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X-COM: UFO Defense (PS1)

X-COM: UFO Enemy Unknown PSX
Genre: Strategy / Tactics
Perspective: Bird's-eye view
Gameplay: RPG elements
Visual: Isometric
Setting: Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Pacing: Turn-based
Published by: MicroProse Software
Developed by: Mythos Games Ltd.
Released: 1995
Platforms: PlayStation (PSX, PS1), DOS

To test the strength of earthlings at the end of a century and a millennium, an unknown alien race in 1999 decided that it was time to plunder and destroy the Earth. As commander of the armed forces, X-COM, you must build bases and mobilize to repel aggression. The new version of the most popular PC game is just as interesting with its combination of deep strategy and exciting fighting. The game will make the PlayStation owners pretty bad. At the beginning of the game you have to choose a place for the first base and wait for the UFO attack. In the future, the game action becomes more and more complex and fast, and your main task is to make decisions promptly, guided by a huge map of the world. We can say that this game is not for beginners and not for scattered, but for experienced players with a propensity for a sci-fi epic.


  • The official novelization of the game is Diane Duane's book "X-Team".
  • Based on the game, the science fiction writer Vladimir Vasilyev wrote the novel "The Enemy is Unknown."
  • Nikolay Gudanets based on the game wrote the novel "Commander-in-Chief".
  • The real 115th element of the Periodic Table of Elements was synthesized ten years after the release of the game and was given the preliminary title of "ununpent."

Tips / Codes

Save money

Two hours before the end of the month, transfer all of your scientists and engineers to another base, As they are on the road, they will not receive a salary (the poor!).

Easy Money

That's how easy it is to make millions of dollars. Go to the crash side, inspect it, and when you are done, study the Aliens Alloys (Fusion of Aliens). When you understand how "this" is arranged, then immediately produce as much as possible and sell with good profits. It costs this "good" $ 3000, and is sold for $ 6400. You can sell everything except the corpse of a stranger! When you learn it properly, you can get $ 20,000 for each!

No one will die

If you value your fighters and would not want to lose them, then use your memory card, constantly saving the game as follows. When you start the mission, save the game. Then, when you finish your "round" and do not lose a single guy, save the game again, after the "round of strangers" is completed. Continue the game until one of yours dies, then exit the game (Abort Mission) and load it again (Load Game). It is certainly tedious, but perhaps you will gain experience and in the future, you will click Aliens as nuts.
  • Build the first base in X-COM: UFO Defense in the vicinity of Israel. Add a few long-range radars - and you will be able to control the whole of Europe, a significant part of Africa and Asia. And when you get dreadnoughts searching your base for revenge, and you will be too lazy to take off for a mission - you can drown them in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Manufacture and sell motion detectors (Motion Sensors) and first aid kits (Medi-Kits). They will provide a stable income from the very beginning of the game.
  • After the game gets into the rut a little, go to the production and sale of laser guns for planes (Laser Cannons) and tanks with laser cannons. They also give a very good profit.
  • Try to develop as early as possible hyperwave decoders (Hyper-Wave Decoders) and transmission decoders (Transmission Resolvers) in X-COM games: UFO Defense and X-COM: Terror From The Deep respectively. Being connected to the radar, they will tell you everything about the sighted ship and will help determine the expediency of the launch of the interceptor in each case.
  • Do not waste Elerium 115 in X-COM: UFO Defense and Zrbite in X-COM: Terror From The Deep, despite the fact that they take a lot of storage space. Everything else you can buy or produce, and these substances can be found only in aliens.
  • Develop an armor. The more protected your soldiers - the more they have the chance to develop their own abilities.
  • Do not take soldiers with low psychic force on the mission - they can take control of aliens.
  • The maintenance of soldiers is expensive, so mercilessly fired unnecessary soldiers, leaving only two groups - the main (for flying out on particularly difficult tasks) and training (in which fresh soldiers will develop).
  • Air defense systems are inexpedient and expensive in operation. Air Defense with nuclear missiles (Fusion Defences) can destroy even an alien dreadnought from two or three volleys. But you do not get anything. Allow the dreadnought to sit down, and then kill all the paratroopers - and you will receive a bunch of trophies (and in UFO: Enemy Unknown due to an error, there are also 1500-3000 units of Elerium). Therefore, instead of air defense systems, it is more profitable to build barracks and a warehouse and to keep on each base 10 soldiers with proper armor and weapons.

Skipping level

When you begin to perform a mission, press Down, Right, Circle, Triangle, Down, Right, and immediately jump to the next mission.