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Mortal Kombat (DOS)

Mortal Kombat DOS, MK1, MK
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Fighting
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Fantasy
Narrative: Martial arts
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment
Developed by: Midway Manufacturing Company
Released: 1993
Mortal Kombat DOS control keys
Mortal Kombat exists in many versions - across all major gaming consoles and computers, arcade machines ... The reasons lie in the popularity of large and lifelike digital images of soldiers, taken with your camcorder. Before that there was a game where the opponents would be the height of almost half of the screen. The action takes place against the background of oriental exotic, colorful background decorated with much game. Very high quality done sound design, in particular digitized voice and sound effects in the duels.
If one player, he plays against computer opponents and participates in tournament. If two players, they just fight among themselves, choosing men to your liking. How fun for two players “Mortal Kombat” has no equal among all the martial arts games. The enemy, where people smarter, more dangerous, unpredictable and insidious computer. So by all means try to compete with your friends!
Mortal Kombat DOS title screen
Now for the story. The castle on the island sorcerer Shang Tsung held tournament the strongest representatives of the martial arts world. Battles are conducted to death.
After the battle with all competitors need to pass three fights on Endurance - to win two opponents without respite and rehabilitation of health.
Those who are capable of it, will be a surprise - the fight with Goro, four-handed dragon man. Apparently, this is the most serious challenge for a fighter; if and Goro will you in the teeth - Compete with yourself Shang Tsunom. In the arena out a decrepit old man, who suddenly starts to hit you, and discharges of fire turn in different fighters, including Goro.
The game is played on the keyboard or a joystick. Everything described below applies to the game keyboard, joystick similar techniques. With the participation of two players in the game they fight among themselves.
Arsenal receptions major players about the same - the arrow direction and five buttons (two punches, two kicks, block) in various combinations allow rukami4 punches, kicks, knees, elbows and even heads, undercuts, jumping... However, different fighters because of the different lengths of the arms and legs may be different distance defeat.
Of course, superhuman abilities Goro and Shang Cong fighters forced to seek their own ways of combat, too, beyond human capabilities. Some hit the enemy sound or electrical pulses, other ways seize nearly instantaneous movement in space ... all these “special” methods require good coordination from the player, since it is necessary to quickly press the 4 keys!
To win the battle you must win two of the three rounds. The crowd begins to roar “finish him!”, Referring to the defeated opponent, and then the supreme chic is to carry out finishing - a clever combination of keys will bring you extra bonus points and a lot of thrills. Every three fights, players can try their hand at tamesi Vary, checking power in broken hard objects. You will be prompted to turn to break boards, stone, iron anvil, ruby crystal and diamond plate. When you see a picture of your soldier to scrap object should cause a quick and severe blow edge of his hand across the keyboard (this is a joke, do not rush! If you have not already done so - it is necessary to build up its strength while the rapid test strip by pressing the lower punch or foot, then strike the key block).
The game is not hard-coded keys - players can set the keys that they are more comfortable, or use the joystick. Furthermore control keys, there are support:
Alt + P - pause (to be continued again press Alt + P).
Alt + Q - access to DOS.
Esc - to stop fighting and return to the selection mode of fighters.
Terms of the tournament, it would seem, is not too attractive, but each of the seven fighters have their own reasons for participating.
LIU KANG - Shaolin monk fisherman expertly wielding techniques kung fu member of the top-secret society, “White Lotus”. The only reason for it tournament - the need to destroy the evil Shan Cong, dressed tournament. Is flexible and very quickly the strongest reception - reflected difficult a kick in the jump. We defeated the enemy Liu Kang head blows sophisticated blow-spinner..
Shot - forward, forward, upper punch.
Instant kick in the jump - forward, forward, upper leg kick.
Denying - Forward, Down, Back, Up.
SUB-ZIRO - Chinese ninja assassin. For the destruction of one of the Shang Tsung rich enemy sorcerer promised a huge sum of money. Able to freezedischarge enemy cold, then to come and spend a leisurely kick. Except that unexpected rolled afar could topple to the ground apprehended surprise the opponent. Those who suffer from these ingenious attacks, risks lose his head with part of the spine that Sabziro famously tear hands.
Freezing - Down, Forward, Lower punch.
Tackle - Bottom hold, hold Block, Lower punch hold, Lower punch foot hold.
Denying - (near the victim) Forward, Down, Forward, upper punch.
SCORPION - Take bodily form ghost ninja killed Sub Ziro. He hates the latter and dreams of revenge. Skillfully uses a harpoon, tied to a rope, and is also capable appear behind an enemy. Winning the battle, Scorpion rips the mask from his head, revealing a grinning skull and flame jet mouth burns defeated opponent.
Harpoon - Back, Back, Lower punch.
Jump behind the enemy - Back, Down, Upper punch.
Denying - (about 5 cm from the victim) to keep the unit, Up, Up.
RAIDEN - god of thunder, received a personal invitation to the tournament by Shang Tsung,
Although Raiden was forced to take an ordinary, mortal form, he kept the ability to hit the enemy electric shocks and flying through the air. It seeks discharge of electricity from which the opponent's head explodes!
Torpedo - Back, Back, Forward.
Teleportation - Down, Down, Up.
Lightning - Down, Forward, Lower punch.
Denying - (near the victim) Forward, Back, Back, Back, upper punch.
JOHNNY CAGE - kickboxer and a movie star in one person (his original role in the game itself was planned by Jean-Claude Van Damme, but then some problems are not. I gave him to participate in the game, and made another actor). I trained in the most prominent fighters in the world and now believes that the victory over the Shang Tsung bring him additional glory; However, he did not know that to lose the tournament and stay it can not survive. Dodgy appliances accelerated «phase» kick causes his enemies to stay alert all the time. Johnny also has a sophisticated technology painful punch in the groin with a «twine». Pursue the enemy, completely demolishing his head with a powerful uppercut.
«Phase» kick - Back, Forward, Lower kick.
Shot - Back, Forward, Lower punch.
Beat in the groin with a «twine» - (near the victim) to keep down, keep the unit, Lower punch.
A tap (near the victim) - Forward, forward, forward, upper punch.
KANO - criminal, a member of the underground society «Black Dragon.» Plans take control of the event and benefit from this huge profit. In the battle uses throwing knives and blow his whole body in a jump. We defeated opponent Kano rips the heart out of my chest.
Beat all telom- Forward, Down, Back, Up.
Shot - unit hold, Back, Forward
Denying - (near the victim) Back, Down, Lower punch.
SONYA BLADE - the only woman participating in the tournament; Sergeant US
Special Forces owns martial arts techniques. Women's rights
defended by a treacherous zahvata- «scissors» and ingenious flight through the air, resulting in often behind the opponent. On the island of Shang Tsuna it was, in general, due to a misunderstanding chasing Island Cano and his criminal group was ambushed. criminal group was ambushed. A kiss that gives Sonia defeated enemy, literally incinerates poor ...
Capture feet - keep down, hold Block, Lower punch to keep,
Lower keep kicking.
Shot - Back, Back, Lower punch.
Flying in the air - forward, backward, upper punch.
Denying - (near the victim) Forward, Forward, Back, Back, Block...
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