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The Lost Vikings (DOS)

The Lost Vikings DOS
Press ENTER key on Protection screen.
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Setting: Fantasy, Sci-fi / futuristic
Narrative: Comedy
Published by: Interplay Productions
Developed by: Silicon & Synapse
Released: 1993

Three Vikings accidentally found themselves on an alien spaceship. And you are entrusted with the task of returning them to their native lands.

The gameplay is best suited to the definition of an arcade / puzzle platforming game. The task of each level is to bring all three characters alive to the exit. To achieve this goal requires extraordinary coordination and intuition to use the various abilities unique to each of the three Vikings. Eric can jump, run fast and knock his head through brick walls. Olaf carries with him a huge shield, which, in addition to protecting against blows, he can use as a parachute or lift one of his comrades on it. Baleog can shoot a bow and swing a sword dashingly. The bow, in addition to killing opponents, can also be used to switch distant levers. You will have to use the trinity as one team if you intend to make your way through the ever-increasing difficulty of levels and puzzles.

Fortunately, not everyone in the environment is hostile to the Vikings. Buttons with prompts, scattered across the levels, sometimes help to get out of the most insoluble, at first glance, situations. Each Viking has a health bar that shrinks when damaged, and can be restored by collecting and eating fruits scattered throughout the levels.

Puzzles don't have a single correct solution. You can, hiding behind Olaf's shield, shoot enemies with a bow, or you can just jump over them with fast-footed Eric, hoping that the aliens will not send him a couple of shots after him.


  1. ----
  2. TLPT
  3. GRND
  4. LLMO
  5. FLOT
  6. TRSS
  7. PRHS
  8. CVRN
  9. BBLS
  10. TR33
  11. VLCN
  12. QCKS
  13. PHR0
  14. CIR0
  15. SPKS
  16. JMNN
  17. SNDS
  18. TMPL
  19. TTRS
  20. JLLY
  21. PLNG
  22. BTRY
  23. JNKR
  24. RVTS
  25. CBLT
  26. HOPP
  27. SMRT
  28. V8TR
  29. NFL8
  30. WK99
  31. CMB0
  32. 8BLL
  33. TRDR
  34. FNTM
  35. WRLR
  36. PDDY
  37. TRPD
  38. TFFF
  39. FRGT
  40. 4RN4
  41. MSTR