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The Need for Speed (DOS)

The Need for Speed DOS
Genre: Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade
Interface: Direct Control
Vehicular: Automobile, Street racing, Vehicle simulator
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts Canada, Pioneer Productions
Released: 1995
NFS DOS control keys
Warrior has a very high speed, rapid acceleration and easy handling.
In addition to these race cars in the game there are regular cars - computer-controlled cars, moving at a slow speed on the roads. In a separate class of conventional machines can be distinguished police cars that monitor compliance with speed limits and traffic on the road.


In the game there are 2 types of tracks - and the ring road (in the version for the 3DO was attended only by road).


The Need for Speed DOS videoRoad - it is not closed route, consisting of three segments. The complexity of the segments increases as you progress through the road. Recorded as records of individual segments of the passage of time and the passage across the road (as the sum of the time segments)


Speed line passing through the metropolis, bounded by high walls. When you select a game mode Head to head regular cars moving in the same direction with the player in all segments of the road.


The scenic route passing through the coastline, beaches, forests. The track is bounded on one side of the mountain range and on the other - by the sea.


The mountain route, the first segment - the roads that pass near the farms and in the forest. The second segment - the roads in the mountain gorges and bridges. The third segment - the snow-covered national park "Golden Horn" control of the car in this segment is difficult glide over the snow on the roadside. With the code, you can enter the street "fill" ice.


Ring roads are closed track to complete the race must go through a certain number of laps. For short lines 4, 8 or 16 rounds, for longer runs - 2, 6 or 12 laps. The number of laps is selected in the track.The Need for Speed 3DO logo
Rusty Springs. A small trail in the desert, almost oval in shape with a sharp bend, which allows her to be one of the fastest in the game. With the introduction of a special code to track changes Rally Dirt Track, which changes the track with asphalt coating on the sand and physics behavior of the machine - it becomes a "rally", when turning the machine easier to get into a skid.
Autumn Valley. Special Raceway containing bizarre twists, in both the horizontal and vertical plane. The track is surrounded by trees with autumn foliage, because of which it gets its name.
Vertigo Ridge. Alpine trail, passing which the player can see the mountain passes, forests and waterfalls. One of the most demanding tracks in the game.

Bonus ring

Lost Vegas. Special futuristic track contains sections running between buildings and casinos with burning barrels on the edges of the road. The only night track in the game. This route can be obtained only after the victory in the tournament.

Table of records

For each of the tracks are stored and updated table of records. For roads remain the top 10 results of passage throughout the route, as well as the best time for each segment. For circular routes remain the top 10 results of passage of the track and the best lap time.


For the normal version of the game connection is provided through a null modem cable or modem, and the need to select the type and number of the modem to dial out. Any connection can participate in races two players, both in the Head to head, and in the mode Single Race.
For the version of the game Special Edition, except for networking opportunities that are available in the regular version of the game (only for Windows-based version) is present connection through the IPX protocol, which allows to connect up to eight players on a local area network.

Video and Music

In-game video filmed using real cars and then digitized. A total of 12 video game: 3 admission (randomly selected when you start the game), 8 clips, representing cars games, and 1 video dedicated to the creators TNFS. In-game movies can not be played on modern computers.
The music tracks for the game were created by composers Jeff Dyck and Saki Kaskas. Musical themes of the game are written in the style of techno and rock. Just a game has 15 songs (the music is only in the special edition).

Interesting Facts

  • Replay. During the race, and after it is able to view the race replay. When browsing, you can change view - of the car, behind the car, on the opponent, with bumper cars, browsing speed - in real time, with a slowing of time in half and quarter. Press the scroll button is easy to get to any place race replay can also be written to disk (possibly only in the SE version, it came out for PC only).
  • Highlight reel. After the end of the race, you can view the best moments of the race - will be automatically selected some of the most interesting episodes of the last race and displayed with the most spectacular camera angles, automatically changes as the repeat rate. However, the highlight reel mode tends to be a spectacular touch, and collisions, and if you go race "cleanly", without excesses, the computer will choose not anything.
  • The game has the data about the machines - general (including the cost of the car), features (including speed, acceleration performance, manageability), on the mechanics (including the characteristics of the engine, transmission and suspension), historical information (including photos and date of production of the most famous models of the firm) and the digitized video with each of the cars.
  • The game can go together with conventional machines, this is only possible when playing in Head to Head mode on the roads.
  • The game features the police, but only on the roads and only in Head to Head. The approximation of a police car radar signals mounted in the car. If the police stop the player, then the first time he gets a 'penalty' in 5 seconds (gives Speeding; rarely Warning, if hurt the car, but not over the speed limit. Second arrest in the same area causes the end of the race. Police can stop players provided that the machine is completely in front of the police car player, the player with the car slowly loses speed down to zero. machine If the player was in an accident and / or overturned, then stationed near the police car and "disappear" from the scene of the accident and arrest the machine while it accelerates does not occur. As for the 3DO version of the passage of roads have 4 cars, and given a bonus, if you go the first half site faster time control (calculated so that the only possible without crashing).
  • In the game there is only one track, the race which takes place at night - it's Lost Vegas (bonus track). Racing on the other routes are held in the daytime. In the morning and evening NFS trails can be created by copying daily runs, renaming them. In TNFS SE ability to change the time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) is included in the route menu.
  • Because of the track Lost Vegas is a great mountain, sliding down with it, you can accelerate to a speed much higher than the maximum speed of the machine.
  • In the version for the 3DO can be accelerated by 20-30% by entering the machine code, which requires three sticks. The mode is to reboot. Scores are not recorded.
  • If the Control Central hover over the title The Need for Speed ​​at the top of the screen, and then select Credits, then clicking the left mouse button on the fourth screen of the creators of the game you can see the group photo of personnel Electronic Arts Canada. In the lower right corner will be written greetings and special codes for the game (given the victory in the tournament). In The Need for Speed Special Edition Group screen is missing.


The British magazine PC Power praised DOS-version at 95%, positively assessed the management of vehicles, graphics and overall performance, but criticized the hardware and sound. Jim Wagner of GameSpot rated the game 8.3 «Great» and said:
With its wonderful attention to detail, exotic clear design and simple gameplay, this game - the true winner. Simply put, The Need for Speed ​​- it's no worse than having a sports car in the garage at the cost of $ 200,000!

The Need for Speed ​​Special Edition

Released a year later than the release of the main game a special edition of the game. The main change Special Edition - reworked physics of the game in the direction of greater realism. Other changes in TNFS Special Edition compared to TNFS relate to the following aspects of the game: enabled protocol IPX (for Windows 95) - the ability to play on a local network up to 8 players, added two new tracks - Burnt Sienna and Transtropolis, retakes in-game videos, refined menu game. Special Edition version released only on CD-ROM and now supports Windows 95, respectively, the opportunity to support DirectX 2.0. Loyalty machine Warrior, available in the regular version only after entering a special code in the SE version is available (after winning the tournament) from the game menu.