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Alone in the Dark 2 (3DO)

AITD2, Alone in the Dark 2 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: 3rd-person
Visual: Cinematic camera
Gameplay: Puzzle elements, Survival Horror
Setting: Interwar
Narrative: Detective / Mystery, Horror
Published by: Interplay Productions
Developed by: Infogrames Europe SA
Released: 1995
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

You are Detective Edward Carnby, and your reputation as a researcher of the whole otherworldly has made you famous. Life became very comfortable, while the detective continued to relax in the plush armchair of his office, but the rest did not last long.
California, 1924. Suddenly, a request comes for help from an old friend of Ted Stryker who disappeared while investigating the abduction of eight-year-old Grace Saunders. The girl was kidnapped when she returned home from school, and her parents are desperate to pay any money to see her again. Almost certainly it is known that she is kept in an old mansion, known as the Devil's Kitchen. Its owner is One-Eyed Jack Pirate, the leader of the criminal group and a smuggler.
On the move, dressing a jacket and hat, you quickly scrolled in the head of all possible dangers - bloodthirsty gangsters, deadly pirates and evil smugglers. "This little girl needs my help, and she must get out of there alive," you remembered yourself going out into the night. again one and again in the dark.
If the unusual atmosphere of the original arises from the influx of a sense of claustrophobia and the use of a gothic composition, then in Alone in the Dark 2, which is three times longer, exciting adventures take place in the garden labyrinths and ghost galleries.
The gameplay of the second part is quite different from the gameplay of the first part. Puzzles have become much smaller, and shootouts are much greater. But this did not stop the players from enjoying the game.


  • Gangsters;
  • Ghosts;
  • Pirates;
  • Jokers.


  • Thompson's automatic machine;
  • Shotgun;
  • Revolver;
  • Musket.
Also, as a weapon, you can use a bottle of rum, a sword, a punch, etc.


The start menu prompts you to start a new game (the first line) or continue the previously saved (second line).
L or R - call up the main menu, consisting, from top to bottom, of the items: "return to the game", "save the game" (you will need to select one of the three save areas or refuse to save with the C key), "load previously saved game" , "Turn on / off music", "enable - turn off sound effects", "exit (end the game)"
B - call the auxiliary menu consisting of three panels. The upper one contains the "Action" item and lists all the items you have. Clicking on the "Action", you can, but choose, "fight" -bear or "push" - push, move, etc. To perform the selected action, click A. After selecting the item with the item, you can "use" - use it, "drop / put" - put or perform other actions possible for this item
C - running. exit from the sub-menu.


