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Rise of the Robots (DOS)

Rise of the Robots DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Fighting
Setting: Cyberpunk / dark sci-fi
Published by: Time Warner Interactive Inc.
Developed by: Instinct Design, Mirage Technologies (Multimedia) Ltd.
Released: 1994
Rise of the Robots DOS control
In 1994 the company «Mirage» released a new game dedicated to martial arts. It was a risky move, because to compete with the established leader of the genre «Mortal Kombat» thankless and hopeless. Maybe that's why programmers and went the other way, completely eliminates the possibility of comparison. All the action of the game was moved geographically and in time as far as possible from the "MK" in the fantasy world of robots in the world of scientific progress and new technologies to the world the greatness and the collapse of the human mind. In the umpteenth time desire of people to make their lives easier and to surround the executive and all who know how robots leads to a need for most of these robots and then fight. And - seriously, is a life-and-death struggle.
Rise of the Robots DOS title
Science fiction background - the first move «Mirage», as it were, gone are «Rise of the Robots» from most games, martial arts, thoroughly imbued with oriental flavor. The second idea, which ultimately led to the stunning success - an unprecedented graphical solution of the game. What we found «Mirage» and programmers «Jnstinct Design», could not make them either before or after, nobody. Stunning on the reliability and resolution of the picture, was the result of complex and laborious work, in which the characters were created program. The process itself was reduced to a phased Computer "* each robot assembly, each of its separate parts. When all the work is taken into account, including even the materials of which would be created as fighters. In order not to bore you with the specialized terminology, let's say only one thing - it must be seen with your own eyes. And on a good computer. Until now, nowhere more stunning graphics mode SVGA resolution is not combined with absolute vitality and the natural behavior of the characters.
Sowing for this game, very soon forget about, in general, a poor affair and not realized until the end of combat capabilities of robots. Even the desire to play the game to the finish dulled the constant feeling incredibly happening. So it's all beautiful and elegant, and that no matter who wins in the end. The main winner is known in advance - «Rise of the Robots».
Probably, this game has made a big stir in well-rad programmers. Now it is clear how, in principle, can be if desired, and the corresponding ability today framed game program. But who will be able to take this level of quality and when - time will tell.
Let us now turn directly to the game itself, or more precisely, to its history.
Trouble began at the factory of the company «Electrocorp». A computer virus has infected all the robots to ensure its smooth operation. People in the factory and had not been since it was robotic, but now they appear there, and it became impossible to do. The fact that the virus has hit the "central nervous system" of robots was very treacherous. Scary-looking but harmless in fact his car, suddenly do not get satisfaction from the creation, as it was before, but only from the destruction of all life, that turned out in their way. A factory new technologies, creation of man and his pride, became the center from which the enraged robots are going to attack the people. It was extremely puzzled by this most terrible and cruel robot - Supervisor. Once it was a bit of a foreman, supervising a team of machine-workers. In his command were loaders, builders, repairers. And the robots were less peaceful professions - military and security guards. But all of them, one way or another, helped the man. The virus killed this idyll. From now on, the factory has nobody who somehow sympathetic to us sinners. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the supervisor and his team, endowed with a certain intelligence, had full access to the new military developments were carried out in the factory. This means that the effects of the riot robots may be for humanity is very, very tragic. In this situation, it was possible to solve the problem is simple - a good fighter-bomber easily berated factory in tatters. And along with it - and insidious six enemies. But it's not that the factory is huge money. The worst thing is - no one could guarantee that the equipment will not cause damage to the ecological and other shocks (indeed, the new military technology - a delicate matter.) So even just can not shoot inside the factory. You can only rely on muscle strength, agility and intelligence.
Since all three components of the no man has sufficiently quickly scientists have created a cyborg by giving the robot by the human brain. Here it's the will of the game to get to the Supervisor and destroy it. And with it the idea of ​​enslaving mankind machines. But the path to be a cyborg, though not long (just five opponents and the leader), but very difficult.
Now, before we start talking about the menu and the main modes, we give you a little hint, which we hope will greatly ease your life. The fact that the authors did not care about the convenience of playing and chose not the most successful version of the distribution of the control buttons. In single player mode you always use management PLAYER 1, and it is something, just very uncomfortable. But in order to change it, you need to use a little trick and deceive • the program, because you control the desired "goals" for the PLAYER 2. To do so, before you start the game directly, switch on the control set-up file (SETUP.EXE). In it we are currently interested in the option SELECT CONTROL. By selecting it, you have the choice to control first for the first player: PLAYER 1 CONTROL METHOD.
Select K (keyboard). This will bring up the distribution of the buttons for the first player (that is, for you). Remember what is written on the screen and refuse to take control - N. Then enter any absolutely the most incredible and awkward keys and, after finishing the operation, confirm - Y.
Then go to the menu 2 PLAYER CONTROL METHOD.
It discard the options offered to you (it was his later you are using for the first player) and dial buttons
Oh - up to - to the left, L - down "," - right, ALT - blow, RSHFT - block.
By taking control of Y, re-enter the menu PLAYER 1 and it spread button most appropriate for the game: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, INS (kick), ENTER (BLOCK).
Now you are ready to meet the enemy head-on (do not forget to note the change made by the option SAVE and EXIT).
Running the program and looking at a few prompts, you go to the main menu:
Without touching the keyboard, you can see the fragments of fights with all the robots. For a start it is very useful, as it will help you experience the atmosphere of matches. Only sad that your hero CYBORG invariably defeated.
Let's go back to the menu.
Thus, the installation of the main parameters of a future game.


