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Alone in the Dark 2 (PS1)

Alone in the Dark 2 One-Eyed Jack Revenge (AITD2) PSX
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival Horror
Setting: Interwar
Narrative: Detective / Mystery, Horror
Published by: Infogrames Europe SA
Developed by: Infogrames Europe SA
Released: 1996
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, DOS

If the unusual atmosphere of the original was due to the injection of a sense of claustrophobia and the use of a gothic composition, then in Alone in the Dark 2, which is three times longer, exciting adventures take place in the garden labyrinths and ghostly galleys.

California, 1924. Private detective Edward Carnaby tries to find his assistant Ted Stryker, who disappeared during the investigation of the abduction of eight-year-old Grace Sander. A long enough video intro reproduces the Sticker invasion into the Devil's Kitchen - a huge castle located on the steep cliffs of the Pacific coast. Its owner is One-Eye Jack - a pirate and a smuggler suspected of kidnapping Grace. Stryker finds Grace in a gloomy bedroom, rushes to her, hugs, but then suddenly comes to life, the eerie doll ...

You are more audacious than Sticker, trying to sneak imperceptibly, penetrating the castle grounds. The gates exploded to you fly into small pieces, and you are confidently marching forward, and immediately the visual means of the game are fascinating. The image of Carnaby and all his opponents is much more detailed than in Alone in the Dark, and the leader himself looks more proportionate and well dressed in an elegant blue suit.

First, in order to cope with the patrolling zombie territory, you only have a gun, but after you shoot this villain, you can get hold of Thompson's machine, which will take some time. Soon the desire to shoot any scoundrel, appearing at a distance of 15 meters from you, becomes familiar. Skillful accurate shooting is very important, because, despite the large number of puzzles, Alone in the Dark 2, basically, is focused on armed clashes. The enemy has a fierce and swift guard, chasing you around the castle, shooting and shouting threats. Details and characters are written out extremely accurately. Some characters even stop to reload the weapon, performing it very realistically. This gives you a few valuable extra seconds in order to completely fill them with lead. If you run out of bullets, you can use your fists, arms and legs, although it's better to use swords (if they are).

Since the focus is on armed clashes, in Alone in the Dark 2, in comparison with the first game, there are significantly more pictures taken with a conventional camera and fewer "artificial" species. This, however, does not mean that this game is inferior to the original in the visual series.

The huge gardens, where the first part of your adventures take place, favorably differ from the gloomy premises of the first game. Watching how Carnaby rushes through labyrinths and courtyards, and hearing the echo and crunch of gravel under the guards' feet, the sound of a rechargeable Carnaby gun, watering the pursuers with a stream of hot lead, one can not help but note the great possibilities and high quality of the game.

In the house, your attention is captured by the interior architecture and interior details. In beautifully created characters, many small details are used - from swaying hoods of emaciated cooks to ballet drunken guards (give them another whiskey). In one particularly exciting fight, there are two well-aimed marksmen-gangsters, dressed in long long coats and great-hat hats. Gangsters even laugh, aiming at playing cards and demonstrating human emotions, despite the fact that it's quite clear - it's humanoid automata.

Throughout the adventure there are playing cards - a reminder of the addiction of One-Eye Jack to gambling. They hint at secret dungeons and form their own monstrous 3D games: one way to reflect the character of Jack with the help of the decoration of the house.

The puzzles in the game are often confusing, but always physically logical. The key to solving a problem can usually be found in several frames. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, relatively complex maneuvers become simple. Although some may be annoyed by the linear structure of the game - you can go one way, but the absence of distracting situations in solving some complex puzzles can only be welcomed. The main incentive is to get to all the mythical, action-filled places, especially the old galley, the Flying Dutchman, which only the most skillful adventurers can manage. "


First, wait until the peasant on earth wakes up. Then kill him (preferably from a pistol). Take all the things he left behind, ie the machine gun, the bottle and the disk. In vials with live water in and disks you really do not need. Prepare your machine gun and go into the depths of the park.

You will come across an impudent people. Kill them all. Then go to the statues of lions and remove from there a box with a pick on the lid. Put it simply, push it and open a passage to the garden. Iditol into the passage.

Note: If you use any cracker for passing through the game, you will most likely be thrown out of the game here). Also in this place you can go the other way if you approach the mansion and killing the guards come up to the bushes that are on the left (from the mansion), in this case you will immediately get to the dungeon, to the bridge.

So you turned into the passage. In the garden you need to find a rope and a hook. Then you have to use them on each other to do one thing. Next you need to find a place with four maps on the ground. You can come to him if from the beginning of the path go all the way down, regardless of the review, regarding the hero of the game. Step on the tambourine (map with diamond). Fall into the basement. First of all, stumble upon a healthy uncle. He will not do you any harm and is made for the effect. Take it away, or else it does. Move the chest away. Get a card. Kill the shadow. Take the sword that remained after the shadow. Then use the map on the appeared altar and you can climb out through another staircase.

