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Quarantine (DOS)

Genre: Action, Racing / driving
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Vehicular: Automobile
Setting: Cyberpunk / dark sci-fi
Published by: GameTek
Developed by: Imagexcel
Released: 1994
Quarantine DOS controls
Among the arcade game «Firs person view», which began with the release «Doom», not much really original programming. «Quarantine» refers to this fortunate minority. Car simulator? Not more than «Doom» - simulator person. This fast arcade action with shooting and numerous enemies, simply served as his driver would see ... taxi.
But the yellow car with a checkered board, where you can freely misbehave on the streets, is not inferior to its destructive power of a heavy tank. On the roof - an automatic large-caliber gun on the bumper - circular saw. In addition - a device for laying mines and launch rockets, machine guns and flamethrowers ...
Before you - the taxi of the future, the only reliable (though not cheap) form of transport in the city of Kemo.
To understand why a peaceful occupation taxi driver suffered such an amazing change, should refer to the stories.
The first quarter of the XXI century.
Quarantine DOS title screen
Kemo City - the world's largest center for the production of flying cars - hover cars. Crime abounds, to cope with which the police are powerless. Terrorist organizations are run almost all life in the city. The government has long painted in their own powerlessness to do something drastic. Came to the aid of a giant company «Omnicorp», has promised to deal with banditry. It was publicly announced the start of work on the project "K". Around the city wall was built ten-ostensibly for controlling the movement of people. And it was especially noted that everyone at any time be able to completely free to leave the city. But the reality was different, and Kemo has turned into a giant city jail. In effect the project has entered "Quarantine", according to which the prisoners were all residents of the city, regardless of whether or not they are criminals and prisoners brought into the Kemo from all over the country.
A few years later, to reduce the aggressiveness of the inhabitants «Omnicorp» mixes into the water a special drug, which, however, under the influence of a variety of microbes and bacteria begins to cause people to quite the opposite effect ...
More than half of the population are infected with a terrible virus, the main symptom of which - the mad aggressive growth. And now flooded with frantic crowds Kemo homicidal maniacs, ready to devour the first comer. In addition, a terrible disease continues to spread, and all the townspeople, sick or healthy
- It does not matter, are doomed to a painful death.
Here's a great game in this merry prehistory ...
You transform into Drake Edgewater - a former employee of «Omnicorp», who shortly before the completion of the project "Quarantine" tried to speak out against the all-powerful corporations, and was punished by the territory of Kemo. However, Drake is still able to survive in a city-prison, got a car and became a taxi driver. Of course, Drake is always looking for an opportunity to escape over the wall, and a taxi for him - just an additional opportunity to stay alive.
"Plus" of a taxi driver in Kemo - complete absence of traffic rules and any hint of it was harsh police. No one speeding ticket or do not turn in the right place. Crushed by the passers perceived as something ordinary and normal. The car, which hinders drive, you can just blow up.
"Minus" - is that all the other drivers think the same way.
Technically «Quarantine» performed very well - all part of the urban landscape is easily distinguished, even at high speeds. Abuse and violence in the game sometimes gush over the edge, but it seems to become a fashionable trend. Unfortunately, in the floppy version of the game there is no music, but the sound effects were left in place.


In «Quarantine» you have a very definite goal: to get out of the city. Kemo is divided into several isolated areas, levels, and switch from one to another is possible only through a special passage for employees «Omnicorp». At one level, the passage generally leads to freedom.
Residents of the city are not supposed to use these ways, therefore introduced a system of passwords - one who does not know the passphrase will not be able to use the only road to salvation.
Drake - not the only person in the Kemo, who is trying to deal with «Omnicorp». There is a whole underground resistance movement. Its militants are trying to harm the enemy by any means. With the right person they can share and codes to the aisles. But imagine the resistance movement folk heroes would be wrong: it is only to replace one dictatorship to another, nothing more. The resistance movement does not shun in their fight by any means, and the blood of the innocent victims they do not stop. So Drake is not going to abut the Resistance and become a supporter of his, but forced the temporary cooperation - is another matter!
Levels differ from each other not only in the complexity of survival or a new game graphics. So, for the level of "Park" hover-network is often violated and have to travel abroad. Of course, this will inevitably affect the equipment of machines - need good batteries, components for turbouskoriteli.
To get the code to pass to the next level, you must complete several tasks Resistance. Their contents may be different: the delivery of goods (including bombs), the destruction of workers «Omnicorp» and their supporters from the local community, as well as much more. For all the talk is necessary to watch very carefully so as not to miss a passphrase.
Each job must be done in a strictly specified time - delay of one second will cause you to get to work again. Sometimes the goal of special tasks become "bosses" - the enemies of increased strength, endowed with special abilities unpleasant (eg, the ability to fly). No matter how uncomfortable did not seem such a foe, dealing with it can be - everyone has weaknesses.
But the job of the Resistance are you not too often, and the money for the repair and arms requires constant (work in Kemo is quite dangerous and risky). So you have to make a major work taxi driver - conveying passengers.
"The Voice" customers do not come across too often, and accidentally crush them when you stop or shoot a breeze, so you have to be careful and cautious.
When boarding and alighting passenger car, of course, has to stop. When the passenger agrees with you on a trip, it indicates a point on the map where it should be delivered, and the time and amount of payment. For faster delivery you will get not only "over the counter", but still can count on a decent tip. If you are late, the payment begins to melt with every passing second overdue - until he falls to zero. All true - you need to think before you agree. If the conditions are not suitable client - refuse. However, even if you can see that clearly will not be able to fulfill the contract, you can just throw out the passenger of the car special catapult and a new look.
The main armament for a taxi to Kemo is coaxial machine gun. At the primary level with him is more or less possible to fight, but then there is a need for more powerful weapons. At gun shops scattered throughout the city, you can buy a variety of additional weapons and ammunition.
With each new level, these shops offer a wider assortment of means of destruction.
Damage to the machine as inevitable. It is better to try to avoid them, but the game inevitably comes a time when you have repaired, and then you have to look for a workshop. At the same time it is possible to equip the machine some "peaceful" additions: armor, batteries, turbouskoriteli, and acquire new "consumable" materials for them (eg, batteries).


