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X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 (PS1)

X-Men: Mutant Academy 2 PSX
Genre: Action
Gameplay: Fighting
Published by: Activision Publishing
Developed by: Paradox Development
Released: 2001
Platform: PlayStation (PSX, PS1)

Sequel to X-Men: Mutant Academy. Both titles feature the X-Men in a fighting match in 3D, similar to Mortal Kombat 4. Like its predecessor, the video game allows the player to choose their character from several of the heroes and antagonists of the comic. The videogame also includes some contents of the film X-Men: The Movie as the sketches of the characters and costumes.
Among the characters in the videogame there is also Spider-Man, the only non-X-Men present.

Game modes

  • Academy Training - how you can unlock special costumes. Most characters have the ability to unlock two costumes, with the exception of six characters.
  • Arcade - in this mode, you can unlock the final movies of the various characters. Also if you get the endings of all the characters in a row, in the selection screen, you will unlock the secret characters.
  • Versus - Allows two players to fight against each other, choosing among the various characters available.
  • Survival - Survival mode allows the player to choose a single character and try to defeat as many enemies as possible without losing energy.


  • Cyclops;
  • Wolverine;
  • Gambit;
  • Storm;
  • Phoenix;
  • Beast;
  • Toad;
  • Mistica;
  • Sabretooth;
  • Magneto;
  • Havok;
  • Nightcrawler;
  • Forge;
  • Rogue;
  • Psylocke;
  • Juggernaut;
  • Spider-Man;
  • Professor X.