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Gods (SNES)

Genre: Action
Perspective: Side view
Visual: 2D scrolling
Gameplay: Platform, Puzzle elements
Interface: Direct control
Setting: Classical antiquity, Fantasy
Published by: Mindscape
Developed by: Bitmap Brothers
Released: 1992
Platforms: Super Nintendo (SNES), DOS, SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

An addictive platformer game mixed with a shooter, and all this is transferred, somewhere closer to ancient Greece. In general, the game turned out exciting with riddles that need to be solved and in droves of monsters which need to be destroyed. Seasoned with an exciting plot. Four keepers captured the stronghold of the Gods. The gods announced that any hero who can defeat them will receive everything he wants. So our hero accepted the challenge, and at the end of the game he became a creature of the world, and rises to Mount Olympus.


The first world in the GODS game is quite small and is more likely to familiarize yourself with the game method. Having understood the principle, the player can easily solve many puzzles that arise and open secret passages - of which there are many.
Once in the castle, we see a nearby prize in the form of a question. Taking it, the hero will be rewarded with a clue as follows: "find the golden key to exit this world." Well, let's try. We swiftly move to the right, noticing how terrible biped creatures with giant mouths and embossed muscles rush in pursuit. Having picked up a prize giving the opportunity to throw knives, the hero successfully dealt with them. Now up the stairs. Here, the descendants of dinosaurs also block the way. A couple of well-aimed hits and after bright explosions from enemies remains a mythical apple giving energy. Through the windows in the walls of the castle we see volumetric moving rooms.
ABOUT!!! Ahead of the cliff. True shallow. The same monster walks along the bottom. Having guessed the moment, we jump down and destroying the enemy, we find a lever and a pair of moving from the floor and rotating spiked pins. Pressing the lever allows them to explode.
But do not forget to return the lever to its original position. This will make it possible to open the secret passage later.
Again, with mighty hands, we cling to the wooden rails of the stairs. On the platform, destroy the monster and jump onto the next platform. Harpies flapping their wings appear from behind and dive into the attack. On the other hand pushing bipedal. The victory over the harpies will give a prize that increases the combat power of knives. Walking on the platform a little further, the hero again encounters harpies. From the last falls out crystalline. Once you pick it up and from the back there will be bipedal. Therefore, we take a break and grab the crystal. Two walkers ply on the next platform. When destroying them, note that if you kill the latter too far from the edge, you will not be able to get to the large crystal that remains after the death of the monster.
Now, just above us, we see a platform with a key, a moving pin and a gait. This time the walker learned to spit fire and poses an increased danger.
In a jump, we get rid of him with powerful throws. We jump onto the neighboring platform, simultaneously destroying another walker. And now - ATTENTION! We press the lever. A pin on an adjacent platform explodes. We jump on it and select the key. To do this, sit down over it and press SPACE or the joystick button 2 times. Again, return to the lever and ... Return it to its original position. We observe how the part of the floor below begins to move off to the side, forming a secret passage. Hooray. One of the secrets of the game is found. Until we jump there, everything has its time. If you did not obey and boldly rushed into the unknown - then teleport closer to the end of the level. Behind your back you will have moving pins that cannot be jumped over, as well as many missed treasures. But actually, our hero, the god toppled from the top of Olympus, who was deprived of immortality and the main goal - not treasures. In order to restore justice and take his divine place rightfully, he suffers numerous hardships and fights with dragons, giants and other evil spirits.
But even on Olympus you can’t do without money, and having collected a little cash in a merchant’s store, we will only swallow saliva at the sight of improved weapons, metal birds, shurikens and other things.
Having made our way above, we finally find ourselves on a platform with 3 levers. The sequence of their pressing is as follows.
First, click the middle one. It’s so simple - from all sides the bipods rushing at the hero spitting fire. The result of pressing we destroy the double pins. Now we press the first one and we see a treasure chest and a key falling out of the ceiling. We select the key and open the chest. Mountains of treasures disappear in the pockets of a thrifty hero. Now we press the third lever and then the second. Take a couple of steps
to the left and SPECIAL BONUS falls out.
Now you can return to the secret passage left by us unexplored - to collect prizes there and teleport. We climb the stairs. Annihilate the walker on the right platform. Jumping onto it and turning the lever on the wall, we open the pantry door, where treasures, health and ... GOLD KEY!
Take it. There is very little left. We climb the stairs to the last platform
and having destroyed two walkers, we approach the door to exit this world.
We always have time to apply the GOLDEN KEY, but look to the left.
We see a secret button. But the stairs do not reach her and press the button impossible.
The last secret is that ... Ha ...
Have you tried to understand him for a long time?
Each next puzzle can be found only if you have not missed the previous ones.
To click on the secret button you need:
To solve all the puzzles described here (which is now no problem for you), when you reach the room with the GOLDEN KEY, open the door, but do not go into the room! A walker appears on the last upper platform. Kill him and press the lever to exit this world.
In response to this action, the platform leaves on the left and freezes exactly above the stairs - we jump onto it. We press the secret button in the wall. The prize is falling. Jumping off the platform, we see how it again disappears beyond the edge of the screen. If the trick did not work out, then its solution is simple. Before pressing the lever, no more than 2 minutes must elapse from the beginning of the game! Again we pass to the lever to exit the world. If the hero has more than half the energy, then life falls as a reward from above. It remains only to go down to the room with the golden key and open the last door.
The first world has passed.