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Theme Park (DOS)

Theme Park DOS
Genre: Strategy / tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Visual: Free-roaming camera
Pacing: Real-time
Gameplay: City building / construction simulation, Managerial / business simulation
Interface: Point and select
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Bullfrog Productions
Released: 1994

Switch to high-resolution (640x480) - R key.
For a megapark, enter your nickname as "DEMO", then continue.
The objective of this fascinating and very funny game is simple - you need to create the world's best amusement park. We all come from childhood , so the thing is that you have to do , close enough and understandable to everyone. Only here to achieve any significant progress is suddenly extremely difficult. The game is really a very large scale, it is all thought out to the smallest detail . And from you, sadly , requires the same thoroughness , thoughtfulness , attention to anyone, absolutely insignificant at first glance, detail. Fireworks fun , music, light and color to create very complex and very interesting. There is no detail , every movement , every click , every imprudent or , on the contrary , successful action could be crucial. And all this - against the background of the wonderful graphics and great music . What can I say , «Bullfrog», as always on top.
Theme Park DOS title
Your achievements in the course of actions will not be abstract. At the end of each game of the year you will be able to see your place in the park series of other entertainment venues. Moreover, the analysis will be performed on a variety of categories.
If you were able to take them in the first place , congratulations , you still managed to create the perfect park. But before that happens, will be very hard to work hard and move the convolutions.


After starting the program Advizor will introduce you to the world of the theme park. To skip the intro , press the spacebar. In order to interrupt a great demo , press SPACE. You will see a splash screen . Press SPACE again, and you are asked to enter a nickname . Here, use the keyboard and , at the end of the set , left click on the option to check in the form of the letter V ( hereafter , for ease of communication, we will use the description of cuts LC and PC , meaning they need to press the left and right mouse buttons ) .
Each alias can be 10 entries but the number is not limited themselves aliases .
FI SETUP NEW THEME PARK - start work on the construction of the new park .
F2 LOAD GAME - load a previously recorded game.
F3 CONTINUE GAME - return to the interrupted game.
F4 SEE CREDITS - to get acquainted with the authors.
F5 QUIT TO DOS - exit to DOS.
By pressing F1, you get to the screen design of the new park . Here you will see the following options:
YOUR NAME - Enter your name ;
AGE - age ;
SEX - floor (use the cursor keys or LA) ;
PARK NAME - name of the park;
SIM LEVEL - level simulation of the park :
- SANDBOX - for beginners;
- SIM - for those who are confident in themselves ;
- FULL - for the pros .
PARK VISITORS - the mood in which people will come to your park ;
START LEVEL - the initial capital ( 100-200 thousand dollars ); OPPONENTS - The number of opponents ( 0-40 ) ;
OPPONENTS LEVEL - their skills ;
FIRST GAME - NO or YES ( if YES is selected Advizor show you a concrete example of something set in the park, although it is , in principle, that's obvious .)
When complete all the necessary manipulations , click on the checkbox at the bottom of LC . Now you need to select a location on the map where you will build your fleet . All available for this point marked in yellow. Blue - the place is occupied by another owner . Red - available due to your small bank account , which is shown at the bottom of the screen. You can point to any point , you will see the value of the contribution for the construction of the park in this location. Accordingly, the choice of a place to be repeated if you want to sell your park to begin construction of a new one. However, in this case, your score will be much higher . But at the beginning of the game you will see only one point - England . LC on the red or yellow dot will show you the condition of the country , where there are a fancy to your place . And when choosing a yellow dot you will see an icon with a check mark next purchase . Click to go left to buy a plot of land .
Display of local conditions :
COST - the cost premium.
LOCAL POPULATION - the number of potential visitors to the initial stage of the operation of the park.
MEDIUM POPULATION - the same, but with an increase in the size of the park.
LONG POPULATION - the same, but subject to the popularity of the park.
INFLATION RATE - talks about economic stability ( less than a specified value , the better).
INTEREST RATE - in your best interest to make it smaller.
TAX FREE PERIOD YEARS - the time during which you will be playing without exhausting the land tax.
LAND TAX - an amount that is calculated as the ratio of the area to the entire area of ​​your fleet , so the compactness of your entertainment center , too, is of great importance .
WEATHER - weather conditions .
TERRLAN - conditions in the park (cats , etc.).
WHO - the name of the owner of the park.
By clicking on the tick , you return to the world map.
After purchasing the land , you will see the screen characteristics of the park , which under the name of the country will be listed as follows:
PLAYER NAME - name of the owner of the park ;
BALANCE - account;
PERSONALITY - your share in the park ;
VENDETTA - here if you see your name, you obviously need the guards in the park ;
REPUTATION - the reputation of the park.
If you have already bought this place , JIK click the check mark and go to the park. It's time to think about the attractions , shops, service staff and , most importantly, for future visitors.


