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Quake (DOS)

Quake DOS
Genre: Action, FPS
Perspective: 1st-person
Gameplay: Shooter
Interface: Direct Control
Setting: Fantasy
Published by: id Software
Developed by: id Software
Released: 1996
Quake DOS control keys
Call you at four in the morning, as early as half past you have been in a secret complex. The commander explains the reason for such an unexpected call:
- Case involves teleportation gates, code-named «Slipgate». This unique invention, with which we can instantly move over great distances as goods and people...;
- But the enemy is unknown to us, we call it QUAKE, uses a gate to infiltrate our base their murderous orders, sowing death, destruction and kidnapping soldiers...;

- Heck, we do not have any idea of where he is and where is. Our best scientists believe that QUAKE, most likely came from another dimension. They also say that everything that happens - just the beginning, a QUAKE preparing to send to our world... a real army;

- You, our best people. Begins Operations «Counterstrike», and you are taking part in it. The main and only goal - to find and catch QUAKE stop it or...;
- You have every right to use whatever is necessary to achieve the goal. If the scientists are right, our lives are in great danger, and can not be neglected ...
The base of the strike force DAMN. The moment when you, settling in a new place, examined the neighborhood heard shots. To come back, you only took a few minutes, but it was too late - the base was completely destroyed ... QUAKE, after learning of the impending operation, again worked well and struck the first blow. All of your soldiers were killed, the mission is over for them, even before it started ... However, you-What are intact and still crave revenge, so - is not lost. Especially because, in spite of the prevailing around the defeat and chaos, teleport through which came and disappeared into nowhere enemy unit, miraculously survived...
Taking a deep breath and drove in charge of the shotgun, you take a step towards his destiny...
Such is the background of the game, well before its introduction has become a legend. Period of its release was delayed over and over again, the project overgrown most incredible rumors, but as the months passed, and we have remained almost completely ignorant of what is still hidden behind the name became a truly magical ... And when skeptics have finally despaired, there-did the first version of the Game. Let us say at once, much enthusiasm they have not caused. And it is not surprising - he was too raw material. The principal opponents of the genre, as such, believe me, not a little, happily rubbing their hands - as well another myth dispelled...
But their triumph was short-lived, at the end of summer 1996 from the Nativity final version of the game, finally appeared in all its splendor, immediately overshadowing everything so far has been done in the genre of action. Perhaps today survived only Duke Nukem.
As for the «Quake», the game failed to the full. We have no doubt that her future looks bright. Surely no one will be the continuation of the program will be released on all platforms available to it, the fans will be cut till you drop at the various Quake-tournaments, and the majority of publications on computer games, will devote her a lot of detailed articles with a detailed analysis of the gaming environment, and even step through.
We will try to limit the most important basic information that we hope will be absolutely enough anyone has sat down for the first time «Quake», in order to successfully go through it from the beginning to the very end, without experiencing discomfort from the lack of information. As for the complete solution, in our opinion, «Quake», for all its heaped ™ - still a somewhat different genre that does not require a Statement of the overly scientific approach.
Quake DOS title screen

So, welcome to another dimension, «Quake» waiting for you!
By the way, that it represents your main opponent, you will find only in the final scene of the last episode of the game. Ahead of the event, explain - it Shub Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods Thousands of young, god, long since banished from our world and now thinketh only of revenge. In general, many of the concerns that the motive of events described in «Quake», in one way or another connected with the accursed deities - The Lord of Antiquities created by the imagination of the world-famous writer HP Lovecraft Howard. However, it makes little sense to go into the details of the mythological basis of the plot, as the game itself are inherently - Action famously done in the style of "kill-them-all", but no more.

