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Flashback (DOS)

Flashback: The Quest for Identity DOS
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: Fixed / flip-screen
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements, Shooter
Setting: Cyberpunk / dark sci-fi
Published by: Strategic Simulations
Developed by: Delphine Software International
Released: 1993
Flashback DOS control keys
Alive ... for how long? Engines did not hear - I think I'm prematurely buried. Well, seven deaths will not happen ... Head aches ... Oh, bad sound. It seems, fell golokub that always with me - should make it a rule to open the eyes first, and then wave your hands, checking the integrity of its own. Good news: this planet all littered soft vegetation, and I'm still in one piece, just a little ripped off. By the way, what is this hole? No sign of civilization ... Where am I, dammit? What kind of people were chasing after me? Why? Why am I running? Who am I, anyway? What to do now? Need to get out of here and look for help. But how to choose? And where to look? Too many questions at the patient's head ... We must try to reconstruct the course of events. Stop! Golokub! It must be answered. Hmm ... maybe I - secret agent, one of those that is all recorded in reserve just in case? I feel more will only "chudesatee and chudesatee" ...
Flashback DOS title screen
These thoughts are probably climbed to my mind, if I were in place of Conrad B. Hart, a man with an erased memory and unknown people shot down over the surface of the semi-wild the planet Titan while trying to escape in a stolen aircraft. Fortunately, Hart foresaw the possibility of memory loss and pre-recorded on the proposed plan of action in this case is a device called "holocube." Further history specials. agent (and Hart really is an agent) you will learn in the process of passing a miracle platformer called "Flashback" (an expression that represents the story of events that happened before the story, described the purpose of giving any explanation.)
On execution of "Flashback" is close to games such as "Prince of Persia", "Another World". Stop-motion technique manual image processing applied to them, allows you to give the characters movements are graphically represented pitiful handful of pixels, amazing plastic. In my humble opinion, it is in the "Flashback" rotoscoping technology appeared in all its glory. This smooth, dynamic and athletic movements of the hero, perhaps, was not anywhere.
However, "Flashback" is strong not only and not so much the technical implementation. This game - in fact, an interactive science-fiction novel. And it is very interesting, I must say. The plot moves dialogue (yes, not at anything that moves, to shoot) and very small (by modern standards) number of videos. This, in my opinion, is quite enough to understand what is happening. To tell the story - to spoil the pleasure of passing. I'll just say that what is happening is least pretentious epics, despite the fact that the world (no, not the world - only the Earth) still have to be rescued. A feeling that Hart - forced hero.
Flashback CD intro
As has been said, "Flashback" refers to a very special group platformer in which there is incredible jump from their seats, and collecting coins for the bosses at the end of levels. From the very beginning of the game you will have a gun and a kind of force field device designed to absorb the damage. And in the ammunition you are not restricted (leave apple picking Aladdin), and the force field can be recharged from an infinitely special stationary power plants located on the levels. Often in the process of passing you will have to solve various puzzles. Usually by the proper application of various items from the banal, like keys to a very interesting, such as a bunch of "teleporter receiver."
It is recommended to familiarize all lovers of old games (and others here and does not happen). "Flashback" is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling French game.
So, the hero returned home...


You are Conrad Hart, graduate student, agent of the GBI (Galactic Bureau of Investigation) and overall Cool Dude. But you've been reprogrammed by evil aliens who want to control the world! Among other important information, you’ve forgotten who you are!
Now, on a quest for your lost identity, you must combat alien conspirators and their minions on Earth and other far-flung worlds. You must fight your way through seven hazard-packed levels to unlock the secrets of an invasion plot targeted to take over the universe! On your way, be on the lookout for allies who can offer advice and clues to help you complete your mission to save Earth!


Here are some of the objects you may find during the adventure. See what else you can find and figure out how to use.
  • Holocube: Contains important information.
  • Force Field: Creates an energy barrier that stops enemy shots.
  • Mechanical Mouse: Advances along the ground, setting off pressure pads and cameras.
  • Stone: Can be thrown or placed.
  • Credits: Money.
  • Magnetic Cartridge: Creates an energy source when recharged and placed in the corresponding generator.
  • Teleport Remote Control: Works only with the teleport receiver by teleporting you to the receiver's position. You can get the receiver back automatically by placing the teleport remote control on the ground.
  • Exploding Mouse: Like the mechanical mouse, but explodes at the slightest touch. May be picked up when not moving.
  • ID Card: Identity card. Some may be used as keys.
  • Teleport Receiver: Teleports you to where the receiver is thrown or placed. Works only with the teleport remote control.


  • Shield:  The shield is an item in your inventory. You start with four shields, and you lose one shield each time Conrad is hit. If you run out of shields and then Conrad takes a hit, you lose one life. You can recharge your shield with the energy generator. Look out for the following two death hazards, which are instantly lethal. . . .
  • Disintegrator: You lose one life if you cross this.
  • Electrified Floor: Run or jump over it, or lose one life.

