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Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Super Mario Bros NES
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Published by: Nintendo of America Inc.
Developed by: Nintendo, Systems Research & Development
Released: 1985

One of the most popular games on the NES console! The game will serve as the starting point of a new franchise about Mario, although Mario appeared in the games long before this one.
The plot of the game is simple (as in principle and in most games with Mario) - to save the Princess, who was captured by the king of the Mushroom Kingdom Bowser.
On the way to your goal will come across many interesting enemies - Kupa turtles, Gumba mushrooms, Spini porcupines, etc. They can be neutralized by jumping on top of them, though not at all necessary (you cannot jump on porcupines, you know). In addition to the jump attack, there is also a fireball attack, but it appears if you pick up a certain amount of bonuses. In total, the game has eight worlds with four levels in each.
The game has long been the best-selling game after Tetris. So to play it, if you have not played it yet, it is just necessary.

The most interesting cheats and secrets of Super Mario

  • The world's 1-2 at the end of the level you can climb above the ceiling, and find three pots, each of which is a teleporter in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively worlds;
  • Collected every hundred coins, Mario gives one life;
  • In the world at the end of 4-1 in front of a flag is brick, from which you can fill a lot of coins;
  • At the end of levels with check boxes (this is the first level of each of the new world) before the jump can be accelerated and thus jump on the box above, thereby cutting down more points;
  • In the world after falling 4-2 steps of the first level you can knock out the plant, which will take you to the secret room. To get to the plant, jump under the top three cubes. There will be an invisible brick, on which you can climb.
  • At the end of a secret room in the world 4-2 you will find another three teleports in levels 6-8;
  • In the world can be run through 8-1 small holes in the ground, clutching b, and clicking "forward" like a normal acceleration.

Practice, useful skill

  • If you jump on the box at the end of the level, you get more than the number of points in your honor will be given to a small fireworks;
  • In some pipes can climb. They are secret rooms with bonuses.
Of course, it's not all the secrets and cheats Super Mario, but this part is enough to try to break the record for the rapid passage of this wonderful game.