Main menu

Is activated by pressing the ESC key at any time, and consists of the following sub-menus and configuration options.
-SINGLE PLAYER - one option for the player:
-NEW GAME - start a new game. Watch out! If you have not previously signed up, the current plot will be irretrievably lost;
-LOAD GAME - restore a previously recorded game;
-SAVE - save the current state.
MULTIPLAYER - a multiplayer version of the game:
- NEW GAME - start the server for the game «Quake», all the rest of the multiplayer part of the game, establishing contact with him. Immediately prior to the action, you must select one of the four available types of communication:
MODEM - game on the modem;
DIRECT CONNECT - communication cable connecting the COM ports of the two computers;
IPX or TCP / IP - game of one embodiment of a network protocol;
- JOIN GAME - join a game server is also using the above-described embodiments of communication;
- SETUP - setting options to the player to participate in the multiplayer version of the game using the following options:
HOSTNAME - Enter the name under which you want to run a game server or the name of the server that are going to join;
YOUR NAME - the name by which you will be playing;
SHIRT COLOR - choose one of the 14 possible colors of your shirt;
PANTS COLOR - choice of color pants fighter who will control.
After the start of a multiplayer game, you need to decide on its type. There are two possibilities:
- COOPERATIVE - a joint, no matter how many participants, the passing game. Once one of the players level passes, all the rest will automatically follow him where ever they are at the moment;
- DEATHMATCH - play against each other on one of the levels, especially created for DEATHMATCH, no monsters, until full and final mutual self-destruction. If players have more than two, to maintain interest can be divided into teams, each with its own color. In this case, with the option TEAM COLOR RULES, set NO FRIENDLY FIRE, and the players of one team will not be able to hurt and, especially, to kill each other.
For both options, has a neat feature - by pressing the T you will be able to share the game with each other messages.
OPTIONS - game options menu, which consists of the following options and sub-menus:
- CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS - setting their own keyboard to control the game. To change a certain value, just click the appropriate position and the ENTER key to enter a new one. The same operation can be performed twice, and thus set up a backup key for a particular team. If you want to reset the value of any of the keys, press the button on its position BACKSPACE.
So, you can change the following:
ATTACK - fire from the selected weapon;
CHANGE WEAPON - consistently change weapons, brute force is to increase its number;
JUMP / SWIM UP - jump and, at the same time, go up to the relevant game situations;
WALK FORWARD - forward motion;
BACKPEDAL - going backwards;
TURN LEFT - left;
TURN RIGHT - turn to the right;
RUN - run;
STEP LEFT - move left;
STEP RIGHT - move to the right;
SIDESTEP - key, pressing and holding that captures your movement sideways;
LOOK UP - look up (after setting off your mind returns to its normal position);
LOOK DOWN - look down after the movement - the same as above);
CENTER VIEW - key with which the player look back to its original (neutral) position;
MOUSE LOOK - key or mouse button, keeping you (and moving the mouse), you can stand in one place, look around;
KEYBOARD LOOK - key or mouse button, hold and use the arrows which direction the keyboard, you can stand in one place, look around;
SWIM UP - go up;
SWIM DOWN - go down.

After editing these values and exit the game, they are automatically saved, so that by running «QUAKE» next time you can play with your keyboard layout option.
- GO TO CONSOLE - enter into a special game console, which serves as the Special internal teams, as well as to enter codes to facilitate the passage of the game (see the "Code"), Challenge of the console during the game can also be accomplished by pressing the "~" .
- RESET TO DEFAULTS - using this option, you can lose everything in the game settings to their default values, that is in such a position that has been found by the program.
- SCREEN SIZE - adjusts the size of the game screen. As the game progresses, with the keyboard, you can make resizing using the "+" and "-".
- BRIGHTNESS - Adjusts the brightness of the screen.
- MOUSE SPEED - speed control mouse movement.
- CD MUSIC VOLUME - adjusts the volume music playing with CD-ROM'a.
- SOUND VOLUME - Sets the volume for sound effects in the game.
- ALWAYS RUN ON / OFF - enable / disable running. When the value of this option is OFF, you move at normal speed and with the appropriate key can switch to run and move twice as fast. When the Always Run is set to ON, you're running all the time.
- INVERT MOUSE ON / OFF - select using the mouse. When OFF, move the mouse forward lifts his head up and down - lowers it. When set to ON, these actions are carried out directly opposite.
- LOOKSPRING ON / OFF - when set to ON, when you release the button to raise or lower the head, the view immediately returns to normal. Otherwise, if OFF, for that you'll need to take a few steps forward or back. This option does not apply if you are under water.
- LOOKSTRAFE ON / OFF - when this option is enabled (the ON), in the mode of examination is fixed your travel sideways instead of turns in the appropriate direction.
- VIDEO OPTIONS - the setup menu mode to be used by the game. Here you can see all the current options available. Selecting any one of them by pressing ENTER, then you can perform the following steps:
- Test your video mode to ensure its operability (start button T);
- Set the liked the default mode, that is, it will be automatically included with every new start of the program without any additional guidance on what (you need to use the D).
Note that the game has a core set of ten different modes, the maximum of which is 360x480. However, if you are before you start the game using the graphics driver UNI-VBE 5.2, the number of modes, depending on the capabilities of your graphics card to increase significantly, and you can try to play even at resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and even more!