The following devices activate certain objects

  • Teleport: Teleports you toward a mission or to a place that is inaccessible on foot.
  • Energy Generator: Recharges the shield or magnetic cartridge.
  • Switch: Opens a door or calls an elevator.
  • Camera: Opens or closes a door, calls an elevator and so on. It also triggers the laser cannon’s fire.
  • Pressure Pad: Opens or closes a door, calls an elevator and may also set off an alarm.
  • Card Lock: Opens doors when used with a card.
  • Key Lock: Opens a door or trap door when used with a key.
  • Save Station: Saves the game at the point where the Station is found.


Throughout the mission, you'll encounter numerous enemies and deadly objects. You can destroy most of them by shooting them with your gun. However, the following deadly objects cannot be destroyed:
  • Land Mines: These explode when you pass over or near them, destroying one of your shields. Avoid them by jumping over them.
  • Falling Mines: These explode      on contact with the ground, an object, a character or anything else, destroying one shield. Any object passing beneath one of these mines will cause it to fall.
  • Laser Cannon: Avoid its deadly rays. It is activated by a camera or pressure pad.
  • Multi-Floor Drop: Conrad will lose his life if he falls more than two floors at once. You can break a fall by making Conrad catch onto a side wall.



In the beginning, pick holocube, located one below the screen. Return to the starting position, and while it may go right. Kill first mutaputa. Then go to the right and pick up the stone and credits in ten units (for simplicity we will refer to them in dollars). Scroll to the right, before the second mutaputom should opened the door. Pick cartridge. Carefully go down, then go right, not falling within the scope of the force field. Recharge the shield and the cartridge. Move to the left and place the cartridge into the console, it will allow you to pass over the bridge. When you cross the bridge, take the elevator and go to the left. Put the stone on the sensor and climb into the elevator. Pick teleportation installation ( «teleporter») and two stones. Go down the elevator, now you need to go back to the right, then go down, jump down to two mutaputam. Go right through the dangerous force field, pick up a stone, kill another mutaputa and pick up a hundred dollars, the key, a hundred dollars. On your right will be another mutaput, you have to be ready for it. Pick five hundred dollars. Carefully go left and insert the key into the console. This will allow you to open the door. Now you have to go back to the bridge (go right), and all of your items out there to recharge.
From the top of the head left, kill mutaputa, go upstairs and have to sensors missed you upstairs. Go right and talk to scientists mutilated. Give him teleport and pick up the ID card. Now gently back to the bridge (left). Go to the left, insert the ID card into the console and go down for a long, long aisle; you will meet two mutaputov. Descend down. Caution: the right sensors, and when you try to pass you burn up the laser beam. Dive down and screwed into the next screen. Hermit old man will sell you anti-gravity belt, in which you want to jump to the next level.


Go right all the time and come down to!
get on the elevator.
With an average platform, a run and jump to the top. Here you will find two police officers. We need to have time to run past them, until they began to shoot. Talk with Jan, it will open the door for you. Go and go down. At the bottom kill mutaputa. Take a fuse, go back and insert it into the console to fix the elevator. Climb to the right in the window, take a map and go down into the subway.
Activate the underground map. Go to the "America" ​​station. Listen to the bartender, talk with Jake (right). "Africa," Go back to the subway and go to the station. Having an ID card, you will receive a work permit. Go to the job center ( "Europe" station). Go left to the terminals and tuck into the slot license to get a first job.
Go to "Asia" station. Take the girl right from the cashier bag and take him to the "Africa" ​​in the "travel agency". In "Asia" station in the employment office you get a new job.
Save. You can also recharge your shield. Now go to the "Africa" ​​station. "Take» VIP (very important person) and go right all the time. Shoot mutaputa. Pick up the key and insert it into the console. Go left, kill it mutaputa. Again, go to the left and is located between the two floating balls. On top of the platform, take the key, go to the right, open the door. "Take» VIP and follow down. You just need to carry this responsible person. It is, the person who will always follow you, the main thing - to fend off mutaputov and customized elevators. At the end of the road you will have to pay to teleport. Energise.
Save your game. Insert the license ( "Workin raper") into the slot to get the third task, and go to the bar ( "America" ​​station). Talk with the seller go down and talk to the police. Return to the bar and shoot mutaputa. Then, after talking with the rescued man, kill the police and take away his keys. Return to the bar and using keys, pierce the shelter of cyborgs.
Here are preserved. Go right and shoot two terminators. Pay for teleportation and do not forget to recharge.
Save your game. For the fourth task, insert the paper into the slot. At this stage, all actions must be done very quickly. Sign in teleportation installation. Run to the right, open the hatch. Then run to the left all the time. Go down the elevator down, run to the right and jump to the platform, which will activate the elevator. Go down the elevator, then run to the right. Insert the card into the slot and reception teleport in missions distribution room. Perform charging.
Save your game, insert the paper into the slot to get a fifth assignment. At this stage you will need to proceed to the "Europe" station.
Save the game, kill mutaputa and go down. Shot in the second mutaputa pick up your key. Go down and kill the third enemy. Go to the left, insert the key in the console, go to the left again, take the stone.