DIFFICULTY - (difficulty):
- BEGINNER - new;
- EASY - easy;
- MEDIUM - medium;
- HARD - hard.
TIMER - duration of one round:
- 30 seconds;
- 60 seconds;
- 90 seconds;
- No timer.
In the first three cases, the fight does not last until the victory of one of the robots, and before the expiration of the time. The winner is the robot that gets in the Round the least amount of damage. NO TIMER - scramble to complete victory without time.
CINEMATICS - on / off exit vehicles to the fight.
BOUTS - the maximum number of rounds in a match:
- 3 - to two victories of one of the participants;
- 5 - to three victories;
- 7 - to four victories.
SHADOWS - the presence / absence of shadows on the floor.
SCREEN SHAKE - shake the image. At the time of strong shocks and drops the image on the monitor screen as it resonates.


Combat mode two players.
In this case, 1 PLAYER constantly run the same robot cyborg. To start the fight, you must first choose an opponent. They can be any robot (including cyborg), except Supervisor. Robot Team No. 1 is always on the left. If you choose to opponents of the cyborg, it will be painted on the screen in pink color (unlike your blue).
Before the beginning of a fight you can even the odds opponents, if one of you has extensive experience in the game, or the selected robot is much stronger. This uses HANDICAP. By default, the mode dial is in the neutral position. The cursor keys LEFT / RIGHT to move it to the left (to enhance the player number 1) or right (for player number 2). Handicap will give you a head start - your robot will be less susceptible to shock the enemy and, therefore, more survivable (force applied to your handicap strokes are not affected).
After selecting all of the above options, you can move on to the pair fight.


Game for one participating.
This is the main mode of the program, giving the opportunity to get to the Supervisor and eliminate the rebellious robots.
TRAINING - in training mode, select PLAYER 1 - a robot that will be controlled, and PLAYER 2 - the robot, which will guide the actions of the computer. To both sides of all six available. But there are a few standard options. If you manage a cyborg, a rival can take any of the six types of robots. Your cyborg blue will fight left. If you decide to control the robot different class of opponents you should just be a cyborg. Your position in this case - on the right.
MISSION BRIEFING - beginning through the plot. For the final victory you need to consistently win five of the robots, and then in the final battle to fight with the Supervisor. In this game mode are all the settings you made in the OPTIONS - the number of rounds, their duration, and so on.
What exactly are the presonazhi game?
All of them are not just blunt mechanisms crushes everything in its path. The authors have given their intellect, so every battle is not just waving their fists and feet, but the competition in the tactics of combat. General note - opponents quickly adapt to your style of battle. Therefore, having mastered two or three crown stroke, they can not be beat. After several similar and successful attempts you start over again to come across well furnished unit, and even on smashing counterattack. So, before you start the game and possess the whole arsenal of defensive and attacking his cyborg and the other robots to make their diverse and targeted attacks to defeat the enemy weak spots.
All robots participating in the scenario game as it evolves, are endowed with a certain set of properties and qualities that constitute their demeanor in combat. Before each fight, you get a pretty detailed information about the enemy.
Let's start with your cyborg. It is the smallest of all in size and strength. But what to do, which is what you have to bring to the victory.


Hybrid of man and machine.
Computer Information:
- Intelligence - variable (it is no coincidence, since it largely depends on the level of the player, controlling them).
- Power - high.
- Martial capabilities -.
- Advantages - flexibility.
- Disadvantages - influenced by hostile intelligence.
- Danger - is unknown.
Dry computer data bit short to get full information about the cyborg. We would add - the possibilities are very limited in the battle of his size. The lengths of the arms and legs is not enough for the application of long-range strikes. Power also leaves much to be desired, so that victory over the enemy to inflict the maximum number of punches.