Game screen

The creators have tried to make the game so that it practically does not differ from reality in terms of the perception of the world. And I must say, it is able to fully. Three-dimensional interior environment to look really unnatural, monsters, the main headache creators of all the previous games of this type have become three-dimensional and three-dimensional. In addition, each of them has acquired its own special pattern of behavior - from an individual manner of movement of the game space and firing, and finishing with a response to your attempts to destroy them (it seems that getting into monsters really cause them pain - it was too true look their respective movements). If you add to the above, incredible realism and appropriate lighting mazes sound design, you get exactly what you see in the game, and the screen - the eyes of your character sent to the parallel world, not much different in reality from ours. You just live and fight in it.
Now a few words about a specific statistical information produced in the course of the three games on the progress bar, which, incidentally, can be seen only when the screen is not set to full image. In this case, the statistics remain free space at the bottom of the screen (adjust the window size, as mentioned above, is carried out by means of the keyboard buttons "+" and "-").
STATUS BAR - indicator of your current state.
Located at the bottom of the screen and contains the following information (from left to right):
- Window showing the type of used body armor, that is its color;
- A figure that reflects the current state of the body armor;
- Your portrait. It serves not only as decoration, but also quite clearly serves as an indicator of health. What is your face sad and bloody, the worse things;
- A figure showing the current state of your health;
- Window showing the type of currently used munitions;
- The number of remaining ammo for the selected weapon.
Note that when the figures showing the current values ​​of the state of body armor, health and ammo begin to approach their minimum values, they turn red, and thus you get an indirect warning about the problems.
INVENTORY BAR - LED equipment.
If you allow the selected screen size, it is above the STATUS BAR and consists of the following parts:
- An indicator of the presence of weapons. There is a place for all seven types of weapons that require ammunition, each of which has its own cage and number in it. Currently in use is highlighted weapon;
- An indicator of the presence of munitions, is exactly above the indicator of the presence of weapons and shows:
- The presence of nails (NAIL) for NAILGUN and PERFORATOR;
- The number of grenades (GRENADE), and for the GRENADE LAUNCHER ROCKET LAUNCHER;
- Supply of energy (CELL CHARGE) for THUNDERBOLT;
- A place to store the found keys. Located to the right of the indicator presence of weapons;
- An indicator of current accessibility (POWER-UPS). Is a little more to the right place to hold the keys;
- An indicator of the results of the game in multiplayer mode DEATHMATCH.
SCORE BAR - an indicator of current progress on your current level. Appears only when the key is pressed and held TAB, replaces INVENTORY BAR and contains the following information items:
- The name of the current level;
- MONSTERS: X / Y - number of monsters, where: X - number of enemies you have killed, Y - the remaining quantity;
- SECRETS: X / Y - number of secret places: X - have you found, Y - the total number;
- TIME - the time spent on the passage of the current game level.

Game basics


When you start the game, you see three small corridor, passing which you determine at what level of complexity will be playing:
EASY - left corridor - the easiest level of the game, designed for young children and the elderly;
MEDIUM - middle corridor - the majority of which play will not have any problems at this level, so we recommend that you start with him;
HARD - right corridor - a sophisticated level of the game. We recommend thorough workout before you start to play it. It is worth noting that even select this level is not easy, first we must manage to jump over a crevice filled with molten lava;
NIGHTMARE - it's so horrible level that the authors even made secret place of his choice, in order to avoid injury to the psyche of unprepared players (for details on how to find it, see below).