Now find in the garden living branches and destroy them with a saber. Go on and kill the one-legged bad man. Take a sheet of paper that he left behind. Approach the statue and use a rope with a hook. Come in. In the dungeon, take a picklock, such as a clockwork, a paper bag and five cents. You will lose weapons! I hope that for a short while ... Now go to the door where someone is resting forever. Take there a fragment of something (I will call it a book) and a thing, such as a bottle opener. Then use the sheet on the door, use the opener on the door. Open the door with the key you just received. Come in. Feel at home, but do not forget that you are visiting. Kill the muzhik. You know what, let's call them Zombies, but somehow it's incomparable with people. Well, here, kill Zombies. You do not have a gun or a stick to crack it so that you forget what's behind it. The only thing that can be done is to push him into the abyss. It's really very impressive. Choose a gun, a book and a bottle. Go to the right side to the clock and use the clockwork. Go to the secret passage.
Get in the elevator. Come out and kill Zombies with a musical instrument. Pick up the hook that he left behind. Open the white door and go into the other room. Take the board from the corner, but it's just used as a means of self-defense and does not work very effectively. Go to the next room (not on the stairs). Kill both Zombies. Go to the card drawers. If you shoot with a box, it turns. Make sure that all cards are tambourine. Kill the appeared moo .. oh, Zombies. You go into another room. Use the coin on the cash register that hangs on the wall. Get two tokens. Leave the room and quickly kill Zombies. Take the bag of hangers. Open it. Get a suit. Put on Santa Claus costume or as usual in America, Santa Claus. Then return to the previous room and go up the stairs. Now prepare your gun and get ready for a mass attack. Approximately five to six Zombies will attack you.

When everyone was laid, a small cook will turn under your feet. Follow him and you will come to the statue. The statue will shoot you with a trident, but stand up so that the trident is in the cook. Go to the statue and take the crown. Then go to the kitchen. Take the poison near the window and a bottle of wine on the table. Also grab a plate with a spoon and you can take a frying pan as a weapon. Go to the next room. Take the ball for playing billiards from the Christmas tree. Go to the next room and go back to the hall. Go up the stairs. Kill the zombies. Open the door and go to the next room. Then find a room with a pool table.

Kill the peasant, grab his pistol and something like a big needle. Then go out and go to the very last room. She's terribly big. Find two hands that are fighting. Destroy them with a needle. Take a bundle of some kind of paper. Go to the lower floor.

Go to the door opposite the statue. It's closed. Use the poison with the wine together and put the case under the door. Wait until the two Zombies come out and why they fall. Probably they will not smell the alcohol (?). Go into the room. Use both tokens on the organ, directly opposite the door. The second door will open in the most natural way! Go into it and take some kind of suit, similar to a bulletproof vest. Leave the room and go to the exit. Near the exit, take some kind of disk type cutter. Go to the hall. Go up the stairs and go to the big room. Find the statue of a kid. Put the crown on the head of the statue. Go to the door at the top and take the amulet. You are transported to the upper floor.

Leave the room and kill both Zombies. Take the grenade and the key. Then go to the wide passage. Go to the toy and use the trident on it. Take the thorny ball. Leave the room and open another door. You can not kill a clown, no matter how much you do not want to. Approach cautiously to the exit into the room with snakes and throw there a spiny ball. The clown will enter the room and will not come out from there again. Come and you, but quickly climb into the hole above.

You are again on the ground floor. Go up. Enter the billiard room and use the ball on a strange machine in the center of the room. Again the secret door. Use your new key on it. Go in the room. You will be put in a cage. Watch or skip pirate scenes. When the pirate and the girl roll off, go to the lattice and open it with a hook. Get down into the hall and wait until you are put to sleep. You are on the ship.

Fence the whole fence. Go inside. Take the bag, sandwich and Peppar. Use a bag on a bird and she will tell you something. Go to the door and run to the left. Run past the pirate when he is down. Go left where you can hide. When he leaves, go upstairs. Quickly run past the pirate, which sip beer (and said alcohol does not like!) Then go for the barrel further and take Briqueta Amadou. Get down down the rope. Open the chest. Find the gun. Then select Perrar and stroll inside the cannon. Then search the captain's bed. You will find his rod. Take the vase from the shelf. Go left the cannon and throw the vase. Set fire to the Briqueta Amadou. Take the bell. Take the chicken from the table. Now go to the kitchen elevator and take the key. Sit back in the elevator. Use the key on the restroom and take two deadly items. Leave the kitchen.

Use the ice on the floor. When the muzhik comes, he will die, falling to the floor. Go up the stairs. Use the Marmelade on the floor and stand in front of it. Go to the billiard room and take the token from the table. Come back. Go behind the armchair and use the rod. Get the book and the key. Exit and go left on the hall. Go into the room.

Use the rod here. Go to the kitchen and stand behind the ice. Then go to the kitchen and use the bell. Use the key. Kill the pirate. Take his sword. Leave the room and kill one more pirate. Go to the next room. Analogy. Take the Corte from the murdered pirate. Go into the room with a fireplace, take Tissonier. Take Tenailles from the table. And at the end of the room take the key. Exit the room and go left. Open the door with the key. Stop by. Kill the pirate and take the keg. Then leave the room and go down to the door to the right.

Enter and kill the pirate. Take West from him. You do not need ammo. Push the keg. Now you can go to the last room in the hall. Kill the pirate and go up the stairs. Go to the second door to the left. Kill the sleeping pirates. Use Tenailles on the cannon wick. Go to the end of the room and put the keg. Then use the Corte on the cannon and then use the Tissonier on the cannon. Then take the SAC. They can open the door in the hall. Kill both cooks. Kill the big cook and take the Metal Card from him. You can open another door for them. Use the birch on the statue. Enter the secret passage. Use the Chicken Foot on the witch. Oh yes! Back to the peasant!

Go to the door behind you. Prepare for trouble. Try to take the sword. Kill the pirates and you can take the hook again. Now go to the top of the mast and kill the pirate. Then use the hook on the rope and cross it with another mast. Kill one more pirate. Then jump off the middle of the mast. When you land, take the captain's sword. The captain will come to kill you, but do not kill him yet. The girl is tied to the mast. Free it with Tenailles. Then go to the end of the ship and lift the Fuse from the cannon. Then, after all, kill the captain with his sword. Then the ship will explode, but you will no longer be there.