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Flashback (3DO)

FB, Flashback: The Quest for Identity 3DO
Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements, Shooter
Visual: Fixed / Flip-screen
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi
Published by: U.S. Gold Ltd.
Developed by: Delphine Software International
Released: 1993
Platforms: 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, Super Nintendo (SNES), SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, DOS, Atari Jaguar

This game is very famous and it came out on several platforms, and in the hearts of literate players I remembered somewhere near to Out of This World (it's Another World), a thing also once very popular. Another thing is that for a person who has never seen Flashback, I should probably explain that this game is actually from itself. And it is a kind of usual arcade (though on the Gex is absolutely different), but with the presence of puzzles from which it turns almost in the classic adventure, although the last moment to realize the schedule does not allow.
In the version for some Sega Genesis / MegaDrive, the graphics were very meager, and so much that porting the game in a similar form to 3DO Interactive Multiplayer would be a very unreasonable matter. The blessing and did not arrive. The version for 3DO came out much more colorful, namely the more colorful backs / aprons and played 3D animation inserts, which of course only affected positively, though still not so much to call the game beautiful. Here it is true, it is important that the game process is so addictive that it seems that the graphics should be just such that the player does not distract from the above-mentioned process.
What was it like in this process? Well, in the first place, this is certainly the dominant arcade component of the project. Manage you the person who has a gun, and in combination his main weapon to the very end of the game. The combat training of the character can not but rejoice. He is able to roll on the ground, shoot sitting and standing, running, bouncing, pulling up and going down. In short, he can do anything that Lara Croft could have been a girl in 2D. But for him and this is not the limit, and here already comes into play an adventure part.
The character has an inventory in which all sorts of gadgets are found during the adventure, and in fact in the process of researching the levels and performing a variety of quests. Now, gadgets are divided into several groups, from less useful to more. On the other hand, what can be considered useful? For example, a stone would seem to be useless, but it can also be used to achieve its goals of varying degrees of decency. For example, a stone can distract the blunt urodtsev in the first level. It seems like throwing a stone. The freak hears the noise and begins to worry (walking to the left, then to the right). At the very moment when he turns his back on you, then it's best to bang him (down with the rules of knightly duel, because here the shot in the back decides everything). Later, too, you can do this, but already activating the stone touch guns, which gladly open a friendly fire destroying their soldiers. Another stone can be put on a broken sensor in the floor that controls the elevator, etc. Here you see how you can use only one kind of objects, and in the game, they are much more, right up to the force field and teleport.
Is the game really good? She's just great. Maybe not everything here is great, there are certainly some downsides, but the process is just spectacular, to the point that until you go through the game, you'll come back to it again and again. But it's easy to go through it. Levels are not so many and they are not as long as some would like. That probably still a plus, because it seems to me that for such games, the excessive delay is disastrous, well, and here everything turned out in full azhure. Levels are varied (from quest, to all kinds of "jump and shoot"), the brain works, fingers also do not stop pressing buttons. What else is needed? Nothing else is needed, at least while playing Flashback.



At the very beginning, select the holocube, located one screen below. Return to the original position and, as long as possible, go to the right. Kill the first mutata. Then go to the right and select a stone and a credits in ten units (let's call them dollars for simplicity). Go to the right, before the second mutaput the door should open. Select the cartridge. Carefully go down, then go to the right, not getting into the field of action of the force field. Recharge the shield and cartridge. Move to the left and place the cartridge in the console, this will allow you to pass through the bridge. When you cross the bridge, go up the elevator and go left. Put the stone on the sensor and climb into the elevator. Pick up the teleporter and two stones. Go down the elevator, now you need to return to the right, then go down, jump down to the two mutatut. Go right through the dangerous force field, pick up the stone, kill another mutata and pick up a hundred dollars, a key, another hundred dollars. To your right will be another mutaput, you must be ready for this. Pick up five hundred dollars. Gently go to the left and insert the key into the console. This will allow you to open the door. Now you must go back to the bridge (go to the right) and there you can recharge all your items. From the top point go to the left, kill the mutata, go upstairs and achieve that the sensors let you upstairs. Go to the right and talk with the mutilated Scientist. Give him a teleporter and pick up an identification card. Now gently return to the bridge (to the left). Go to the left, insert the ID card into the console and go down the long-long passage; you will meet two mutaputs. Get down downward. Caution: on the right sensors, and when you try to pass you will incinerate the laser beam. Dive down and screw into the next screen. The old Hermit will sell you an anti-gravity belt, in which you need to jump to the next level.

