limited amount of time. To eliminate the enemy forces indomitable Ripley uses different kinds of weapons - a flamethrower, machine guns, grenades, grenade launcher. Set enough to a stranger had hard times. Single player, three levels of difficulty.


  • Use the stairs for safer crack down on monsters.
  • On the second level, in contrast to the first, you do not need to release prisoners, and as soon as possible to find a way out of the maze.
  • In the third stage immediately go down to the floor below - there you will find just the two hostages.
  • When fighting with the bosses, constantly jump and palite grenade, even if the monster disappeared off the screen.
  • If in the fourth level jump into the ventilation shaft, you can find a short road to the end of the stage.
  • At the far end of the corridor station at the fifth stage in the wall there is a secret passage that will lead you to additional ammunition and energy.

Game Genie cheats

  1. AJBT-AAEY  Start at stage 2 instead of stage 1
  2. ANBT-AAEY  Start at stage 3
  3. ATBT-AAEY  Start at guardian level after stage 3
  4. AYBT-AAEY  Start at stage 4
  5. A2BT-AAEY  Start at stage 5
  6. A6BT-AAEY  Start at stage 6
  7. BABT-AAEY  Start at guardian level after stage 6
  8. BEBT-AAEY  Start at stage 7
  9. BJBT-AAEY  Start at stage 8
  10. BNBT-AAEY  Start at stage 9
  11. BTBT-AAEY  Start at guardian level after stage 9
  12. BYBT-AAEY  Start at stage 10
  13. B2BT-AAEY  Start at stage 11
  14. B6BT-AAEY  Start at stage 12
  15. CABT-AAEY  Start at guardian level after stage 12
  16. CEBT-AAEY  Start at stage 13
  17. CJBT-AAEY  Start at stage 14
  18. CNBT-AAEY  Start at stage 15
  19. CTBT-AAEY  Start at guardian level after stage 15
  20. AJNA-EA3R  Infinite ammo for machine gun
  21. AJMA-EA7C  Infinite fuel for flame-thrower
  22. AJJT-EA2J  Infinite ammo for grenade launcher
  23. AJKA-EA88  Infinite hand grenades
  24. M42A-CAG0  Machine gun recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
  25. NC2A-CAHY  Flame-thrower recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
  26. NL2T-CAAW  Grenade launcher recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
  27. NW2T-CABT  Hand grenade recharge pick-up reloads to capacity
  28. RG2T-C6W4  First-aid pick-up restores energy gauge to capacity
  29. AMDA-CA4J  Long falls do not reduce energy
  30. ADEA-CAGJ  Falls into turbine fans do not reduce energy
  31. AJFT-AA66  Never lose radar
  32. A2EA-AA8R  Infinite lives
  33. 5DXA-D93N  Ripley jumps higher
  34. YDXA-D93N  Ripley jumps much higher
Alien 3 SEGA start-end screens