When the thug on the ground wakes up, kill him. To do this, press B or R, select the revolver in the menu (the number of charges in the cage is 6), and the action
"Use". Now, back in the main picture, press and hold A. → and ← let you rotate, and ↑ (long press, keep holding A) - shoot. The killed one will fall at your feet and - will disappear. After him will remain a machine gun, a disk and a jar. In order to pick up all this, just go to the subjects. You will see a menu with the image of a machine gun ("You Find A Thompson") and offers to leave ("Leave") or take ("Take"). Take it. Similarly - with a disk and a flask. After drinking the contents of the jar - In, "A flask".
«Eat / Drink». A - You will increase your health by ten points. The disc will charge you a machine gun (up to 30 units). Prepare a machine gun - In, "A Thompson".
"Use", A, - and go into the depths of the park (→, ← and / or ↑).
Kill the two guards running out to meet you. Now go to the statue of the lion (to the one closer to the entrance) and remove the box from the road (the action "Push"). This will allow you to pass into the garden. Here you, among other things, find a hook and a rope. Using them. You will be able to connect them to the menu in one line. Find the four cards on the ground. Stand on a tambourine tambourine - and fall into the basement.
Multicolored fat man in the basement is harmless, but prevents you from moving. He will crumble, if you fight with him ("Fight"). Move the chest, take a card and kill the shadow, which immediately pounce on you. The shadow will leave you a pirate saber-take it. Putting a map on the malachite altar that arose in the depths. You will make the second pass open in the dungeon (a message will appear on the screen). Come out this way.
Find the living branches in the garden and destroy them with a saber. Then kill a one-legged man in the garden and take a piece of paper that will remain from him. Rope with a hook apply to the statue. Go into the dungeon and take a picklock, a paper bag and five cents. In this case, you lose the weapon. Approach the deceased and take the items. Apply a sheet and a bottle opener to the door. The door is opened with a key. Entering, kill the zombie, it can be pushed into the abyss. Choose a gun, a book and a bottle.
Go to the right side to the clock and use the key for the watch factory. Then go to the secret passage and sit in the elevator. When you get out, kill the Zombie Musician. Pick up the remaining hook from it and through the white door go further. The board (in the corner) can be used for self-defense.
In the next room, kill the two ghosts and shoot at the card drawers, making sure that all the cards become diamonds. Kill the appeared zombie and go into another room. In the apparatus on the wall, lower the coin - get a pair of tokens. Come out, kill the ghost and take the bag from the hanger. In a Santa Claus outfit, climb the stairs with your gun. The cook will lead you to the statue. When the statue shoots, try and be so that the trident hits the cook. Take the crown and go to the kitchen.
Take the poison from the window, and the wine from the table. A frying pan will serve as a weapon. Take also a plate with a spoon. Through the next room, go back to the hall and go up the stairs. By killing those who meet, find a billiard room. You should have a gun in your hand and a big needle - by it you will destroy the fighting hands in the big room. Taking a bundle of paper, go down.
Iodine closed the door in front of the statue, lay the poison with the wine. After two people come out of the room, go in and use the tokens on the organ. In the opened room take a suit, and near the exit - a disk.
Through the hall, go up the stairs and in the large room find the statue of the boy. Put a crown on his head, and in the room above take an amulet.
On the top floor, where you will be transferred, kill both zombies and take a grenade and a key. Go to the wide passage. Cutter-disc is applied to the toy. Take a thorny ball and go out. Open the other door. To neutralize the clown, throw in the room with snakes a spiky ball - the clown will go in there and will not come out. When you enter this room, make a hole in the ceiling.
Once on the ground floor, go upstairs, enter the billiard room and apply the ball to the car in the center of the room. The secret door will open a new key. When you are put in a cage, wait, and then open the grate with a hook. Get down into the hall and wait until you are put to sleep. On the ship, push the fence and go inside. Take a bag (it will be needed for a bird), a sandwich and an object "perpar". Going out through the door, run to the left past the pirate downstairs and hide. When the pirate leaves, you can go up the stairs and run past the pirate. Take the barrique "briquet". Go down the rope and open the chest. Find the gun and use "perpar". In the captain's bed find the rods, and on the shelf - the vase. Throw the vase, passing to the left of the gun. With the help of "briquet" set fire to the gun. Take the bell and chicken from the table. Go to the kitchen elevator, take the key, sit back in the elevator. In the toilet, which will open the key. You will find two deadly objects. Leave the kitchen and use the ice - the thug will stretch to the floor. Go up the stairs and pat the floor with marmalade.
In the billiard room on the table you will find a token. Go back and use the birch behind the chair. Get the book and the key, then go out and go along the corridor to the left. Use the birch in the room. In the kitchen, stand behind the ice. Use the bell and key here. After killing a pirate, take his sword. Leaving the room and going to the next. You will kill two more pirates.
In the room with a fireplace, take the item "tissoni-ego". On the table you will find "tenailles". At the end of the room, look for the key. Then, going out, follow the right. Enter and kill the pirate. Pushing the barrel. You can go to the last room, and after killing a pirate - go upstairs.
Enter the second door on the left, kill the sleeping there. Apply the "tenailles" to the wick. At the end of the room, put a keg. Taken from the dead pirate object ("corte") and the object from the room with a fireplace ("tissoner") use on the gun. "Sac" will help you open the door in the hall. Kill both cooks, then - the big cook and take away from him a metal card. She will open the side door. Overlooking the statue with a rod, enter the secret passage. Go to the sorcerer with a chicken leg.
Go through the door behind you and try to take the sword. Kill the pirates, take the hook. Then, at the top of the mast, kill the other pirate and head to the next mast with a hook on the rope. After killing a pirate, jump off the middle of the mast and take the captain's sword. Do not kill the captain yet, although he is aggressive. The subject of "tenailles" is to release the pirate victim tied to the mast. Then take from the cannon the object "fuse". It's Time to destroy the captain. He will die from his own sword.