On the screen you will see: - at the top menu , at the bottom - control icons . All the rest of the space is a fragment of your park .
Working with icons control (left to right):
PATHS - tracks ;
QUENES - places to turn;
RIDES - amusements;
SHOPS - Stores ;
FEATURES - Support park facilities ;
STAFF - workers ;
MAP - map ;
QUERY - the challenge of information about game objects;
PARK STATUS - a brief description of the state of the park ;
BANK REQUESTER - financial statements .
Consider how the operating modes that are activated by some of the same icons.


They , like everything else in the park, cost money , so early in the game run them only where it's needed . LK in this mode - and the cursor takes the shape of the blade. By clicking on the PC , you can choose between the laying of tracks and installation of signs.
INDEX TRENDS - encourages visitors to walk in the way you specified . The cursor turns into an arrow . LC for the pointer to the desired location , pressing LK - orientation in the right direction.
Explains INDEX (SIGN-POST) - says that is a good distance away from the place. To install, place the sign on the right in this case, attraction , shop, or for that matter even a toilet . Then, male, drag it to the desired location and set similar to the previous index.
Do not forget after these manipulations to re-select the first window for laying tracks. Use the L K. Hold down the button and moving the mouse, you have a great , long and straight track. Double- clicking on the appropriate icon LK , you thereby shut down any active window and activate the cursor pad. To remove the finished track from the park , turn on the " blade ", and then the PC.
Keep in mind the track - the only thing for which you have to pay immediately. For all other acts - at the end of the month.


These areas are set as approximately as described above. And they must be between the entrance to the attraction and the path leading up to it . The length is chosen best : small - it is bad , but too much - too uncomfortable. Remember, in your park all should be as comfortable as possible .


At the simplest level, start playing with 4 rides . Their number will increase for one year. At other levels, new attractions appear as you invest in this area of ​​research. Two ways to select an attraction and install it:
- JTK on the appropriate icon - a screen with full information about the attractions ;
- PC - Quick Menu.
Next J1K - proper choice. If any image is on a red background - this attraction is not available to you because of lack of money required to buy it ,
Selecting a place where , according to your plan , will operate the new attraction , JIK - sets the main part of it. Then you need to place the entrance. Move the mouse to the desired location and JTK. If necessary , further previously established entrance to the attraction can be moved to another location ( see below) or to change its orientation in space.
Mandatory condition - played in the form of steps must take people to the track .


In the park of entertainment shops bring good income with the skillful and cunning use. In general, this aspect of the work calls for a very careful attention. People who come to the park to relax and have fun, always willing to spend money on a wide variety of fun , sometimes completely meaningless .
At your disposal are three main categories of seats, with the help of which (in addition to rides ), you can make money:
- Points to the food and drink ;
- Sale of souvenirs ( placed next to the exit ) ;
- Gambling .
Identify the right store , you can also two ways (including through the quick menu ) .
LK - Selection and installation. Place the objects of the destination should be close to the tracks .


Your park will be much more attractive with fountains, colored lanterns , exotic trees and other similar attributes , and any self-respecting visitor entertainment .
JIK - choice (you can through the quick menu ) and installation. Holding the J1K and moving the mouse , you can make continuous barrage .
SCC - to remove from the territory of what was done before.
Do not neglect the construction of latrines , as their visit will give people the opportunity to stay longer in the park and spend the remaining money in the end for the prosperity of your business. But in any case, do not run the toilets and there are regularly send cleaners. At all sites the park ( and these are no exception ) must be perfect cleanliness . Your guests should be comfortable in even the most remote corner .