Scene Selection

Once you have decided on one of the three available levels of difficulty at the beginning, you will find yourself in a room with four outputs, each of which leads to his teleportation gate Slipgate, going into that, you will find yourself in a new dimension and start passing the corresponding episode.
Thus, the order of episodes, respectively doors (left to right):
FIRST EPISODE. DIMENSION OF THE DOOMED - the first episode, the measurement of the Damned;
SECOND EPISODE. THE REALM OF BLACK MAGIC - the second episode - an ancient castle located in the realm of black magic and filled with monsters;
THIRD EPISODE. THE NETHEWORLD - third episode - the dungeon. Primal Fear reigns in this strange dimension;
FOURTH EPISODE. THE ELDER WORLD - the fourth episode - the ancient world, where all your worst nightmares come true.
The episodes are arranged in increasing order of complexity, but if this is not enough, you can choose the level of difficulty NIGHTMARE. This is done as follows;
  • Climb the stairs leading to the top of the fourth episode;
  • Dive into the pool and swim back quickly;
  • If you did everything correctly, you will fall on the beam, which runs through, you will find yet another teleport gate;
  • Passing them, you set the level of difficulty and NIGHTMARE are returned to the room selection event.
When you pass the entire selected scene (and each of them has six to eight levels), then find a door with an appropriate symbol or rune, which will be for the teleportation gate that will bring you back to the beginning of the game, the room selection of episodes, and, corridor to that part of the game that you have already overcome, will be closed. We should also note that when you go through the next level of the episode and move on to the next one, it saves all your collected weapons and ammunition. However, starting a new episode, you will again find yourself with an ax and a shotgun in front of ruthless hordes of enemies.


AXE - an ax, ineffective, but does not require ammo melee weapon, use it only in the most extreme cases.
SHOTGUN - shotgun, your main weapon in the early game. Not only effective against the most powerful monsters, and a short distance away.
DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN - twin-barrel shotgun, a fairly powerful weapon, but has just three disadvantages - requires twice as much ammo than a simple option, slowly recharges and ineffective at long range.
NMLGUN - dvuhstvolny gvozdemet. That colloquially referred nails (NAILS), in fact are not established. This is not a nail in the conventional sense, but deadly darts flying at a frightening speed and piercing any armor. The advantages gvozdemeta can also include silent, rate of fire and a large radius of action.
PERFORATOR - supergvozdemet (SUPERNAILGUN, if you want). This is an improved version of a conventional gvozdemeta with four rotating shafts. The result - a huge rate at which the enemy has no chance of staying alive. But the minus is quite obvious - a huge expense of the most nail-darter, which in the game is not that little, but not so everywhere ... However, the punch - a good thing in any case.
GRENADE LAUNCHER - launcher. Fires grenades great destructive power mounted on the path. As soon as the grenade falls into any of the enemies, it will automatically explode if you miss - falls to the ground and explodes after a short period of time, which can also be used to your advantage. Keep in mind, grenades ricochet off the walls and floor, so much so that you can easily rolled under the feet of the same, however, a little time out to get away with murder, you almost always have.
ROCKET LAUNCHER - Rocket Launcher. It shoots the same grenades, but they fly at a higher rate and fly in a straight line trajectory. Of course, the charges explode and shoot someone, and when they hit the wall. No bounce because of the speed of flight, so be very careful and do not fall into the walls of the rocket launcher located near you - the shock wave does not discriminate where the, and where - a stranger.
THUNDERBOLT - "God of Thunder," energy weapon terrible destructive power comparable to a lightning strike. Has one feature - when used in wet environments holds the global short-circuit, because of which killed everything under water, including, of course, you are.

Switching weapons

As soon as some of the weapons ammunition ends, automatically switches to the weapons which have no charge. The only exceptions are the rocket launcher and grenade launcher - they use high-powered grenades, and you are given the right to choose the time to apply them. So, if you were to park the battlefield with an ax in his hand, that does not mean that you're quite unarmed - check out how you do things with grenades, maybe even nothing at all ... Then quickly grab a grenade or rocket launcher (depending on the game situation). However, if you still came to the ax, the selection from the ground of a particular type of ammunition recharged weapon appears in your hands again automatically.