Cyborg control

Basic movement and strikes are executed as follows:
LEFT - step back;
RIGHT - go on the attack;
UP - jump up;
DOWN - to sit on the right knee;
INS - short straight left jab to the body;
INS (hold) + RIGHT - long a powerful straight right punch;
UP + INS - kick straight left leg in the high jump.
Kicked in the jump can be applied both in attack and in defense. To do this, you must set the appropriate cursor direction of the original cyborg.
INS (hold) + LEFT - a right roundhouse.
DOWN (hold) + INS - right-hander out of the squat.
DOWN (holding), RIGHT (hold) + INS - sweeps right foot.
Increase the combat capabilities of a cyborg by performing spetsudarov having much greater force:
LEFT, RIGHT (quick press) and INS - a powerful blow to the shoulder with a running start. In this cyborg covers the distance of two-thirds of the screen.
DOWN, UP (quick press) and INS - long jump and hit his head on top. Reception is good, but not safe for most cyborg. During his impressive flight there is a good chance to get a crushing blow to the body, as it is revealed in this case.
The protective action of the cyborg is not a particularly diverse (though this is true for all the other robots).
ENTER - standing unit. Protected the head and upper torso.
DOWN (hold) + ENTER - a block in the squat.


Loader, the old model and the most vulnerable.
Computer Information:
- Intelligence - low;
- Strength - low;
- Combat capabilities - the poor;
- Advantages - hard to make;
- Disadvantages - a slow, limited tactical options;
- Danger - minimum.
Weakness LOADER defined by its originally intended. Focused on loading and unloading, it is unable to fight professionally. Yet he, too, is some danger.

Loader control

Key utsary performed as follows:
FIRE - long straight tongs;
FIRE up - kick in the jump;
FIRE (holding) ago - long kick;
FIRE (hold) forward - short kick;
Down (hold) FIRE - Short Straight tongs from the squat position;
Down (hold) forward (hold) FIRE - long sweeps;
Forward, forward (short press) FIRE - spetsudary two knives - the most dangerous in the performance of the truck.
In defense LOADER two stages:
- Standing unit (covers head);
- Block sitting (covers head and torso).


Robot builder of heavy construction - a much more worthy opponent.
Its main advantage - strong arm, is a consequence of the previous functional orientation of the robot - to build
and hence to carry heavy components and mechanisms of the machine.
Computer Information:
- Intelligence - low;
- Power - high;
- Combat capabilities - average;
- Advantages - strong hands;
- Cons - weak legs, low speed and limited tactical options;
- Danger - minimum.

Builder control

Looks like a huge gorilla, and this robot moves and strikes a very peculiar way. Back and forth he goes and jumps, while being in a surprisingly uncomfortable "monkey" position.
FIRE - long straight left fist.
FIRE (hold) + forward - a blow, standing, open palm.
FIRE (hold) + back - the same.
Down + FIRE - blow open palm on the floor.
Down (hold) + FIRE - is the same, but the ball is put in even more hunched position.
FIRE (hold) + down - blow open palm on the floor of a conventional rack.
FIRE (hold) + up - short and sharp blow upward vertically.
The slowness of the builder and the inability to attack in battle kicks compensated with interest the presence of two special methods:
- Down, Forward, Up (short successive presses) - High jump up and kick with both feet on the
the head;
- Down, back, up (short successive presses) - two-fisted blow from above, the information in the lock.

CRUSHER (model DH94-2)

"Destroyer" was in the days of peace designed to catch and disassemble the broken robots. To do this, it equipped a very long and strong arms with sharp claws. This gives him a huge advantage in battle - he can hit the enemy from a distance, while remaining completely inaccessible to foreign shocks.
Computer Information:
- Intelligence - average;
- Power - medium;
- Combat capabilities - good;
- Advantages - agility;
- Disadvantages - head and weak limbs;
- Danger - big.

Crusher control

Spider shape affects the demeanor of the robot, and on the style of beats.
FIRE - hit two claws.
FIRE (hold) + forward - the same.
FIRE (hold) + back - a long lunge circular saw.
FIRE + up - blow claws diagonally from top to bottom. It is possible both in attack and in defense. Necessary at the time of execution to hold down the appropriate direction + jump - short press and FIRE.
Down (hold), forward (hold) + FIRE - sweeps right foot.
Down (hold) + FIRE - a sharp blow to claw out of the "double".
Spetsudary by Destroyer terrible.
Down (briefly), forward (short) + FIRE - the rapid rotation of the two exposed claws forward.


Special military robot (model unknown), created to direct the conduct of hostilities. From the rest is characterized in that initially focused on destruction. Killer Instinct laid it at the beginning. He is quick, cold-blooded and ruthless. Is able to instantly recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.
Computer Information:
- Intelligence - high;
- Strength - good;
- Combat capabilities - good;
- Advantages - agility and intelligence;
- Disadvantages - a weak frame (this was done for the greater
ease and therefore mobility in the battle);
- Danger - high.