You can hire :
- Cleaners ;
- Mechanical ;
- Security guards ;
- People for the entertainment of visitors.
Select the appropriate form and click JIK or PC. Then decide exactly who you want and put it somewhere in the park. Cleaners can sweep the garbage or mow the grass , depending on where in you set them . Note wages specified in dollars per month!


LK for the view from the top. Movement of the mouse move you around the map.
LK - Return of the mode back to the park .


J1K - the cursor takes the form of a question . Place it on any animate or inanimate object , click LK and see new windows at the bottom right .


Here we give a brief description of the general state of the park.


JIK - Screen financial statements ( with schedules ) .
PC - BANK STATEMENT ( numerical report ) .
Everything anyway for the money, will be a special section at the end of the description D:
Now a few words on the boxes at the bottom right -activated mode QUERI:
1. INFORMATION - a summary ;
2 . PC - reduces the enjoyment of attractions for visitors , BOS - increases it ;
3 . SPANNER ICON - reliability. The more red - so
worse ;
4 . RIDER ICON - the number of people who can visit the attraction at the same time (varies LK and PC) ;
5 . ON / OFF - Mode on / off or waiting for repair ride ( at a picture of the head mechanics) ;
6. RIDE SPEED - the speed of the ride ( change). The higher it is , the faster the ride gets old and breaks down.
Specific windows for staff :
1. PINCER ICON - to move the selected work in the new location ;
2 . Select the zone " patrol " cleaner ;
3 . Wrench. Sends a mechanic for repair of the attraction , which is listed LK.

Quick menu

In the upper left corner - to close the menu.
In the upper right corner - to change the window size .

Installing an amusement

Only two types : RAISER TRACK FLAT TRACK and set specific ways .
In RAISER TRACK includes the following attractions :
First, set the input ( the first section ) using JIK and orient her PC. Then, create a closed route . PC - for correction. The remaining sections are included with the attraction TRACK ICON ( window with a picture rail section ) from the main menu of attractions.
You can raise the height of land and ROLLER-COASTER BIG DIPPER, when dsroga closed. To do this, click JIK a few seconds to lift, and PCs - to reduce the height . In this attraction is to be disabled , as well as in any of his other improvements. We are talking about rings and loops for ROLLER-COASTER and the water to splash BIG DIPPER, which appear as the design .
Select , for example, loop, and slide it to the road. It will appear in the place where you can connect to the main attraction . Click LK and loop into place . After completion of the modifications , do not forget to bring an attraction in action.
FLAT TRACK RIDE consists of :
Here the sequence of work is somewhat different : first, building a ring, and only then set the input. Remember that at this attraction input must be right, and the exit on the left .
Installation cost is directly dependent on the number of links.


Do not rush to open the park. First, a good plan the it and create favorable conditions for normal operation. Then and interest to your potential visitors in the park will increase dramatically.
In order to open the park , click on the LC input. Performs the same function key on the keyboard or in the park at the top of the menu screen. P on the keyboard - a pause in the game.

People in the park


Joker - the more of them and they are more expensive than (and therefore better) - the merrier will be at your park. But in this case you will have to fork out !
CLEANERS - very important people in the park. Must have at least one of a pair of public stores.
MECHANICS - are also needed , as well as cleaners . As already mentioned, the specific mechanics can give an order to repair a broken attraction. However, you can simply call on the specified location of any of the currently free fitters ( JIK click on the appropriate box .)
GUARDS - necessary, but not really. However , if the park is dirty, motorcyclists will drive hooligans and you will be in difficulty .
Mode of distribution of jobs by selecting the cleaners included window of the ones that appear at the bottom right of the screen (see above). It shall specify those parts of the road , which will run a janitor. This will provide a more effective cleaning of the park.
Checking the activity of working is to effectively monitor the work of some of the lackadaisical staff ( alas, this you have one) .


Good and welcome ( with money in your pocket) .
Rockers ( bad ) .
From the control services ( may close park).

