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Judge Dredd (DOS)

Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: Probe Entertainment Ltd.
Released: 1997
Judge Dredd control keys
A huge city with a population of several hundred million people, is one of several similar, existing war-torn planet whose skies have long been painted an ominous bright orange color - as if in memory of the terrible days not so distant past. The largest city - so called Mega City One. Separated indestructible walls scorched by the desert, inhabited by cannibals and mutants, it is by no means some kind of "an oasis in the midst of chaos": every second here committed at least one crime. There are no police, no courts, no jury. There is only they - judges. They are judged. They render a verdict. And they bring him in performance - immediately, on the spot, because in 99% of cases, this verdict is universal ... This is the world of the universe the AD in 2000, born out of cheap comic books, and in 1995 shagnuvshey the big screen movie "Judge Dredd "Sylvester Stallone in the title role. And now you have a chance to play for one of the greatest superhero ever.The plot develops according to the second half of the film (apparently, Dredd has managed to come back from the desert and now fought its way to the shelter maniac Rico, more - see the movie.). But - it's open all the cards at once - after the time, became the finale of the movie (it is here), the game is not over, by contrast, begins the most interesting - tell us about the further adventures of the inexorable Judge (now based on the comic book series).
On the gameplay we can say not so much - it's still a platformer, though very beautiful, to me - almost perfect, but - just platformer. Side view, go ahead, jump and shoot. Yes, if a long time to manage Dredd, he begins to fabricate an interesting trick, yes, criminals can be "arrested", but still something very much brighter in terms of gameplay here. But in this case, of course, is not a disadvantage.
Judge Dredd DOS title
The graphics are very good, which is not surprising - it's 1997 (the game on the PC came out two years after the creation of the movie [on other platforms - to exit the year]), "heavy" DOS and all the ensuing things. Let the two-dimensional, but this game - in fact, the top of the evolution of the concept of "platformer for DOS". Wonderful backgrounds, different effects of explosions, "powerful" drawing patterns of enemies and the protagonist - all this creates an amazing cyberpunk atmosphere of a magnificent movie source. Here - and this does not occur in a much more "games for kinolitsenziyam" - the "spirit" of the film and all of the world Mega City One felt literally everywhere and in everything, so the game just does not come off.
I am fully aware that this brief review is a bit pathetic and biased because of my great love for the history of Judge Dredd, but believe me, the game is really just a wonderful for me - all the standard combat futuristic platformer, and therefore receives a well-deserved perfect score.