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Rebel Assault (DOS)

Star Wars: Rebel Assault DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: 1st-person, Behind view, Bird's-eye view
Gameplay: Arcade, Rail shooter
Art: Video backdrop
Setting: Sci-fi / futuristic
Vehicular: Flight / aviation, Space flight
Published by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Developed by: LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Released: 1993

In all fifteen missions put you in a strict framework of flight on certain routes (with variations). In any other itre it would be annoying. But not here. Everything is done so tastefully that sometimes you forget that you fly on one and the same tunnel for the hundredth time, and this, strangely enough, continues to bring pleasure.
But back to the game itself.
Background is as follows.
Long ago, in a distant galaxy is a civil war. Starships rebel army won their first victory against the Galactic Empire, which, with the help of the commander of Darth Vader's rule the galaxy with an iron fist. However, the Empire is still very far from defeat. Its main hope is the Death Star - a huge space station, equipped with weapons capable of destroying entire planets.
Your task - to destroy the station and save the galaxy from Imperial enslavement.
But before that, to solve many local problems, starting with the basic training on the basis of the rebel army.
From now on you - the trainee ROOKIE ONE.
Like Luke Skywalker, you - a simple peasant from the arid planet of Tatooine. Being brave pilot in civilian life
and, in general, an energetic young man, you are entering the ranks of the Resistance, to help defeat the Empire.
In addition to have in your team will fight another five people.
- Commander Roux Murlin - the youngest commander in the Union of the Resistance. The skill and courage helped her to rise quickly in rank. Hoping to transfer their skills to others, Roux trains pilots recruits for the Union, and her natural intelligence and a keen eye attracted to her many friends and the respect.
- Commander Jake Farrell. He was in the ranks of the Imperial Forces in the days of the old republic, where power over the galaxy was still in the hands of the Senate. In those days, Farrell has trained many pilots for the Empire. But he left the Air Force, when there was a change of government, as his job became more and more inhuman. Jake retired to rest. Now, in order to help the Resistance, he started training pilots for the Union. Serious and thoughtful leader, Farrell manages the ship and drill their recruits.
- Lieutenant Turland Haq. That he met you, when practiced in Moss Eisley and began to patronize Rookie, all the forces directing the fact that Rookie was the best pilot in the Resistance. Currently Haq is responsible for communication on the basis of Moss Eisley.
- Captain Merrick Simms Blue squadron commanded by the rebel fleet. After the victory at Dantuka, young Simms was promoted to captain. He - a skilled pilot who is always cool.
- Rookie Thurlow Harris. In his twenty years he has seen many battles. Most of his life Harris, being the son of the captain of the Resistance, was a shadow of his father. Although Harris a good pilot, he lacks confidence and composure that comes with experience.
These are the actors with whom you have to share the joy of victory and the bitterness of failure for most of the game. And all this for sure will last a long time. To play «Rebel Assault» in one breath to the end, you need to spend a lot of time, because, despite the simplicity of the controls, the game is extremely difficult in practice and requires enormous skill.
Before we proceed to describe the menu options and features of the separate fragments game, let's look at yet another character poluchelovekom-polumashinoy, imperial commander Darth Bader. It is he who will be your main opponent, and the legions of stormtroopers and Imperial pilots - no more than the passage, minor figures who are destined to only one thing - death, hidden in the infrared sight of your fighter.
So Vader - Sith Lord Black. The personification of evil empire. When Dart was a Jedi apprentice, and Ben Kenobi, he turned away from her teacher, using the energy of the seductive power of the dark side. Now, being in the service of a terrible galactic emperor, he vowed to destroy the Union at all costs Resistance. Dart hopes that a new weapon - the Death Star, to help him complete the task.
But it is unlikely. Once you're finished with the menu and control modes, Vader will not have any chance.

The main menu of the game

START NEW GAME - Start a new career pilot of the Resistance forces.
- EXIT MENU - exit to the main menu;
- ROOKIE 1 IS MALE / FEMALE - choice of male or female pilot;
- MUSIC - on / off music;
- SFX AND VOICE ARE - on / off sound effects and speech of the characters;
- DIALOGUE TEXT - mode to display the captions with dialogue;
- CONTROLS ARE - the most important option that defines the principle of control a fighter:
NORMAL - normal variant of any simulator, where when you reject a joystick lever back fighter rises, gaining height, and when tilting the handle forward - is reduced;
Y-FLIPPED - selecting this option, you get the reverse mode: the joystick forward - the fighter rises back - goes down.
In our opinion, the usual option is preferable, but if you want to have additional problems, and the second suit.
- VOLUME AT ... - Adjust the volume of the audio up to 100 percent.
- DIFFICULTY - level of difficulty. There are three options: EASY, NORMAL and HARD - the hardest. On the level of difficulty depends on the degree of difficulty to control a fighter, and the aggressiveness of the enemies, and the number of targets to be destroyed at some levels of the game.
ENTER PASSCODE - after the successful completion of several levels, the program gives you a password that will allow for death (which is more than likely) did not start the game from the start, but once you step to the unclimbed.
CONTINUE DEMO - short demo mode with the display table top ten pilots.
EXIT DOS - finishing the game, go to DOS.