Reloading weapons

Seven types of weapons firing, of course, require constant replenishment of ammunition. As you progress through the levels, you'll encounter four types of boxes containing the following types of ammunition:
SHELLS - cartridges for normal and dvuhstvolny shotgun, a small box - 20 rounds, large - 40;
NAILS - nails, darts for dvuhstvolny and Quadruple gvozdemetov; small box - 25 darts, large - 50;
GRENADES - grenades for grenade and rocket launcher, a small box - 5 grenades, large - 10;
CELLS - to recharge the batteries, "God of Thunder", the small capacity battery - 6 large - 12.
In addition, next to some dead enemies remain unused by them ammunition. Do not forget to use, and these gifts.
If we continue to talk about guns, it is worth mentioning also that the different weapons systems in a completely different effect on different monsters. If you have a problem with a particular monster, it is possible that it is necessary not to increase the density and rate of fire, simply change the very type of weapons used, and all at once will fall into place.


ROTTWEILER - the most common Rottweiler, right in the brains of dogs tweaked something, and now it is without doubt throws at people trying to gnaw their throats.
GRUNT - a seemingly ordinary earthly soldier, just coming into a state of indescribable ecstasy of them committed murder. Apparently, in the pleasure centers of the inserted him something that makes the massacre only meaning of its existence. However, this low-hazard enemy, armed with only a shotgun and a shotgun as easily killed. Throw a pity about the outer anthropoid - he is a hundred times worse than the most notorious serial killer.
ENFORCER - improved version Grunt'a. Got enhanced protection in the form of a powerful body armor and is armed with a fairly powerful blaster.
KNIGHT - Knight. Despite the seeming harmlessness of this piece of cured meats, his sword, combined with a good survivability, can give you a lot of trouble.
DEATH KNIGHT - perhaps, Quake read a lot of medieval romances, as this is another knight, this time - death, which adds the ability to fire deadly fan (probably magic, and can be - and just poisonous) drops over a long distance. Mix it up with someone because of the constant presence on the head horned helmet is impossible.
ROTFISH - fish, habits of highly reminiscent of a piranha. As they should be, is found only in the water. One is not very dangerous, but quite a few of the flock can significantly damage your health indicators long before you have time to shoot them.
ZOMBIE - zombies, living dead. Since they are already dead, bullets and nails do not take them - you can fall down to the floor, but a little rest, they come to life again and stand with uterine moans continued to fire you something wet and dirty (maybe - blood, but , it does not matter.) The only way to get rid of them - grenades, have scattered into many pieces, zombies are no longer able to come back.
SCRAG - looks like a ghost, but this is not dispensable peaceful soul, flying like a butterfly and stinging like a bee shooting of two green lasers (or maybe just spitting acid), will look up to you as long as you do not kill it .
OGRE - horrible cannibal growth in two and a half meters, armed with a chainsaw in his right hand and a grenade launcher on the left will be your ongoing headache for most of the game.
SPAWN - an amorphous substance in the form of a sprawling drop. Dangerous enemy attacking from all sides, including the ceiling, it is better to kill at a distance, as after his death, he explodes like a grenade.
FIEND - something like a huge monkey, very agile and dangerous. Jumping over huge distances allow him to quickly get to you and inflict terrible wounds hit with paws.
VORE - a three-legged spider, very tenacious and having armed with homing missiles, which are very difficult to dodge.
SHAMBLER - the creation of the most powerful in the game, even the rest of the monsters are afraid to openly and scatter in different directions when it appears nearby. As for you, he's always at the ready energy charge, not inferior in strength and lightning produced effect "God of Thunder." But at least he is strong in close combat - a pair of super paws can-quick turn your head.