Titan City

Go all the time to the right and get down to get on the elevator.
From the middle platform, run up, jump to the top. Here you will meet two policemen. We need to run past them until they start shooting. Talk to Jan, he will open the door for you. Go through and go down. At the bottom, kill the mutata. Take the fuse, go back and insert it into the console to fix the lift. Climb, on the right in the window, take the map and go down into the subway.
Activate the underground map. Go to the station "America". Listen to the bartender, talk to Jake (right). Return to the metro and go to the station "Africa". By issuing an identification card, you will receive a work permit. Go to the center for employment (station "Europe"). Go left to the terminals and shove the license in the slot to get the first job.
Go to the station "Asia". Take the girl to the right of the ticket office and take him to "Africa", to the "Travel Agency". At the station "Asia" in the employment office you will receive a new assignment.
Save it. You can also recharge your shield. Now go to the station "Africa". Take VIP (very important person) and go all the time to the right. Shoot the mutata. Pick up the key and paste it into the console. Go left, kill the mutata. Again go to the left and settle between the two floating balls. On the top platform, take the key, go to the right, open the door. Take the VIP and follow down. You just need to transport this person in charge. It, the person, will constantly follow you, the main thing is to fight off the mutaputs and adjust the elevators. At the end of the journey, you will have to pay to teleport. Recharge.
Save the game. Insert the "Workin raper" license in the slot to get the third job, and go to the bar ("America" ​​station). Talk to the seller and go downstairs and talk to the policeman. Return to the bar and shoot the mutata. Then, having talked to the saved person, kill the policeman and take away the keys from him. Return to the bar and, using the keys, penetrate into the cyborg's hideout.
Save here. Go to the right and shoot the two terminators. Pay for teleportation and do not forget to recharge.
Save the game. To obtain the fourth task, insert paper into the slot. At this stage, all actions need to be done very quickly. Enter the teleport setup. Run to the right, open the hatch. Further all the time run to the left. Go down the elevator down, run to the right and jump onto the platform, which will activate the elevator. Go down the elevator, then run to the right. Insert the card into the receiving slot and teleport to the mission distribution room. Recharge.
Save, put the paper in the slot to get the fifth job. At this stage you will need to proceed to the station "Europe".
Save the game, kill the mutata and go down. After shooting in the second mutata, take the key. Go down and kill the third enemy. Go left, insert the key into the console, again go left, take the stone and throw it. Shoot the mutata, then run to the left, jump down and kill another mutata. Go downstairs, turn to the right, pick up the key and money. Go back to the left, go down, to the right and down. Having opened the door and paid for the teleportation, you will move to the mission room.
Here, recharge and save the game. Go to the bar (America station) and talk to Jake. Pay it to get an ID card. The card is given to the person in the dead tower. Now you can move to the next stage.

Death Tower

To get to Earth, you need to win the show. Your task is to get from the eighth floor to the first.
On the eighth floor, go to the right, kill the terminator. Open the door, go right and recharge.
Go to the left, kill the terminator, still go left, open the door and go up the elevator.
On the seventh floor, jump up and go left. Open the hatch, go left and kill the terminator. Activate the doors and kill the terminator. Go left and kill one more terminator. Now go to the left, go up, go still to the left, fight with the terminator and two balls. Go left and save the game. Go left and take the elevator.
On the sixth floor, go to the right, open the door, turn to the right, go up and go left. Wait until the hatch opens in the floor. Recharge and go left. There, kill the enemies, then go left again and wait until the mines in the floor work,
Use the elevator.
On the fifth floor turn to the left and kill the terminator. Climb, turn to the right. Here you can save the game. Go left and then go down. From the central platform run to the left, jump up and go pale.
At the beginning of the fourth floor, go to the right, free and destroy the terminator. Then open the door and go to the right. Recharge, after you kill the enemy. From the bottom platform go right and open the door. From the middle platform, go to the right and open the hatch in the floor. From the platform on the bottom, also go to the right and use the elevator.
On the third floor you have to kill the enemy and go to the right. Fight with the middle ball, kill the terminator, save the game. Kill the three remaining balls and use the elevator.
On the second floor, kill the terminator, open the door, and kill the other terminator.
On the first floor, after killing the terminator, you will enter the television studio and you will be able to go to the Earth.