Main selection screens

Appear when you click on the left to the appropriate window . Then you can get complete information about the attractions , shops and other facilities .
Each has its own characteristics .
For attraction:
- The name and version ;
- Return ;
- The time before the next repair;
- Maximum capacity ;
- The cost .
Three windows on the right:
- Top - competition rides (their rank) ;
- X - exit;
- V - choice.
For shopping and gambling games:
- The name ;
- Type of product or a prize;
- STOCK PRICE - value of goods at the warehouse;
- SALE PRICE - the cost of the store ;
- STOCK CONTROL BAR - as a warehouse;
- COST - price .
The list of shops and other establishments ARCADE - arcade machines.
BALLON WORLD - inflatable toys.
BIG TIME BURGER  - hamburgers.
BIG TIME FRIES  - crispy potato.
COCONUT SHY - "Throw a coconut in goal."
COFFEE SHOP - cafe .
DUCK SHOOT - shooting at the ducks .
GIFT SHOP - Gift Shop .
GUN SHOOT - shooting at targets.
ICE CREAM STALL  - ice cream.
NOVELLY SHOP - novelty store .
POKEY COLA  - buy cola.
RACE TRACK - track racing .
SALOON - bar.
TIN-CAN ALLEY - "Hit the jar".
TOY LAND - selling toys.
Stores with require the transportation of goods in the warehouse.
- Enthusiasts ;
- The cost of dismissal;
- Salary per month;
For ADDITIONAL Parkove "equipment" -
cost .
A complete list of the possible:
APPLE TREE - apple tree ;
BIRCH TREE - birch ;
BOGGY With RAPPER - toilet M / F ;
CASTLE WALL - parking ;
LAKE - Lake ;
LAMP POST - lamp ;
OAK TREE - oak ;
ORANGE TREE - an orange tree ;
OUTHONSE - ordinary toilet ;
PALM TREE - palm ;
PINE TREE - Pine ;
PRIVET HEDGE - fence ;
ROSE BUSH - rose bush ;
SPOOKY TREE - a tree, like a ghost ;
SUPER TOILET - supsrtualet ;
TROPICAL BUSH - tropical shrub ;
TREE STUMP FENCE - hedge of stumps ;
WEEPING TREE - crying tree ;
WHITE FENCE - white picket fence .

Information screens

Four windows :
- GO TO ICON - see attraction , etc.;
- Move in;
- Tick.
Information on the attraction:
- RIDE COST - the cost per ride ;
- The number of people who visited the attraction from the beginning of the game ;
- How people evaluate its performance ;
- Stability of work;
- The capacity of a time.
- The type of products sold ;
- The number of buyers;
- The cost of raw materials;
- Cost of sales ;
- Back to the people here ;
- Winners / play;
- A winning percentage ;
- The cost of a prize;
- Price per game.
These parameters can be changed at your convenience. PERFORMANCE :
- The duration of the work ;
- Number of people applied and the number with vocational education - for entertainers ;
- Wages ;
One of the windows on the right - " you're fired "
- Time spent in the park ;
- How many rides had visited ;
- The mood ;
- How much money is left .
- The number of buyers;
- The cost of raw materials;
- Cost of sales ;
- Back to the people here ;
- Winners / play;
- A winning percentage ;
- The cost of a prize;
- Price per game.
These parameters can be changed at your convenience. PERFORMANCE :
- The duration of the work ;
- Number of people applied and the number with vocational education - for entertainers ;
- Wages ;
One of the windows on the right - " you're fired "
- Time spent in the park ;
- How many rides had visited ;
- The mood ;
- How much money is left .
Using the main menu
PARK MENU ( park menu ) :
- RESTART - to re-start ;
- LOAD - load a previously recorded game.
SAVE - record in the game.
PARK OPEN ( O) - open park.
FIREWORK DISPLAY (F) - screen display of fires in the park. QUIT (ALT-ESC) - exit from the game.
OPTIONS MENU ( option in the game) :
- SOUND FX - sound effects ;
- MUSIC - music ;
- ADVISOR - Advizora tips in the game ;
- The number of buyers;
- The cost of raw materials;
- Cost of sales ;
- Back to the people here ;
- Winners / play;
- A winning percentage ;
- The cost of a prize;
- Price per game.
These parameters can be changed at your convenience. PERFORMANCE :
- The duration of the work ;
- Number of people applied and the number with vocational education - for entertainers ;
- Wages ;
One of the windows on the right - " you're fired "
- Time spent in the park ;
- How many rides had visited ;
- The mood ;
- How much money is left .