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Defcon 5 (DOS)

Defcon 5 DOS
Genre: Action, Strategy / Tactics
Perspective: 1st-person
Setting: Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Published by: Nova Spring
Developed by: Millennium Interactive Ltd.
Released: 1995
Defcon 5 control keys
There is a weird story - you will not play it for the technology , not as an agent , which is to establish a protective system on the research station on a distant planet , rich in various resources and hostile elements .
View the game in first person, the gameplay boils down to two main things - the destruction of the enemy (which is quite difficult because of not so easy management and most of the opponents ), and the solution of various " mysteries " to perform missions (which is also not easy ) .
The graphics in the game is somewhat similar to the first System Shock, whose fans in the first place and is recommended . And also to all who love the game in the style of science fiction.


- From the Hangar A with Limo to get to Admin Level 2 .
- Take the elevator to come down to the Admin Level 3 and find DESTRUCT pad ( with a picture of an analog chronograph dial with red sector ) in the corridor in front of the wall on which are depicted chemical flask and test tube (1st door on the left .) With this PAD (Personal Access Disc / Disc personal access ) it is possible to activate the self-destruct Self destruct.
- Take the elevator to come down to the Admin Level 6 and find SOFTWARE pad ( with a picture CD) in one of the corridors (left relative to the drawing on the wall with a picture of a red corporate logo Tyrone ) indicated by the image of the mechanical gears and lift with diagonal yellow stripes (2nd door on the left ) . This makes it possible to adjust the PAD parameters protection program that automatically operates six air defense guns (Turrets), which are firing at aircraft aliens.
- Elevators located behind a door with a picture of a red logo corporation Tyrone, get in the Control Room and find DROID pad, necessary to control the intelligence droids (Recon Droids).
No more PAD ( except those that are found on the map in the wreckage of downed alien aircraft air defense system ) for the game does not need it! Although a lot of them can be detected in other areas and rooms of the underground complex .
Point of PAD should be installed on a computer running VOS (Voice Operation System / Voice Operating System ) hanging on the wall in the Control Room.
Defcon 5 gameplayIn the section of the operating system (VOS) Tactical Defense Systems Software Control please click on the Install From PAD, and then click on the Adjust Parameters.Now we need to change the parameters as follows :
- MEF (Missile Enable Flag) set - 111111
- GEF (Gun Enable Flag) - 111111
- ARF (Auto Reload Flag) - 000000
- TBF (Temp Before Failure) - 100
- DBF (Damage Before Failure) - 100
- RTM (Reload Type Missile) - 5
- RTP (Reload Type Projectile) - 5
Then, in the section of the operating system Tactical Defense Systems Turret Control to install tower guns on effective supply of rockets and missiles , as well as after each attack the alien reload the gun.
A better way to fire from the turret gun in manual mode, which allows for certain skills more productive to destroy aircraft, which fall around the wreckage of tower defense guns .
The attacks occur alien waves. In this case, the aliens landed enter the underground complex . In this case, the female voice VOS voiced phrase : "Intruders detected in Service Level". In this case, using the elevator move to the Admin Level 6 or any where in the rooms can be located on the wall of a computer panel . Enter section VOS Tactical Station Map where with the help of the operating system , lock the door to the room where you are.
Wait until the bersekery appear (there are 6 ) as red dots on the perimeter of the floor plan . After a while they start to look for you through all the rooms . At the time when they will be in rooms close by VOS doors to these rooms .
That's all the more they will not bother you . Now you can go to a computer terminal in the Control Room and quietly continue playing.
In the section of the VOS Tactical Emergency Comms submit reports after each aerial attack of aliens.
After the recognition of air attacks to use probe droids (Recon Droids) to examine a fragment of enemy combat aircraft shot down by air defense guns . It may take three or more air attacks by aliens until the wreckage will be necessary PAD .
To complete the game you will need the following PAD:
- Shuttle Pad x 1 pc. (Access to rescue Chatelet in Hangar A). It is located on the map under the white tochkoy.Kogda this PAD delivered probe droid and installed, in which case section Tactical Facilities Escape Systems under the inscription Shuttle Inventory from the icon with the image of space shuttle red cross will disappear , and in the bottom of the window under the inscription Escape Status will be displayed Escape Possible: High Risk. This means that it became possible to use the shuttle , located in Hangar A, but not activated automatic warships escort there is a great danger of being bruised enemy - this is one of the incorrect options complete the game .
- Fighter Pad x2 pcs . (Automatic military escort .) Are found only in the green dots on the map. If these two droids PAD found , in section Tactical Facilities Escape Systems under the inscription Fighter Inventory with icons depicting warships disappear red crosses , and Escape Status will read Escape Possible: Low Risk. In this case, using the shuttle in Hangar A, his flight to the mother spacecraft will be accompanied by an escort battle - the other of the completion of the game wrong choices vrezultate which the actions of the character in the game will be severely condemned by the management corporation Tyron .
- Weapons Division pad x1 sht.mozhet is just under the yellow dots on the map that do not appear immediately . When it is detected , the VOS will hear a message . Without this PAD successful completion of the impossible game .
In the above section PAD VOS Tactical Self Destruct start the device and follow the self-destruct in Hangar A, to get to the rescue shuttle .
Depending on whether all of the above are found (Shuttle pad x1 , Fighter pad x2, Weapons Div pad x1 ), the game has three different endings .
If the game is too long may damage the tunnel tract Limo aircraft aliens , and as a consequence it is impossible to get in with the help of Hangar A Limo, but there is an alternative path through the maze of Service Level Power Level Hangar A, which is difficult but you can find it.
There is a mini- game :
We go into the terminal, then "Communications", select "Local Communications". When will show that this action is not available click on the triangle.