Military control

The main features is the extraordinary mobility MILITARY and great leaping ability. Strokes are extremely sharp and quick.
FIRE - chopping lateral edge of the left palm strike.
FIRE (hold) + forward and upward - a short right-hander at the bottom.
Down (hold) + FIRE - chop the palm of the squat position.
Down (hold), forward (hold) + FIRE - kicking down
with an emphasis on his left arm.
Up + FIRE - front kick in the high jump. Using the cursor movement, you can set the direction of the jump forward or back.
FIRE (hold) + forward - utsar-footed lunge up into the head.
FIRE (hold) + back - kicking up with turns, with MILITARY rapidly rotates around its own axis, thereby increasing, the force of impact.
Of particular danger are two special reception:
- Down (briefly), Up (short) + FIRE - high flips forward and hit the opponent with two bent legs. Performed at lightning speed;
- Back (briefly), forward (short) + FIRE - left-hander with four naked blades. Try to run up on him as little as possible.


Robot guard (Model SRT 23-3).
It is the most formidable opponent. Main advantages - speed, combined with great destructive power. Extremely long arms and legs allow him to keep the enemy at long range. Excellent "holds" the stranger hit.
Computer Information:
- Intelligence - high;
- Strength - good;
- Combat capabilities - excellent;
- Advantages - agility, speed;
- Disadvantages - not detected;
- Danger - high.
This information is alarming one - the lack of SENTRY defects. I guess they still are. But to find them is not easy.

SENTRY control

The most powerful and favorite techniques - various options for kicking, but his fists and floats with evident pleasure.
FIRE - a straight left to the head.
Down (hold) + FIRE - a straight left to the body from the position in poluprisede.
Down (hold) back (hold) + FIRE - the same thing.
Up + FIRE - short kick right foot to jump. When used in this combination of driving directions - kick in the jump, attacking and defending.
Down (hold), forward (hold) + FIRE - long sweeps left foot.
FIRE (hold) + forward - short right-footed kick to the head.
FIRE (hold) + back - the most powerful long kick left-footed from turning in his head.
Special blow is so ruthless and cunning:
- Down, down (two short presses) + FIRE - high jump, turning over his right shoulder, and on the decline, a crushing blow to the right leg. This impact can not be held in any block. The only opportunity - to bounce back, of course, if there is room.
These are the main features of management of six types of robots in the game. Supervisor you at all desire to lead will fail. If during the game, you still will be able to get to it, pay attention to the fact that its main feature is the ability to take anyone's face and, therefore, inherent in the robot moves. The only difference is that it will do them much better. Besides this, the supervisor is in the arsenal of mass is not very honest techniques he uses with pleasure. Destroy it very difficult, almost impossible. In fact, as the attack if he can become temporarily invulnerable to miss a beat? And even more difficult to defend - hands, instantly transforming into a formidable and varied weapons of war, do not leave you almost no chance.
But we hope that you are lucky, evil will be punished, and there will be peace on earth and full understanding.
Now a few words about the game screen.
In the upper, left and right corners of the screen reflects the need for current information on the game - the data of what is happening battlefield where:
RBT - the name of fighting robot;
SCR - the number of points they score (depending on the exact number of hits to the enemy);
NRG - the state of the robot forces (depending on the length of the green scale. Than it is shorter, the closer the loss of character. Red color scale - a critical condition);
PWR - Power inflicted blow - blue scale. Try to keep the FIRE button to apply the most powerful attack - (full length scale).
F2 button you can change the graphic design of NRG and PWR. There are two options - the scale are divided into fragments, or represent the full line.
Red boxes next to the option SCR - the number of rounds won.
If before the fight you want to stop the prompts computer monitor information about the characteristics of the robot opponent, press SPACE.
Joystick control with virtually almost no different from the control keypad. Therefore, a separate description strikes we do not give.


- Since the main part of the game you have to control a cyborg, make the most of his strengths - flexibility, speed and agility.
- Causing a series of punches, quickly move away to a safe distance.
- Most use sweeps. After their application cyborg himself postponed ago.
- More use for strikes feet. Falling in this case will be more sensitive to the enemies.
- When strikes guided by a blue power gauge. Try to prepare the most powerful blow.
- If you choose to punch - apply straight right. He is stronger.
- After a successful hit, remember that your cyborg in any case be postponed a little back from the enemy. Keep that in mind when planning future actions. (After a short kick with his left hand, instantly get the enemy in the same way will not succeed. Use anything else again or move closer to the opponent.)
- Maximum diversify their offensive actions. Do not repeat the same thing. The enemy adapts and fighting back.
- Most use special moves, especially shoulder impingement. The attack in the jump get ready to head to a counter-strike paralyzing the opponent.
- In defense of the use unit. But keep in mind that no unit can deliver a good blow. State forces your cyborg, though not much, but, anyway, will decrease.
And the last thing we have not mentioned yet.
Exit the game, the menu - ESC-
From the menu in DOS - the same.
Good luck to you!