Useful items

First aid kits - boxes with red crosses. There are small, add 15 health units, and large, improving your physical condition at 25 units.
ARMOR - both in the course of moving directly on the level, and in some secret places, you can find one of the three available types of body armor in the game. They differ from each other by color (yellow, blue and red), and, most importantly, the strength of armor, standing between you and the enemy's weapons.
MEGAHEALTH - a box that gives you superpribavku health. Whatever it was before, is added to the current value of 100 units. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, over time, gradually and inexorably, the value of gain is reduced, the only consolation - before reaching the 100 figure, the process is terminated (as long, of course, as long as you do not start to wag the next opponent):
BIOSUIT - Biosuit. After finding it, you can freely and without panting, swim in a toxic slush and under water. After a while the action Biosuit stops.
Items listed below are classified spetsvozmozh-ties (POWER-UPS) and their presence you can see in the INVENTORY BAR game screen.
RING OF SHADOWS - Ring of Shadows. Makes you almost completely, except for the eye, invisible. Enemies can see you only when you open fire on them.
PENTAGRAM OF PROTECTION - amulet "Pentagram of protection." What makes you completely immune to any kind of enemy fire.
QUAD DAMAGE - «Cube of Destruction." Now all your weapons was four times more powerful, which is why, be especially careful when using a grenade launcher and rocket launcher - close the gap of his own grenade could very well kill you, not hurt, as usual.
When you receive any of these special abilities, as well as in finding BIOSUIT, the game screen with respect to hue, indicating the use of an object. Before the end of its validity, you will see and hear the specific blinking alarm beeps.

Game features

  • Unlike many games of this type, «Quake» your life much easier: everything is automated, the most that is required of you in the course of the story - it poked (or shot) into a button to activate a particular process.
  • Some levels of the game require you to press a certain amount of control buttons, while you reported exactly how much they have left. Only after doing this a prerequisite, you will be able to move on.
  • The doors do not open, they swing open in front of you if you do not require a special key. If the key you already have, it also does not have anywhere to use - locked door will now open in the same way as normal.
  • Lifts also automated. They raise or lower you as soon as you get up on them. The exceptions are the elevators or lifts just the same, only equipped with a special button activation, but their use has not become a serious challenge for you.
  • The hero, you are driving, jumping pretty mediocre (not high and not far away). Somewhat better at it it turns out, when the jump is performed with a running start - maybe it will help you get to previously inaccessible places.
  • Almost at every level of the game you will meet with the three types of pools that are filled with the following types of fluids:
  • Water - as usual, you can swim in either, the direction you want. The only thing we should not forget, it's about the air - if you just do not breathe Come up, you will begin to choke, and this can lead to death. If you are wearing BIOSUIT, you can swim, not rising to the surface as long as the remarkable action suit is over (well, if at this moment you are in that part of the underwater maze where you can quickly emerge for air). Jump into the water can be almost anywhere, but you get out of it by force only in certain places, descending directly to the water;
  • Poisonous filth - once you get into it, immediately start to lose health. Your objective in this situation - as soon as possible to get out. If you have BIOSUIT, this dirt is not different from ordinary water;
  • Molten lava - if you are lucky and you are down to where small, that is left on the surface, you probably still have a small chance to jump back. But once in the lava lake and plunged into it, to escape virtually impossible.
  • Sometimes, in order to pass the level, you'll need to find and step on the floor or a special plate to press one or more buttons on the walls.
  • At each level of the game there are a few secret places that contain useful items and ammunition. To find them, you usually have to either swim long distances under water, or fire in the appropriate place, or special character.
  • An evil enemy has prepared for you a variety of levels and filled traps. Very frustrating to be in a closed room with drop ceiling or get hit in the side spears, so be careful and careful even in cases when there are no enemies above.
  • When you see a box with the sign of radiation, keep in mind - it is a powerful explosive. When injected into these boxes is a powerful explosion. Keep yourself away from them and use the old military trick - blowing up a box at a time when next to it are the enemies you destroy them all.
  • Watch out for monsters - among them there is mutual dislike and hatred. Of course, the first thing they hate and try to kill it for you, but sometimes, often as a result of a bad shot, they quarrel among themselves and start beating each other. It is important at this point not to disturb them, because if you shoot, they distract and again recall its main purpose. However, sometimes they are so addicted to the destruction of each other, and your embarrassing interference will not interrupt their mortal combat. So, after waiting a little bit in the shelter, you will just have to finish off a wounded winner.
  • Finding the main enemy, Shub Niggurath, resembling the way, with three giant octopus tentacles, do not waste time and energy on destroying it with conventional weapons, although some shooting and have to - it is surrounded by a huge number of servants, and not so simple, and only the most selected (from the bottom of the above list), and, in extreme amounts. Your primary concern at this point is - in time to enter into the teleporter. This must be done at the very moment when the star, flying around Shub Niggurath will be in the immediate vicinity. Work the effect of teleportation, and the monster would be destroyed simply by your body, and you will only see the final cut scene.
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