When you run the program you see the main menu with the following options:
NEW GAME - start again;
RESUME - to continue;
LOAD GAME - load a previously saved game;
SAVE GAME - save the state of the game;
QUIT GAME - out of the game.
RESUME items and SAVE GAME startup available. They will be available only when you open the menu during the game by pressing ESC.
Since most of the games held for the "steering wheel", you should carefully look around in the cockpit. Above the windscreen are a number of extremely useful indicators.
Left on a small screen shows the currently selected secondary weapon. To use one, you need to change it by pressing ALT. The main weapon system, as opposed to extra-time, is always available.
Next to the image of arms shows the number of remaining charges to him.
The rotating bar to the right of the screen - the compass. It helps to navigate on the map and know where the machine is deployed at any one time.
At the mini-radar green dots represent the neutral machine (that is, those who are not going to shoot you through choice), red dots correspond to the aggressive machines, rotational noise and yellow - aircraft. Do not try to destroy all the oncoming enemies - ammunition cost money, and the villains are still endless. Shoot only when it is really unavoidable.
Crucial information is displayed on the top right of the screen. There, next to the silhouette of your car, given the level of damage. One hundred percent correspond to an ideal state of all systems, and zero percent means that the car has turned into a pile of steaming iron. Bring to such a state is not necessary, and at 30-40% it is time to think about repairs.
If the car is equipped with armor, then around its body colored frame appears with the name of armor type (STEEL - Steel, TITANIUM - Titanium, PLASTISTEEL - staleplastovaya), and three small figures to the right and below show a protective coating. It is not measured in percentage and in absolute terms (for example, staleplastovaya armor at the start has a stock of 400 units). Partially damaged armor takes over. It also costs money, but, at least, the loss of her does not mean the death of the car.
It is equally useful and will look down on the lights under the windshield.
Information on the blue plate at the bottom of the left depends on whether you are driving around in the free search or drive up the passenger, or perform the task. In the first case displays your current amount of money and 0:00, and the second - the amount of payment and the time remaining to complete the task. If maintaining the supply of passenger time drops to zero, then begins to decline payment. Every second costs ten dollars.
Indicator CD / TRK applies only when playing the soundtrack from the disc CD-ROM.
Colored light bulbs under the inscription NITRO show how much charge you have left for turbouskoriteli. The accelerator is indispensable for tasks where time is very limited, and in some other cases - for example, when crossing the forest areas where there is no hover-network, and the car barely creeping through the trees. Use the accelerator in the city can be, but is risky - too easy to bump into an obstacle.
The red numbers on the round display shows how many seconds you have left the charge in the battery car. As long as they remain red, nothing to worry about, but when they start to flash, and the number is changed - which means you travel outside of the safe zone.
Hover car - not an ordinary car, and it does not work on petrol and gets its energy from the underground Hover network. When the hover car is removed from it, it may work for a while on the domestic battery - in this case, the numbers on the display begin to decrease. Try as fast as possible to return to the road. When the number of seconds reaches zero, the body will begin to break the machine. To get a little more leeway, you need to purchase a battery in a workshop or a special supernatural capacity battery.
To the right shows how much charge is left in your main weapon. The main good reason it's called - ammunition are pretty cheap, machine gun mowing down enemies on foot is the best ... Although anti-tank better to use something more powerful.
Finally, the sensor is located at the bottom right direction. The red arrow on it only appears when you go to a specific purpose - drive up the passenger, perform the task of the Resistance. You can set a waypoint and choose their own shop or gun store and then heading sensor will show the way. This indicator is fairly primitive and gives your course without any regard to the streets, walls, and corners - select the optimal path always lies with the driver. We have to take into account the various subtleties, for example, on the perimeter always very few cars, and there you can go with great speed, but is there a way to thoroughly mined, besides it is exposed to fire with machine guns and rocket towers. When the direction of the arrow on the sensor begins to spin in place, which means you have goals.


Key M is a map of the city in which you are located. Her black lines indicate streets that laid Hover network. Beyond the light part of the map can not go - on the perimeter of the level passes a solid wall.
Your position and orientation are shown the yellow arrow. Red dots on the map are weapons stores, and green - workshops. At each level, there is also a pale blue dot - is a tunnel through which you can reach the next level (if you know the password). The arrow keys allow you to move the red box on the map and lay it on various objects. In this case, it is indicated at the bottom of the name and the distance between it and your car. If you then leave the map mode button ESC, direction indicator arrow will point to the chosen object.
Quarantine DOS passwords