During installation, you have to decide, with the help of which device you will be using to control the fighter and the pilot. There are two options - stick (preferred) and a mouse.
If you have chosen a joystick, you download a program serves to calibrate it. If during the game you are not satisfied with the accuracy of the calibration, it can be done at any time by pressing J.
In NORMAL mode control is as follows:
forward - reducing the fighter;
ago - the climb;
left - turn left;
Right - turn to the right;
Fire - one of the four-way controller.
When controlling the mouse change of course and altitude by the appropriate movements of the mouse in the direction similar to a joystick. Shooting - left mouse button.


SPACE or PAUSE - Pause the game.
Q - exit to DOS.
ESC - forced skipping movies, the plot of the binding between an individual episodes.
J - joystick calibration.
About - out into the main GAME OPTION menu to make changes to the current settings.


Fifteen story fragments «Rebel Assault» varied not only by the goals set in them, but also their graphical execution. The ego is particularly true of different game modes. In different tasks used four different line-up of the image and thus control a fighter, or directly by the hero.
  1. Flight mode from the "third person". In this case, let's say, at the very beginning of the game, you control your ship, looking at him from behind.
  2. Bombing in the mode of "third party" when you look at the top fighter.
  3. The flight from the "first person". You are in the cockpit and look at current events through the windshield of your car.
  4. Shooting from a "third person". You control a crosshair cursor, firing stormtroopers and looking at it on his pilot's back.
Each of these modes has some control features.
  1. Fighter moves forward without your help. Deflecting the joystick left and right, you adjust moving in these directions. Forward and backward, respectively, lowered and raised fighter vertically.
  2. The fighter is moving ahead on their own. The deviation of the joystick left and right moves the FLITTER in the appropriate direction. Back and forth - sudden changes in altitude above the cliffs. Be careful focus adjustment is very easy. Button fire - fire on the enemy.
  3. Fighter moves forward. Handle the joystick left or right you move the cursor to the sight, and followed him very slightly and the direction of movement of the ship. The same - up and down. Button fire - fire. Guidance systems aim to capture the yellow square appears. Capture sound signal is duplicated and the words LOCK on the screen.
  4. The pilot moves forward through the corridors of the labyrinth itself. Your task - to correct aiming. All the usual - left / right - pointing your blaster in the appropriate direction, up / down - to lower / raise the sight before firing. The button number 1 - fire on the Imperial stormtroopers. Pressing the number 2 joystick or the right mouse button together with the deviation of the handle to the left or right - to move your character in the horizontal direction, in order to be able to dodge the shots enemy machine gunners.
Now directly on the plot of the game.
You start your career in the pilot training base. In order to not die in vain, and the Resistance to bring benefit, you must learn to control your immaculately Flitgerom and gain sustainable skills in the shooting.
For this game and training tasks exist.


Turland Hack wishes you good luck, and you go on a training flight. All you need to do first is to fly through the deep and extremely tortuous canyon in the group of his companions. Task is simple at first glance. The turns are very steep, the speed is large and hooked wing of stone walls simple. Each touch - damage to your flitgera. In the beginning of the flight range DAMAGE lower left of the control panel clean. Every unfortunate effect paints part of the scale in the green. When the level of damage exceeds the allowable rate, the scale will be painted red and the warning message will appear WARNING. A little more and the state of the fighter will be crucial - CRITICAL. The next encounter - and you start flying from the start. On everything, including the next steps, you are given four fighters. The number of attempts left on the panel PILOTS. For every 10,000 points scored in a game you added one life. It's not much, but still better than nothing. In addition, in the training mission so much and not gain. SCORE points are counted for the passage of individual sections of the canyon (on the panel - right).
In order to pass this mission, it is necessary to conduct flitger smoothly without jerking. Canyon is very narrow, and the slightest sudden movement will throw you against the wall. Do not pull on the handle to no avail - in the maze actually is a lot of straights. A necessary condition for the successful completion of the flight is to constantly maintaining high as possible. At the fork in the path to the left leads to a low arch, where it will be necessary to dive down and once again climb. Right there is no arch. If you have the English right, listen to the messages your mates - you learn a lot of interesting and useful.
We assume that this task you handled successfully. Just try to keep intact your fighter and all four life.
The next task is directly connected with the shooting, bombing or rather imperial transports. You fly at a dizzying height, weaving between the sharp tip of a giant rock sticking out like spikes on the surface of the planet. Somewhere far down the enemy. Capturing it in sight guidance system (the goal was fortified with a yellow-green box and fires a warning beep) open fire. Necessary to destroy 4, 7 or 10 targets, depending on the level of difficulty. If you manage to do it - go to the same job.
The number of destroyed targets shown in the upper right corner of the screen - HITS. The main enemy in these levels - the rock. Not always a great height can properly assess how close they are to your fighter vertically. In any case, keep FLITTER to the maximum possible height. But many of the peak and it will not save. And remember, the more you lose lives, the shorter the further game.