To get to Earth, you need to win the show. Your task - to get from the eighth floor to the first.
On the eighth floor, go right and kill the terminator. Open the door, go right and recharge.
Go left and kill the terminator, still go to the left, open the door and take the elevator.
On the seventh floor, jump and go left. Open the door, go left and kill the terminator. Activate the door and kill the terminator. Go left and kill another terminator. Now go left, go up, go further to the left, fight the terminator and two balls. Go to the left and save your game. Go left and take the elevator.
On the sixth floor, go to the right, open the door, turn around to the right, go up and go left. Wait until you get to the hatch in the floor. Energise and go left. There kill enemies, then still go to the left and wait for the mine would not work in the floor,
Use the elevator.
On the fifth floor, turn around to the left and kill the terminator. Go up, turn right. You can save the game. Go left and then go down. With a central platform run to the left, jump up and go pale.
At the beginning of the fourth floor pass to the right, release and kill the terminator. Then open the door and go to the right. Submunitions that kill enemy after. On the lower platform go to the right and open the door. With an average platform go right and open the trapdoor in the floor. On the platform at the bottom and go to the right and use the elevator.
On the third floor you need to kill the enemy and go to the right. Compete with a mean ball and kill the terminator, save your game. Kill the remaining three ball and use the elevator.
On the second floor, kill the terminator, open the door and kill another terminator.
On the ground floor, killing the terminator, you will find yourself in a television studio, and will be able to go to the next level.


Give «ID card» clerk. Coming out of the building, go down and go right to the taxi stop. Arriving in the lower city, climb to the top platform and migrate through the balcony in a nightclub. Indoor go right to the elevator and go down. On the blue platform lift will take you even further. Here you will need to climb
to the door, turn right, fall into the pit and turn the switch. Go back to the door, rise, pick up your key and climb even higher, fighting off balls with digits. In the corner of the room temper disconnect switch. Now go back to the blue trucks, go right to the elevator and climb. Two synchronously falling through the panel will work if you kuvyrknetes. Come on and go down. In the left corridor, without hitting the alarm, take the key and return to the top. Open the door and go right all the time. Under the door do a somersault.


Run from mutaputov forward to save the installation. Having weapons, straightened with persecutors, take the key from the murdered and rise upward, to the flow of acid. Overtaking him. being careful, and follow to the left. They shot down cyborgs take "telekontroller" and "TV receivers". With top-shelf pick up your key, return to the acid, go right and throw the receiver into the hole. Apply telekontroller, he can teleport you to the TV receivers. Go left, drop into the next hole and open the door. Fight, and then run to the right, down and left. After crossing the acid, use the interstellar teleportation.


Going up, move to the right before the main switch. Then go down, while movement is possible. In the right-hand wall, take a stone's sake with the aliens and go right. On the sensor door and put the stone go acid, using a receiver with telekontrollerom. The lower door opens on a shot. Dying will give you a bomb. Picking up the elevator blog, you will learn about the device, capable to undermine peace mutaputov. On the elevator then climb down, go right, wait for another elevator and even descend. Kill mutaputa and took the stone, move to the left. By doing so the circle along the corridor, you go back to the elevator. Take It to the surface and go right.


Take the elevator, kill the guard and pick up off the shelf two "exploading mouse" - they can be used as a power panel. Scroll up and right. Leave the TV receivers in the elevator and climb again. Turn off the gun, pass to the left and switch the circuit breaker. Teleport to the elevator, pick up the receiver, go to the right, seed keys and climb up. Moving away from the storage device on the move, throw the receiver and teleport. You will find yourself between the two streams of acid. Now teleport again and get down with the help of foxes. Open the door and go down again. In the large hall, killing mutaputov, place the receiver on the door in the middle and shoot but the ball in the left corner. When the receiver fall, teleport behind him. Go left down the corridor to the end, go down the elevator to the hopper and go right. Shoot the nerve center mutaputov three times on the left and three on the right side. Go to the right, take two off the shelf "exploading mouse", kill the enemy, to get the key. This key opens the door at the bottom. Kill everyone there, go back to the elevator, climb, and run to the right until the door is closed. There leave the receiver, and then return to the site of the battle, go to the right. Hearing the Council to put the charge on the right platform to do so. Pull the switch and teleport. The door will open and the spacecraft is ready to carry you to the inhospitable planet.Flashback CD DOS passwords