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Sunset Riders (Arcade)

Sunset Riders Arcade Machine
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Shooter
Setting: Western
Published by: Konami Co.
Developed by: Konami Co.
Released: 1991

The game tells about 4 bounty hunters looking for and eliminating dangerous criminals for a reward. During the plot, they kill criminals in a sequence of cost, from the lowest to the most expensive. At the beginning of each level, a poster with a photo of the wanted person, a reward for capturing and the words "Wanted: Dead or Alive!" Is shown.


The player can play as 4 bounty hunters (cowboys). Steve and Billy are armed with revolvers (fast weapons), Bob and Cormano - shotguns (scatter weapons).

Control is carried out using a joystick in 8 directions for moving and aiming and 2 buttons for shooting and jumping. The weapon has unlimited ammunition. The player can shoot up or forward when he is standing or walking; forward, up, or diagonally downward when jumping; and only forward when sitting. By holding the joystick up or down and pressing the jump, you can move up or down a level (where possible). At the upper levels, the player can shoot downward (vertically or diagonally).

There are 2 bonuses in the game in the form of sheriff's badges: a silver badge gives the player a second weapon - now it is possible to shoot simultaneously in 2 directions; the gold badge gives the player the opportunity to constantly shoot by simply holding down the fire button (without a bonus, the player can shoot in burst only by constantly pressing the button). These bonuses can be used together. The other 2 bonuses - a handful of gold dust and fried chicken - give the player extra points. These bonuses can either just lie in a certain place, or drop from a killed criminal with a bag, or can be obtained after visiting some buildings (the player must click up to enter). Some opponents use dynamite against the player, which can be picked up and thrown. The player's character dies immediately, having received any damage from the enemy (bullet, blow or explosion).

The game consists of 8 levels. To complete the level, you need to defeat the boss, which is at the end of each level. If a player plays alone, then he will receive the full reward for capturing the criminal, if there are several players, then everyone receives such a percentage of the reward, what percentage of the damage they inflicted on the boss. There are rounds in which the player rides a horse, as well as bonus rounds with a first-person view, where you have to kill enemies that appear in 8 directions.


  1. Simon Greedwell. Greedy for money rancher. He is also the thief responsible for stealing cattle. Valued by justice at $ 10,000. Armed with a gun, stands on the balcony, behind a barricade of two barrels. Has at the disposal of 26 bandits-assistants. Bounty hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano travel to Simon's ranch. They deal with minions and bulls before reaching Simon. Before the fight starts, Simon says: "It's time to pay." A fight ensues, during which Simon falls from the balcony and, having uttered the phrase "Bury me with my money," dies. The main characters take their reward.
  2. Hawkeye Hank Hatfield. A bandit, as well as a master of fast duels, estimated by justice at $ 20,000. Armed with a revolver, sits behind the boxes, getting out in order to shoot. He has 11 assistant bandits at his disposal. Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano find Hank while the latter is robbing a train station. Before the fight begins, Hawkeye says, "Draw, Pilgrim." After several hits, he jumps out to the players and tries to compete with them in the art of rapid shooting, but loses and, saying "You caught me," falls dead to the ground.
  3. Dark Horse. A terrible criminal who earned his name by plundering and terrorizing cities. Valued by justice for his actions at $ 30,000. Armed with a revolver, rides a horse, chained in armor and, accordingly, an invulnerable horse. Has 12 assistants. Bounty hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano learn that the Dark Rider is terrorizing another city. They locate the city and confront the Dark Horse. Dark Horse, seeing the main characters, says: "You are in big trouble." The main characters fight the Horseman and defeat him. Dark Horse utters the phrase "I'm in big trouble" and falls dead. The horse leaves, taking away the dead rider.
  4. The Smith Brothers. The pyromaniac brothers, estimated by justice at $ 40,000. They like to create problems and have a reputation as an arsonist. They have only two minions. They sit in the saloon behind the barricades and try to hit the player with a bomb or a Molotov cocktail. Before the battle begins, the first brother says: "We are going to capture you." The second brother says: "Yes! Yes!" After the defeat, one of the brothers utters the phrase "Holy Smoke" and hangs dead on the balcony of the saloon. Another brother says, "It was an explosion." And falls from the balcony, blowing itself up at the same time. After defeating the Smith brothers, Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano learn about Richard Rose.
  5. El Greco. Stage 5 boss and third bodyguard of Sir Richard Rose, judged to be $ 50,000. El Greco wears a red sombrero decorated with yellow stripes. His upper body is covered with a multicolored Mexican poncho, under which he wears a green turtleneck. El Greco also wears blue pants and red boots. Greco is armed with a whip, protected by a shield. Long ago, El Greco was a friend of Cormano, but for some unknown reason betrayed him. The bounty hunters find Greco on Richard Rose's train. El Greco, seeing the main characters, says the phrase "Die, friend" (amigo - friend). A fight ensues, which Greco loses. After the defeat, El Greco says the phrase "Goodbye, friend", throws his sombrero at Cormano (in the arcade version of the game, Cormano wears El Greco's sombrero until the end of the game) and falls dead from the train.
  6. Chief Scalpem. Second bodyguard of Sir Richard Rose, estimated by justice at $ 60,000. Scalpem is the chieftain of the Indian tribe, and obeys Richard in exchange for the protection of the tribe. The hunters meet him, ready for one-on-one battle. Throwing knives and swinging a sword, jumping over stones. He has no helpers at his disposal. The scalpem is the only boss that the team keeps alive: his sister convinces the bounty hunters that the chief only obeys orders.
  7. Paco Loco. Mexican mobster and Richard Rose's first bodyguard, justice-valued at $ 70,000. He protects the gate to the fort that leads to Richard's mansion and will shoot anyone who approaches him. After being defeated, he falls from the dam, says "Asta la bye-bye", fires several bursts from a machine gun and dies (Loco - translated from Spanish as Crazy).
  8. The final boss is Sir Richard Rose. The main villain, estimated by justice at $ 100,000. A wealthy Englishman who became an earthly baron in the West. He owns various businesses such as railways, banks and saloons. Richard uses his wealth to create his own laws. Bounty hunters Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano hear about Richard Rose from a group of rescued dancers. They decide to find him and collect a large reward. Having defeated all of his bodyguards, the bounty hunters enter Fort Richard and continue their search. Many thugs fight them along the way. They eventually find Richard on the balcony of his own mansion.
The fight with Richard is divided into 3 stages. Initially, Richard hides behind two statues, but after the statues are destroyed, he fights headhunters one-on-one. He is also helped by henchmen. Richard is defeated, but stands up, laughs and throws out the iron plate that he wore under his jacket in self-defense. The fight resumes and Richard fights without any help.

After Richard is killed, the main characters receive a $ 100,000 reward and ride their horses into the sunset.


There are 3 types of bonuses in the game. These bonuses are lost after the death of the player, but remain during the transition from round to round (no deaths).

  • Rapid Fire - looks like a golden sheriff's badge with a revolver painted on it. Allows players to hold down the button to fire (rather than constantly pressing) and slightly increases bullet speed.
  • Dual Fire - looks like a silver sheriff's badge with two crossed revolvers painted on it. This bonus gives the player a second weapon aimed at a different angle, which increases the range of fire.
  • Monetary Award - looks like a pile of gold dust (gives $ 2000) or fried chicken (gives $ 500). In addition, if the player already has Rapid Fire and Dual Fire, then raising these bonuses again gives the player $ 1000.