The span in the asteroid field. The main task - to avoid collision and time to dodge the brown rocky asteroids. Score points at this level you can, shooting flying boulders at you. But this should not be an end in itself. The main thing is that the field is left behind.
The guidance system at this level works in his usual mode - capture a yellow-green square and sound signal to attack.


Another test your pilot skills. You need to save unharmed your fighter, weaving between the sharp peaks and cliffs of this insidious world. The last test finishes on the basis of the appearance of your fleet Resistance. At last you have passed school and become a real race driver. From now on all your flights will take place in a combat situation, in conditions of severe anti-imperialist asses. So all of which you have suffered so far - only a prelude to the real test.


It was here that the first time you truly understand what «Rebel Assault» and a real space combat. Your task - to destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer. The matter is further complicated by the fact that it's protected an entire squadron of TIE FIGHTERS. So what goals you have more than enough. You move past the destroyer strictly on a given route: first - along the left side, then turned around and - above. Your main goal - two large round radar on top, on the bridge. The more you release the charges on them, the faster the destroyer will die. But it will not happen soon. First remove the protection on the top and sides of the ship. Fight hard and bloody. Save flitger and all life will be very difficult. Each span along the side of the destroyer, bristling with laser guns, ending imperial attack level fighters. They - a very formidable opponent. Fast and maneuvering renny. They shoot accurately and cause terrible damage to your vehicle. Start shooting them as soon as they come into view. And do not give them the very possibility of fire. Destroy them all without missing a target. Otherwise, the job you do not have time. By the way, the guidance system is working at this level of ugly. It is better to shoot without a break, good ammo is unlimited.


If all ends well, and you, contrary to our expectations, cope with the destroyer, the future course of events have more than upset. While you're flying, fighting, imperial intelligence has found the secret Rebel base, and it was completely destroyed. In battle, killing many, including your guardian, Turland Haq.
Your task - to pursue the Imperial fleet, crushed base and destroy it.


You go on the hunt for the remnants of the enemy. It should be noted that the TIE FIGHTERS there is still a great deal. And they have enough weapons. And when you consider that all this happens in an asteroid field, and you should not bury your nose in a boulder - the battle to be cruel and chances of survival are not many. To all this was delayed indefinitely (ie - before your death), in any case, do not miss the sight of the asteroid in the form of a donut with a hole. Try to get it in the hole. Get, in this case, means - fly in, rather than shoot.


Imperial Navy, or rather part of it, to crush your base is destroyed. But the Resistance killed many pilots. And you moved to a new place of service. This base is not particularly different from the previous one. Here are just a new environment is now. There was a lot more neobstrelyannyh pilots who came to the place of the fallen.
Your task - flying in the maze of narrow mine-infested imperial robots to the imperial underground station. The main objective - not the destruction of the enemy, and the flight of a strictly defined route to the end.
You can experiment all you want, exactly how much support your fighter, scratching (at best), narrow arches and walls of tunnels. A way out is not too difficult, for those who know him, of course - to the left twice, once to the right and to the left again twice. The main thing - do not miss the fork. Red arrows warn about their appearance. And in time tunable in the right direction, otherwise easily confused. Much to ask - do not scrape the fighter planes of the age-old dust from the vaults of the maze.


Having broken the operating room, you will soon find yourself in the midst of the bloody events - your friends are fighting with Imperial WALKERS, ground vehicles, suspiciously looks like a camel. But unlike the latter, WALKERS armored and very dangerous. Their effect can be reduced by continuously firing the side panels. To double to get to each one. After getting the first panel will be dark brown instead of beige, and after the second - gray. Be prepared for the fact that the enemy would be extremely unwieldy tenacious. It will take maximum effort and patience, to throw him into the snow.