Give the ID card to the clerk. After leaving the building, go down and go right to the taxi stop. Arriving in the lower town, climb to the top platform and through the balcony penetrate into the nightclub. In the room, go to the right to the elevator and go down. With a blue platform, the elevator will take you even lower. Here you will have to climb
to the door, turn right, fall into the hole and turn off the switch. Go back to the door, go up, take the key and go higher, fighting off the balls with discharges. In the corner of the room, disconnect the switch. Now go back to the blue forklift, go to the right to the elevator and go up. Two synchronously failing panels will work if you tinker. Go ahead and go down. In the left corridor, without touching the alarm, take the key and go back upstairs. Open the door and go all the way to the right. Under the door, do a somersault.


Run from the mutants forward until the save setting. After receiving the weapon, deal with the pursuers, take the key from the dead man and climb up to the flow of acid. Overtake him. taking care, and follow left. There, shooting down the cyborgs, take the "telecontroller" and "telesiver." From the top shelf take the key, go back to the acid, go to the right and throw the receiver into the hole. Apply the telecontroller, it can teleport you to the TV receiver. Go left, drop into the next hole and open the door. Fight, and then run right, down and left. After moving through the acid, use the interstellar teleportation.

Alien World 1

Ascending, move to the right until the switch. Then get down down while moving is possible. At the right wall take a stone, fight with aliens and go to the right. On the door sensor, put the stone and go acid using the receiver with the telecontroller. The lower door opens from the shot. The dying man will give you an atomic bomb. Picking up a diary from the elevator, you will learn about an apparatus capable of undermining the world of mutaputas. On the elevator, go down, go right, wait for another lift and then go down. Kill the mutata and, taking a stone, move to the left. Having thus made a circle along the corridor, you will return to the elevator. On it Climb to the surface and go to the right.

Alien World 2

Take the elevator, kill the guard and take two "exploading mouse" from the shelf - they can be used as a power shield. Move up and to the right. Leave the TV receiver at the elevator and rise again. Turn off the gun, go to the left and switch the switch. Teleporting to the elevator, pick up the receiver, iditol to the right, select the keys and go up. Moving away from the storage device by one step, throw the receiver and teleport. You will find yourself between two streams of acid. Now teleport again and get down with the help of a fox. Open the door and go down again. In the big hall, after killing the mutaputs, put the receiver on the hatch in the center and shoot the ball in the left corner. When the receiver falls, teleport behind it. Go left along the corridor to the end, go down the elevator to the bunker and go to the right. Shoot the brain center of the mutaputas three times from the left and three times to the right. Go to the right, take two "exploading mouse" from the shelf, kill the enemy to get the key. This key will open the door at the bottom. After killing all of them, go back to the elevator, go up and run right to the closed door. There, leave the receiver, then go back to the battlefield, go to the right. Heard the advice to put a charge on the right platform, and do it. Take off the switch and teleport. The door will be opened, and the space ship is ready to carry you away from the inhospitable planet.

Level Passwords

GATORS Easy Level 01: Jungle
DIABLO Easy Level 02: Titan City
TV PMBRTN Easy Level 03: Death Tower
EXPO Easy Level 04: Earth
PATROL Easy Level 05: Prison
BOOGIE Easy Level 06: Alien World 1
TREK Easy Level 07: Alien World 2

LASSO Expert Level 01: Jungle
STRIKE Expert Level 02: Titan City
KNOCK Expert Level 03: Death Tower
POKER Expert Level 04: Earth
ATOMIC Expert Level 05: Prison
KNUCKL Expert Level 06: Alien World 1
DYNSTY Expert Level 07: Alien World 2

LEAGUE Normal Level 01: Jungle
ANIMAL Normal Level 02: Titan City
QUASI Normal Level 03: Death Tower
BANG Normal Level 04: Earth
TIMERS Normal Level 05: Prison
STALIO Normal Level 06: Alien World 1
SHKSPR Normal Level 07: Alien World 2