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The Need for Speed (3DO)

Road and Track Presents: The Need for Speed, NFS 3DO
Genre: Racing / Driving
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view
Gameplay: Arcade, Vehicle Simulator
Vehicular: Automobile, Street Racing
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Electronic Arts Canada, Pioneer Productions
Released: 1994
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, PlayStation (PSX, PS1)SEGA Saturn, DOS

The Need For Speed series - now a game that does not pass unnoticed, neon, tuning, girls and chic. Every year, 1-2 parts of the game are stamped, new tracks, new labels and sloumouds appear. But once the game Need For Speed was a real revolution - jump forward for a whole generation. There were no night races, no vinyl, no tuning. What has turned the first part of the game into a real cult, which to this day no one can surpass, even the series itself?
Need For Speed ​​was a risky game that came out on the same risky platform - 3DO. The game invested a lot of money, receiving licenses for only 8 cars. And nevertheless, the game became the standard and looking at the new modern series of this game - you can not help wondering why the developers have simplified everything and are approaching the creation of games so poorly.
So, the arms race - Need For Speed comes out first of all on 3DO, then on PC and Sony Playstation.
In order not to be unfounded - we proceed to a detailed consideration of all the features and aspects of racing on expensive cars.


The game only 8 (eight) cars. Cars without any lotions and nakleachek. Simple such cars - legends in the face:
  • Ferrari 512TR
  • Lamborghini Diablo VT
  • Porsche 911 Carrera
  • Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
  • Dodge Viper RT / 10
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Acura NSX
  • Toyota Supra Turbo
Each car is worked out to the smallest detail, if you switch to the "view from the salon" mode - then you see the real steering wheel, the real instrument panel used on this machine; you hear the sound of an engine that was recorded from a real machine, and not taken in a database to develop games.

Road and Track

In the game only 2 (two) modes - race with an opponent and a race against time. Yes yes - the game can not be chased with a bunch of machines, and why is it necessary if the main thing is to come first or lose it? Your opponent - a professional and his coolness will depend only on the machine - yours and him. The game does not have a difficulty level - it's a car simulator in which you have to win at any cost. On the choice you are given only 3 routes, huge and worked up to the smallest details. Each route is divided into 3 segments - if you won the first segment - go to the second. If you lose on the second - go to the third. The length of the route compensates for the number of trails - and the thoroughness of each route - more than compensates for everything else. All the environment and space on the tracks is built by the method of multilayer imposition of sprite textures, digitized from real landscapes, real machines and animals standing on the sidelines, and despite the low resolution of the game - the surrounding environment is perceived to be more impressive than modern games - The roadside of the deer, the signs on which are most likely written speed limit, unknown to real machines, and the forest is really thick and saturated.
The gameplay itself is very different from modern races - as such there is no speed in the game - the races take place on the routes loaded with traffic as in real life - you will not only have to press the gas and drive at the maximum speed - you have to maneuver, brake to not get into the counter Minibus, drags with a minimum speed, trying to overtake a jeep that respects the rules of the road.
A special headache will be added by policemen on powerful cars. Be sure - if they catch up with you - you will be overwhelmed by the game, and get a fine, the amount of which is of course limited - the police will simply throw you behind bars, and your rival will come first. Of course, not everything is so sad and you can be cunning - after all, there is an anti-radar in the car - and before the patrol you can drop the speed to a limited speed on the given site - the policeman's radar has slipped by - we are boldly gaining speed. Time does not really lose - and on the tail will not be black and white matnies in the form of cautious guards of order. Really the gameplay resembles a country trip is not it?

Physics and how it control

An amazing feature of the 3DO version of the game is physics. Despite the fact that the game came out on the console and not the PC - only the 3DO version is considered "Physically correct". Indeed - the developers have approached the development of physics and the behavior of cars on the road very painstakingly - the machine behaves the way - as it should behave. It is enough to read the characteristics of the machine in real life and you can check them in the game. Perhaps now no one draws attention to the fact that the "pumped" Volkswagen in the next "Underground" is gaining 250 km in 5 seconds - but then it would look ridiculous. If you choose Lamborghini - it will not be a super-duper machine that will win for you race - it will be a real all-wheel drive car, heavy on overclocking and sensitive in handling, it will be hard for you to ride a sports car in the general flow of cars, then overtaking, Traffic jams. And if you choose a heavy Tayota Supra, then it will be a powerful machine extremely difficult to operate on winding roads. The behavior of the machines is always adequate and you do not have to wait for the impossible from them - you can accelerate the Lamborghini to 202 miles per hour and even more on the city road, but you really will feel the speed of the real and real danger of such a speed when even such a machine becomes uncontrollable.

The difference from the PC version, Playstation and Saturn

The 3DO version of the little-minded people is considered "stripped down", but it's a bit wrong. 3DO version - the most developed physically. Only the next year the game was ported to the PC, and then to the Playstation, in which the ring tracks, concocted in haste, were added, the possibility of a race with 7 opponents (with which the first contender is programmed as before, so the 6 others are a bunch of mindless bots).
With such changes, the developers for some unknown reason changed the physics, simplifying it to an arcade, the machines began to behave like a log, and on the roads where it was possible to develop a great speed, you could shalt and turn the steering wheel aside to avoid a coup when entering the wall or bardry.
Also in 3DO version there are some amazing codes - however difficult for implementation - many of them are entered even on 3 joysticks! Such codes allow you to ride a scooter, go for a drive in the winter, increase the capacity of the car by 30%, and also the machine toss code, during which the machines around you fly 10 meters from the ground and crash to the ground.


The game, released in 1994 on 3DO made a sensation, the developers approached with love to the machines in the game - this is a real cult of cars, which in the next series of games simply forgot, and only in 2000 again came out a similar game (Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed) , In which the physics and detailing of the machines was at the proper level. The first Need For Speed has remained the lot of people who appreciate the speed and machines, and know the sense of speed - as far as it can be serious.