As you may try, WALKERS still hurt your fleet-ter. So the next part of the way you have to overcome the distance. For the pilot is an unusual condition, and how many you can bring any benefit to the Resistance without his winged car. Therefore, the main task level - find a suitable fighter to break free. Mazes that you have to go on foot, it is extremely confusing. The set of forks, branches and up and down. Without enemies, of course, will not be missed. Imperial stormtroopers, armed with powerful blasters are not looking forward to your appearance. Needless to say, they should be shot. But in those moments when it fails, and they open fire, you will only be able to escape dodging their shots (if you have forgotten how it's done, go back to the chapter "Game Modes" section No. 4).
To wander through the maze can be very long. To fighter are two ways - and down and up. But little guidance. Most rely on intuition. If it takes you to the very beginning of the level, do not despair and try again. The only consolation is that at least here on the wall can not be broken. But if you want to play on, first, to stay alive, and secondly, get-the same fighter.


Your task - to accompany the transport ship the rebels and guard him, beating numerous harassing attacks Imperial fighters. Council only two - try not to miss TIE to transport and, if possible, the first open fire on the most distant approaches to it. And press the trigger more often.


While you're at war, the Galaxy have been major developments. "Death Star" has destroyed his superweapon entire planet Aldebaran. Thus, the enemy has signed his own death warrant. You become the leader of the Blue Squadron, which put the main task - "Death Star" to destroy. The only weak spot supersite - reactor. Just blowing up his torpedo, you can destroy the castle and the main hope of the empire. But to get to the "Star" is not easy. The approaches reliably protected.
At this level, you start to begin the main task. You need to fly over the bed of a mountain stream, barely squeezed between each other overhanging cliffs. Absolutely no place to turn around. Turns of the river are steep and fancy, so do not have to yawn. In the course of the flight, try not to lose combat skills and destroy more imperial robots guarding the path.


The Death Star is getting closer and closer. To block your path, Lord Vader throws the interception squadron TIE FIGHTER, manned aces empire. Your task - to destroy the enemy fighters. In general, there is nothing fundamentally new. Try to beat the first, do not miss TIE itself on its tail. And more often shoot, even if the opponent is not captured by the on-board guidance system. The denser the network of your fire, the greater the chance that the Imperial fighters are caught in it.


That long-awaited main station enemy. Now you can see for the first time near the surface. Your main task - to suppress their fire defense system of "Stars" (not defense, of course, but we find it difficult to correctly name that acts as anti-aircraft guns).


You need to destroy the main gun station. The task is very difficult, as it is well protected. The only way - to destroy its base (blue square). Then - disconnect power protection field (green). Be careful, fascinated by the fight with the SURFACE CANNON, you can skip the attack miraculously still surviving TIE-FIGHTER. Get rid of them can only be destroyed in the same way as the previous hundred.

There are very few. You need to fly through long and straight as an arrow, a tunnel on the surface of the station. Your comrades in arms are still with you. This stage is not very difficult to pass. The main difficulty - laser guns in armored turrets, hanging on the walls all over the tunnel. Only they can hurt you, and I must say, do it very successfully. Shell them first, as soon as you see it. It will save your life and bring to the very end of the game.
You are left alone. Commander Jake Farrell attacked the reactor, but missed.
Now-and to be the most difficult - to fly through the most secure maze survive without breaking the car to wade through a gauntlet of enemy to the entrance of the reactor and destroy it.
Well, at least your guidance system is working properly and objectives captured in sight, especially after the inscription on the display LOCK FIRE, are affected quite confident, but in the previous tunnel, after all, it was better. The episode is very difficult, intense fire laser guns. You can go through it, having left at least one or two attempts.
If you do happen to get, with the help of God, to the end, do not hesitate to shoot the reactor. This is exactly why you dozens of hours of broken joystick.
Do not miss your chance!
For those who will not afford to pass «Rebel Assault» from the beginning to the end in one go (and, alas, the majority, as the game even at a very difficult EASY), is a list of codes that are typing, you can ease your life and start the game with a certain level.
- FALCON - the beginning of the fourth story. You are on your first secret base and start doing the first real combat mission - the destruction of the Empire Star Destroyers.
- ANOAT - the beginning of the seventh story. You are on a new basis, as the previous one is destroyed. Ahead of flying in close maze battle with WOLKERS, the battle in the tunnels with the Imperial stormtroopers and the search for a fighter.
- YUZZEM - plot number 11. Beginning of a campaign to destroy the "Death Star". Flying over a mountain stream, and so on.
- BRIGIA - plot number 15. The final mission. Fight the enemy in the tunnels of the station and the undermining of the reactor.
- GREEDO - for those who want to enjoy the time before the award ceremony. So, nothing special, the usual official party in demo mode.
Now, gather your forces, prepare a strong and joystick - forward to the "Death Star"!
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