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Alone in the Dark 2 (DOS)

Alone in the Dark 2 DOS, AITD2
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival horror
Setting: Interwar
Narrative: Detective / mystery, Horror
Published by: I-Motion
Developed by: Infogrames Europe SA
Released: 1994

Alone in the Dark 2 DOS title
After the events of the first part, Edward Carnby gained a reputation as a specialist in the paranormal. Unsurprisingly, he is the one sent on the hunt for the elusive smuggler One-Eyed Jack, who kidnapped Grace Saunders.

Again dark magic, ancient rituals and sacrifices, deals with the Ancients and people who oppose all this. Compared to the first part, there is much more shooting in AitD2, but thanks to the skill of the developers, this did not go to the detriment of the plot and puzzles.